Content Mapping: Your GPS for Effective B2B Marketing


The post Content Mapping: Your GPS for Effective B2B Marketing appeared first on Content4Demand. Content mapping helps ensure you’re developing the content that supports your buyers from the beginning to the end of their path to purchase—nothing more, nothing less.

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Weekly and monthly trends—a GPS for your content strategy

If real-time analytics are the speedometer in a car, letting you know what’s happening right now so you can adapt on the fly, then historical analytics are the GPS —they can tell you where you need to go.

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From Crumpled Atlases to GPS Systems


The post From Crumpled Atlases to GPS Systems appeared first on Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email Marketing | Salesfusion. [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half]. one_half_last valign="middle"]. frame style="none"] [/frame]. [/one_half_last]. one_half_last]. divider style="simple"]. Gartner Group and Forrester Research Group predict record levels in Marketing Automation (MA) spending and exponential growth in the field.

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Social lead validation—the missing ingredient from most inbound LinkedIn marketing programs


The Chief Learning Officer at PeopleLinx , CEO of Social Selling Link, and Co-Founder of Business Development University and Social Selling GPS tells clients: “With each new connection, determine if they are someone you’d like to speak with and tweak the LinkedIn message slightly: NAME, it is nice to be connected on LinkedIn. All sales leads are not equal.

Digital futurism, machines that learn, and the end of (our) jobs


Granted, Batman’s GPS was a bit cumbersome (see below), but hey, nobody is perfect. The holiday season and the first few weeks of every year is a time to reflect on the old and getting ready for the new, with no shortage of predictions about what the future will bring us. One of the things “the old” can teach us is how bad we are at predicting the near future.

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How to get 67% more revenue opportunities using LinkedIn and not just leads that go nowhere


The Chief Learning Officer at PeopleLinx , CEO of Social Selling LinkedIn , and Co-Founder of Business Development University and Social Sales GPS tells clients: With each new connection, determine if they are someone you’d like to speak with and tweak the LinkedIn message slightly: NAME, it is nice to be connected on LinkedIn.

4 Tips to Sustain Your Sales Kickoff Momentum


turn on your GPS when you step in the car? In today’s digital age, few people travel anywhere without their GPS. One of the most useful things about GPS apps is that they provide real-time information: Perhaps there’s a sudden detour with a new influencer.

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Guided Selling Best Practices For Sales


SiriusDecisions likens dynamic guided selling to using GPS navigation while driving. While you can likely arrive at your destination without assistance, GPS provides real-time updates and guidance that helps you avoid unforeseen traffic and arrive at your destination more expeditiously.

What is An Email Tracker & Why Is It Important?


Device tracking Device tracking makes use of GPS services to locate precisely where a device is at all times, as well as the other actions that occur on the device. If you have an active email address, you can tell how annoying it is to get repeated emails from the same sender.

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Accelerate your ABM Success with Support Levels


If you have any trouble remembering their names, here’s a hint: GPS. Not only do these levels make the perfect acronym, but much like the countless GPS devices and services out there that empower you to choose from voice guidance options, list directions vs. live map, etc.,

Is Your Organization Ready For Market Strategy In A Digital Economy?

Tony Zambito

For instance, GPS navigation initially became widespread in the consumer auto market, as well as, in the business markets of logistic and transportation. GPS companies such as Garmin and Tom Tom began to shrink considerably. Such as, wearable activity bands that use GPS to track running, cycling, and swimming activities. Community Preparedness by Iconathon.

Actionable Research: A Roadmap to a Successful Rebrand

Hinge Marketing

You have a road map and a GPS device. You plug your current and desired destinations into the GPS while also looking at the map. The map shows all the different routes that you could take to get to your destination, but the GPS has a highlighted route of the best way to get to where you need to go through the least amount of traffic. The answers to these questions are like the coordinates that you plug into the GPS device we talked about earlier.

What is Mobile Marketing and how to use this strategy


This information allows you to create actions to get to customers, such as discounts for those who saw your brand in some GPS App , like Waze or Google Maps. Some of them allow you to create interactive experiences, such as discounts on GPS apps.

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Andrew McCraith


He combines experience as a management consultant with hands-on operating roles at pre-revenue start-ups, mid-size companies and the Fortune 500 including: Microsoft, Oracle, GE Digital, GE Centricity, SAP (Success Factors), Attensity, CommerceOne and most recently New Zealand-based GPS pioneer Rakon. Andrew’s 20-year career has focused on driving growth in the technology sector through developing and expanding strategic relationships.

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How Do You Market Something That’s Worthless?

Chris Koch

These things all have GPS devices in them that only do location today, but will do much more very soon. Already app writers are pushing the boundaries of GPS on cell phones. I come from an industry (publishing) where the cost to produce the product has dropped to zero. Today, anyone can go to, set up a Web site, and begin publishing news and information to the world – for free. (I I know, tell you something you didn’t already know, right?).

The Importance of Customer Journey Mapping in Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Today, accurate GPS technology fits in our pockets, directing our journeys from A to B daily. You’ve heard of it before, but why customer journey mapping? What is it? And what benefits does it deliver? Let’s find out. The great explorers of time’s past set sail without a map to guide them.

The Best Free GIS Software

TrustRadius Marketing

You can use MiniMaps to navigate with GPS and share your location. The Android mobile apps are useful for field workers who need GPS navigation and data collection tools. . The software allows you to upload GPS data from compatible devices.

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Are You Ready for Auto SEO?


Those elaborate computers that run music and GPS systems are very close to being Internet connected. Image by K. Todd Storch via Flickr. There's lots of talk about mobile marketing, and rightly so. Although we see some use of the term mobile marketing for things that aren't mobile , we are still seeing tremendous increases in usage. And some businesses benefit from that mobile usage more than others.

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Digital is stranger than you can think — here’s how to think stranger


That’s a device with a color touch screen, a couple of cameras (one shooting relatively high resolution 3-5 megapixel photos), 512MB of memory, 16GB storage, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, near-field communications, gyroscope, accelerometer, light sensor, digital compass, microphone, proximity sensor, and, of course, Internet access. Farmers rely on GPS-enabled combines and tractors not just to make the most efficient use of their land, but to have the machines essentially run themselves.

Mobile Marketing Strategies That You Need to Try ASAP


Location-based marketing uses the GPS function on phones to help marketers show relevant content based on the users’ locations. Augmented reality combines our world with virtual landscapes with the help of enhanced GPS and cameras. Mobile Marketing Strategies That You Need to Try ASAP.

CXOs as weakest cyber security links, separating hype from innovation, and graphene as the construction industry future – June in review

Champion Communications

PNT – positioning, navigation, and timing – comes from GPS and everything from guided missiles to the operational synchronization of critical infrastructures depend on it. Are company executives the weakest cyber security link? How do you separate hype from genuine innovation?

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State sponsored cyberattacks, back to the office and retail evolution – The September roundup

Champion Communications

Much of the world’s critical infrastructure relies on GPS for its time feed. But did you know that GPS is increasingly vulnerable to spoofing attacks and outages?

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Local SEO: how to attract more local customers in 2020


If the user does not specify a region in the search terms, Google itself calculates the distances using the location information provided by GPS technologies installed on smartphones. If you manage a local business’ marketing, you know it’s not always easy to attract new customers.

Innovative Bank Marketing Practices No. 437

Integrated B2B

When the GPS navigation in his rental car developed problems, Jan found that the only way to keep the system in operation was to hold the on/off button down permanently. For those contemplating using the same technique, it should be noted that the second edition is somewhat thinner than the first edition, and may therefore be better suited to later-model GPS systems.

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IF you haven’t THEN you should use IFTTT for social


IFTTT can connect to my Android (or your iPhone ), keep track of my GPS, and then, when I reach a perimeter of my choosing, as tight or as loose as I want to the White House, then my Android will alert IFTTT and a tweet will be sent. While some of you have been doing amazing things once and then allowing IFTTT work for you forever since December 14, 2010, this article is for the rest of you who are asking, “what’s IFTTT?”

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The fitness gear and tech that will make me strong and skinny in 2016


Over the last three months I have been so busy with actual work that I have put a pin in the obsessive calorie-counting, the obsessive step-step-stepping, the recording of anything even remotely resembling a workout onto a GPS watch , a fitness tracker, or a smartphone. OK, I am not so naïve as to assume that all the fitness apps we have have strapped to our wrists, clipped to our shirts, and filling up our iPhones and Androids — but it’s not far from the truth.

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Content and Social Marketing: Connecting and Engaging with 10K+ Engineers

Industrial Marketing Today

These fun videos help us appreciate engineering innovations like GPS, remote controls and wireless handsets while TI salutes engineers for their ingenuity and passion. Here’s the Thank an Engineer video for GPS. Most marketers agree that content marketing and social media have become mainstream B2B marketing strategies.

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No August Activity Slump For Champion Comms

Champion Communications

Resilient timing synchronisation infrastructure: beyond GPS . Did you know that 45% of the population will keep up with their lockdown shopping habits and continue to shop online? Or that by the end of this year, the edge cloud service market will grow by at least 50%?

Using geo-location data to fuel paid digital advertising


It is usually provided from a GPS satellite, cell tower, or IP address either in real-time or passively. GPS and cell towers allow advertisers to pinpoint a consumer’s current location.

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There is No Magic Bullet in B2B Marketing (Sorry)

B2B Marketing Traction

It becomes your road map – no, your GPS system – for integrated marketing success. Tweet. As a B2B marketing consultant, I am often asked to figure out the one marketing tactic that is going to break open a market for a client. They are looking for a magic bullet. I have news for them. There is no magic bullet in B2B marketing. Sorry to disappoint.

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What Is Geofencing? Everything You Need to Know About Location-Based Marketing

SmartBug Media

You can track a consumer’s location through GPS, Bluetooth, and beacons, and there are three ways to utilize this technology for targeting consumers: geotargeting, geofencing and beaconing. With the growth of mobile phone usage (worldwide penetration is expected to reach 63.4

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What is Revenue Intelligence? [+5 Problems It Solves]


If your business were a car, then revenue intelligence would be its GPS — alerting you when to make the right turns, what route is most optimal, and if any potential roadblocks lie ahead. Like a GPS, revenue intelligence also relies on AI to collect and analyze data.

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How to Define Digital Marketing KPIs That Align with Your Business Goals

Marketing Insider Group

Setting KPIs is a lot like using a GPS: first off, you need to know where you want to end up. How do you really truly determine whether or not your business is a success? .

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3 women pioneers who shaped Black History and American History


However, Gladys West is most recognized for her work programming the IBM 7030 Stretch computer which provided calculations for a geodetic Earth model and would later become the foundation for the global positioning system (GPS). . History shapes our lives even today.

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3 Ways Customer Surveys Can Improve Your Business


For TSheets, GPS tracking in the workplace is a hot potato. But to our surprise, more than half of the employees who have used GPS at work described the experience as positive, with just 4 percent giving the tech a thumbs-down. Thanks to polling services, the ability to reach out to existing or prospective customers is just a few clicks away, allowing businesses to interact directly with the market. Customer surveys, in particular, can be an information goldmine.

Your Customers Called: They Want Chatbots

Navigate the Channel

When coupled with most standard fleet management apps, the chatbot can provide a map of the employee’s location based on the GPS sensor in their vehicle.

Product Positioning Tip 7 of 7: Making Product Deficiencies No So Deficient

Product Management University

There were other cars that had a better GPS, a faster engine, a nicer interior, etc. Remember the last time you bought a car? You bought the car that did the best overall job of meeting your needs. But in the end, those deficiencies weren’t enough to sway your decision because all the positives together far outweighed a few things that weren’t ideal. The Playbook : A car is a solution made up of many subsystems.

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The Tech trends to follow in 2015


The technology can be used for everything from GPS to accessing email while in a car, and location-based mobile ads are already being tested in this space. No matter how small or “old fashioned” a small business is, it is vital that the owners stay informed of technology advancements because it impacts consumer behavior. A few of the technology trends to keep track of in the coming year, and beyond, include: Beacons.

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Discover the Benefits of Field Service Automation

Altitude Branding

The majority of these tools have GPS trackers pre-installed , which is necessary, seeing as how fleet management is one of the essential field management aspects.

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10 essential types of personalisation in display advertising


The touch-point data could be as simple as using an IP address or using a GPS location. Personalisation within display advertising is growing ever more important. It is a key driver for increasing ad performance and getting a better return on investment from the channel.