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How to boost marketing engagement with behavioral science triggers


You can spend a lot of money trying to increase the results of your marketing communications. If you have a halfway decent marketing martech stack and follow the best practices for your channel, maximizing engagement and response becomes easier. The great news for marketers is these automatic responses can be prompted or triggered.

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What Is Trigger Marketing in Email?


Explore everything you need to know about trigger marketing, including what it is, typical events, best practices, and how to get started. The post What Is Trigger Marketing in Email? appeared first on SendGrid.


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Marketing Automation And Trigger Words

Stevens & Tate

When it comes to content marketing, quality is obviously the most important element. For example, the use of marketing automation and trigger words can help to improve the impact of your content. Ways to Use Marketing Automation. Marketing automation is the use of certain software tools to automate repetitive tasks.

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Can Marketing Content Trigger a B2B Buying Process?

B2B Marketing Directions

Most B2B marketers recognize that their toughest competitor isn't usually a company offering an alternative product or service, but rather what their potential buyers are already using or doing. Over the past several years, marketing pundits have promoted a variety of tactics marketers can use to "break the grip of the status quo."

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Intent Data: No Tricks, all Treats

Speaker: Michael Ballard, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing, Lenovo

and then proceed to annoy the heck out of them with endless emails, ads, and other marketing messages. Michael Ballard, Senior Manager of Global Digital Marketing at Lenovo, shows how marketers can reach the right contact, using the right channel, at the right time. Wait a second - that wasn't part of the plan.

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7 Cool Examples of Trigger-Based Marketing Emails


Automated email marketing and trigger-based marketing emails go hand in hand. To maximize your content marketing benefits and increase return on investment (ROI), you can use trigger-based emails to get the visitors to return to your website. The triggers are dependent on customer interests and actions.

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Top 10 Essential Triggered Email Marketing Campaigns for 2020


Email marketing is amongst the oldest and most profitable affairs of B2B digital marketing mix. According to a report by DMA , in 2019 for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $42. According to another insight by Webfx , triggered email marketing campaigns have as much as 70.5%

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100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

Meet your modern sales playbook - See how high-performing sales and marketing teams increase pipeline year-over-year. Apply tested plays to your funnel - Use real-world scenarios, triggers, actions and expected results to improve your entire funnel. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.