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The Beginners' Guide To Email Tagging That Can Help Boost Engagement


In order to identify the group to whom you should send the email so that the information is relevant to them, you can use email tags. But it doesn't make sense to send an email to men or people in cities other than New York.

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Introducing LinkedIn Tagging and Improved Search


In addition to new filter options for searching EveryoneSocial content, users will also be able to tag and @mention companies on LinkedIn now. (As Mentioning Companies on LinkedIn When Sharing Value: Tag LinkedIn company pages without leaving EveryoneSocial Status: Live! Always tag for the benefit of your brand reputation and theirs.

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How to Use Subheading Tags to Improve SEO

One of the most overlooked aspects of blogging is actually one of the most important for ranking in search engines: sub heading tags. Many bloggers spend a lot of time on their content, but neglect to use any type of heading tags and sub header tags. Header (H1 tag) and sub header tags are a significant ranking factor.

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Everything You Need To Know About Ad Tags and Click Tags


3 minutes read Ad tagging is a crucial component of your display advertising efforts. Not only do ad tags play a huge role in optimizing your ad strategy, but they can also help you measure its performance. Let’s kick off this article by breaking down what an ad tag is. What Is an Ad Tag?

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What Is a Title Tag & How to Optimize Title Tags for Google


A title tag is HTML code that indicates the title of a page. Learn how to write effective title tags with Semrush.

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How to Set up and Track Button Clicks In Google Analytics 4 Using Google Tag Manager

DAGMAR Marketing

In this blog, we will show you how to track one of the most common events in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) using Google Tag Manager (GTM). Tracking Button Clicks in Google Tag Manager (GTM): If your website has buttons, it is essential to monitor whether your users are clicking them or not. Step 6: Create a new Tag in GTM and name it.

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How To Use Header Tags and H1 Tags for SEO


Header tags and H1 tags make webpage content more user-friendly and are part of basic SEO best practices. There are different types of header tags, categorized by numbers, from H1 to H6. This guide focuses on how to use H1 tags to improve your SEO results.

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