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7 Sure Fire Ways to Turn Social Media Followers into Customers


If content is king, then conversion is queen -John Munsell Think about it. The fundamental aim of any activity performed by a social media marketer on social networks is to gain followers. But is that enough? Not quite. In fact, it is the first step of any social media marketing campaign. What follows is a powerful strategy involving gentle coaxing and convincing to monetize your social connections.

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How B2B Firms Use Content Marketing 

BOP Design

Content marketing should be an integral part of a comprehensive B2B marketing strategy. Unfortunately, we often see that B2B firms don’t understand the true value of content marketing or how it helps to achieve overall business goals. Those that don’t understand the value of content marketing think of it as “just blogging” or worse, a. The post How B2B Firms Use Content Marketing appeared first on Bop Design.


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Can we use AI to further humanize our B2B Brands?

In this era of ubiquitous artificial intelligence, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Chatbots banter but rarely relate, and algorithms predict preferences without the emotional resonance behind them. The missing piece? Empathy—the core of human connection. Yet, it’s precisely this gap that offers an unprecedented opportunity for collaborative intelligence, the teamwork between human and machine, to bring B2B brands closer to their customers, making them more fiercely human than ever.

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Unlock Growth in 2024: Essential B2B Marketing Trends and How to Make Them Work for You

The Lead Agency

Tired of trend lists that don’t apply to the unique challenges of B2B marketing? We’ve got something different. B2B marketing can be complicated; buyer journeys are messy. Multiple stakeholders and longer decision-making processes bring unique challenges, and the how-to tips everywhere online are mostly irrelevant in B2B industries. Finding the right information is tricky.

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WorkCast's Ultimate Webinar Handbook 2024

Elevate your webinar game with WorkCast's Ultimate Webinar Handbook! Packed with insights from our seasoned webinar experts, this comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for mastering the art of B2B webinars. Learn the fundamentals, from defining webinars to exploring their benefits and diverse use cases. Discover the key elements of running a successful webinar, avoiding common mistakes, and making your sessions more engaging.

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Who Are B2B Creators and Why Do They Matter?

Marketing Insider Group

The creator economy has really changed everything. It’s affected what we watch, how we shop, and the paths we choose in our careers. We’ve all seen the impact of YouTube stars and TikTok influencers. But now, there’s something new on the scene: B2B creators. We’re not just talking about any influencers. These are B2B creators, and they’re changing the rules of how businesses talk to their audiences and make choices.

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5 Benefits of Appointment Setting Services for Your B2B Business

Only B2B

Imagine having dedicated support to handle meetings, reach potential clients, and manage your calendar seamlessly. Appointment setting services offer precisely this assistance. And thoughtful selection of these services not only boosts revenue but also makes you wonder how you ever managed without it. Let’s dive into the perks of teaming up with a top-notch appointment service provider.

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Debunking Content Syndication Myths: A Guide for B2B CMOs


Content syndication helps extend your reach and drive more traffic. Let's debunk these content syndication myths for more informed decisions.

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Can collaborative intelligence between humans and AI make B2B brands more fiercely human than ever?

In this era of ubiquitous artificial intelligence, we find ourselves at a crossroads. Chatbots banter but rarely relate, and algorithms predict preferences without the emotional resonance behind them. The missing piece? Empathy—the core of human connection. Yet, it’s precisely this gap that offers an unprecedented opportunity for collaborative intelligence, the teamwork between human and machine, to bring B2B brands closer to their customers, making them more fiercely human than ever.

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Tim Davidson Is Changing B2B (with Fruit & Signs)

Confessions of a B2B Marketer

Tim Davidson on LinkedIn B2B Rizz's website B2B Growth Goals vs. Buyer Frustrations B2B, the excuses are getting old Check out our awesome sponsor, Fame , they start and grow the world's most profitable B2B podcasts Confessions of a B2B Marketer is handcrafted by our friends over at: Check out our five most downloaded episodes: How To Start A Movement with David Heinemeier Hansson of 37signals Chris Walker Rants On Dark Social, Creating Demand & Company Building CEO Spends 70% Of Tim

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The Top 3 Tips for Writing Successful White Papers

In the B2B marketing toolkit, white papers can be a powerful option for reaching decision-makers and experts, presenting them with interesting information that improves their perception of your organization's competence and thought leadership. That said, a poorly executed whitepaper will not only be unable to influence your desired audience but will also come with significant costs that other assets won't incur.

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How Email Marketing Platforms Help Increase Shopify Sales


If you’re on Shopify, odds are you’ve got making money on the brain. The question is are you using your email marketing platform to increase Shopify sales? If not, you’re leaving money on the table as the saying goes.

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Better Together: Digital Transformation and Advantageous Excellence

Vision Edge Marketing

The digital transformation has reshaped the business landscape. When coupled with the principles of advantageous excellence (AdvEx), digital transformation becomes a catalyst for continuous improvement, agility, and long-term success. This powerful combination offers unprecedented opportunities for organizations to enhance their processes, innovate their products, create customer value, and quickly adapt to dynamic market conditions.

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The Marketing Book Podcast: “The Unsold Mindset” by Colin Coggins and Garrett Brown

The Forward Observer

The Unsold Mindset: Redefining What It Means to Sell by Colin Coggins & Garrett Brown About the Book This Wall Street Journal bestseller is captivating readers of Adam Grant, Dan Pink, and James Clear and has been called “a life-changing book as much about life as it is about selling.” What if the greatest salespeople on the planet are the opposite of who you think they are?

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Maximizing Efficiency with B2B Marketing Automation: Key Strategies


Guest post by Eduard Klein. Business process automation is, hands down, one of the best technological innovations to come along in decades. Humans have spent way too much time doing repetitive tasks that do not require our expertise. These tasks take time away from the value we could potentially be adding in our business. Image credit: Mikael Blomkvist on Pexels This also applies, of course, to B2B marketing.

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21 Advanced ChatGPT Prompts To Take Your Social Media to the Next Level

Upgrade your social media game with our in-depth playbook: "21 advanced ChatGPT prompts for social media managers". These powerful prompts are tailored to supercharge your content creation, strategy development, and results analysis. Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to endless creativity as you effortlessly generate engaging posts, come up with original strategies, and optimize your social media performance - all in a fraction of the time.

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Email Marketing Tips for Brick-and-Mortar Stores


It's no secret that physical stores today are up against significant challenges. With the rise of online shopping, attracting customers to your store and offering them a compelling reason to choose in-person shopping over clicking a button at home requires creativity and strategy. One often overlooked tool that can provide a significant boost to brick-and-mortar businesses is email marketing.

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Send in the Clouds: Martech Moves to Cloud Platforms

Customer Experience Matrix

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Last weekend brought the intriguing rumor that Salesforce is in late stage talks to acquire data integration vendor Informatica. This followed the previous week’s rumor that Google-parent Alphabet is consideringan offer for Salesforce-competitor HubSpot , and came the same week as a slew of partnership announcements tied to Snowflake’s Marketing Data Cloud Forum.

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Decoding generative AI: Top LLMs and the app ecosystems they support


I’ve been writing about marketing tools for over a decade, and some of my earliest published articles were about the new breed of social media monitoring tools. Looking at those pieces today, two insights struck me: The basic approach and strategy of selecting technology tools to help us with marketing tasks hasn’t changed much (the good news). Everything else has changed dramatically (the not-so-good news).

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B2B Podcasting: The What, Why and How of Better B2B Podcasts

Top Rank Marketing

Podcasts are very easy to create and launch. Anyone with a microphone and an internet connection can have a podcast listed on Apple and YouTube and ready for consumption. On the flipside, the low barrier of entry means it’s hard to get a new podcast noticed. And the ease of putting out a podcast can hide how difficult it can be to make a good podcast, one that people will be compelled to listen to.

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The Resurgence of Direct Mail as a Growth Marketing Strategy

Speaker: Jeff Tarran, COO, Gunderson Direct & Margaret Pepe, Executive Director of Product Management, U.S. Postal Service

Learn the secrets to direct mail success for growth marketers! Industry veterans Jeff Tarran and Margaret Pepe are here to delve into how direct mail has completely evolved in recent years, and has rightfully earned a seat at the table alongside the email and digital marketing plans of SMBs, enterprise companies, and agencies as they look into strategy for 2024 and beyond.

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Consent and transparency need to be top data privacy concerns for marketers


Data privacy is critical to successful marketing. Effective marketing requires the collection and analysis of user data across digital platforms. Customer data lets marketers impactfully speak to their audience – driving conversions or brand awareness for their clients without annoying their customers. Data can be used to compile lists of potential buyers, track customer behavior through the marketing funnel, and understand the effectiveness of campaigns to adapt them.

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Email Design Trends: What Catches the Subscriber’s Eye in 2024?

Benchmark Email

Even though the digital marketing industry is constantly changing, email marketing remains a cornerstone of marketing strategies for businesses across industries. However, with inboxes flooded with messages competing for attention, standing out has become more challenging than ever. As we step into 2024, the art of email design continues to undergo transformations, driven by evolving… The post Email Design Trends: What Catches the Subscriber’s Eye in 2024?

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It’s time to turbocharge our path to email innovation


Back in 2017, I wrote an article for MarTech, “ Message to email marketers: Show me something different in 2018.” It popped up again while I was preparing a presentation, so I scrolled through to see if anything I advocated back then had become standard practice. The answer is, sadly, not much. Here’s what I was looking for: Stop depending on batch-and-blast.

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Harnessing Customer and Employee Feedback for Better Experiences


In this era of ever-increasing competition and evolving consumer demands, businesses that embrace the power of feedback gain a significant advantage. Continue reading.

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What Regulations Will Impact Sustainability Comms in 2024?

Navigating the waters of sustainability reporting disclosures and regulations can be intimidating, to say the least. With various measures set in motion in 2023 to keep companies accountable, there is a lot in store for brands’ impact communication in the upcoming year. 3BL is kicking off this January with our Navigating ESG Comms Through the Cosmos - Capricorn Edition by highlighting the impact of: The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Climate disclosure rules The European Commission

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HARO Has Been Dead for a While


I know nothing about the new tool. I haven’t tried it. But after trying to use HARO recently, I can’t say I’m surprised or saddened by its death. It’s been a walking corpse for a while.

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Early stage B2B tech startups don’t invest enough in marketing [peer-reviewed study]

Sword and the Script | B2B

Those companies that are in the early stages of a startup building a product stand to gain “the greatest” valuation benefit from marketing About half (45%) of all B2B technology startups make no effort to market their products. As a business function, marketing does not exist in those companies: “…we find that investments in systematic marketing by early-stage B2B start-ups increase firm valuation, yet more than half of early-stage B2B start-up firms choose not to invest in systematic marketing,

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Adopting consent-based analytics for long-term marketing success


It’s important to start monitoring consent management as part of your digital analytics strategy. Apart from the EU, various privacy laws in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and other regions require notifying users about using cookies at least in your privacy policy or through an opt-out banner if any personal information is being collected. Users are becoming increasingly aware of their privacy rights, opting out of tracking cookies more than ever (call it the fear of being stalked).

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10 Profitable Solopreneur Business Ideas Anyone Can Start


The drawback of freelancing is that you’re trading your time for money, so you have to raise your prices or. Continue Reading The post 10 Profitable Solopreneur Business Ideas Anyone Can Start appeared first on Copyblogger.

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The AI-Enabled CMO: Practical Tips for Today's B2B Marketers

Speaker: Paul Slack, Vende Digital CEO

On October 11th, understand how to navigate the AI landscape confidently, turning insights into groundbreaking strategies that set you apart. Why attend? You'll learn: Practical applications/Use cases How to find and assess the right AI technology Prioritizing quick wins Mastering prompt engineering Solving marketing challenges efficiently Strategies to launch pilot programs Case studies of B2Bs building smarter businesses with AI Exclusive bonus content: Actionable frameworks to get started qui

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Taking Hyper-Personalization to the Next Level


Hyper-personalization can allow brands to meaningfully engage customers resulting in appealing marketing, customer satisfaction and business upticks. Continue reading.

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Should Your Brand Shout Its AI and Marketing Plan to the World?

Content Marketing Institute

To use AI or not — it's the question on every marketer's mind. But there's a more practical follow-up: Whether to share the answer. Dove and Brandtech Group tried that approach. Was it the right choice?

Planning 101
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Why relying on AI won’t improve the customer experience


What will customers remember after they have experienced your website, product, service or people? What will they tell their friends or colleagues about their experience — will they even mention it? A tremendous amount of investment and resources are being focused on integrating AI into the customer experience , from automating responses to comments on social media to improving the call center experience.