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50 Thought Leading Companies on Artificial Intelligence 2024


Here’s the Thinkers360 annual leaderboard for our top 50 thought leading companies on artificial intelligence for 2024. Congratulations to all our artificial intelligence thought leaders, analysts and influencers who participated! Join Enterprise Lite to work with all of these Artificial Intelligence influencers!

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Report: Artificial Intelligence Grows in Importance to Email Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

Some marketers are struggling to increase the return-on-investment (ROI) of their email marketing strategy. As a result, new research suggests that they will be turning to artificial intelligence (AI) in the coming months. Now, more marketers are seeing the potential of AI for email marketing.


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The role of artificial intelligence in business in 2024

Sprout Social

In business, artificial intelligence (AI) is more than just a trend; it’s a crucial tool reshaping how we approach marketing and customer engagement. According to our research , nearly 9 out of 10 business leaders are gearing up to boost their investments in AI and machine learning (ML), especially in marketing.

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The Future is Now: How AI is Reshaping Modern B2B Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

A seismic shift is underway, brought on by one powerful acronym: AI. Artificial intelligence has evolved from a buzzword to a remarkable force, reshaping how B2B businesses connect with their audience, analyze data, and craft strategies. It has made marketing efforts far more manageable in some significant areas.

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ABM Evolution: How Top Marketers Are Using Account-Based Strategies

Research shows that nearly three-quarters of marketers (74%) already have the resources needed to build successful ABM programs. According to several business analysts and practitioners, ABM is a necessity for creating more predictable revenue.

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Why Marketing Content Will Continue to Suck in the Age of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

Marketing Craftmanship

In the mid 1980s, with introduction of the Mac computer, PageMaker software, and the LaserWriter printer, the DeskTop Publishing system was born; for the first time allowing anyone to create print and online marketing materials that did not require a bona fide graphic designer or any elaborate printing hardware to produce physical documents.

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65+ Statistics About Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence may seem like a new edition to the business world– but it’s already transformed the way we sell B2B products and services. Early adopters of AI have achieved significant benefits – including increased efficiency, cost reduction, improved customer experience, revenue growth, and more. The Future of AI.

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How to Stay Competitive in the Evolving State of Martech

Marketing technology is essential for B2B marketers to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape — and with 53% of marketers experiencing legacy technology issues and limitations, they’re researching innovations to expand and refine their technology stacks.

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Customizing for Every Customer: How 1:1 Personalization Drives ROI

It’s now a proven strategy to transform customer relationships, drive business growth, and increase marketing ROI.

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AI for Marketing: What It Is, Why You Need It & What You'll Lose Without It

Speaker: Chris Newton, VP Marketing & Business Development, Intellimize, Mark Kilens, VP Content & Community, Drift, Nick Edouard, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, PathFactory, Randi Barshack, CMO, RollWorks, & Lucas Welch, VP Corporate Marketing, Highspot

Marketers know artificial intelligence is the future. It’s time to lower the barrier of entry around AI and empower marketers to take control of their future. In this rapid-fire webinar, you’ll hear from powerhouse marketers at companies Intellimize, Drift, PathFactory, RollWorks, and Highspot.

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The AI-Enabled CMO: Practical Tips for Today's B2B Marketers

Speaker: Paul Slack, Vende Digital CEO

On October 11th, understand how to navigate the AI landscape confidently, turning insights into groundbreaking strategies that set you apart. Register today and join other B2B marketers reshaping their strategies and achieving unparalleled results. Why attend?

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Salesforce’s 8th State of Marketing Report

Discover today’s biggest marketing trends in the 8th edition of Salesforce’s “State of Marketing” report.

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Why Conversational AI Is Key to Customer Service in the Customer Experience Era

In today’s hyper-competitive market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Read the new Tractica white paper to learn how important conversational AI is to your CX strategy. Customer satisfaction has become more important than price or any individual feature.

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Staying Relevant in Sales as AI and Technology Continue to Take Over

Speaker: John Barrows, CEO, JBarrows Sales Training

Technology and Artificial Intelligence are evolving faster than ever and disrupting every industry and role, specifically Sales. If we as sales professionals are not adding any context to the content then we bring no additional value to what marketing and technology are already doing.

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Marketing-Led COVID-19 Growth Strategies: 2022 and Beyond

Businesses are tasked with beating pre-pandemic numbers, making marketing more essential than ever before. In this eBook, you’ll discover what it takes to develop and drive a successful marketing-led growth strategy. In this eBook, you’ll discover what it takes to develop and drive a successful marketing-led growth strategy.