How promotional products fit in with the modern consumer


That is where promotional products, branded gifts, and giveaways shine. Perhaps that is why promotional products have stood the test of time through the technological advances in advertising. 81% of consumers keep promotional products for more than one year.

10 promotional product trends from the PPAI Expo 2018


Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) is an annual expo that highlights and showcases the latest in promotional products. Today, we are taking a look at the trends in promotional products that we saw at the show. Practical daily-use promotional products.

4 Unconventional Ways to Promote Blog Content on Social Media

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The same old content promotion tactics don’t work anymore. With organic reach rapidly declining on social media, you need new ways to effectively promote blog content without paying for it. Well, one of the most underused forms of content promotion on Facebook is live video.

5 Tips To Promote Your Company Blog

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The post 5 Tips To Promote Your Company Blog appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing Blog blor promotion Content promotion Social MediaThe competition is fierce out there. There are 58.6 million new blog posts each month on WordPress alone.

Seven Things Marketers Need to Know About Lead Generation

Speaker: Douglas Burdett, Host of The Marketing Book Podcast, Founder/Principal of ARTILLERY

Why helpful, non-promotional content is the key to lead generation success. Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated interest in your company's product or service.

What promotional products are on your desk? [survey results]


When it comes to promotional products, there is one thing for sure, this marketing method and advertising tool has stood the test of time. What promotional merchandise do you have on your desk right now? What is your reaction when you receive a promotional product(s)?

Transactional vs. Promotional

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In reality, ISPs don’t distinguish or care if the IP you are sending from is promotional or transactional. Another common question we receive is “can I include some level of promotional content within my transactional message"?

Five steps to high-performing B2B promotional campaigns

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Find out how to plan, manage and optimise B2B marketing campaigns for success with our new content series: The CMO's definitive guide to high-performing promotional campaigns. CMO's definitive guide b2b promotional campaigns

How promotional merchandise magic can make the difference in your marketing campaigns


Promotional merchandise is one of the oldest types of promotions. Even in today’s digital world, promotional products and branded merchandise really do make a big impact on marketing campaigns. The right promotional products can help make your brand and your message memorable.

Benefits of promotional products advertising campaigns


Have you used promotional products for advertising and branding for your company? In this article, we will feature statistics from an informative infographic all about promotional product advertising campaigns. Promotional Products Can Show Off Your Brand.

How to Get More Blog Traffic – Content Promotion Checklist [Infographic]


But just as creators have to up their games in terms of content quality, they’ll need to expand and enhance content promotion efforts as well in order to rise above the noise. The helpful content promotion checklist infographic below from CleverClicks is an excellent guide.

6 Rules for Successful Event Promotion on Twitter

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Successful event promoting isn’t just about informing – it’s about engaging. The post 6 Rules for Successful Event Promotion on Twitter appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Get people excited, curious, and feeling like they can’t miss out on your event.

How to Promote Blog Posts: 200+ Ideas from Eight Experts


Which content promotion tools are most useful? Which blog post promotion tactics are most effective? Find the answers to these questions and more here among hundreds of recommendations about tools, tactics and techniques to promote blog posts.

Promotional products: making them effective branding tools for your business


Promotional products have really stood the test of time in the marketing world. The strategy for making promotional gifts an effective part of your marketing arsenal has three keys. Research Shows the Positive Impact of Promotional Products for Businesses.

Promoting a Blog 101: Building an Audience & Getting Traffic

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Promotion is a critical step in monetizing your blog, and turning it from a hobby into a business, or a promotional vehicle for your business. Before you start promoting your blog, however, you must first make sure […].

The 12 Hottest Tools for Content Promotion

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Content marketing is nothing without good promotion. Promotion was important before content marketing […]. The post The 12 Hottest Tools for Content Promotion appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

A Quick-Start Guide to Paid Content Promotion

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If you want your #content discovered at scale, amplify its power through paid promotion, says @joderama. Below is an overview of some paid promotion opportunities content marketers should be considering, along with some helpful guidance on how to get the most value from those efforts.

The Busy Marketer’s Guide to Promoting Your Content in 30 Minutes or Less


We content marketers just aren’t very good at promoting our content. Because so many content marketers are terrible at promoting their content, if you and I can be even adequate at it, we’ll end up looking like rock stars. It’s on my short list of promotion tactics to try ASAP.

7 Promotion Tactics to Get Your Content Seen


And so, we have to promote our content. They spend as much money promoting a movie as they do in making it. If we spent as much money or time promoting our content as we did in making it? That’s a good volume for Twitter, but it’ll get you in trouble on LinkedIn or Facebook, where 3-4 posts a day is considered about the limit for content promotion. Stodgy old email” is better for promoting content than social media. Use co-sharing (aka “cross-promotion”) tools.

How To Create More Long Term Brand Promoters

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Now, there are customers who like a product and will give a referral if asked, and then there are promoters. The post How To Create More Long Term Brand Promoters appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

12 Awesome Directories For Promoting Your Online Business

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It was insanely complicated, promotion was non-existent and unless you were on a platform like eBay you probably weren’t going to get that far. The post 12 Awesome Directories For Promoting Your Online Business appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. I remember fifteen years ago opening up a store online was a big deal. Today we see a very different landscape. Online businesses are just a standard part of selling a […].

The Scrappy Guide to Promoting Visual Content In 2017

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The post The Scrappy Guide to Promoting Visual Content In 2017 appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. It’s no surprise that content marketers are planning to invest more on visual content.

6-Step Checklist to Launch + Promote Gated Content

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The post 6-Step Checklist to Launch + Promote Gated Content appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Gated content is one of the best ways for content marketers to measure conversions and generate leads for their business.

Creating Interactive Content: From Ideation to Sales Alignment to Promotion

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Often, interactive content assets are best made to better promote a larger core asset. This is strong practice, and delivers many more touchpoints for that large core asset than standard campaign promotion. Promotion. Scheduled Social promotion.

How Far in Advance Should I Promote our Webinar?

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B2B Marketing Campaign Strategy Demand Generation email marketing Event Promotion lead generation Webinar Invitations Webinars ON24 Webinar benchmarks Webinar best practices webinar marketing webinar promotion webinar strategy Webinar tips

How to Optimize Your Promotion Channels & Increase Conversion Rates

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When it comes to promoting content, using your current channels can be tiring and can become tapped out pretty quickly. The post How to Optimize Your Promotion Channels & Increase Conversion Rates appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

How to Build a Promotional Products Business From Scratch

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But for companies, these promotional products are their ticket to score exponential sales. That’s why businesses spend billions of dollars giving away promotional items to their potential and existing customers. Here’s the answer: promotional product companies. T-shirts.

Coherent Path Auto-Optimizes Promotions for Long Term Value

Customer Experience Matrix

The approach is to define a promotion calendar, pick product themes for each promotion, and then select the best offers within each theme for each customer. But because Coherent Path can predict which customers might buy in which themes, it can suggest themes to include in future promotions. Coherent Path automatically runs tests within promotions to further refine its ability to predict customer behaviors.

4 Content Promotion Strategies to Increase Engagement

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If you were an early adopter of inbound marketing , you might have spent 80% of your time creating content and 20% of your time promoting it. To increase engagement, you need to spend 20% of your time creating content and 80% of your time promoting it. .

Why Net Promoter Score Is the Best Metric for Long-term Growth

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The post Why Net Promoter Score Is the Best Metric for Long-term Growth appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. It’s easy to get caught up in website traffic numbers, conversion rates, and that essential ROI of your marketing campaigns. These metrics are useful for demonstrating where you are now and the quality and effectiveness of the strategies you used to get to this point. But, they can’t show you everything. What they’re failing to illuminate […].

Make a Blockbuster: 8 Tips to Promote Your Webinar


Promoting your webinar – so that people learn about it and are inspired to register to attend it – is just as important as creating it to begin with. Make a promotion plan. Here are eight tips to promote your webinar and get the attendance you need to achieve your goals.

What Is Culture? The Values That Define Who You Hire, Promote and Fire

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The Values That Define Who You Hire, Promote and Fire appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. “The most important document ever to come out of the Valley” is a quote from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Video Promotion: Secrets from Marketers Who’ve Done it Right [Infographic]


That’s why we actually need more promotion. The 80/20 Rule: Content Promotion to Production. The other 80% is in the promotion. In other words, you should be splitting your time 80/20 to promotion vs. creation. Strong promotion is the key to any successful video campaign.

Promoted Content: 5 Steps to Take Before Launch

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Promoted content platforms like Outbrain and Taboola allow you to submit your content using a CPC model, which is then placed on thousands of popular websites across the web as “sponsored posts” with hopes of garnering new visitors leads. Before jumping into promoted content with both feet, you must first identify what it is you want to accomplish when instituting a promoted content strategy.

4 Effective Promotional Products To Help Your Business Gain Attention

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All sorts of businesses, from giant global corporations all the way down to small mom-and-pop businesses utilize promotional products in their marketing. The post 4 Effective Promotional Products To Help Your Business Gain Attention appeared first on Altitude Branding.

How to Build a Chatbot from Pitch to Promotion


And if you’re looking to formulate your own chatbot strategy -- from building the bot from scratch to promoting it and getting customers to use it -- we’ve developed a basic framework for just that. How to Build a Chatbot from Pitch to Promotion. 8) Promote your chatbot.

3 Crucial Tips for Promoting Live Product Demos

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B2B Marketing E-mail email design email marketing Event Promotion Lead Nurturing Offer Strategy b2b demand generation marketo Marketo agency Marketo partner marketo tips ringcentralLet’s face it; a live product demo is a tough sell.

Social Media Promotion Guide


You should be promoting your content on your social channels, tied to a landing page for lead generation and channel tracking. Putting paid promotion behind your social posts gives it that the extra boost it needs for maximum visibility. Adding some extra budget for paid promotion will enable you to tap into the large friend of friend related network. Promoted Tweets – You can use targeting capabilities to deliver tweets to specific users. Non-Paid Promotions.

Marketing Is Personal – Emotion Beats Promotion By 2X

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Now the CEB is helping to explain what we can do with the realization that promotional marketing and solution selling are dead with their report “ From Promotion To Emotion.” From Promotion to Emotion. I have always believed that B2B Marketing is personal.

How to use influencer marketing to promote your book


For context, I am using six books I have promoted over the last couple years on behalf of their authors: Glock and Law of the Jungle by Paul M. First-time and niche authors have much less support and resources towards book-promotion.