Are Ethical Branding Campaigns Causing Consumer Fatigue?

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This sense of consumer influence has been rewarded by marketing departments that have jumped on ethical branding opportunities to curry favor with their target audience. With their customer base feeling fooled, the brand has since struggled to reclaim its reputation as an ethical brand.

With Great Power: Ethical Marketing in the Face of IoT

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These ethical marketing challenges are already a topic of conversation for any industry, but the internet of things is about to accelerate the frequency of this discussion and the stakes that come with it. Understanding the Ethical Use of Data (EUoD).

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: What Kind of Society Do We Want to Have?

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The post The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: What Kind of Society Do We Want to Have? As someone who has worked with big data for some time, I have pushed the boundaries where this idea of relevance morphs into creepy (remember the infamous case study: How Target Figured out a girl was pregnant before her father did?). I am acutely aware of its lure to big business, and at the same time, […]. appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

Courting Controversy: Determining Your Marketing Ethics When Approaching Provocative Topics

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Think back to the beginning of your marketing career: did you ever have to make a hard decision about approaching a provocative subject that made you examine your marketing ethics? What are your personal marketing ethics?

How to (Ethically) Steal Other People's Content


But there’s one more thing that you can ethically steal: topic ideas for new content. How would you feel if you knew that all your favorite brands and industry thought leaders stole content everyday? Well, they do. And I think you should too.

Facebook, OkCupid, and the Ethics of Online Social Experiments


The impact of these social experiments was pretty small, but they raise important questions about the ethics of social experimentation. It doesn''t really sound ethical, but on the other hand, we''re all spending hours and hours using a free product -- except that nothing is free.

Is it Ethical to Edit Online Customer Reviews?

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Marketers Can Leverage Knowledge of Online Behavior.

The ethics of data: human truths and dignity in the digital age


We live in the age of the customer and we live in the age of data. I guess there must be a link between both. There sure is. People like to be valued and served in a way that takes their true needs into account. They like to be respected. What does this have to […].

The Ethics of Marketing to Children and Teens

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The post The Ethics of Marketing to Children and Teens appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Do you remember waking up early on Saturday mornings, grabbing a bowl of sugary cereal, and settling down in front of the TV to watch the best cartoons around? If so, you probably remember the wave after wave of commercials that attacked your senses. Crazy characters, bright colors, amazing toys, and catchy jingles, all designed […].

How to Re-Post Someone Else’s Work (Ethically)

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The post How to Re-Post Someone Else’s Work (Ethically) appeared first on Marketing Action Blog - Act-On. Sometimes a writer says something you think is just swell, and you want to share it with your readers.

How to Maintain Ethical Boundaries in Sales

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If you’re not sure whether your behavior is ethical, or if a team member is acting within moral reason, it’s best to err on the side of caution so you don’t offend customers. Being ethical and being a salesperson are not mutually exclusive.

Does Your B2B Marketer Plagiarize like Melania Trump?

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Fast forward to a few years ago when I was asked to teach a marketing ethics course at UCLA Extension ( one of the largest and most comprehensive continuing education programs that offers certificate programs for businesses, including a Marketing Certificate).

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Artificial intelligence: man with machine


There will be plenty of ethical concerns to be addressed as new technologies enable us to become real-world Tony Starks in a not-so-distant future. In my last Biznology post, Man versus machine , I discussed how advances in AI are feeding a growing fear that machines may soon be doing our jobs better than us, and making us all obsolete.

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The resurgence of values-based branding for restoring trust


The answer will involve a new type of marketing, values-based branding, which will be focused more on identifying, relating to, and engaging these customers’ values and ethics. As a company brand, these values define its culture, ethics, and how it conducts itself.

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Millennials are finally taking action in brand support


They are very sensitive to social causes, and prefer brands with a pro-social message, sustainable manufacturing, and ethical business standards.

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A Look Inside a B2B Editor’s Head

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Sponsored by the ethics committee of ASBPE, an association for trade press editors and writers, the chat showcased the issues that particularly worry them. Effectively using ethics guidelines like ASBPE’s Guide to Preferred Editorial Practices.

To get the best prospecting data, use a broker


What steps do you follow to ensure an ethical business process? Marketers put a lot of effort into campaign planning, but sometimes their data selection comes as an afterthought. They may forget that the target audience is the single most important driver of campaign success.

How Burger King Turned World Peace Day into a Cheesy Marketing Ploy

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Marketing Soapbox ethics marketing resultsA recent marketing stunt by Burger King reinforced what works in marketing today: value-add and transparent content, NOT opportunistic gimmicks. This week Burger King ran ads challenging McDonalds to a McWhopper event on World Peace Day.

In Defense of Unsolicited Email

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B2B Marketing: I’ll Take Results Over Superlatives, Any Day

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It is not ethical and is in some cases illegal to over-promise in your marketing. Marketing Soapbox b2b ethics marketing resultsMarketing guru. Social media expert. Digital genius. Dynamic speaker. Prolific writer.

Why Public Relations Does Not Sit at the Senior Management Table

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Ethics: Transparency Is Not All

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In this view, transparency is not in itself a guarantee of ethical content. And by giving readers a reason to distrust them, it requires them to work that much harder to produce ethical content that will earn back that trust. What interests me in this comment is the way transparency, volitional or not, is viewed as the starting point of ethical content, not the end point. Frankly, beyond that, ethical standards are a negotiation between media creator and media receiver.”.

The rise of “morality-via-branding” to add empathy and connect emotionally


ethical sourcing, fair trade, and the rise of the B-corp. If you are like me, you are probably sick of all the acrimony, blatant lies, nasty accusations, partisan rancor, and exaggerated rhetoric in politics today. Have we all lost our moral compass? Can we trust and believe anyone anymore?

No Stones for Wells Fargo – Sales Professionals Heal Thyself

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The hard sell, the reality of quotas has taken us all too close to the ethical if not the legal line. Company Culture Sales & Marketing Uncategorized bundled features business ethics CEO corporate america Elizabeth Warren HG Data John Stumpf Planet Money podcast sales sales goals sales quota Wells Fargo whistleblowerWe all live in glass houses…at least at certain points in our lives. That’s why I’m not gathering stones to toss at Wells Fargo.

Is Influencer Marketing Ethical?

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The post Is Influencer Marketing Ethical? With the vast quantity of digital content published every minute of every day, consumers are increasingly indicating that they’d like help deciding what stories to pay attention to.

Do You Need a Personal Ethics Statement?

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In an age when transparency is becoming the accepted norm for ethical reporting, is it enough to disclose your potential conflicts of interest only when you think the need arises? Or should writers, whether journalists, bloggers, or content marketers, go on the record with a preemptive announcement of their ethical beliefs and possible biases? As she reports, each of them has included a personal ethics statement on an “about me” page. Ethics new media old-media transparency

What Is the Lifespan of an Error?

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Editing Ethics Journalism Brian Stelter Broken Window Theory CreateSpace errors fact-checking Frédéric Filloux Google James Q. There has been much coverage lately of a new book by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal called The Lifespan of a Fact.

Is Your B2B Marketing Consultant Ethical?

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ethics. Lynne heads up programming for one of our networking groups and mentioned she has a speaker on ethics scheduled for later this year. Many professionals service providers are required to follow a code of ethics. Tweet.


Editorial Quality Vs. Revenue: A False Dichotomy

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New-Media Models The Future of Print editorial quality Ethics journalism new media old-media print publishing models revenue modelsOn its blog earlier this month, the American Society of Business Publication Editors published an anonymous and despairing note from one of its members. In it, the magazine editor described a frustrating planning meeting with his counterparts in advertising sales.

Andy Crestodina in the Spotlight


A self-described old-school Gen Xer who prefers to meet face-to-face when he can, Andy is a leader in the ‘ethical marketing’ movement and gives his time generously to his team and to new acquaintances. It notes that you are committed to ethical digital marketing.

Journalism, Professionalism, and the Turing Test

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Journalism Social Media algorithms Automated Insights automation Ben Huh brand journalism Ethics Mathew Ingram Narrative Science objectivity personal professionalism Steve Buttry transparency TwitterWhat’s the way forward for journalists?

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Why “White Hat SEO” is Just Another Name for “Beautiful Content Marketing”

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Now, as I reflect on my experience, I solidify my belief that actualizing ethical, white hat SEO strategies […].

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Is your company ready for higher standards of behavior?


But I think it is hard to argue that businesses aren’t more ethical. Before you know it, professors are adding it as bad behavior in their business ethics courses. Monthly Newsletter Public Relations Reputation Management business ethics marketing transparency

Curation: Add Value and Pass It Along

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Ethics New-Media Models aggregation blogging Business Insider curation Huffington Post Rex HammockAmong all the topics that seem to rile journalists and publishers these days, perhaps the most contentious is curation. Is summarizing and linking to another person’s article an honorable act or a form of theft? How can you distinguish between good curation and bad curation? Let me begin to answer those questions by summarizing and linking to Rex Hammock’s post last week on this very issue.

Ethics & Wonder/Amazon's Mechanical Turk/Kiva

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That was the Wonder, now for the Ethics. Having already experimented with outsourcing some database work to India, we thought we should give a try to Amazon's Mechanical Turk. From the FAQ page: "Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence.

Ethics & Wonder/Amazon's Mechanical Turk/Kiva

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That was the Wonder, now for the Ethics. Having already experimented with outsourcing some database work to India, we thought we should give a try to Amazon's Mechanical Turk. From the FAQ page: "Amazon Mechanical Turk is a marketplace for work that requires human intelligence.

Reporter Failure, Editor Failure, or Tool Failure?

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Related posts: Social Media and Ethics: An Interview with B2B Editor Maureen Alley. Journalism New-Media Models aggregation blogging Ethics new media The Awl Washington Post

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Three Ways to Annoy People and Produce Great Content

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Everyone involved should be asking questions like why you’re covering this event and not that one, or how this story fits your mission, or what outcome or action you’re looking for, or one or more of Bob Steele’s 10 ethical questions. Content Marketing Editing Ethics journalism proofreading qualityAt first glance, the idea behind content marketing is straightforward and appealing: by publishing great content, you can win friends, influence people, and achieve your marketing goals.

The Skeuomorphic Byline: How Journatic Screwed Up by Looking Backward

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Ethics New-Media Models bylines content farms journatic new media newspapers outsourcing

There Are Two Sides to Every Editorial Wall

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Ethics JournalismIn an article today on MediaShift, Dorian Benkoil makes a good case for why reporters and editors should be more involved in the business side of publishing. My only complaint is with what seems to be his guiding premise: that the fault is all theirs.