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1st Half of the Year is Over! What’s Next?

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First Half of the Year is Over! Steps to take to Ensure Success. It’s a wrap. But everything must continue to move forward with increased levels of urgency. In many situations cash flow is tighter, pipelines have been impacted and sales cycles have grown longer. That’s the reality, but as sales leaders and executives we need to take this week to reflect on the first half: “ what went better than expected, what things didn’t work?”

How Technology is Creating More Opportunities for the Modern Marketer

Modern B2B Marketing

The modern marketing landscape is not what it used to be. Creative thinkers and innovative “ideas people” are still at the heart of the department, but it has become a measurable, monitorable and data-driven discipline.

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Social media engagement is a lousy metric

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

By Mark Schaefer. Thank you for your social media engagement through your generous tweets, blog comments, and likes. I have just one question: Why aren’t you hiring me?

Why HR Is The New Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

In a world of infinite media choices, the best way to reach new buyers and new talent might be right under your nose. Your own employees represent the greatest opportunity to create meaningful marketing and to develop Human Resources programs that increase sales, while also finding and retaining top talent. Is HR the new Marketing? […]. The post Why HR Is The New Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing Strategy

Best Practices for a Marketing Database Cleanse

A framework comprising of best practices to consider and red flags to avoid.

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Is Your Content Marketing Aligned with Your Buyer Journey?

B2B Marketing Insider

Both B2B and B2C industries are planning to significantly step up their game throughout 2017. The majority of marketers are dead-set on producing more content to enhance their efforts across the board. Businesses frequently come to us for advice when their in-house content marketing strategy isn’t quite yielding the desired ROI. All too often, the … Continue reading "Is Your Content Marketing Aligned with Your Buyer Journey?".

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5 Key Traits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs


Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook as a simple “hot-or-not” site to get back at classmates. Nike founder Phil Knight called the now ubiquitious shoe company his “crazy idea." Instagram began with a single photo filter to make turn its users into less-crappy photographers.

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Can content written for print position well in Google?


Recently, I worked with a big-brand publisher that published print assets to their site. The powers-that-be believed that the content should position just fine. After all, the content was written by professional writers and was a hit in print.

The Artificial Intelligence Impact: Friend or Foe to Marketing?


The era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is upon us. More and more, computer systems will become able to perform tasks that previously required human intelligence, such as decision making, visual perception, and speech and language recognition.

The AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Personalize your marketing to convert your highest-value accounts.

5 things to keep in mind while building backlinks

B2B Marketing Insider

Some people think that blogging is not a big deal. Surfing the web and writing all day for money – sounds perfect. But they would be impressed by the number of things every blogger has to keep in mind. One of such a thing – building backlinks. This process has so many steps and sides, […]. The post 5 things to keep in mind while building backlinks appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing

10 of the Best Ads from June: Boomerang, Bugs, and a Perfectly Useless Chatbot


It's finally, finally summer. To celebrate the sun emerging (and the temperature in our offices dropping to subarctic extremes), I attempted to find some summery ads to feature in this month's roundup. Instead, I ended up with a weird chatbot, a novelty phone, and several ways to kill bugs.

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Beyond Job Titles: Identifying B2B Buyers for ABM Programs


In the world of B2B marketing, you’ll be surprised how often people make the mistake of targeting based on titles. It doesn’t matter if you’re running display programs or social campaigns, the first crucial step is to find the right … Continue reading → Kwanzoo

Poll: Should Marketing Commission Be a Standard Practice?


Most executives in marketing and sales understand the paradigm shift in B2B buying. And they have adjusted their roles accordingly. In progressive companies, today's marketers are the new hunters, and sales focuses mostly on decision phase discussions and the close.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

6 Tricks to Help Your Team Run More Efficiently

B2B Marketing Insider

Don’t fall prey to inefficiency. Try out these six tricks for ensuring your team runs in a finely-honed, highly-effective manner, then to learn more, watch the Migrating to Office 365 from Google webcast from Microsoft Office. The post 6 Tricks to Help Your Team Run More Efficiently appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing Strategy

Onboarding Checklist: A 90-Day Framework for Content Teams


Houston, we have a turnover problem. As the years pass, there seem to be a growing number of studies on employers struggling to retain their people -- and the high costs associated with the resulting turnover. What’s at the bottom of it? Is it workplace culture? Is it missed salary expectations?

What’s the Difference Between a Persona Score and a Predictive Score?


In the age of big data , B2B marketing and sales need a clear, effective way to make sense of the enormous volumes of data in their Marketing Automation and CRM platforms.

Connecting Content to Measurable Business Outcomes


I recently passed my six-month mark at Contently. In my very first post on The Content Strategist , I wrote this: The biggest challenge facing content marketing is also its greatest opportunity. How do we connect each piece of content to a specific business outcome?

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation.

Will Organizational Culture Ever Catch Up with Technology?

B2B Marketing Insider

The pace of technological innovation today isn’t just fast. Technology is evolving at an exponential rate. While in many ways, businesses have reaped the benefits of such progress, without a similar transformation of company culture, how can organizations truly harness what’s available? Find out more in in Microsoft Office’s Modern Workplace. The post Will Organizational Culture Ever Catch Up with Technology? appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Marketing Strategy


Survey: Marketers Failing to Unlock Full Potential of AI and Voice Search

KoMarketing Associates

Marketers are aware of the growing prominence of artificial intelligence (AI) and voice search, but research shows they are still lagging behind in these areas. BrightEdge recently conducted a survey to gain insight into how marketers are integrating new technology into their existing content marketing strategies. The data indicated that 27 percent of marketers still believe mobile is “the next big thing.”

How Account-Based Marketing Changes the Business Developer’s Role

Modern Marketing

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” ” — Charles Darwin. A Shift from Inbound Marketing. After decades when there were few changes in marketing, in the 1990s, internet marketing was born.

6 Digital Storytelling Lessons from Pottermore


As technology continues to lower the cost of content production, today’s end user is asked to digest more stories than ever before -- in conversation, in written text, at the movies, in advertisements, and even through web design.

Customer Success and Marketing Alignment: The Key to Unlocking Customer Advocacy

Most B2B companies say the customer experience is a priority, but their teams are not prepared or coordinated enough to make this a reality.

5 Types of Marketing Automation for Businesses to Consider

B2B Marketing Insider

Marketing has been around for a very long time. Think about it. Since people first started engaging in commercial trade, they’ve learned how to develop unique selling propositions and sales strategies to maximize the perceived value of their offerings. When we look at marketing technology, we can see that it’s enabled various channels such. The post 5 Types of Marketing Automation for Businesses to Consider appeared first on PureB2B.

Enough is Enough in the Approval Process: When to Sign Your Name and Ship It


The old Abbott and Costello routine Who’s on First? is a classic gag. It’s seemingly endless, and also very funny. Who’s Got the Authority to Sign Off and Approve a Piece of Marketing Collateral? may feel like just as much of a gag. It’s definitely endless, but it’s not so funny.

How to Sell into Accounts Using Influencers – Tips from Mark Roberge


Up to 17 people influence the typical enterprise purchase (up from 10 in 2011), according to IDG. In every complex business-to-business deal, there are many buyers involved: the decision-maker, the end user, the influencer, the CFO, the procurement department and so on.

How to Report on Terminus ABM Advertising Campaigns in Salesforce


If you ask anyone in the Terminus office what my mantra is, they’ll tell you: “If it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.”. As a marketer with a keen focus on operations and metrics, Salesforce is my go-to.

5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

6 Content Marketing Research Tools You’ll Fall in Love With

B2B Marketing Insider

If you want to know how to create content that people are actually searching for, you need to become a content marketing research expert. But it doesn’t have to be that hard or expensive! To uncover the top trends and topics of interest within your industry, you just have to roll up your sleeves and […]. The post 6 Content Marketing Research Tools You’ll Fall in Love With appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Content Marketing


Using the Scientific Method to Produce Better Content


The scientific method of reasoning dates back millennia and has proven to be a trusted strategy for understanding our world. And believe it or not, this process can also work. The post Using the Scientific Method to Produce Better Content appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog.

Top Digital Marketing Agencies in Phoenix | KEO Marketing

KEO Marketing

Companies in every single industry across the globe are realizing the value of digital marketing. They are investing heavily into their digital marketing efforts to gain new customers and increase sales.