Improve Sales, Marketing, SEO and more with Sales Call Analysis


In this Rethink Podcast interview, Amit Bendov, CEO of Gong, describes how to use sales call analysis to improve sales, marketing and more. Reports & Analytics analysis data analysis improve sales marketing analysis sales call analysis

Need an Edge? Do A Content Marketing Competitive Analysis


Using a little competitive analysis can help you winnow down the list of which tactics to try. Content Marketing Marketing Strategy Reports & Analytics analysis competitive analysis content marketing marketing analysis“Business is competitive.” No kidding, right?

Why Semantic Analysis trumps Sentiment Analysis

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But sentiment analysis has inherent flaws. Only about 25 percent of posts actually contain sentiment, either positive or negative, which means three out of four posts are neutral, revealing no sentiment, and are effectively being ignored by the analysis.

The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis


Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? Yes, but wait—this one is different. Promise. Most “top trends” posts either tell what the blogger thinks (good), or curate the opinions of multiple experts (better).

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Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based Discounting for the B2B Industry

accurate analysis to ensure profits are maximized. Paradigm of Strategic Value-Based. Discounting for the B2B Industry WWW.MARKETJOY.COM Contact: +1 484-302-0110. Discounting to attract new customers has been. a strategy for both salespeople and marketers.

Brand mapping – Correspondence Analysis explained

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Correspondence Analysis (also known as Brand Mapping) is a valuable tool to address these issues. To achieve this, Correspondence Analysis calculates the percentage of people that should be expected to associate a brand with each attribute.

Marketing Foundations Analysis Tool: Gap Analysis, Recommendations, and Benchmark for Your Marketing Systems

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From there, it''s fairly easy to specify the system capabilities required to run each program, to aggregate these into a consolidated set of requirements, and to compare the requirements with existing capabilities for a gap analysis.

Link building basics: Niche analysis


One of the first things you will want to do at the beginning of a link building project is conduct an analysis of your niche – so we will start there. Competitor Analysis. The post Link building basics: Niche analysis appeared first on Biznology.

Getting Started with Marketing Attribution Analysis


Judging by the number of saved reports we have in Salesforce, there are seemingly limitless amounts of analysis that you can do with the data. If that sounds familiar to you, you don’t need my help with marketing attribution analysis. Cross-channel attribution analysis.

Social Media CTAs: What We Learned from an Analysis of 10 B2B Companies

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At the end of our analysis, we found that it’s basically an even split – about half of all B2B social posts have a call-to-action. Everyone wants more results from social media. You probably do, too. So, how do we get there? Usually, we’ll post to our social media accounts more often.

Decipher Your Audience’s Visual Language with Image Analysis

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The best way to do that is through image analysis. How to translate a visual language using image analysis. Image analysis uses computer vision to allow you to pick out components of a photograph or image that are important to you.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

data from disparate tools for analysis remains a. Other Challenges Marketing Challenges 10 Analysis Given that the three top cited priority areas were. Analysis As with the top priorities and challenges, the. Analysis The symmetry in both current practices and.

ABM Vendor Guide: Differentiators for Result Analysis

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and we wrap up our review of sub-functions from the Raab Guide to ABM Vendors with a look at Result Analysis. Not surprisingly, most of vendors who do ABM Result Analysis also do some sort of Execution (12 out of 16, to be exact). abm result measurement abm software abm vendor guide abm vendor reviews abm vendors account based marketing b2b marketing marketing analysis marketing performance measurement raab guide

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Marketing Analysis For Growth: A Step-By-Step Guide

Marketing analysis. Specifically: marketing funnel analysis. The Marketing Analysis Process. I created the following graphics for a talk on marketing analysis I gave at Grand Central Tech last year. Look at the results of your funnel analysis.

How to Perform a Competitive Analysis of Your Brand



Unlocking the Secrets of Successful Data Analysis


How can businesses unlock the full potential of their data to improve analysis and fuel predictive marketing tactics? We hear the term ‘data-driven’ a lot as it applies to business, but what does it actually mean for a company to be driven by data?

Brand mapping – Correspondence Analysis explained

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Correspondence Analysis (also known as Brand Mapping) is a valuable tool to address these issues. To achieve this, Correspondence Analysis calculates the percentage of people that should be expected to associate a brand with each attribute. As such, Correspondence Analysis would flag that attribute 10 is a key defining feature of brand M, but is probably just noise for brand N. Which attributes most closely define your brand?

Using Regression Analysis in market research

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So rather than asking customers directly, an alternative approach is to apply a statistical method called Regression Analysis to deduce what really matters. Regression Analysis explained. Regression Analysis looks for relationships between these variables.

Improve Conversion Rates With Customer Journey Analysis

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Customer journey analysis is set to become one of the top methods marketers use to improve conversion rates, according to the latest Conversion Rate Optimization report released from Econsultancy and RedEye.

Don’t Put B2B Marketing Tactics before Strategic Analysis

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You’re not going to get where you’re going without the analysis at some point. Marketing Research and Analysis analysis b2b marketing research Too many business people jump right into tactics when it comes to marketing.

4 Must Haves To Enhance Your Marketing Analysis Strategy [New Guide]

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Check out how “Modern Mark” and his team are managing the analysis process along the organizational Journey to Modern Marketing here : Looking for more sensible ways to make sense of all your insights?

What’s In A Global Header? 14 Nuggets From A Deep Dive Analysis

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14 Nuggets From A Deep Dive Analysis appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. When visitors hit your website, you have seconds, not minutes, to capture their attention.

8 Essential Resources for Competitive Analysis in B2B Online Marketing

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Competitive analysis is a crucial component of every SEO program. While we always use some level of competitive review when starting new programs, this analysis is incredibly valuable for ongoing work as well. Competitive analysis helps our teams understand a market, target audiences, and uncover various SEO and online marketing tactics being executed. Buzzsumo provides three functions important to competitive analysis, specific to brand visibility and content marketing.

6 Ways Competitive Analysis Benefits Your B2B Marketing

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Here are some of the ways a competitive analysis can help your B2B marketing. A thorough competitive analysis will give you answers to these questions and help you form your marketing strategy and tactics. Contact New Incite today to start your competitive analysis and marketing plan.

Competitor analysis: get link building help from your competitors


Basic Backlink Analysis. This requires learning how to conduct a backlink analysis. A backlink analysis consists of examining all the different websites linking to your (or your competitor’s) website. Photo credit: RambergMediaImages.

Log File Analysis 101 - Whiteboard Friday


Posted by BritneyMuller Log file analysis can provide some of the most detailed insights about what Googlebot is doing on your site, but it can be an intimidating subject. Manual Excel analysis But hang in there. This is the best hack I have found with log file analysis.

Sentiment Analysis: A Primer for B2B Marketers


Enter, sentiment analysis. What is sentiment analysis? Sentiment analysis is the process of gauging the attitudes, opinions, and emotions an audience expresses about a brand, product, or a specific topic. Why is sentiment analysis important? Automated sentiment analysis.

6 Ways to Make Your Data Analysis More Reliable


This has led to a scrambling among business owners to improve their own data collection and analysis. In recent years, big data has exploded, and big data analytics are now more accessible and of higher quality than ever before.

Using Regression Analysis in market research

The B2B Research Blog

So rather than asking customers directly, an alternative approach is to apply a statistical method called Regression Analysis to deduce what really matters. Regression Analysis explained. Regression Analysis comes in a variety of ‘flavours’ each best suited for a particular situation, e.g. Linear Regression, Stepwise Regression, Ridge Regression. Regression Analysis looks for relationships between these variables. Interpreting the Regression Analysis output.

Optimizing the Lead: 4-step lead generation analysis

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Among other things, we’ll take a basic look at conducting a lead generation analysis, to help you optimize your lead generation process, campaigns and programs. Begin with an analysis of the deals that have closed. Tweet When you think of the word optimization, you might think of writing keyword-stuffed blog posts for search engine optimization or running split tests for landing page optimization. But, in reality, any marketing process can be optimized. Including lead generation.

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Competitive Analysis

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Performing a social media competitive analysis allows you to get an in-depth look at what your competitors are doing to be successful. Depending on your industry, aim for around five competitors and put them all into a social media competitive analysis template.

5 Questions Predictive Analysis Can Answer About Your Online Lead Generation


Predictive analytics is a special kind of statistical analysis that is afforded by the advent of big data and data analytics.

How To Run A Cohort Analysis In B2B Marketing


Doing a cohort analysis is a great reporting tactic to better understand the influence of marketing. A cohort analysis is a broad term that refers to selecting a group of people and understanding what happened after an intervention, or after a designated period of time. In this post we’ll answer this type of question by using cohort analysis with Bizible. What Is A Cohort Analysis In B2B Marketing? The Questions To Answer With Cohort Analysis.

1-Page SWOT Analysis with Action Items

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A SWOT Analysis may have a simple presentation, but the analysis is the hard part. My clients have really appreciated this 1-page SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis with Action items. So what about the hard part – the analysis? Tweet.

SWOT 166

Gap Analysis: Fill the Holes in Your Clients’ Marketing Programs

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Here’s what they all have in common – each could benefit from a gap analysis. . GAP ANALYSIS. A gap analysis can help them diagnose and understand what’s working, what’s not working, and what it’ll take to get where they want to be. How to Perform a Gap Analysis.

4 Ways Data Cleansing Will Enhance Data Analysis


It’s a vital practice among all businesses and can considerably enhance the effectiveness of data analysis, thus increasing the success of your marketing campaign.

Here’s An Industry Analysis Of The Most Effective B2B Marketing Channels


Rounding out our industry analysis is the health and pharmacuetical industry. We recently published the 2015 State of Pipeline Marketing report and shared our findings on how pipeline marketers track and grow demand. It was a lot of data to share.

Centrifuge Systems Offers Powerful, Flexible Link Analysis

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Summary: Centrifuge Systems offers powerful, server-based link analysis and data visualization. Centrifuge Systems offers data visualization software with a specialty in link analysis (that is, finding relationships among entities such as members of a social network). It isn’t the only vendor in the field – a quick search brought up this list of link analysis systems , which itself is not complete.

How Sentiment Analysis is Changing SEO and Improving User Experience

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Scientists and researchers have developed algorithmic tools that can conduct a process known as sentiment analysis, which contextualizes writing and other communications to determine the general sentiments of the content.

How To Perform Actionable Win Rate Analysis With Marketing Attribution


This post will cover how to use marketing attribution data to perform accurate and comprehensive win rate analysis that you can take action on. And because it’s a centralized source of data , marketing attribution ensures that cross-channel or cross-campaign analysis (e.g.

Coremetrics Offers a Foggy View of Lifecycle Analysis

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But, on the other hand, seeing another vendor offer this sort of analysis reinforces the importance of the concept. The product does allow tracking of individual Web site visitors over time, which is the foundation of lifecycle analysis. But a proper lifecycle analysis tool would go much further. So while I’m pleased that Coremetrics is promoting the concept of lifecycle analysis, I’m disappointed that its product doesn’t deliver a real lifecycle measurement solution.

3 SEO Opportunities to Look For In a Competitive Link Analysis

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Performing competitive link analysis is one of the most effective ways for B2B marketers to develop tactics designed to improve the search ranking of their organization’s website. Pay attention to the web address information in your competitive link analysis.

Breaking Down Big Data: 4 Tips to Simplify Data Analysis


Big data has revolutionized practically every industry from banking to manufacturing to healthcare. But big data has made perhaps the strongest impact in the field of marketing. Marketers were among the first to leverage it for real and tangible benefits.