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Brand Guidelines


What are brand guidelines? Brand guidelines are the visual and verbal elements that shape and define your brand. Brand guidelines are what make your brand “feel” like your brand. Brand guidelines are what make your brand “feel” like your brand. Your brand guidelines make your brand unmistakeable. Yes and no.

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8 Business Writing Guidelines to Remember


The post 8 Business Writing Guidelines to Remember appeared first on Acrolinx. Business writing takes time and skill. Follow these 8 tips to produce clear, persuasive, informative text that will resonate with your target audience.


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IAB, MRC release augmented reality measurement guidelines


The Interactive Advertising Bureau and the Media Rating Council have issued guidelines designed to establish consistent terminology and metrics for ads served with augmented reality campaigns. The guidelines should help marketers and advertisers quantify delivery of ads and gauge performance. Detailed guidelines. Why we care.

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Cold Calling Guidelines for Practical and Actionable Prospecting


Along with actionable intelligence, guidelines for cold calls allow both sales managers and SDRs to tailor their sales processes. Let’s take a look at what should go into cold calling guidelines, what regulations to follow, and how to create a cold call script. And If you haven’t tried out cold calling scripts yet, now’s the time.

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Supercharge Your ESG Content This Libra Season

Are we truly moving the needle or are we stuck in a cycle of empty statements and a flood of reports and guidelines? Throughout Climate Week, a feeling of urgency on tackling the climate crisis was palpable. Yet, questions continue to linger about corporate progress.

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Guidelines for Responsible Content Creation with Generative AI


The European Union has issued several documents on AI, including ethical guidelines for trustworthy AI. These guidelines are intended to ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that is ethically sound and respects fundamental rights. What guidelines signify responsible content creation with generative AI? Make it ethical.

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How To Write Effective Social Media Guidelines That Protect Your Brand

Content Marketing Institute

Many companies present a list of what not to do and call them their “employee social media guidelines.” Here’s how to create company social media guidelines for the win. Innovative brands see the power of employee ambassadors.