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6 Innovative Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

Industrial Marketing Today

Manufacturers have unique marketing challenges that other businesses don’t face. As a result, they must develop innovative manufacturing marketing strategies to reach their target audience to succeed. Engineers and technical professionals are two key audiences that manufacturers need to focus on. This blog post will discuss six innovative marketing strategies that manufacturing companies can use.

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Improving Demand Gen Performance with CRO

The Point

One way to increase marketing ROI in a “do more with less” economy is to integrate Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) into demand gen strategy and planning. CRO isn’t a new concept, but traditionally has been more often the province of Web teams and SEO specialists. Increasingly, however, it’s being leveraged as an effective, affordable way to maximize campaign performance across a range of different demand generation channels.

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Scaling a Business: How to Climb to the Summit of Success

Vision Edge Marketing

Scaling a business is the focus of this episode of What’s Your Edge? Scaling, regardless of the company stage, has been a recurring topic in many of our customer, partner, and prospect conversations of late. We too have been exploring how to scale which is why we launched our online store. Scaling a business is often compared to climbing a mountain, and for good reason.

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Report: Marketers Feeling More Pressure to Improve the Customer Experience

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers look for new ways to make an impact on their target audience, new research suggests that they need to continue to focus on improving the customer experience (CX). Broadridge recently published its “2023 CX and Communications Consumer Insights Report,” and statistics indicated that the majority of customers (63%) now believe that most of the companies they work with need to improve the customer experience.

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Best Practices to Boost Marketing Efficiency while Decreasing Cost Per Sale

Speaker: Kristin Hess - Senior Product Marketing Manager, Drift; Will Lyon - Head of Vertical Marketing, 6sense

The past three years have forced nearly every industry to rethink their prospect and customer engagement strategy. But while we’ve all been thrust into digital transformation, we haven’t all made the transition efficiently. Now that we know digital selling is the new norm, how can we ensure our website is doing as much of the leg work as possible for us - even in the midst of economic challenges?

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6 Content Marketing Lessons from Classic 90s Sitcoms

Marketing Insider Group

Ah, the ‘90s. The last decade before everyone began to have a cell phone in hand. A time just before technology really took over. Life was a little slower (and some would argue less stressful) without social media feeds to scroll every time we were just a little bit bored. And in the absence of new tweets and TikTok trends to keep up with all the time, we turned elsewhere for entertainment.

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Why You Should Prioritize Engagement Content Metrics


As marketers, we’re always looking for ways to measure our effectiveness and attribute our work back to the pipeline. Content marketing is no exception. However, traditional metrics like website visits or clicks don’t tell us the whole story of how our content is performing. Engagement content metrics are a powerful way to gain deeper insights into our content’s performance and determine whether or not it’s having the desired effect.

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5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource B2B Appointment Setting?

Only B2B

In today’s fast-paced business world, finding new customers and expanding your company’s reach can be a daunting task. One of the most effective ways to grow your business is by setting appointments with potential clients. However, B2B appointment setting requires a lot of time, effort, and resources, and it can be challenging to keep up with the demands of this task while also managing other business responsibilities.

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Converting Commitments in Late Stage Sales


Trust is a critical part of any relationship, and that is especially true between salespeople and their prospects. Prospects are much more likely to travel through the sales process and land at the buyer’s table if they feel they are being accompanied, and perhaps even guided, by someone who has their best interest in mind. It must be remembered that building trust with buyers is a process.

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11 TED Talks Every Content Marketer Needs to Watch

Marketing Insider Group

There’s nothing like one of the best content marketing TED talks to inspire a new perspective. At Marketing Insider Group, we love learning from the industry’s thought leaders to keep our own marketing efforts both innovative and effective. A nd what better way to inspire our readers to do the same than to share some of the best content marketing TED talks ever given?

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Aggregage Intent Signal Service

Aggregage Intent Signal Service allows you to reach more active buyers sooner! Get leads for specific in-market buyers. View companies and titles signaling intent. Influence active buyers earlier in their journey. Shorten sales cycles and close more deals. Download the Aggregage Intent Signal Service overview to learn more.

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Cybersecurity PPC Benchmarks. You Need How Much Paid Media Budget?


The market for cyber security products has never been more buoyant but neither has the level of competition. Depending on which stats you read, there are anywhere north of 3,500 cyber security vendors active globally.

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The Black Box of Content Attribution: How to Engage With Consumers More Authentically


We all want to attribute value to the content we produce. How did the output contribute to the overall customer experience and journey? How can we calculate the value it brings to the business? The ability to map sales back to content is a practice known as attribution, and it’s the black box of content marketing. Every content marketer struggles to achieve success here.

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How To Write a B2B Case Study That Converts Leads

Launch Marketing

Case studies are powerful B2B content marketing assets used by marketing professionals to tell stories about customer successes. Marketers rely on them heavily as they are the fifth most commonly used type of content. B2B case studies are a great way to highlight the value of a product or service and show a specific challenge a business faces, and the solution, which is the implementation of your product or service.

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6 Major Manufacturing Marketing Trends for 2023 [Infographic]


If there’s one theme that unites this year’s trends in manufacturing marketing, it’s connection. In the post-pandemic business climate, prospects are more than comfortable networking through social channels. They’re not only researching potential vendors but they’re engaging through innovative video and B2B influencer content. As marketing technology gains intelligence , marketers can better reach their target audience and learn what they want to know.

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Maximizing Marketing Efforts: Benefits of Personalizing Online Experience

Speaker: Kate Marx, VP of State Street Global Advisors; Tara Quehl, Marketing Director at Demandbase; Lee Zucker, Global Head of GTM & Revenue Strategy at Drift

The world of financial services is shifting as clients demand online experiences that feel similar to those in B2C. What’s the key to meeting their expectations? Humanizing their experience on your website. By personalizing your client’s online experience, your firm can build more trust and value into every interaction. Your team can also go into conversations with more context around a client’s long-term objectives, resulting in a faster time to investment.

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KEO Marketing Inc Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council

KEO Marketing

KEO Marketing Inc, an award-winning B2B marketing agency is proud to announce national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by WBENC – West. PHOENIX, AZ, USA, March 19, 2023 / — KEO Marketing Inc, an award-winning B2B marketing agency is proud to announce national certification as a Women’s Business Enterprise by the… Read More The post KEO Marketing Inc Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council first appeared on Inbound Marketing

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What is revenue operations?


You may think revenue operations (RevOps) sounds like just another buzzword. But it’s actually given a name to a function that’s been needed in the data-driven B2B world for a LONG time. Because for the B2B businesses that have a RevOps team, recent reports show they’ve benefited from a 100-200% increase in digital marketing ROI, a 10-20% increase in sales productivity and a 71% improvement in stock performance.

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What are the essential Lead Management Metrics in 2023?


Lead Management Metrics in 2023 A new year means new objectives for the company. It might mean new workflows & new processes. This requires new way of evaluating the performance. As old workflows go out the window, new workflows come in and so do the new ways of measuring and assessing the metrics. So, before we introduce the Lead Management metrics you should be tracking in 2023, let us answer a very basic question: What are the Lead Management Metrics?

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How Much Traffic Does a Website Get? Best Ways to Discover

Rock Content

Ask anyone who has a business website what their goals are, and you’ll likely get an answer that includes more website visitors. While there are tons of metrics you’ll want to follow regarding the growth of your site, the truth is that most people hinge success or failure on the number of people who see their page each month. This is why learning how to check how much traffic your website gets is an important skill you’ll use again and again as you start to implement new tactics.

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Contact vs. Company Intent Signal Data

Contact and company intent data both have their advantages. Contact-level intent leads can be acted on immediately to reach active buyers, while company-level leads improve outcomes for account-based marketing and other programs. This infographic unpacks the advantages of both contact and company data and gives details about how B2B marketers can benefit from both.

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CMO Perspective: The 5x Pipeline Efficiency Play In a Difficult Economy


In previous years growth was the top priority until the middle of 2022. Every company focused on growing exponentially, and the market rewarded them. The economy was rewarding growth ahead of efficiency or profitability. But things have changed. When you hit a market like we’re seeing today, efficiency matters most. Questions turn into: Am I making good use of the money?

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Display Ads Best Practices: Learning from Best Examples


Global digital advertising expenditure will reach $696 billion by 2024, reflecting the growing preference for banner ad placement, video ad formats, and display campaigns. More so, certain industries witnessed a surge in average Google display ad click-through rates, climbing from 0.

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How to Simplify and Speed Up Your Content Workflow


Since there are never enough hours in the day for enterprise marketers, here are a few secrets that can perfect your content workflow, giving you more time to do what you're probably being paid to do, create amazing content.

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Understanding The Differences: Universal Analytics VS Google Analytics 4

Huptech Web

Table Of Contents Introduction Comparison of GA4 Properties and UA Properties Comparison of GA4 Metrics Vs. UA Metrics Challenges with GA4 Properties FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions Do You Need Help With GTM/GA4? Conclusion Introduction Google Analytics is a powerful tool for website owners to analyze their website traffic and understand how visitors interact with their content.

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The ABM Benchmark Survey

ABM gets better with age — but unfortunately, marketers don't have the luxury of pouring it into an oak barrel for a couple decades to let it mature. In a recent survey with Demand Gen Report, we found 59% of experienced practitioners (those with ABM programs more than a year old) indicated their ABM programs are meeting or greatly exceeding their expectations, while only 45% of novices (those with ABM programs less than one year old) could say the same.

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The ‘Big’ YouTube Announcement Almost Drowned by a Sea of AI News

Content Marketing Institute

Forget the never-ending conversations about AI-created content this week. We look to news from YouTube you may have missed – and share why you should consider it.

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Paired With WordPress, Analytics Is the Ultimate Content Helper

Socrates famously said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates would have loved using and WordPress. Every year, companies and marketers get more savvy about the kinds of content data they collect, how they collect it, and how they try to make sense of it all. Measuring and knowing what to do next is the dream, right? It’s just not always that easy.

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Sports Advertising: Benefits, Types, Strategies


Sports advertising is a marketing strategy to promote products and services offered by sports organizations, teams, and brands. One Super Bowl night generates approximately $500 million in ad revenue. Sports ads may come in many forms, including TV commercials, print marketing (magazines, newspapers, etc.

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What Content Is Ripe for Repurposing? 6 Steps to Find Out


Wondering what existing content assets or specific types of content would be worth repurposing? Take a look at our latest article for a step-by-step guide on how to determine what's prime for recycling!

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Learn Today, Sell Tomorrow: Increasing ROI & Conversions Through Search Metrics

On average, seven out of ten online shoppers utilize a website's search bar. Website owners not using their search bars to their full capabilities are missing out on prime opportunities to boost their conversion. Search metrics can drive buyer conversion by helping website owners learn from their online visitors, allowing eCommerce merchandisers and digital marketers to create, adapt, and execute an effective marketing strategy with help from the data collected by an onsite search bar.

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5 Things That are Top of Mind for Experiential Marketers in Tech


Last month, Agency EA brought together representatives from DropBox, Yahoo, Meta, T-Mobile, and more for an intimate discussion between brandside marketers in the technology industry. There’s no question that it’s been an unusual year for the industry where mass layoffs, tighter budgets and economic uncertainty have spurred concern.

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TikTok Allegations Could Inspire a Wave of Ad Spend Diversification


TikTok is experiencing another wave of congressional inquiries and investigations, as whistleblowers claim the company’s plan for protecting U.S. user data is flawed. The allegations suggest TikTok relies on proprietary Chinese software that could have backdoors, and uses tools that allow employees to easily toggle between U.S. and Chinese user data.

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Customer Journey Planning: How to Save time and Publish Better Content


Get a better grasp of how AI and NLP can save time and create quality content with intent across the customer journey with advice from Kim Scoppetta and Jeff Coyle.

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