HubSpot Feature Highlight: HubSpot Email Health Dashboard

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Improving your email sending reputation with HubSpot’s email health dashboard can lead to significantly more opportunities for your organization. What is the HubSpot Email Health Tool? HubSpot’s email health tool is available in all products and plans. HubSpot Inbound Marketing

HubSpot Feature: Embedding in HubSpot’s Dashboards

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Not too long ago HubSpot added a new functionality to their platform that lets you embed external content into your reporting dashboard. This new feature sort of slipped by unnoticed, but it’s actually one of the simplest functions to do in HubSpot. HubSpot Marketing Operations


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HubSpot Product Updates - October 2020

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Welcome to our October wrap-up of what’s new in Hubspot. Each month we will bring you the latest updates so you can keep your fingers on the pulse and get the most out of HubSpot. Easily import blog posts from WordPress into HubSpot. Getting More Out of HubSpot. Hubspot

HubSpot Product Updates - September 2020

Tomorrow People

Welcome to our first monthly wrap-up of what’s new in Hubspot. Each month we will bring you the latest updates so you can keep your fingers on the pulse and get the most out of HubSpot. This took time and prevented you from getting your HubSpot content up and running quickly.

HubSpot Feature: Simplifying Sales Communication - HubSpot Snippets

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Here's how HubSpot snippets can help you cut down the time spent on some of your sales processes. HubSpot snippets are short, reusable text blocks that can be used on contact, company, deal and ticket records, in email templates, in chat conversations, and when logging an activity or note.

HubSpot – Marketing Automation

Industrial Marketing Today

HubSpot is a great “marketing-in-a-box” solution for those getting started with inbound marketing. The dashboard provides you with a quick … HubSpot – Marketing Automation Read More » The post HubSpot – Marketing Automation by Achinta Mitra appeared first on Industrial Marketing Today. HubSpot Marketing Automation ToolkitIt is a good fit for companies with a one-person marketing department or a small staff.

HubSpot Feature: Why You Should Use HubSpot CTAs, Not Buttons

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Have you ever created an email in HubSpot and added a button, but then noticed that you can link a CTA instead of a URL? You can add HubSpot CTAs as an asset to your campaign, which helps you measure the effectiveness of your collective marketing efforts. HubSpot Marketing Operations

The Ultimate Guide To Best Practices Around HubSpot Portal Management

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You inherited the company’s HubSpot portals and they’re a mess, or your company recently purchased HubSpot, and you’re concerned it’s quickly becoming a mess. We regularly get requests from companies to help them clean up their HubSpot portals. Does any of this sound familiar?

HubSpot Review: Is It the Right Tool for Email Marketing?


Then this HubSpot review is for you. One popular email marketing software is HubSpot. Also, HubSpot features email marketing capabilities that make designing an email campaign quick and easy, all without the need for specialized design knowledge. What Is HubSpot?

HubSpot Product Peeks – Workflow And Form Updates

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Read about the latest updates to HubSpot’s product ecosystem. This month, the HubSpot updates we have to share are powerful additions to the toolkit, especially for operations-minded folks. Every month, HubSpot releases new features and updates to make the platform better than before.

6 Best Practices for HubSpot Smart Content

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The goal of using HubSpot smart content is to create a personalized experience for those visiting your website. Below, we have put together six best practices for HubSpot smart content that you can follow when developing your next piece of smart content.

The 2021 HubSpot Updates We’re Most Thankful For

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For those of us who spend most of our time writing emails, building web pages and designing workflows in HubSpot, there are a lot of features that help us to work smarter. Best of all, HubSpot is constantly launching new products, features and updates.

Getting Started with HubSpot: A 4-Step HubSpot Setup Plan

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Whether you are just getting started with HubSpot (as your first CRM platform), or you’re migrating from your current marketing automation platform into HubSpot, there are four defined phases that will help you run a smooth setup. Step Two: Import contacts into HubSpot.

Increase Customer Retention & Renewals with HubSpot Service Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub

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HubSpot’s Service Hub offers support and customer service with conversational tools to make communication with customers and reps easy. HubSpot Sales & Service Tools You Can Use for Customer Retention & Renewals. HubSpot Sales Enablement Customer Success

HubSpot vs. Microsoft Dynamics

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With so much on the line, many marketers narrow their CRM decision to two choices: HubSpot or Microsoft Dynamics (assuming Salesforce is not in the consideration mix). Here’s an inside comparison of HubSpot versus Microsoft Dynamics, along with how you can pick the best CRM for your company.

HubSpot ABM Features Explained

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Recently, HubSpot added ABM features and functionality that will aid your ABM plans, and this is likely to be the start of HubSpot’s path to supporting ABM strategies. These HubSpot ABM features are available on the Professional and Enterprise Marketing Hub packages.

Why Hubspot and Salesforce Sucks

B2B Digital Marketer

Learn how to optimize your marketing process and get the most out of Hubspot and Salesforce. Learn how you can optimize your marketing process and get the most out of Hubspot and/or Salesforce. 02:02 – Why Hubspot and Salesforce sucks.

HubSpot Database Decay & Hygiene Strategy Made Simple

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In one of our recent blogs on the HubSpot email health tool I covered the importance of keeping your CRM data clean. To make these changes easier to navigate, HubSpot has a database decay simulation tool that can forecast your contact growth. Let the HubSpot cleanup process begin.

Key Takeaways From HubSpot Inbound 2021

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HubSpot recently wrapped up Inbound 2021. It was clear that Hubspot's target sights are trained on Salesforce - their strategy is to directly compete with the CRM market leader on bigger, enterprise-ier accounts. Our 3 Main Takeaways from HubSpot Inbound 2021. HubSpot

How To Find Help When You Need HubSpot Technical Support

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HubSpot has become exponentially more complex over the past few years. It’s good in that there is almost nothing you can’t do in HubSpot these days. HubSpot Migration HubSpot Integration HubSpot CRM HubSpot Maintenance

10 Signals Your HubSpot Portals Might Be Messed Up

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Maybe, but it might also be your technology, and specifically, your HubSpot portal. If you don’t have a clean instance of HubSpot , it's going to be hard to spot those areas that need improvement. HubSpot Maintenance HubSpot Audit HubSpot Fixes

How to Connect HubSpot to WordPress (2 Easy Methods)


Are you looking for an easy way to set up HubSpot with WordPress? HubSpot is a popular customer relation management (CRM) platform that helps you make marketing, sales, content management, and customer service easier. What Is HubSpot? How to Connect HubSpot to WordPress.

InsightSquared Brings its Revenue Intelligence Platform to HubSpot


23, 2020 — InsightSquared today announced its Revenue Intelligence Platform is now in the HubSpot App Marketplace and available as one of the featured apps that help customers make HubSpot’s new Sales Hub Enterprise even more powerful. . BOSTON — SEPT.

HubSpot Product Peeks For May – Inbound Calling And Payments Get New Features

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HubSpot is making significant progress in releasing new features for all its hubs. No worries, because as one of HubSpot's most established partners, the team at Square 2 is working directly with HubSpot to bring updates directly to you.

HubSpot Product Peeks For March – SEO, Attribution, Triggers And Surveys

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Get the latest and greatest news on the changes, fixes and upgrades to the HubSpot product suite. Every month, HubSpot releases new features and updates to make the platform better than before. HubSpot Tips HubSpot HubSpot Product Updates

The Ultimate Guide to HubSpot Campaigns

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Luckily, HubSpot users with Marketing Pro or Enterprise can use HubSpot campaigns to seamlessly create, execute, and track campaign efforts all in one place. The HubSpot Campaigns tool creates a single dashboard where you can associate every asset and customer interaction.

How To Make Sure You Get Everything From Your HubSpot Marketing Software

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Buying HubSpot Is Just One Small Step In A Very Long Journey. With 95,000 customers and counting, HubSpot has changed the way marketers plan, execute, analyze and optimize their marketing tactics. HubSpot Tips HubSpot HubSpot Marketing Hub HubSpot Migration HubSpot Integration

9 Sales Improvements Clients See From The HubSpot CRM In The First 30 Days

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Over the years, we’ve seen a wide variety of clients move from one CRM or another to the HubSpot CRM. Most clients planning a move to HubSpot have similar issues, including. Once clients move to HubSpot , many of these challenges and several less common challenges are quickly corrected.

How to Improve HubSpot Sales Forecasting…Quickly


Ready to improve your HubSpot Forecast accuracy? . The question is: are you using every bit of the sales activity and engagement data you already have at your fingertips to inform your HubSpot forecast accuracy and improve sales outcomes? .

Highly Recommended HubSpot Certifications for Marketers

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One of the best ways to do this is by earning certifications from HubSpot, a leader in inbound marketing and sales software. You can complete these certifications through courses that have been developed as part of HubSpot Academy. What are HubSpot certifications?

HubSpot Operations Hub: HubSpot Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

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The HubSpot integration platform as a service (iPaaS). However, according to HubSpot, marketers on average use 12 tools—and some as many as 31—to manage campaigns and data. Learn More About HubSpot Operations Hub with SmartBug Media.

Our Favorite Marketing Automation Features in HubSpot

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With HubSpot, marketers have access to many tools that can make our lives easier. From its easy-to-use content management system (CMS) to a robust customer relationship management (CRM) platform, HubSpot provides many different ways for sales teams and marketers alike to drive results.

7 Hubspot CRM Integrations to Increase Sales FAST


Do you want to integrate customer relationship management (CRM) apps with HubSpot to improve your workflow and increase sales? HubSpot offers powerful and seamless integrations to popular marketing, sales, and lead generation tools. Best HubSpot CRM Integrations.

What's the Deal with HubSpot’s Offline Contact Creation

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HubSpot’s source properties help us identify where contacts come from, including how they came to visit a website AND how they were created or updated via offline sources. This can occur when a contact uses an ad-blocker, which may block HubSpot’s tracking cookies.

8 Ways HubSpot Transforms Your Marketing From Drab To Fab

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You bought HubSpot and your lead flow hasn’t improved. You’ve done some emails, you’ve written some blogs, you’ve worked on your website and you’ve done all the HubSpot certifications. It’s NOT HubSpot’s fault (the software, not the company, of course).

8 Ways HubSpot Transforms Your Sales From Zero To Hero

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We recently talked about how HubSpot can turbocharge your marketing. Today, we’re narrowing down into sales and covering how HubSpot dramatically improves sales performance, too. HubSpot HubSpot CRM HubSpot Sales Hub

Is a HubSpot Expert Worth the Hype?


You’ve gone through the onboarding, but now you want to dive into the HubSpot platform and really get it working for your business — creating a website, setting up marketing automations , controlling how leads are filtered in your sales pipeline — you want it all.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin Vulnerability via @sejournal, @martinibuster

Search Engine Journal

HubSpot WordPress Plugin, used by over 200,000 publishers, patched a Server Side Request Forgery vulnerability. The post HubSpot WordPress Plugin Vulnerability appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Ready To Buy HubSpot? 7 Ways To Ensure You Get Full Value For Your Investment

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We’ve heard from far too many companies that have purchased HubSpot and have yet to realize full value for their investment. This isn’t HubSpot’s fault, it’s yours. HubSpot’s not a magic bullet or easy button by any stretch of the imagination. HubSpot HubSpot best practices

How to Improve HubSpot Sales Forecasting Quickly


HubSpot users: Do you have confidence in your sales forecast? With the new InsightSquared HubSpot integration , HubSpot SalesHub customers can now benefit from machine learning to get even more out of your current system and data—including next-level reporting, analytics, and forecasting. .