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Google Rolls Out Ad Frequency Targeting For YouTube Campaigns via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

Search Engine Journal

With the rollout of target frequency, Google is giving advertisers more control over the number of times people see their ads on YouTube. The post Google Rolls Out Ad Frequency Targeting For YouTube Campaigns appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

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Balancing ad frequency, reach, and fatigue in digital advertising


Ad frequency is a critically important metric to watch during any digital advertising campaign. Compared to testing new targeting tactics and building eye-catching creative, frequency goes unnoticed when planning campaign strategy. Jump to: What is ad frequency? What is an optimum ad frequency?


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Lookalike Audience Targeting. Pros and Cons

NuSpark Consulting

It involves strategic ad placement, understanding where your lookalike audience spends most of their time online, and making sure your ads are visible there. When it comes to media buying strategies for look-alike audiences, there are several considerations to make, from ad placement to creative approach.

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Do You Spy on Your Competitors Online?

Navigate the Channel

What tools can help gather and analyze competitive intelligence?

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Does Marketing Have A Marketing Problem?

Marketing Insider Group

Ask most people what marketing is and they will describe an ad, tell you a story of a sleazy salesperson, or mention something funny they saw on TikTok. For decades marketers were asked to tell the world “buy our stuff” and “Our products are awesome” to the most people with the highest frequency possibly.

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7 Key Metrics To Optimise Your B2B Google Ads

The Lead Agency

Google Ads can be a powerful B2B marketing tool not only for driving traffic but also for generating leads. The Google Ads platform is complex and can seem overwhelming. With a multitude of metrics available on Google Ads, it can be difficult to know which ones to look at to provide clarity on campaign performance.

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Marketing in the Age of Disruption

Marketing Insider Group

If you ask most people, including CEOs, what market is , they’d probably say ads. Surprisingly, Coca-Cola recently halted ad spend, with a statement from the CEO that, “There is limited effectiveness to brand marketing.” The Advertising Research Institute reports that product sales decline after 48 ad impressions.