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B2B Marketers Now Use Facebook More Than Any Other Social Network

KoMarketing Associates

B2B marketers use a wide range of social media platforms these days to reach out to their prospects and customers. Now, new research indicates that the one they use most often also tops the list of most important platforms among social media marketers. In terms of importance, Facebook (40%) topped the list among B2B marketers.

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Artificial Neural Networks: What Every Marketer Should Know

Marketing Insider Group

Artificial intelligence in marketing is a subject that is dominating the industry right now. From all the current applications in marketing automation and predictive analytics, to the all-important question: What’s next? The post Artificial Neural Networks: What Every Marketer Should Know appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.


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The Rise of Retail Media Networks in 2024: Why Marketers Should Care

Content Marketing Institute

But the unexpected news for most is the rise in spending on retail media networks. Learn why B2C – and B2B – marketers should pay attention to them. To some surprise, digital advertising spending will jump in 2024.

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Take your Network of Brand Advocates Global with Localized Marketing


While email blasts tend to go out to thousands of people, The post Take your Network of Brand Advocates Global with Localized Marketing appeared first on Influitive. People thrive on personalization—the feeling that something is special and unique to them—and this is especially true in business.

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Marketing and Sales Alignment for A Supercharged LinkedIn Strategy

Speaker: Candyce Edelen, CEO, PropelGrowth

LinkedIn prospecting BLOWS AWAY the results from typical email marketing campaigns. In this webinar, we'll cover: How Marketing can enable Sales to switch to a high-engagement prospecting strategy. How Sales can build a network of high-value relationships and book sales calls.

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Are social networks even worth it in B2B marketing?

Exo B2B

Interesting exchange on LinkedIn earlier this week involving two B2B marketing experts. And as you’ll see, it’s all about social networks and their usefulness in marketing. Are social networks even worth it in B2B marketing, or should we call AI to the rescue? So, yes, are social networks worth it?

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Marketer of The Month Podcast- EPISODE 184: Surfing the Data Wave: Samsung’s Head of Advanced Network Research Yue Wang on Telecom Trends


Welcome to the Marketer Of The Month blog! We recently interviewed Yue Wang for our monthly podcast – ‘ Marketer of the Month ’! About our guest: Yue Wang , Head of Advanced Network Research at Samsung Electronics, is a trailblazing leader in 6G innovation. Yue Wang :: AI native networks. Yue Wang : Five.