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Will Alphabet Acquire HubSpot?


Alphabet is eyeing HubSpot as an acquisition, sources say. Will it be a game-changing move for Google in CRM and marketing? Continue reading.

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Doing a HubSpot Integration? Find the Right HubSpot-Accredited Custom Integrations Provider.

SmartBug Media

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing and customer relationship management, HubSpot produces one of the most powerful solutions for streamlining operations. Though HubSpot offers a wide variety of features on its own, its true potential (and yours) is in custom integrations that cater to specific business needs. Glad you asked.

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11 Reasons We Chose HubSpot Over WordPress + CRM Plugins

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Two of the most common options for inbound marketing software are HubSpot, and what we call "FrankenSpot" -- WordPress with a bunch of plugins and third-party tools integrated. If you're getting ready to flip the switch on your website creation strategy for lead generation , you'll need to decide what platform to use to power the strategy.

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HubSpot earnings stay hot amid reports of sale to Google


Analysts had expected HubSpot earnings of $1.50 Dig deeper: HubSpot launches new genAI-powered Content Hub The company’s stock price, which fell slightly following Wednesday’s earnings report, bounced back Thursday morning on news of acquisition talks between HubSpot and Alphabet. on sales of $598 million. Why we care.

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HubSpot buying B2B data source ClearBit


HubSpot announced today that it is buying B2B data provider ClearBit, bolstering the Boston-based CRM platform with third-party company data from millions of businesses. In addition to that HubSpot will be getting the other company’s 400,0000+ users and more than 1,500 business customers. Terms of the deal have not been announced yet.

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Effective Strategies for HubSpot Implementation – A Startup Guide

Sage Marketing

That’s where HubSpot Implementation swoops in as a game-changer. The process of implementing HubSpot may be both thrilling and stressful. This blog is your roadmap to navigating the complexities of HubSpot, offering effective strategies tailored for startups, whether it’s your first CRM or you are migrating from another platform.

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Why Marketers Should Care About Google’s Potential HubSpot Acquisition

Content Marketing Institute

Google’s may buy HubSpot. Why would Google want HubSpot? What would it mean for HubSpot customers? But how likely is it the deal will get done? Understand the possibilities and take away the one reality for every marketer.

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