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How to Create Urgency for an Offer Using Email


Marketers just like you can harness the persuasive power of email offer urgency by strategically emphasizing timely, limited offers. Nothing grabs attention like an urgent call-to-action.

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Promoting an Affiliate Deal [How to Increase Your Affiliate Income Via Email Marketing]


Affiliate marketing is a huge and consistently growing business. In 2017, Statista estimated that the total spending through affiliate marketing in the U.S. billion, and by 2022 it is estimated that affiliate marketing spend will reach $8.2 As the affiliate marketing sector grows, your competition grows too. reached $5.37

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From Turbulence to Triumph in AI Marketing


Avoid these 3 common AI adoption pitfalls and find a balance that uses AI with urgency and exercises caution to prevent catastrophic marketing failures. Continue reading.

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Pre-Campaign Hype: Building Anticipation for Your BFCM Sales

SmartBug Media

Create excitement and anticipation with an omnichannel Black Friday marketing strategy. The Importance of Preparing Ahead for BFCM Prioritize your online business with a BFCM marketing strategy that supports the entire consumer journey, starting with building awareness. Add countdown timers to your website and marketing emails.

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Mastering the art of email calls-to-action

SmartBrief - Marketing

Whether you’re aiming to boost click-thru rates, increase conversions or enhance engagement, mastering the art of effective CTAs is key to achieving your email marketing goals. Without CTAs, your emails, even with custom email marketing templates, might just get lost in crowded inboxes and be easily forgotten.

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Does the AIDA Model Hold Water for Sales in 2024?

Marketing Insider Group

Understanding sales and marketing frameworks is crucial for success as you grow your company. One such model, the AIDA Model, or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, continues guiding marketers as it has for over a century. Quick Takeaways The AIDA Model is one of the oldest marketing frameworks on record.

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The Urgency of Integrated Marketing Technology for Content Marketing

Content Standard

Big data can fuel market expansion, and it can increase efficiencies. But with all the good it offers, big data also presents intimidating challenges for enterprise businesses and how they invest in marketing technology. As new channels emerge, data sets grow, and marketers are tasked with teasing out trends from a more complex mix.