Marketing Privacy and Security Predictions for 2022


On the marketing privacy and security front in 2022, things are going to get worse – and better. Getting more specific in my predictions for marketing privacy and security issues in 2022, here are a few ideas to keep in mind for 2022. Get Your Privacy Policies In Order.

Privacy and the Modern Marketer


If you missed my predictions for marketing and privacy in 2022 last month, you can find them here. As smaller marketers, we don’t have any real ability to change this system, but we can make high standards for privacy and data protection competitive advantages.


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Data Privacy Terminology 101


The world of data privacy is vast and complex. In this glossary, we’ll help you build your data privacy IQ by explaining some of the most common terms and applications. Let’s get started… Data Privacy. Data Insights Data Privacy

ZoomInfo, Data Privacy, and You


Companies are increasingly facing pressure from regulators and consumers alike to address data privacy concerns and tighten collection data collection processes. Current Data Privacy Laws. Data Privacy Best Practices. Have an easily accessible privacy policy.

5 Key Elements for Building a Successful Data-Driven Product

When selecting data providers, companies must ensure they’re tapping into comprehensive, high-quality streams of fresh information which can be easily integrated into their products in a privacy-compliant manner.

Seven Privacy Predictions for 2021


According to PwC research , over three-quarters of CEOs felt that data privacy was a focus going into 2020. Bubba Nunnery , ZoomInfo’s Senior Director of Privacy and Public Policy, shares his predictions for privacy this year. Privacy Shield will be replaced or reimagined.

Current State of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: Webinar Recording + Q&A


Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) went into effect in September 2021. April: To answer the question about why is Apple doing this—this is a big pillar of their brand message: privacy. With a few months behind us, how did it really affect email marketing?

Are Consumer Attitudes Toward Privacy Changing?


Unless you’re at least a little geeky about privacy and digital marketing, the DuckDuckGo search engine probably would not be on your radar. Their ideas about privacy, though, certainly are on the radar of the search and advertising giant, as well as anyone who trades in consumer data.

The Long Road to Data Privacy Compliance


In an age where digital data increases at blinding speeds, achieving data privacy compliance takes a long time. In early 2020, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect. If reaction to prior privacy laws in Europe are any indication, it will likely take years for U.S.

Smart Speakers, Marketing and Whose Privacy Is At Stake


Two factors to consider when thinking about if and how to add smart speaker to your marketing mix are: how comfortable is your audience with technology and what their attitudes are about data privacy. Comfort with Privacy.

5 Steps to Compete and Comply in the Privacy-First World


How data-driven marketers can remain competitive with reach and scale, without compromising on increasingly demanding privacy regulations. Blogs B2B Marketing compliance Data privacy data-driven marketing first-party data intent data privacy-by-design

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What This Means for Email Marketers and How to Prepare Now


Three words: Mail Privacy Protection. Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection for their Mail app on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey devices. According to Apple , “Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user. [It

Optimizely Privacy: How Does Optimizely Handle Privacy?


As A/B testing platforms become more sophisticated, so do privacy concerns surrounding them. Optimizely is one of the most popular optimization platforms in the A/B testing space , so it’s important to understand its stance on privacy. Privacy Shield frameworks.

Privacy-Protecting Systems Are The New Green

Customer Experience Matrix

I spy with my little eye…privacy systems! Specifically, there's a crop of systems that are privacy-safe alternatives to dominant social, search, email and other common consumer technologies. In other words, privacy-protecting systems are a big and growing business. Privacy is the new green: the cool virtue signifier for consumers and businesses alike. customer data gdpr martech privacyLet’s take a break from Customer Data Platforms to do some trend-spotting.

Digital Privacy Landscape Changes You Need to Know

Heinz Marketing

It’s no secret that the digital privacy landscape is changing. Third-party cookies : These are the cookies that can put your privacy in danger. Apple Mail Privacy Protection. More and More Data Privacy Laws are Emerging.

ZoomInfo Achieves GDPR Practices Validation to Ensure Privacy and Protection in EU


Several months ago, we sought out some of the world’s top privacy experts and told them: Pick our policies apart and tell us what we can do better. Being a privacy-first company means we are transparent about how we collect our professional contact data and uphold consumers’ rights to privacy.

How to Balance Personalized Marketing With Data Privacy in 2021


Over the past three years, data privacy has received a great deal of media attention, driven mainly by the implementation of GDPR in the EU. Yes, privacy legislature is excellent news for consumers, especially when considering the consequences of data breaches.

Report: Marketers Challenged By Customers Looking to Maintain Data Privacy

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers look for new ways to leverage data, new research suggests that they may want to keep privacy in mind, as this can often make or break their relationship with customers.

Beyond the Google Privacy Policy to Free Market Privacy


Last year I took a look at Google’s new privacy policy and wasn’t that happy with the way it was presented. But it got me to thinking, which those who know me rightly find dangerous, about what the future of privacy policies really are. In many ways, privacy comes down to a simple question. If individual people would prefer different approaches to privacy, a one-size-fits-all regulation is unlikely to allow that. But privacy is too complicated.

Conversational data shifting consumer privacy discussion


30-second summary: Max Kirby, the Director of Digital Identity & Cloud Solutions at Publicis Sapient discusses the role conversational data has in consumer privacy. This is the core of the problem when it comes to privacy.

What Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Means For Email Marketers


While the updates were celebrated by Apple as part of their “legacy of privacy leadership”, it still means there will be some big changes ahead for email marketers. Email marketing will continue to evolve, as it has done with other recent data privacy changes.

[Confessions of a Marketer] Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP): Webinar Recording + QA


Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection news continues to be a source of confusion, questions, and more for email marketers like you. Check out the full webinar recording here or visit our Apple Mail Privacy Protection Resources Hub.

The Extra Mile: ZoomInfo reaches another privacy benchmark


Several months ago, we sought out some of the world’s top privacy experts and told them: Pick our policies apart and tell us what we can do better. In March, we announced that we expanded our privacy team by hiring experts in technical, legal, and regulatory privacy.

The State of Global Privacy Legislation with Adam Woods, COO


From industry giants like Google and Apple adapting new policies and technologies for consumer privacy, as well as comprehensive US state privacy laws and a push for national legislation, data privacy is here to stay. Choozle helps you manage privacy.

Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection


In case you haven’t been following tech news this past year, Apple announced changes to privacy in its Mail app. What is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection? Apple launched Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) on September 20th, 2021. In its announcement, Apple said this: “In the Mail app, Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user. Users that choose “Protect Mail Activity” are opted into Mail Privacy Protection.

Privacy Policy


The post Privacy Policy appeared first on xiQ inc

The Business Case For Data Privacy

The Customer

The concerns of CEOs over cyber-security and data privacy have accelerated due to the new ‘digital normal’ created by the pandemic. But how directly involved should a CEO be in data-privacy? The post The Business Case For Data Privacy appeared first on TheCustomer.

Balancing Personalization and Privacy in 2022


But as data privacy regulations continue to evolve, the delicate balance of creating the personalized experience users expect while considering data privacy continues to be an uncertain path. So what’s the key to being privacy conscious while also improving your customer profiles?

Top 10 Marketing Tips in the Age of Data Privacy


Data protection and privacy have become central concepts in today’s business world and marketing is not an exception to this rule. Data protection is the way in which data is handled by organizations and individuals to ensure that the person’s privacy is not violated.

Identifying ‘Real Opens’ Is Key to Adapting to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection


Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection features will have widespread implications for email marketers , causing marketers to implement multiple strategies to adapt. However, there’s one solution that can help address several of the challenges caused by Apple’s new privacy protections.

Privacy Report 2020


The second decade of the 21st century is shaping up to become known as The Privacy Decade. One thing these regulations have in common is that they don’t restrict their data privacy requirements to emails sent from within their borders. Unlike previous legislation, such as CAN-SPAM and CASL, these new laws are not aimed specifically at email but are intended to address privacy issues across all devices, platforms, and services. Respect the Privacy of Your Subscribers.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Email Program for Mail Privacy Protection (and Still Be Successful)


As news of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection sinks in for email marketers, questions linger around how it will ultimately impact email programs as they stand today. Assuming Apple Mail open data becomes unreliable, here are five tips to help you prepare for Mail Privacy Protection.

Retargeting and addressability in the new privacy-first programmatic landscape


” Consumer data and privacy has become a major topic of conversation and concern for companies across industries over the last decade. The post Retargeting and addressability in the new privacy-first programmatic landscape appeared first on LiveIntent Blog.

Privacy Experience: When and Why We Give Up Our Data


Collectively, personal data and how it’s used is becoming known as the “privacy experience,” and data protection teams and sales reps are increasingly aware of it. This spectrum of data lays the foundation for the privacy experience, but such personal information has layered views.

Online Privacy and Security Statistics You Should Know in 2020

Ledgeview Partners

Online privacy and security are top considerations for professionals and businesses within every industry today, so it’s no wonder that more online privacy and security statistics and data emerge to help guide us in 2020 and beyond. Cisco Consumer Privacy Survey, 2020.

Meta Reportedly Developing Privacy-Friendly Ad Options via @sejournal, @BrianFr07823616

Search Engine Journal

The post Meta Reportedly Developing Privacy-Friendly Ad Options appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Meta, Facebook’s parent company, is reportedly in the process of developing a new type of ad that will rely on less user data for targeting.

Are Your Email Marketing Metrics Being Impacted by Gmail Prefetching Images?


The email marketing community has kept close watch on how Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) may disrupt the significance of traditional email marketing metrics since last fall.

Mail Privacy Protection and iOS 15

Blue Flame Thinking

This update pushed privacy settings back into the spotlight and required users to opt in to tracking, of which only 5% of users approve. With the expected launch of iOS 15 this September, Apple is adding another highly debated privacy feature, Mail Privacy Protection.

Can Pro-Privacy Search Engines Replace Google? via @sejournal, @collectivemeasures

Search Engine Journal

Digital privacy is increasingly important, making non-Google, privacy-focused search engines more viable. The post Can Pro-Privacy Search Engines Replace Google? Here's why it matters to marketers. appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Digital Experience SEO

Defanging FLoC: Top 3 User Privacy Concerns

DAGMAR Marketing

On March 30, 2021, Google unveiled its plans to release FLoC—a proposed alternative to third party cookies that claims to offer more user privacy—while still tracking users to provide advertisers with the information they need. Top 3 User Privacy Concerns.