Making Analytics Metrics More Manageable


Google Analytics is a firehose of data. The same is true of just about any analytics package you might be using. In part, that’s because they aren’t captured in your analytics program. The post Making Analytics Metrics More Manageable appeared first on Biznology.

Modern Marketing Analytics – What’s Working?


This special report between LeadsRx and Demand Gen examines what is working in modern marketing analytics, including new metrics and predictive tools and datasets for marketers to ensure accurate lead investment through attribution.


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How Do Digital Analytics Change Content Marketing?


Enter digital analytics. Digital analytics is possible through various types of available software that does the data collection. Digital analytic tools like Google Analytics enables you to gauge how your content performs and engages or where it may miss your target.

Tips and Tricks to Use Email Analytics for Better Conversions


Many marketers build their strategies based on powerful analytics. Fortunately, email analytics can help you choose the right techniques, understand your leads’ behavior, and focus on the most effective features of your marketing campaign. email marketing analytics

Build Product Progress with a Strong Data Culture

Speaker: Nima Gardideh, CTO, Pearmill

Have you ever thought your product's progress was headed in one direction, and been shocked to see a different story reflected in big picture KPIs like revenue? It can be confusing when customer feedback or metrics like registration or retention are painting a different picture. No matter how sophisticated your analytics are, if you're asking the wrong questions - or looking at the wrong metrics - you're going to have trouble getting answers that can help you. Join Nima Gardideh, CTO of Pearmill, as he demonstrates how to build a strong data culture within your team, so everyone understands which metrics they should actually focus on - and why. Then, he'll explain how you can use your analytics to regularly review progress and successes. Finally, he'll discuss what you should keep in mind when instrumenting your analytics.

Meet Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – Quick Overview

Goodish Agency

Google Analytics 4 is bringing lots of new features that we know you’ll want to hear about! This new version of Google Analytics uses a completely fresh approach unlike some past GA updates. Google Analytics 4 Data Collection. Ready to set up Google Analytics 4?

Data in Action: A Digital Analytics Checklist


Digital analytics give insights into customer behaviors, preferences, and interests. Look at these five types of analytics to help you set goals for your campaign.

Evolving Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive


This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with Elena Drozd, senior director of data science and advanced analytics, to discuss recent leaps in analytics and where those leaps will lead. Spoiler alert: Predictive analytics is the present — and future — of digital marketing. Analytics for All. “Part of our job is to make you feel comfortable with the data, help non-analytical people use and trust data more.”

The Ultimate Guide to Google Analytics for Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

Content marketers shouldn’t fear Google Analytics. To help you navigate Google Analytics for content marketing , we’ve put together this handy guide you’ll want to bookmark. Being actionable with what you learn is key to leveraging the true potential of Google Analytics.

Prescriptive Analytics: Just What the Doctor Ordered

HG Data

Innovations in data science have fueled industry-wide growth in data and business analytics , almost doubling in the last 5 years. Data analytics, and the insights that arise, is where data is made valuable. On the cutting edge of all business analytics is prescriptive analytics.

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How You Can Triple Your Results With a More Personalized, Empathetic Approach

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO and Founder of markempa

Marketing and sales feel pretty tricky right now. What worked before now feels out of touch, but have you made plans for how you'll continue to move forward? You've likely tried everything: expert recommendations, best practices, the latest tools, and automation. But your results are falling short. Here's the thing: All the automation tools, best practices, data analytics won't help get better results now until you master empathizing with your customers. In this webinar, you'll learn how to go beyond rational-logic based sales/marketing and adjust your sales enablement strategy to better understand how buyers feel so that you can connect and help them on their journey.

Three Crucial Classes of Marketing Analytics Tools


The final stage of the content marketing “circle” is analytics: the measurement and evaluation of the results of content marketing activities which feeds back into the first stage, content planning, in order to support data-driven strategic decisions. To help perform this analysis and answer these types of questions, marketers can utilize three broad classes of content marketing analytics tools. Web Analytics Tools. Google Analytics is nearly universal.

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Content Analytics – Piece of Cake?

Content Analytics – Piece of Cake? and traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe. The issue that we hear from so many of the people we work with though, is that traditional web analytics tools aren’t designed for content teams.

Deloitte CMO Survey: Analytics Holding Marketers Back?

The Point

Marketers plan to increase spending on analytics by more than 300% over the next 3 years in order to, according to Deloitte, “improve customer experience.” Despite this, more than a third of those surveyed cited a lack of adequate analytics tools and processes for measuring success, while more than two-thirds don’t use analytics data to help make key business decisions. The post Deloitte CMO Survey: Analytics Holding Marketers Back?

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14 Data and Business Analytics Leaders to Watch


Everything we do for our customers is based on understanding how data and analytics affect business operations. So we pay close attention to the data and business analytics leaders making an impact in every industry. Previously, she was Vice President of Analytics at Chubb.

Prove ROI and Make the Business Case for Industrial Content Marketing

Speaker: Achinta Mitra, Founder and President, Tiecas Inc.

It's the plight of an industrial marketer: over the course of a 12-18 month long buying cycle, you make contact with a whole host of influencers who read your content, who may or may not actually work in purchasing. By the time the RFQ comes in, the original project might be completely different. and your initial point of contact may be long gone! Meanwhile, the purchase somehow takes place, and Sales claims all the glory. How is a marketer supposed to make the business case for better content marketing? Join Achinta Mitra, Founder and President of Tiecas, Inc, as he explains how, despite the long, grueling buying cycle, you can prove the ROI of your content marketing. and win (or keep!) buy-in from your higher-ups.

MatchCraft's Enhanced Analytics


Google’s free analytics tool, Google Analytics, offers an in-depth view into the way people are engaging with a website. U sing this Google Analytics data, MatchCraft can provide both conversion attribution and conversion-based optimization to our reseller and agency clients.

Content Analytics – Piece of Cake?

Content Analytics – Piece of Cake? and traditional web analytics tools like Google Analytics and Adobe. The issue that we hear from so many of the people we work with though, is that traditional web analytics tools aren’t designed for content teams.

4 Google Analytics Content Insights to Hone Your Marketing Game


When rummaging through a marketer's toolbox, few tools are better than Google Analytics’ content insights to sharpen your company’s marketing strategy.

7 Challenges Around Data and Analytics That Prevent Business Growth


This article will look at the seven most common challenges businesses face when managing data and analytics and what can be done to accelerate business growth. The post 7 Challenges Around Data and Analytics That Prevent Business Growth appeared first on Spiralytics Inc.

How to Understand User Behavior With Google Analytics via @sejournal, @azarchick

Search Engine Journal

Analyzing site traffic and understanding user behavior via Google Analytics will help. The post How to Understand User Behavior With Google Analytics appeared first on Search Engine Journal. Marketing AnalyticsWant to increase conversions and ROI?

Customer Journey Analytics Optimizes Demand Generation Marketing


Fortunately, customer journey analytics provides valuable insights into your visitors’ behavioral patterns and preferences throughout their entire customer journey. What exactly is customer journey analytics, and how can you use it to optimize your lead generation marketing strategies?

Predictive Analytics From The Bench


How Predictive Analytics Plays out in Baseball (And Marketing) The 2013 baseball season is coming to a close

AI Analytics Vs. Traditional Analytics: 3 Essential Differences

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Analytics solutions are innovating rapidly to keep up with the influx. Since AI analytics is a relatively new technology, it can be difficult to discern its true benefits or even the extent to which it deviates from more traditional analytics. Traditional analytics is static.

Email Marketing Analytics - How to Measure? [With Tips to Drive Business Growth]


We all rely on data, analytics & colourful graphs. So in this post, I’ve written about the most important email analytics, how to calculate them, and a few things you can do to shine those numbers and thus drive up your business growth.

10 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Help You Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Marketing Insider Group

One effective way to build unique experiences for your customers is by using predictive analytics. The predictive analytics industry is growing at a rate of 23.2% Predictive analytics involves using data to predict future user behavior, events, and results.

Tomorrow’s Marketing Analytics Today - Oracle Infinity™


Oracle InfinityTM is Oracle Marketing Cloud’s new data analytics platform for capturing, processing, storing and interrogating unlimited datasets for companies that want actionable customer intelligence to fuel their marketing programs. Unifying analytics by bringing together aggregate and visitor-level data in a single easy-to-use experience for both analysts and marketers. Learn how you can deliver tomorrow's analytics today, with Oracle Infinity.

Google Analytics vs Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue

Google Analytics vs Visitor Queue. Often, people will ask does Visitor Queue does this, or, does Google Analytics does this, so we wanted to take some time to […]. The post Google Analytics vs Visitor Queue appeared first on Blog Visitor Queue.

A 101 in Marketing Analytics


by Anna Glushkovsky | Tweet this Do you shy away from analytics? You are not alone, even the best data driven organizations have marketing employees who are great at event planning, writing creative campaigns and website design but when it comes to analytical data they rely on the analytical team to provide them with the answers. If you know these analytics and can get started in benchmarking, you’ll be ready to take on the world.

Facebook Analytics is Going Away: Should Marketers Really Worry?


Each day, our analytics platforms help us define who our audience is, measure how well we’re tracking them, and determine what strategies we should take on next. And, if an analytics platform is free or affordable to use, that’s an even bigger bonus to teams in SMBs or startups.

How to Set Up Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking for WooCommerce


Google Analytics lets you see what’s working on your site, how customers behave, and find areas to improve. Why Enable WooCommerce Google Analytics Tracking. When you connect a website to Google Analytics, it tracks your website activity and traffic.

Seven Expert Google Analytics Guides


Google Analytics (GA) is the most popular tool for tracking web visits, used by more than half of all companies , including two-thirds of the Fortune 500. To help you use more than 10% of your website analytics, here are seven expert guides to GA. Why you can’t ignore Google’s new Universal Analytics by iMedia Connection. While Universal Analytics is no longer quite “new,” this article from Brandt Dainow is still a worthwhile read.

Google Analytics Popup Tracking: How to Create Custom Popup Events


In this post, we’ll show you how to set up Google Analytics popup tracking to analyze performance and conversions. Data and analytics help you understand your audience so you can cater to them better. Tracking Popup Events in Google Analytics.

Website Analytics & Attribution in the Privacy Era


The post Website Analytics & Attribution in the Privacy Era appeared first on FunnelEnvy. Analytics B2B Testing UncategorizedIf you’re wondering how the new privacy landscape will affect your ability to track visitors and customers you’re not alone.

5 Ways for Marketers to Overcome the Analytics Hurdle


Study after study, survey after survey all reveal an overwhelming frustration by enterprise marketers that the data from marketing analytics is just not reliable. Source: Gartner Marketing Data and Analytics Survey 2020, September 2020 (400 marketers surveyed).

Executive Insights: Imperative Marketing Analytics for the Modern Marketer

Marketing Insider Group

She took the lead on a great discussion on Modern Marketing, the impact of Analytics, Data and Marketing Technology ( MarTech ), and the importance of Data Literacy for all marketers. Q: Fred, why is marketing analytics so important as we move into planning our 2021 strategies.

How AI-Based Predictive Analytics Can Digitally Transform Your Business


Read on to discover the biggest ways that AI-based predictive analytics and capabilities can digitally transform your business and help scale its operations. The post How AI-Based Predictive Analytics Can Digitally Transform Your Business appeared first on Spiralytics Inc.