Email Marketing: Writing powerful email copy boosts CTR 400%

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Tweet According to the MarketingSherpa 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report (free excerpt at that link), nearly one out of three (32%) respondents perceive that email marketing will yield ROI “eventually,” while 60% reported email is producing ROI.

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Buzzwords in Marketing Automation: Clickthrough Rate (CTR)

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Clickthrough Rate (CTR): its meaning and how to apply it. A high CTR says that people want to know more. A low CTR indicates that your ad might need some improvement, or possibly that your call to action was not relevant enough.

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Should CTR be a Key Performance Indicator for B2B Advertisers?

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Click-through rate (CTR), very simply, is the number of clicks your ads have received divided by the number of total impressions. The Benefits of Having a High CTR: Click-through rate is one of the most important factors in Google’s Ad Rank formula. Truth Behind “Good CTR”?

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101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013


The average click-through rate (CTR) for a link shared on Twitter is about 1.6%, BUT—the average CTR drops as one’s number of Twitter followers increases. Accounts with 50-1,000 followers generate a better-than-6% average CTR; the rate drops to less than 0.5%

Social media strategy leaders: Lisa Marcyes


CTR/Engagement. Welcome, Lisa ! Could you please describe your professional background? How has your work brought you to where you are now, a leader in social media strategy? I started my career in partner-marketing, and transitioned into community management a few years later.

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4 Actionable Insights from Google Search Console Search Analytics Reports

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I recommend further filtering the default report to show impressions, CTR, and average position, as well as clicks to the website. In similar fashion, how is the CTR so high for non-branded results overall? Examples of Keywords with High CTR and Moderate Avg Position.

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Online Media Needs Innovation, Not a TV Standard

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Measurement Media News Rants AAAA advertising ANA CTR Digital Media iab interaction measurement metrics MMMS online mediaThis is my opinion about the recent IAB , ANA and 4A’s principles for online measurement. If you don’t like rants, or think the advertising associations can do no wrong, stop reading and go back to Lycos. Otherwise, read on and share your reactions in the comments below.

How To Increase Your Click-Through Rate

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From email marketing to website offers, your click-through rate (CTR) is one of the most important metrics you track. People need to click to get to the next point in the funnel, so it is essential that you do everything you can to increase your CTR.

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11 Simple Steps to Boost Your Organic Click-Through Rates


After all, the point of great content marketing is snagging a high CTR so that the effort you put into your content will boost your conversion rate. Identify your lowest CTR content. Plot your Organic Search CTR v. Adding a number to your title can boost your CTR by 36%!

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[Data] CTR for Mobile Search Shows Surprising Variation

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Mobile users are more likely to make it to the second or third pages of search results than desktop users, despite the fact that mobile users see fewer results above the fold, according to Advanced Web Ranking’s Google Organic CTR Study.


How to Improve Google Adwords Quality Scores [Infographic]

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I recently stumbled upon an useful infographic created by Digital Net Agency , a performance-based search agency with a concentration on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

How We Drive Quality Leads With Ungated Content On LinkedIn


On LinkedIn, we’ve found that images have a big impact on CTR. However, we closely monitor our CTR because it also allows us to experiment and optimize using other factors. We do know, however, that the bid and historical CTR definitely play a part.

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Average CTR for Banner Ads - New Data


2) Click-through rates are pathetic regardless of ad size, so don't use CTR as the primary metric for evaluating banner advertising. Banner advertising is most commonly sold on a CPM basis (and with CTR's like that, it's no wonder).


How to Attract More Clicks to Your Blog Posts: 11 Revealing Title Tests


07% vs.01% CTR, statistically significant). 09% vs.07% CTR, statistically significant). 05% vs.04% CTR, trend). 06% vs.02% CTR, statistically significant). 18% vs.10% CTR, trend). 09% vs.07% CTR, statistically significant). 02% vs.00% CTR, trend).

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Infographic: How to Design Branded Content for Mobile


The company found that native ads on mobile devices with disclosure terms (like “Sponsored” or “Ad”) below the headline get a 146 percent higher CTR than those with disclosure terms above the headline. percent CTR. percent CTR, compared to 0.19

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Google AdWords Average CTR and Best Practices


It's surprisingly difficult, however, to get meaningful data on the average click-through rate (CTR) for Google AdWords ads. On the B2B side, I'd place the average Google AdWords CTR in the range of 0.9-1.4%. So—how can you optimize your Google AdWords CTR to beat those averages?


How To Illustrate Popular B2B PPC Performance Metrics

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To summarize a post I wrote towards the end of last year, there are a myriad of ways one can manipulate CTR’s performance and increasing your click-through percentage you are not always strictly improving campaign performance or business results. Reporting CTR doesn’t tell a lot by itself.

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How To Get the Most Out of AdWords Expanded Text Ads

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Expect CTR to Rise and Adjust Budgets Accordingly. At KoMarketing, we’ve deployed expanded text advertisements for a number of our programs and we’ve been extremely impressed and a little surprised with the improvement we’ve seen in CTR.

14 Ways to Increase Your Clickthrough Rate on Twitter


Wow -- all by improving the clickthrough rate (CTR) of your tweet? Data shows the average Twitter CTR is 1.64%. According to SignUpTo , the more followers you have, the fewer clicks you''re getting on your tweets: Users with 50 - 1,000 followers had a 6.16% CTR. Tweeting is easy.

Email Campaign, Newsletter and Banner Ad Click-Through Rates (CTR)


The growth in online advertising, the proliferation of enewsletters, the emergence of new forms of information delivery such as RSS and the emergence of social media sites have all affected CTR, so planning based on current data is crucial.

4 Actionable Insights from Google Search Console Search Analytics Reports

KoMarketing Associates

I recommend further filtering the default report to show impressions, CTR, and average position, as well as clicks to the website. In similar fashion, how is the CTR so high for non-branded results overall? 3.53% CTR would seem fairly significant, particular when the average position is 24.4. While this keyword theme has an average position that is slightly above average for non-branded keywords, the CTR is drastically lower.

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What Does Success Look Like On LinkedIn Ads? A Close Look At Our Best And Worst Performing LinkedIn Ads


clicks, CTR), to some deeper funnel metrics including revenue and ROI. Looking at the top-of-the-funnel metrics, this ad isn’t particularly impressive -- CTR is about average (0.4%), total leads generated is pretty low, and the lead-to-opp conversion (2%) is low, too.

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13 Nonprofit Marketing Emails That Actually Convert


Many of these emails average a 19% click-through rate (CTR) , and some are as high as 55% (wowza). With an industry average CTR of 0.42% , these organizations show they got the stuff for successful email marketing. Children''s Musical Theater (55% CTR). Heartwaves (9% CTR).

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What Happened to Our Metrics After We Stopped Sending So Much Email


CTR (clicks/delivered) per email send. CTR: +34%. The number of emails delivered and opened went down, but the rest were much higher than before (especially our CTR). CTR: +177.3%. If we only increased CTR, it could simply be because we're delivering to fewer people.

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How to Optimize Your Content for Google's Featured Snippet Box


In fact, it's dramatically increased the click-through rate (CTR) of results ranking within it. How much of an impact does the Featured Snippet have on CTR from the search engines? The y-axis shows the click-through rate (CTR) of the ranking HubSpot URL from within Google (i.e.

63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know


Click-through Rate (CTR) : Expressed as a percentage of total impressions, this statistic shows how often people who are served an ad end up clicking on it. An ad’s CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an ad received by the number of times it’s been served, then converting that into a percentage. For example, if an ad received 5 clicks and was shown 1000 times, the CTR is 0.5%. The higher the CTR on an ad, the better it’s performing.

A Strategic Guide to Automated Rules in Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click


Goal is to see if the CTR increases with better positioning. The rule below tells Google to increase the keyword’s maximum bid 25% of the average position is worse than 6, includes the specific term in the keyword phrase I am bidding on, and the CTR (click-through rate) is less than.50%.

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A Strategic Guide to Automated Rules in Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click


Goal is to see if the CTR increases with better positioning. The rule below tells Google to increase the keyword’s maximum bid 25% of the average position is worse than 6, includes the specific term in the keyword phrase I am bidding on, and the CTR (click-through rate) is less than.50%.

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How We Increased Sales Opportunities 4X With Video: A HubSpot Experiment


We also measured the level of engagement with those emails -- the clickthrough rate (CTR) of emails with video, compared to emails alone. The number “1” indicates a 100% CTR. Let’s talk about a trend, shall we?

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Improving PPC Performance: 10 competitive monitoring tips every search marketer should know


Most marketers don’t realize these tools exist, but it’s not hard to see what ads they’re running, where they run, the ad’s duration, what they say, what click through rate (CTR) they get, and even what they spend. CTR: Create benchmarks for CTR and click volumes for 1,200 different verticals. Yesterday, Lori Weiman of The Search Monitor presented our latest webinar with 10 tips to improve your pay per click (PPC) results.

If You Don’t Know Me by Now: Why Personalization Must be Part of Your Content Strategy

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Here are some results thus far: On site: Averaging 6X lift in CTR for machine learning recommendations vs. random. Emails: 369 percent increase in CTR for emails with personalized recommendations in A/B testing.

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Measuring Year-End Marketing KPIs – Where’s the Data?


Average Keyword CTR. Average Landing Page CTR. Where did the year go? We’ve entered December and there are fewer than four weeks left in 2015. Marketers are gearing up to close out the year strong with holiday marketing, a topic we covered in last month’s post about holiday marketing.

How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]


The study reveals a ton of helpful industry-specific benchmarks for both search and display ads, including average clickthrough rate (CTR), average cost-per-click (CPC), average conversion rate (CVR), and average cost-per-action (CPA). Average Clickthrough Rate (CTR).

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Which Adwords KPI should I analyze to optimize my marketing campaign’s performance?

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1 – Click Through Rate (CTR). The CTR is an important KPI, because it will determine the cost per click. In industrial services the CTR is around 1.40%. How to improve your CTR?

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Lucky Seven! 7 Elements to A/B Test in Your Digital Ads

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28% click-through rate (CTR) vs a.19% CTR]! Here there was a profound difference in click-through rates, with the ad that contained the image of people garnering.64% CTR and the ad containing the image without people garnering a measly.11% CTR.

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10 Horrifying Stats About Display Advertising


clickthrough rate (CTR), and the standard 468x60 banner has a 0.04% CTR. We are biased inbound marketers at HubSpot, and normally I ignore many of the stats I see about display ads because I know their engagement rate is incredibly low: The average banner ad has a 0.1%

Useful B2B Digital Marketing Benchmarks [Infographic]

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If you launch a paid search ad, you need to know your average click-thru-rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC). When planning upcoming marketing campaigns it helps to take a look back at your historical metrics to determine if your tactics were successful or not.

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Retargeting; An Internet Marketing Tactic to Increase Conversions Rates & Leads


This is a Google study showing the high click-through rates (CTR) a few days after seeing retargeting ads. The shorter the days after visiting a website, the higher the CTR. Let’s talk retargeting.

High-performing marketers emphasize people over data, technology, strategy


Above-median performers saw, on average, a 15% improvement in click-through rates (CTR) on personalized email and display advertising — in contrast to below-median performers who averaged only a 5% improvement. The lowest performers actually had personalization have a negative impact on CTR.

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3 Blog Optimization Experiments You Might Want to Embrace


It allows you to do A/B tests to optimize the CTR on your related posts feature. It sends you detailed daily stats showing you site-wide CTR and per-post CTR.

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