The Best Marketing Conferences To Attend In 2019

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I get asked these questions every year: what are the best marketing conferences? And, “if I can only go to one marketing conference, which one should I chose?” The post The Best Marketing Conferences To Attend In 2019 appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. event marketing Content Marketing marketing conferencesWhich marketing events are “must-attend?” But first, I think we need to understand why we go to marketing events in the first place?

Is Content Marketing Killing Your Customer Conference?


I consistently hear from clients and colleagues how hard it now is to drive attendance to annual customer and user conferences. Many of us remember when customer conferences were all the rage in the early-to-mid 2000s. Customers hungered for the vital information and vendor connections conferences gave them—needs that weren’t met in other ways at that time. So vendors raced to launch inaugural annual conferences, despite the years it usually took to break even on them.

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B2B Marketing: the end of traditional conferences and trade shows?

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The current pandemic has changed many things in human interactions, especially “distancing” and therefore, prompting many companies and organizations to rethink their habits in terms of traditional conferences and trade shows. No need for travel, the conference comes to you!

How to Host a Virtual Conference: Everything You Need


Do you love the idea of hosting a conference to build authority in your niche? Well, we’ve got some great news for you: it’s possible when you know how to host a virtual conference. Virtual conferences are a great option for so many reasons. But now you might be wondering, “Wait…what is a virtual conference, anyway?” Plus, we’ll teach you exactly how to host a virtual conference and include every tool you need. How to Host a Virtual Conference.

CMOs Pivot to Virtual Engagements to Drive Business in the COVID Economy

Speaker: Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads

Business as we know it is never going to be the same. Working from home has become the norm, conferences and meetings are going online, marketing budgets are being shifted, reduced or put on hold – it's time to adapt. Join this insightful and informative webinar with Mike Damphousse, Managing Partner of Category Design Advisors and Founder of Green Leads, who will discuss how businesses can be resilient during these challenging times.

Spark Energy Digital Conference

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With the Spark Digital conference, it has become easy to approach the right B2B clients at the right time. Generally, conferences and exhibitions are the best places to get yourself the right prospects. The post Spark Energy Digital Conference appeared first on Datafusion Solution Private Limited. B2B sales prosepecting Conference Digital Conference marketing intelligence B2B business B2B companies Spark Energy Digital Conference

3 insights from intelligent content conference


I had the great fortune to speak twice at the Intelligent Content Conference in Las Vegas on March 30. I said to a colleague there that the conference agenda fit into the bull’s-eye of my skills and interests. ” For those who know of our book: Outside-In Marketing: Using Big Data to Guide Your Content Marketing , it should be obvious that the conference was highly relevant to my interests.

The 5 best online conference software to use in 2020


But in addition to knowing the best practices to reduce geographic distances, it is essential to have quality online conference software. You need to evaluate the smallest details when defining a virtual conference software for your company. That’s why we’ll cover the following topics in this article: How important is it to choose the right online conference software? What are the 5 best online conference software available?

3 Real Reasons to Attend a Conference

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I call them conference hoppers. Others use harsher, derogatory terms that probably aren’t appropriate for this blog to describe the entrepreneurs and business leaders who attend dozens of conferences a year, leaving their teams to fend for themselves back at the office with no real reasons to attend a conference. The post 3 Real Reasons to Attend a Conference appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

6 Takeaways from the UNSPAM 2020 Conference


The other week, two of us from the Litmus team were lucky enough to attend UNSPAM, a conference from the team at Really Good Emails. I say lucky enough for two reasons: We were lucky enough to attend the conference right before events worldwide started getting cancelled and social distancing took a hold. When you sign up to go to a conference, you think about the things you might learn and the people you’re going to see—but it’s still work.

Conference Season Prep: Make the Most of Trade Shows


How to make the most of conference season, as a planner and attendee, including how marketing automation can help. Events Marketing Life Marketing Strategy conference season tradeshow tradeshow marketing tradeshows

Must-attend B2B marketing conferences for 2019


It’s encouraging to see a resurgence in the quantity and quality of B2B marketing conferences and trade shows these days. Part of the upturn is due to the growth of the proprietary client conference , where B2B companies host clients, and often prospects, with an array of educational and schmooze opportunities. Sirius Decisions , Terminus and Marketo are prime examples. Here’s a lineup of top-quality conferences scheduled in the remainder of 2019.

Lead Generation Without Conferences Or Trade shows


They might be planning for virtual conferences, online meetups, and webinars. In the end, you get a bargain, you help your favourite conference, and you get valuable leads in return. . Maybe the organizers of the event you intended to attend aren’t in the position to hold a virtual conference. You can easily create an un-conference that leans towards the format of the event that was supposed to take place. LEVERAGE THE CONTACTS MADE AT PREVIOUS CONFERENCES.

Six strategies behind the trend in B2B client conferences


Have you noticed how so many B2B companies seem to be running their own proprietary conferences these days? Should you launch a client conference of your own? Although primarily for clients, many of these conferences are designed to include prospects as well. Client conferences also serve to deepen the host company’s understanding of its customer needs and stimulate account penetration.

The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015

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In the last two weeks I’ve had about 10 people ask me “ what are the best marketing conferences? I even invited people to rank which marketing conferences in 2014 they thought would be the best marketing events in the coming year. Without any further ado, here is: The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015. This conference is billed as the leading conference on social media. I have also heard great things about this conference.

How to Draw the Most Popular Speakers in the Industry to Your Conference

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A conference is nothing without keynote speakers. You could plan the most exciting, innovative conference in your industry for years, but the speakers you advertise will be its biggest drawcard. It starts with selecting the right industry leaders for your conference. When you start thinking about potential guest speakers for your conference, your ideal choices should have several qualities: A good reputation, both online and offline.

B2B Conference Recap: SiriusDecisions Summit 2019


I’ve never been to a B2B Marketing Conference before. Whether you’re a conference newbie like me, or a seasoned pro, here’s a few key takeaways from ATX that you can use to make your next B2B conference a big win with a measurable ROI. Conference Takeaway: Even if you’re not a really big fan, or even familiar, with a keynote speaker, make an effort to attend anyway. There are myriad reasons why people attend conferences. Conference Takeaway: ABM is here to stay.

7 Companies Hosting Great Virtual Conferences


In 2020, many companies have needed to pivot to virtual conferences. More than likely, we'll continue to see a rise in virtual conferences over the coming years. It makes sense: Virtual conferences enable you to lower set-up costs as well as cost of admission, and increases the opportunity for people across the globe to attend. Here, we've cultivated a list of seven companies hosting amazing virtual conferences. Their virtual conference didn't disappoint.

B2B Conferences: Essential Marketing Tactic…or Waste of Time and Money?

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Regardless of industry, B2B conferences and seminars can be a significant waste of time, money and opportunity. But the conference sponsor is typically not at fault for the lack of return on this marketing investment. Here are three issues you should address, in advance of investing in a conference of any kind: Do I understand the inherent marketing value of conferences? Do I have the internal discipline to make conferences a worthwhile investment?

10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap

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This was one of many central takeaways from Demand Gen Report’s B2B Content2Conversion Conference this week at the Times Center in New York. 10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Amanda Batista | Tweet this Who’s down with OPC? We’re not talking about the celebration song of early 90s hip-hop.

Industry Conferences and Seminars: How to Extract their Real Business Value

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Regardless of industry, conferences and seminars can be a significant waste of time, money and opportunity. But the conference sponsor is typically not at fault for the lack of return on this marketing investment. Here are three issues marketers should address, in advance of investing in a conference of any kind: Do I understand the inherent marketing value of conferences? Do I have the internal discipline to make conferences a worthwhile investment?

The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2016

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Conferences are a great opportunity to catch up with your peers, network and learn from some of the industry’s best and brightest marketing leaders and influencers around the world. The post The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2016 appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. As we wrap up 2015, it’s that time of the year again to start thinking about the marketing events to attend next year.

The Best Marketing Conferences In 2014

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Which marketing conferences are you attending this year? One of my most popular posts this past year was The 20 Best Marketing Conferences of 2013. So this year, I am giving you even more control over which should be labeled best marketing conferences in 2014. So I started with the most popular conferences from that 2013 post. The Best Marketing Conferences of 2014. The Best Marketing Conferences of 2014.

Optimize Conference Networking and Content-Creation Opportunities


In this Rethink Marketing Podcast, Aaron Orendorff discusses best strategies for conference networking and making the most of resulting content. Content Marketing Marketing Life Marketing Strategy

Will that conference be worth it? Lead follow-up is the key

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Just got back from a conference? The post Will that conference be worth it? Events & trade shows conferences event follow up trade showsKeep up the momentum by following up with all those leads and business cards you collected. It's the first step in turning those prospects into qualified sales-ready opportunities. Lead follow-up is the key appeared first on Sales Lead Insights.

The 20 Best Marketing Conferences In 2013

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One of my first orders of business in any new year is to figure out which conferences I will attend as part of my personal development plan. With that in mind, I asked my social media connections “what are the best marketing conferences?”. The list of the best marketing conferences I compiled is based on the feedback I received from dozens of people so if I missed any, please let me know and add it to the comments below. 20 Best Marketing Conferences 2013.

2017 Conference Preview: Discover, SMX, Pubcon & More!

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The nice thing is, conference organizers also know this so they hold conferences in warm places like Arizona and Florida. As we kick off 2017, several KoMarketing team members will be getting out of the cold and making their way across the US to attend a number of conferences, including Digital Olympus , Discover Global Markets , HIMSS , Pubcon SFIMA and SMX West. Digital Olympus is a one-day, online digital marketing conference.

25 Best B2B Marketing Conferences 2020

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I hope this list of the best B2B marketing conferences helps you identify those that fit your business and career needs. And attending conferences is one of the key components you should add to your annual marketing activities and events. One of the primary reasons people attend conferences is to meet like-minded people and industry peers. The best B2B Marketing Conferences to kick off your Roaring Twenties of learning: B2B Marketing Exchange. MarTech Conference East

Reallocate Your Conference Budget Without Sacrificing Quality Content

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After all, attending or hosting a conference is one of the most common ways to share marketing strategies and discuss business challenges, right ? . There are far better ways to use your conference funds and still provide valuable knowledge to your constituents.

Your 2017 Resource Guide to Digital Marketing Conferences


You know what that means ‒ it’s almost conference season! Every year, in nearly every industry, businesses organize conferences that attract the best and brightest professionals. If you’ve had a chance to attend a conference you know that it can be a bit overwhelming, with many decisions to be made: Which sessions should I go to? In this guide we hope to dispel myths, share resources, and highlight a few helpful best practices so you can get the most out of conference season.

Takeaways from IFS World Conference 2019

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Earlier this week, I attended the 2019 IFS world conference. The post Takeaways from IFS World Conference 2019 appeared first on Aberdeen. Analyst Insight Customer Experience Management and Contact Center Featured Articles Astea cloud cloud strategy CRM customer satisfaction field service IFS IFS world conference IFS world conference 2019 WFM workforce management

Email Evolved: Our 2019 Client Conference


Another year, another amazing client conference in the books. All clients who attended the conference were given exclusive, pre-release access to journey mapping within our Competitive Tracker platform. If you’re interested in getting a copy of any of our conference presentations, simply fill out the form below and we’d be happy to provide you with a link to download. The post Email Evolved: Our 2019 Client Conference appeared first on eDataSource. Industry Conferenc

5 Tips for hosting a successful virtual conference or event

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With the COVID-19 pandemic limiting travel and crowded in-person gatherings, virtual conferences and events have replaced their in-person counterparts. If you’re hosting a virtual conference or event for the first time, arm yourself with these tips for a successful experience.

Top Marketing Conferences: Our Takeaways


It’s no secret that marketing conferences are an investment of time, money and energy. Conferences are, however, worthwhile ventures. Industry leaders are offering an increasing number of these conferences, especially since content marketing is on the rise , especially among B2B companies. This post will serve as a hub for the insights and takeaways from the bigger marketing conferences that Brandpoint has attended in recent years. (It

Reasons to Attend the AuthorU Publishing Conference

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Like you, I’ve had some bad conference experiences. I only attend conferences where I know and trust the organizer and expert speakers. There are a lot of book publishing conferences to pick from. They must have a sincere desire to help others and be available throughout the conference. I’ve spent a lot of money to travel and sit in a freezing cold room for days to listen to experts with big egos.

Analysis: Marketing Conferences are Better Than Ice Cream

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And in today’s case, marketing conferences. Marketing conferences are a lot like ice cream. There are a great variety of marketing conferences to choose from. If you have been to a marketing conference lately, you will likely find sessions organized in tracks. Go to a marketing conference. Marketing conferences feel like that too. But marketing conferences? Some days instead of writing about marketing I want to write about ice cream.

Five Must-Attend B2B Conferences in 2019


The post Five Must-Attend B2B Conferences in 2019 appeared first on EverString. Marketing