Legal Versus Ethical: Web Scraping Edition


However, the legality and ethics of using these tools for data collection are often overlooked. Not paying attention to these aspects of web scraping could lead to serious ethical controversies and lawsuits. Ethics of web scraping. Guest post by Christof Leitner.

Ethics 161

The Power of Ethical Marketing for Manufacturers

Industrial Marketer

Read more » The post The Power of Ethical Marketing for Manufacturers appeared first on Industrial Marketer. Commentary Featured Strategy brand strategy ethical marketingManufacturing is a competitive industry. There are more than 500,000 manufacturing businesses in the U.S.


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How to Produce Ethical and Green Content


Content Marketing Content Strategy Tips & How-Tos brand consistency content eco-friendly environmental ethics green greenwashing impact marketing strategy sustainability transparency trust

Inclusivity and Algorithmic Bias: Is Ethical Technology Possible? | Acrolinx

Kiana Minkie

Technology isn't fair for everyone and you don't need to look hard to find algorithmic bias examples. How to we make technology fair for all

Ethics 130

The Ethical Dilemma of Paying the Ransomware Crooks


It is a true ethical dilemma, and I see both sides of the argument. The post The Ethical Dilemma of Paying the Ransomware Crooks appeared first on Biznology.

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Trust: Business Tops Media and Government in Ethics and Competence, Finds Survey

Sword and the Script

Businesses are increasingly viewed as more ethical and competent than government, media and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Business is ethical and competent. According to the survey, business was the only institution that respondents classified as both ethical and competent.

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10 Ethical Grey Areas & Illegal SEM Practices (And How to Solve Them) via @sejournal, @jonkagan

Search Engine Journal

Learn about the most common ethical and legal issues in PPC and what the industry needs to do to ensure oversight. The post 10 Ethical Grey Areas & Illegal SEM Practices (And How to Solve Them) appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

How to Legally and Ethically Curate Content

But as with most content marketing strategies, there’s a fine line between what’s legal/ethical and what’s not. Instead, you have to work within the rules and curate in a legal and ethical manner. The post How to Legally and Ethically Curate Content appeared first on

The Ethics and Practicalities of Hiring a Content Ghostwriter


Content Marketing Team Culture Tips & How-Tos benefits content ethics ghostwriter hiring how to marketing non-disclosure agreement practicalities production writersNot every company is willing to add headcount to their marketing staff, but the content beast still needs to be fed.

Four Steps to Operationalize AI Ethics in B2B


Have you thought about what AI ethics might look like in your organization? Rapid, unchecked development in AI creates ethical risks, including loss of privacy, transparency, security and potential biases in decision-making. Four Steps to Create a Successful AI Ethics Program.

The 'Ethics' You Didn't Know Existed in Design


Although some business people might not think a code of ethics matters in design, it does. In this post, I'll explain what design ethics is, what guidelines ethical designers might use, and a few tips for avoiding questionable design ethics. Ethics in Graphic Design.

Giles Palmer on Old vs. New Work Ethic


Listen to the podcast: For more thought leadership on work ethic, check out our Radically Transparent podcast on Apple Podcasts , Spotify , YouTube or LinkedIn. Giles Palmer, Founder of Brandwatch and current Chief Growth Officer at Cision takes the hot seat today.

Ethics in B2B Digital Personalization – Is it Possible?


The post Ethics in B2B Digital Personalization – Is it Possible? If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch the Netflix documentary “The Social Dilemma” yet, I highly recommend it.

Ethics 130

In Content, Can We Trust? Revisiting Content Ethics + Policy

Content Science Review

Get the opinion of The Content Advantage author Colleen Jones on restoring trust in content through content ethics and policy. Article

The Ethics of Ghostwriting in 2020


Back in 2016, I wrote an article for nDash entitled “Is Ghostwriting Ethical?” Recently, the folks at nDash asked me to take another look at the topic in light of how much has changed — and how much hasn’t — over the last four years.

Ethics and AI: 5 Issues Facing B2B Marketers


As brands explore uses of AI and machine learning in business, they are also coming to terms with ethics and AI. Havens, Executive Director, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems. In this article, we look at the five ethical issues of AI in business.

The Ethics of Marketing to Children and Teens

Marketing Insider Group

The post The Ethics of Marketing to Children and Teens appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Do you remember waking up early on Saturday mornings, grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal, and settling down in front of the TV to watch the best cartoons around? If so, you probably remember the wave after wave of commercials that attacked your senses. Crazy characters, bright colors, amazing toys, and catchy jingles, all designed […].

Ethics 158

Ethical Marketing & Your B2B Business

The Lead Agency

Businesses who endorse and practice ethical marketing create a strong reputation of social responsibility and cultural sensitivity. As such, ethical marketing isn’t just a moral and legal necessity; it also makes good business sense. What is Ethical Marketing? Ethical marketing is simply the process of applying ethics to your marketing campaigns and strategies. Ethical marketing practices should be engrained into business processes and campaign strategies.

3 Ethical Link Building Strategies for 2020 via @jamarketer

Search Engine Journal

Here are three ethical link building strategies for 2020. The post 3 Ethical Link Building Strategies for 2020 via @jamarketer appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Content Marketing Link Building

The Compelling Case for Ethical Leadership


The Great Recession sparked a movement in the business world to start placing ethics over profit. In fact, about 20% of Harvard Business School’s 2009 graduating class took an oath to pursue their work in an ethical manner. Today, practicing ethical leadership is a requirement most companies need to meet in order to attract the best-fit customers and employees. What is ethical leadership? Ethical Leadership Examples. Placing Ethics Over Profit.

B2B CMO – What Type of Ethical Manager Are You?

B2B Marketing Traction

Ethical marketing? Here are four ethical types of marketing executives and how to identify them. Ethics in marketing is a field of study that is under increasing scrutiny as more business strive to achieve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all that they do. According to the authors of Ethics in Marketing: International Cases and Perspectives , there are four types of ethical marketers. Ethics in MarketingIs it an oxymoron?

Ethics 108

How To Grow As an Ethical Brand During COVID-19

Altitude Branding

Today we are going to mention some of the most useful tips that you can use to ethically grow your brand during COVID-19. Growing Your Business as an Ethical Brand. Right now, you can lean on those assets of your business and use them to grow ethically and financially.

5 Ethical Ways to Get More Backlinks


The LAST thing you want to do is pay money to have your links included on websites or attempt other not-so-ethical practices. The post 5 Ethical Ways to Get More Backlinks appeared first on Hatchbuck. Getting high-quality backlinks is very challenging. That’s because a link from another website is like an endorsement, and the higher quality the website, the more difficult it becomes to get that type of recommendation.

7 Traits of an Ethical Content Writer via @DholakiyaPratik

Search Engine Journal

Here are seven essential traits of an ethical content writer. The post 7 Traits of an Ethical Content Writer via @DholakiyaPratik appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Careers & Education Content Marketing

Ethics: Transparency Is Not All

B2B Memes

In this view, transparency is not in itself a guarantee of ethical content. And by giving readers a reason to distrust them, it requires them to work that much harder to produce ethical content that will earn back that trust. What interests me in this comment is the way transparency, volitional or not, is viewed as the starting point of ethical content, not the end point. Frankly, beyond that, ethical standards are a negotiation between media creator and media receiver.”.

Ethics 116

SEO Best Practices – A Guide to Ethical, Effective, and Modern SEO

B2B Digital Marketer

SEO can be done better – it can be done more effectively and ethically, leading to better results and a better experience for both the user and the business owner. The post SEO Best Practices – A Guide to Ethical, Effective, and Modern SEO appeared first on B2B Digital Marketer.

Is it ethical to keep selling right now?

Heinz Marketing

I’ve chosen the word “ethical” in this question intentionally because of its implied severity. Is it ethical to continue selling? The post Is it ethical to keep selling right now? By Matt Heinz, President & Founder of Heinz Marketing.

Inside the Mysterious World of Ethical Hacking


It’s something called ethical hacking. What is ethical hacking? Ethical hacking is when companies, organizations, and government agencies hire white-hat hackers to identify vulnerabilities in their computer systems and help fix them instead of exploiting them. The growth of ethical hacking is promising for the cybersecurity industry.

Journalistic Ethics in Social Media

Altitude Branding

The issue of reassessing and supplementing professional ethical standards of a journalist became relevant in the early 2000s in connection with the beginning of the development of public utilities on the Internet. Ethical conflicts associated with the activities of journalists and ordinary users in public utilities began to appear in the global media sphere. This is also one of the problematic aspects of journalistic ethics in public utilities. Ethics in Public Networks.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: What Kind of Society Do We Want to Have?

Marketing Insider Group

The post The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: What Kind of Society Do We Want to Have? As someone who has worked with big data for some time, I have pushed the boundaries where this idea of relevance morphs into creepy (remember the infamous case study: How Target Figured out a girl was pregnant before her father did?). I am acutely aware of its lure to big business, and at the same time, […]. appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

Ethics 161

Do You Need a Personal Ethics Statement?

B2B Memes

In an age when transparency is becoming the accepted norm for ethical reporting, is it enough to disclose your potential conflicts of interest only when you think the need arises? Or should writers, whether journalists, bloggers, or content marketers, go on the record with a preemptive announcement of their ethical beliefs and possible biases? As she reports, each of them has included a personal ethics statement on an “about me” page. Ethics new media old-media transparency

Ethics 116

Ethics & Digital Content: Who’s Accountable?


In this takeover episode of #FlipMyFunnel, Content Matters host Barb Mosher Zinck speaks with Jim Edmunds , CEO at Ingeniux , about ethics and digital content. Here’s our driving question: How can we as tech providers advocate for better ethics and standards over profits?

How to Maintain Ethical Boundaries in Sales

Sales Intelligence View

If you’re not sure whether your behavior is ethical, or if a team member is acting within moral reason, it’s best to err on the side of caution so you don’t offend customers. Being ethical and being a salesperson are not mutually exclusive. There’s no point pretending all salespeople exemplify perfect morals. Some salespeople engage in unethical sales practices.

The Guide to Ethical A/B Testing: The Missing Component of Your Optimization Program


What is Ethical Optimization & Why Should You Care? As brands like Netflix and Amazon scale their testing programs, it is only a matter of time until the question of ethics in A/B testing becomes mainstream and gets its own set of guidelines.

How The Healthcare Industry Is Slowly Becoming Better At Ethical Marketing Practices

Marketing Insider Group

The post How The Healthcare Industry Is Slowly Becoming Better At Ethical Marketing Practices appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Treatment for addiction continues to be a growth industry in the United States. It is no exaggeration to say that the continuing increase in alcohol and drug addiction is having a devastating effect on the lives of tens of thousands of people, and is a crippling source of lost income and productivity not just in […].

Ethics 114

Is Your B2B Marketing Consultant Ethical?

B2B Marketing Traction

ethics. Lynne heads up programming for one of our networking groups and mentioned she has a speaker on ethics scheduled for later this year. Maureen added that, thanks to former Attorney General Eliot Spitzer , property and casualty insurance brokers are bound by a code of ethics. Many professionals service providers are required to follow a code of ethics. The question becomes, how ethical is your marketing service provider? Tweet.

Ethics 102

UK Government Releases Framework for Development of Ethical AI


UK Government Releases Framework for Development of Ethical AI. An ethical approach ensures the public trusts this technology and sees the benefits of using it. Without prescribing a specific regulatory regime, the report provides a broad ethical framework for AI development. On a more AI-specific level, the Committee writes at length about one of AI’s most persistent ethical dilemmas: bias. by Noa Segall. Head of Search & Display Data Research.