Business-to-Business Telemarketing: Wasting Your Money?

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Are you dialing for dollars or wasting your money with telemarketing? Unfortunately, most of what B2B marketers call “telemarketing” simply doesn’t work. Telemarketing B-to-B telemarketing lead generation

The components of a successful business-to-business telemarketing call

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Successful B2B telemarketers must understand the basics of a successful call: from the opening statement, to engagement and qualification, to close. Each of these stages has techniques and skills that a successful telemarketer must master. B2B marketing telemarketing

11 B2B telemarketing mail tips


Telemarketing is a “live” direct marketing environment, and only by testing various approaches do we learn which one works best. Telemarketing is a very high impact touch. It is smart to keep up-to-date with the changing telemarketing regulations. .

11 B2B telemarketing voicemail tips


Telemarketing is a “live” direct marketing environment, and only by testing various approaches do we learn which one works best. Telemarketing is a very high impact touch. It is smart to keep up-to-date with the changing telemarketing regulations. .

Small Accounts = Big Wins with Telemarketing

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Let B2B Telemarketing Support Your Sales Team. A well-trained B2B telemarketing team can uncover these smaller opportunities and any underserved accounts you may have. The right telemarketers are trained specifically on your offerings, as well as in sales.

Your Top Questions about B2B Telemarketing for Demand Gen

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We recently hosted a webinar with two B2B telemarketing pros: Kerry Cunningham, senior research director with SiriusDecisions, and Kelly Olson, our in-house strategic telemarketing expert. The post Your Top Questions about B2B Telemarketing for Demand Gen appeared first on The Mx Group.

B2B telemarketing: An interview with Michael Brown

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With all the developments lately in B2B marketing, telemarketing still has a prominent position and I want to highlight that. So I sat down with Michael and asked him what’s new in telemarketing. What’s the latest and greatest in the world of B2B telemarketing?

B2B Telemarketing — The Secret Weapon to Energize Demand Generation

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In an age when modern marketing dominates content and conversations, tried-and-true tactics like telemarketing are often left out. Hear Real-World B2B Telemarketing Success Stories. Kerry and Kelly will also be happy to answer your specific questions about B2B telemarketing.

3 Risks of Using Traditional Telemarketing Services

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What’s wrong with traditional telemarketing services? Telemarketing services have probably been around not long after the first phones were installed. Ringing alarm bells Telemarketing services provided the conventional way are often done as a one-off full on blast.

11 Reasons Why Outbound Telemarketing Programs Fail

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The leads with the highest conversion rate and the lowest costs typically come from inbound activities like search and are then followed up and qualified by our telemarketing professionals.

Why B2B Telemarketing Needs to Change

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B2b telemarketing is changing. They’re missing out on more effective telemarketing approaches, using inbound marketing to boost leads and revenue. So why do so many companies ignore the leads they receive online when they are planning their telemarketing campaign?

Poll of the Day: Telemarketing - Dead or Alive?

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With telemarketing usually undertaken via a contacts database, it can often be ineffective and yield a poor return on the time and money spent on it. So, does this mean the death of telemarketing? Have you used or do you use telemarketing to market your business?

Why Inbound Marketing is Telemarketing’s Secret Ingredient

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Telemarketing is a well known method of drumming up more business. Longer lasting results: Telemarketing is often a short-term measure that creates just short-term results. Applying inbound marketing to a telemarketing campaign can create better results and a more loyal customer-base.

Is your telemarketing turning strangers into potential customers?

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Turning Strangers into Potential Customers Through Telemarketing. Telemarketing. There are some important ways to manage the process of winning people over with your approach - whether you use professional telemarketing services or do it yourself.

The benefits of outsourcing telemarketing as part of your demand gen program


Take Telemarketing As An Example Of Relationship Building And What Outsourcing Will Do For You. In lead generation terms, telemarketing is the reaching out, on a personal level, with a real live operator. You are not paying for a room of telemarketers; you are paying for results.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Telemarketing big with Xerox

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« Podcast: Marketing and Sales for Big Complex Selling (Pt 1) | Main | Podcast: Marketing and Sales for Big Complex Selling (pt 3) » Telemarketing big with Xerox Do you use the telephone as part of your multi-modal lead generation strategy?

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blogs Marketing online marketing TelemarketingThe post appeared first on ONLY B2B.

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Advice to Steve, a Down-and-Almost-Out Sales Manager: Telemarket Old Leads First!


My advice to Steve is that when sales are needed in the fourth quarter, first telemarket old leads (older than 3 months), generated on products in stock. The telemarketing time amounted to about 250 hours, over four weeks. James Obermayer, Executive Director and CEO of the Sales Lead Management Association and President of Sales Leakage Consulting is a regular guest blogger with ViewPoint. During a breakfast meeting with Steve last week, he got right down to business.

B2B Marketing: 6 essentials for testing your teleprospecting

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B2B Telemarketing B2B marketing B2B telemarketing conversion rates help with conversion help with telemarketing increase conversion telemarketing teleprospecting

Test 194

Rumors of telemarketing’s death are greatly exaggerated

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Social media should have their own “Most wanted” photo in the Post Office; they’ve been accused of causing the premature death of websites, email marketing …and now today’s alleged victim, telemarketing. Of course, none of these accusations has yet been proven in court; and in the case of telemarketing, it ain’t ever gonna happen …or [.].

The “Surprise” Solution to Getting More B2B Leads in a Digital World

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An older-school technology — telemarketing. If you’re skeptical about telemarketing’s relevance in the digital age, you’re not alone. But telemarketing still has an important role to play in B2B marketing. Not your father’s telemarketing…. Telemarketing

Outsourced Tele-prospecting: 10% less cost, 90% more revenue


B2B TelemarketingRemember the old light beer tagline: “Tastes Great, Less Filling”? It was a best of both world’s brand promise, and part of a hugely successful campaign. There's another win-win value proposition that applies to outsourced tele-prospecting: “Costs Less. Generates More.” Outsourcing inside sales really does save you money while at the same time providing you the leads and revenue you need to be successful.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: Telemarketing is the top lead generation tactic

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The data came from over 500 campaigns from 21 industries and tracked 19 different tactics including: outbound telemarketing, direct mail, search marketing, and e-mail among others. B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

Why would a company ever outsource anything?


Eliminate the time, expense and distraction of setting up your sales telemarketing, business development or inside sales organization. B2B Telemarketing“… because teams of talented operators have already demonstrated excellence in a specialized task or function, and it’s easier or cheaper to tap those teams than to create new teams of your own.”.

Ten tips for customer reactivation


Consider such segmentation variables as: Original acquisition source media, like email, SEM, direct mail, display advertising, event, or telemarketing. Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn?

Hate Cold Calls From Telemarketers? Here's a Way to Fight Back


Nobody likes getting cold calls from telemarketers, which is reason enough to drop that kind of tactic. One guy in England has found a way to fight back on cold callers and telemarketers by forcing them to pay money to call him, the BBC reports.

B2B Lead Gen: Can you do it cheaper and better inside?


Skilled telemarketing professionals can reveal needs, discover market intelligence, form early relationships, and ultimately qualify the prospect as a lead, primed to pass on to sales. B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation B2B Marketing Inside Sales

Persistence Pays—How 42 Lead Qualification Touchpoints Won a $1 Billion Deal


B2B Telemarketing B2B Sales Increase SalesPointClear is known for its perseverance. While some sales people stop after placing one or two calls (if they don’t get the prospect on the phone or don’t get a call back, they deem the lead no good) our sales support associates keep trying. We know that in the lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing business, it takes multiple tries, across multiple cycles, to fully work a lead.

Is Lead Flow to the Reps Too Slow or Gridlocked?


It turns out there were several stages of qualification, from two different inside telemarketing departments. Hot transfers should be made from the telemarketing department (or company) to the reps. B2B Telemarketing Sales Process Lead Nurturing Lead Qualification Lead Management Sales LeadsSome companies have several inside departments to take in, qualify, nurture, and filter sales leads to such a finite extent that few leads go to anyone.

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5 reasons B2B firms should invest in social media


As buyers continue to avoid or ignore telemarketing and cold email attempts, they remain refreshingly open to genuine, personalized outreach on social media.

Desperate and Fearful: Need Pipeline – Want Sales Lead Generation


B2B Telemarketing Lead Generation B2B Marketing Sales Process Lead Nurturing Increase Sales Sales LeadsLast week I published a blog that provided five ways to avoid getting burned by outsourced B2B sales lead generation, qualification and nurturing. You can read the blog here. In that blog, I wrote: “When the pipeline is weak, desperation and fear take over. Sales/B2B Marketing execs feel intense need to do something, but are afraid to risk budget.

Be A Hero: Choose Appointment Setting for Your Next Campaign

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Telemarketing services are continuing to grow in popularity, due to the low cost and high ROI; however, the difficulty lies in which telemarketing tactic to utilize.

Lead Generation: Does your teleprospecting deliver value to prospects?

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B2B Telemarketing customer acquisition strategy Lead Optimization sales ready leads teleprospecting Tweet Lead generation teleprospecting is the art of acquiring sales-ready leads for a sales staff.

5 Sales Tips My Kids Learned from Watching Shark Tank

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telemarketing telesales negotiation tips sales tips selling best practices selling tips shark tank Confession: at our house, we watch a LOT of reality TV. One of our favorite series – and one of the few reality shows that’s also family-friendly – is ABC’s Shark Tank.

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Converting Trial & Freemium Users: Keep Selling Post-Trial

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Speaking of which, should you integrate telemarketing into your free trial nurturing strategy? The answer depends on whether you can prove telemarketing makes enough of a difference.

Steal This Technique for Your Next Sales Email

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telemarketing telesales email copywriting email copywriting tips inside sales best practices sales email best practices sales emails sales techniques One of the basic rules of good, direct marketing copywriting is that a call to action should always be specific.

Email 141

Step Away from the Email Software and No-One Gets Hurt

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telemarketing telesales B2B email agency bdr campaigns email campaigns email consultants email marketing agency marketing automation consultants sales communication sales enablement

7 Tips For Successful Lead Follow-up

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In my 20 years of marketing, sales and Telemarketing experience I have created many “Tele Web” programs, and here are the top reasons they succeed.

Content Syndication Options for B2B Lead Generation

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Telemarketing US publishers have recently incorporated telemarketing into lead programs. Telemarketers normally offer the content and then confirm contact information before providing it by email.

Fresh Ideas to Reignite Stalled Leads and Accelerate the Sales Funnel

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B2B Telemarketing Inside Sales Lead Generation Lead Management Sales Sales LeadsTweet Longer selling cycles and stalled deals are impeding sales funnels everywhere. Use these three practices to convert more leads into revenue: Use Funnel-Specific Market Research.

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