Amazon telegraphs the next step in pharmacies


Jeff Bezos famously remarked once that “Your margin is my opportunity”–meaning that Amazon will relentlessly target high-margin businesses as its means to expand. But Amazon must keep conquering new industries to maintain its breakneck growth pace.

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The Marketing Potential on Amazon

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Part of the reason that Amazon stock has gone through the roof is that people are finally beginning to realize its potential as a marketing platform as well as a retail space. Some marketers who are stuck in 2010 may still view Amazon as a platform that is made solely for e-commerce.

DocFinity – Migrating to Amazon S3

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TSG is currently working with an insurance client migrating from DocFinity to the Amazon cloud. This post will describe how TSG is assisting the client move to a more modern solution with Amazon Web Services and specifically Amazon S3 leveraging our OpenMigrate migration framework.

Amazon DynamoDB – Can it do ECM?

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In discussing our next steps as part of our Amazon Web Services practice, one exciting item TSG is pursuing this quarter will be focused on Amazon DynamoDB and adding Enterprise Content Management capabilities. Amazon DynamoDB ECM Solutions

Amazon Shuts Down Minnesota Affiliates


It’s official—Amazon will close affiliate accounts in the state of Minnesota due the state legislature’s recent passage of an online sales tax bill.

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Amazon Is Coming To Eat Your Lunch!


There are many that applaud Amazon’s efforts to take on the duopoly of Google and Facebook as businesses look to lessen their dependence on the two. In Q1 of this year, Amazon reported profits of $1.6B —which was more than 2X their profits in the same timeframe the prior year.

Are Amazon 'Sponsored Products' Ads Worth It?


According to a 2016 survey of 2,000 consumers , 55% of people actually skip Google altogether and start their online shopping searches directly on Amazon. Google still remains the top search tool for B2B purchases and services, but Amazon is steadily overtaking them in the B2C market.

Weekend Reading: “Be Like Amazon” by Bryan Eisenberg

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Williams) of Be Like Amazon: Even a Lemonade Stand Can Do It. The post Weekend Reading: “Be Like Amazon” by Bryan Eisenberg appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. For the 137th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Bryan Eisenberg co-author (with Jeffrey Eisenberg and Roy H. I haven’t read a book like this since Who Moved My Cheese. It’s that smart and ingeniously written. The setting for the short […].

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9 Simple Tips for Boosting Sales on Amazon

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As we quickly approach Cyber Monday and the rest of the holiday shopping season, many ecommerce retailers are focused on developing and implementing strategies that will help them boost sales on what has arguably become the most popular and most well-trusted online shopping store in the United States: Amazon. The post 9 Simple Tips for Boosting Sales on Amazon appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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Amazon Buys Whole Foods: It's Not About Groceries

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Most of the comments I’ve seen about Amazon ’s acquisition of Whole Foods have described it as Amazon (a) expanding into a new industry (b) continuing to disrupt conventional retail and (c) moving more commerce from offline to online channels. Those are all true, I suppose, but I felt they missed the real story: this is another step in Amazon building a self-contained universe that its customers never have to leave. This has nothing to do with Amazon being evil.

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Is Amazon Really Gaining on Google's Search Traffic? [New Data]


There's been some speculation that Amazon might be creeping into Google's (search) territory. Amazon has showed some promise of potentially overtaking Google's paid ads business, and its market share of product searches (54%) outnumbers that of Google's (46%).

Enterprise Social Networking Platforms: Think Amazon, Not Facebook


I kid you not: even though Amazon predated the whole Web 2.0 Think now about Amazon in its early days. It was to grow fast – so that it could be as big as the Amazon river for the online retail world. (Photo credit: soumit).

It’s the Experience: Amazon Reaches Beyond The Screen


Why would Amazon, which is tearing up retail online, be creating real-world retail experiences, popping up Amazon stores all over and paying $13.7 Last year Amazon vaulted to the lead of US ecommerce sales, grabbing a 28% share, up from 20% in 2013, according to the annual Internet Trends report by Mary Meeker. Amazon, Meeker noted, is the primary way people search online for products, besting that other search giant, Google. Amazon knows this, we’re sure.

Inside Amazon’s Approach to Data and People-Based Marketing


Amazon was responsible for 44% of all US ecommerce sales last year and net revenue was almost $178 billion , up from $135.99 CEO Jeff Bezos, recently announced that Amazon Prime had exceeded 100 million paid Prime members globally – 64% of members reportedly make up U.S. It’s no secret Amazon is a business worth taking cue from. In 2016 Amazon had surpassed Google as the search engine specifically for shopping. Amazon knows its peeps and you should too.

Why Martech Companies Should Be Terrified of Facebook, Google, and Amazon


While established players like Adobe, Salesforce, and Marketo are rarely mentioned in the same breath as tech’s “ Frightful Five “—Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft—there is increasing evidence that tech’s giants are eyeing martech.

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Amazon vs. Wal-Mart: How Online Strategy Can Meet In-Store Opportunity

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Amazon. Prior to breaking the news, Wal-Mart was already one of the few companies that could compete with Amazon online. But after unveiling how it plans to do so—by fulfilling online orders in its own stores—Wal-Mart became Amazon’s first serious threat.

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Email Marketing: Amazon Launches Workmail

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Amazon seems to be particularly interested in catering to business customers, as it has made continued efforts recently to enhance and expand its suite of business products. email marketing Amazon google keo marketing

Amazon Acquires Whole Foods: A Big Win for Unified Commerce


On June 16, 2017, Amazon announced its intent to acquire Whole Foods Markets. One More Step in Amazon’s (Unstoppable?) It’s important to remember that this isn’t Amazon’s first entry into the brick-and-mortar world. What Amazon Gets from the Deal.

Amazon Advertising is Now the Third Largest Advertising Platform


Over the last 2 years, BrightEdge covered Amazon organic optimization as part of its vertical search optimization (VSO) series; since then Amazon Advertising has also emerged as the third-largest advertising platform.

Five Reasons Why Amazon Is the Third Largest Digital Advertising Platform


If you’ve glanced at the headlines recently, you likely know that Amazon has far exceeded expectations when it comes to its digital ad business, and is set to be the world’s third largest digital advertising platform, according to market research firm eMarketer. After revising its previous estimates, eMarketer now predicts Amazon will gross $4.61 In short, companies are increasingly buying ads on Amazon. It’s Easier Than Ever to Buy Ads on Amazon.

7 Ecommerce Companies That Are Using Content Marketing to Take on Amazon

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Depending on your niche, you might be competing against monsters like Amazon, Target, New Egg, or other well-established players. As a ecommerce… The post 7 Ecommerce Companies That Are Using Content Marketing to Take on Amazon appeared first on Sellbrite.

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Why Your Amazon Ad Tactics Aren’t Selling (and What to Do Instead)


One of the best ways to widen your audience, increase your perceived expertise or generate profits for your business is to advertise on Amazon. For brands, this development is a powerful signal that they’ll have little room to ignore Amazon as a viable revenue generator going forward. That means brands will need to hone and refine their Amazon ad tactics to stay relevant and competitive. What will you need to make your Amazon ads stand out ?

Will Amazon Take Over the Digital Ad Space? [New Data]


A new report from CNBC says that many advertisers are shaking up their digital budgets, and dedicating more money to Amazon ads. Amazon is now the third-largest digital ad platform, behind Facebook and Google. indicated they did so because of an ad they saw on Amazon.

Why We All Need to Pay Attention to Amazon Advertising


Case in point: Amazon. At day two of Code Commerce -- a conference that centers around ecommerce and retail -- Andrea Leigh and Ben Winters of Ideoclick -- a company that works with manufacturers to optimize online sales -- spoke to the rapid growth of Amazon's advertising platform.

How Amazon Dominated Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2015


Take Notes, Consumer Brands: How Amazon Crushed the 2015 Holiday Season. As I was watching the video, Amazon immediately stood out in my mind as one of the top retail leaders on the forefront of that broadening, evolving marketing space. So, What’s Amazon’s Big Secret?

Google and Amazon race to the bottom for tablet sales


Cover via Amazon. The pricing war initiated by Google and Amazon, regarding the low price at which tablets are sold, does not reflect their full costs. s market-leading iPad, and more of a bid to battle with Amazon’s Kindle Fire,” he said in a statement.

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Email Scale and Sophistication Key Drivers of Amazon’s Prime Day Success


2018 Amazon Prime Day Recap. Accounts vary, but whatever you hear about Amazon’s recent members-only Prime Day event, the one certainty is that it has become a worldwide retail phenomenon generating huge buyer interest and industry attention. Come back for Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Advertising or Google Ads: What’s Right for Your PPC Strategy?


Amazon is a relative newcomer to the PPC advertising arena, but the company has made huge advances quite quickly. Last year, the Amazon advertising business passed the $1 billion mark between Seller Central Ads and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). Amazon advertising, by contrast, are those that appear on Amazon listings. Amazon ads can also appear on specific product pages as Amazon display or product ads. Winner: Amazon advertising.

Competing with Amazon: How retailers can use their customer data


To any retailer, Amazon is scary. How can retailers really fight back? Industry Trends

How To Optimize For Non-Traditional Search Engines Like Amazon And YouTube


However, consumers search – and discover – on many other platforms, including Amazon, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Here’s a closer look at how to optimize for intent on specific platforms: AMAZON. Many consumers come to Amazon first when they are looking for products online.

What price success? The outrage over Amazon

TaylorMadeIn KEW

Like many people this past week, I was appalled by the New York Times article ‘Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace’. After all, Amazon just sells ‘things’. Amazon simply couldn’t remain successful otherwise. Is Amazon really such an exception?

Alfresco – Moving to Amazon WebServices Whitepaper Available

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Technology Services Group has been helping clients with Alfresco/Amazon Web Services since 2009 and currently has 15 active AWS/Alfresco clients with move moving every month. Alfresco Amazon OpenContentTo help Alfresco as well as Legacy ECM customers understand both the benefits as well as the process, TSG is happy to release a free 29 page whitepaper to assist […].

Amazon Ads: The Ultimate Guide to Starting Your First Ad Campaign


Considering that Amazon has 310 million active customers and sells more than 353 million products, it’s safe to say it’s one of the most powerful, cost-effective ways to deliver product suggestions to your target market. What Are Amazon Ads? That’s an Amazon Ad.

How Do People Really Feel About Amazon's Big Announcement? Here's What We Found Out.


In September 2017, Amazon released a public request for proposals from cities vying to become the location for its second headquarters -- setting into motion over a year of events that have caused a range of emotions and responses. Many Are Unfamiliar With the Amazon HQ2 Journey.

OpenAnnotate – Beta Availability as a service on Amazon Web Services

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Amazon Cloud Computing ECM Solutions OpenAnnotateWe often receive requests from integrators or ECM customers that are looking for a way to add OpenAnnotate to their existing ECM infrastructure.

Alfresco and Amazon Web Services – Advantages compared to an on premise Alfresco solution.

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Amazon Web Services provides not only cost benefits but also a variety of different capabilities that can enhance an Alfresco implementation compared to on premise implementations. This post will present the unique features from our “Alfresco – Moving to Amazon Web Services Whitepaper”.

How to Build an Ecommerce Business Amazon Can't Compete With


It’s impossible to be an online merchant and not have a point of view on Amazon. Love them, hate them, or something in-between -- you all have a relationship with Amazon. That same summer, Jeff Bezos left his job on Wall Street to move to Seattle and found Amazon.

6 Reasons to NOT Ignore Amazon as a Content Platform

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Though Amazon is a behemoth on its own, at the end of the day it’s really no different than any other marketing effort when it comes to content strategy. But what you might not be considering is that your search engine strategy and Amazon search strategy should complement one other.

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How to Make Money with Your Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program


Most beginning bloggers start with affiliate marketing and using the Amazon Associates program is one of the best places to start. And as of June 2018, almost 60% of Amazon customers in the United States are also Amazon Prime members. How the Amazon affiliate program works.

Want to Know What Amazon's Cashierless Stores Are Like? We Went to One.


But when I found myself in San Francisco on the same day that Amazon's latest, cashierless Go store opened, I had to check it out. What It's Like to Visit an Amazon Go Store. The San Francisco Amazon Go store isn't the first cashierless establishment within the city.

Kindle Direct Publishing: How to Publish a Book on Amazon


Instead of having to wait for a publishing house to take notice of your book idea, you have full power to create an eBook and start collecting sales in minutes with Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Amazon says that you can get started with Kindle Direct Publishing in five minutes.

E-commerce innovation, and it’s not from Amazon


If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time looking at how Amazon does business. Amazon seemingly sells everything under the sun and they have been the standard for e-Commerce innovation since–well, since e-Commerce has existed. Image by Creative Tools via Flickr.

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Consumer Brand Manufacturing Spotlight: Millennials, Holiday Shoppers & Amazon Rankings


The 3 major themes are millennial brand engagement on social media, online holiday shoppers and Amazon rankings. 1 Amazon rankings. What’s even more interesting is that Compete also recently reported that on average, 35% of consumers click the first Amazon shopping search result.