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4 Effective Marketing Strategies for Complex Products

Marketing Insider Group

Effective marketing strategies for complex products are essential to driving business growth. Every product is different. This means you must adapt your marketing campaigns around the products that they promote. Traditional marketing starts with the product. Effective marketing works in reverse.

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Why Your Product Is Not What You Sell

Marketing Insider Group

Nintendo and Amazon understood the ageless principle that your product is not what you sell. Find out why your product is not what you sell. The Reasoning Behind Why Your Product Is Not What You Sell A lot of marketing is practical psychology. Kodak lost sight of the fact that your product is not what you sell.

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The Benefits of Using AI Technology in Advertising Production

NuSpark Consulting

AI in TV/Video Design Revolutionizing Production Real-Time Editing and Optimization : AI can perform real-time editing, making it easier to adapt content according to audience reactions. Enhanced Visual Effects : AI-assisted graphics and special effects can achieve a level of sophistication that rivals big-budget productions.

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SAP Emarsys launches AI Product Finder


Omnichannel customer engagement company Emarsys, which has been part of SAP since 2020, announced the launch of AI Product Finder, a new solution for product recommendations and personalized customer experiences. AI Product Finder and Subject Line Generator. CEO Joanna Milliken Fuel for your marketing strategy.

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The Art and Science of Explaining Your Product Strategy

Speaker: Jason Tanner, CEO of Applied Frameworks

Ideation, discovery, research, and analysis all inform the development of a product strategy that evolves iteratively as the product team learns more about customers, their problems, and potential solutions. However, effective communication of product strategy often presents challenges for product leaders.

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12 Effective Product Launch Email Ideas for Better Performance


Businesses, particularly smaller companies, frequently focus their resources and efforts on developing and producing new products. This causes 80% of product launches to fail. That’s why every firm must have well-designed product release emails. 12 effective product launch email templates for enhanced performance.

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How to Build a Digital Product Brand That Lasts


A digital product brand is a recognizable symbol that distinguishes an organization from its competitors. A company can use its brand to differentiate itself from the competition to build customer loyalty, generate greater demand for its products or services, and attract new audiences. Guest post by Tara Dwyer. Improve Your SEO.

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Product Managers & UX Research: How Bridging the Experience Gap Can Propel Teams Forward

Speaker: Shakima Jackson-Martinez, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Kristin Zibell, Director of Research Products and Services

If anyone were to pick up your product and use it, would they feel safe during their experience, or is there a chance they'd be unintentionally harmed by it? If a product is only as good as the team that makes it, then a product will only be as inclusive as the perspectives represented during product development.

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Building a Research Flywheel: A Helpful Guide for Product Managers & Their Teams

Speaker: Jessica Hall, Product Strategy & Design Leader and Co-Author of The Product Mindset

Every step of the product journey is informed by research: what works, what doesn’t, what customers want, what they need. But no one tool or method can create a thriving research practice for product managers. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours!

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How Product Managers Can Shape Inclusive Futures with UX

Speaker: Bronwen Rees, Author and Lead Product Designer at Xero

Join Bronwen Rees, Author and Lead Product Designer at Xero, for a conversation that digs deeper than the recycled buzzwords. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours! This session will cover: What inclusive design is, and why it's important. What biases are and how to avoid them.

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Why Marketers Must Shift Conversations from Replacing Customers to Retaining Customers

Speaker: Ardath Albee, B2B Marketing Strategist and CEO, Marketing Interactions

More and more companies are offering a subscription-based model or shortened contracts, which means marketers and product managers need to change how we think about our relationship to the customer. This will be a webinar that B2B marketers and product managers won't want to miss!

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Maximize Your ABM

Speaker: Jeff Marcoux, VP Product Strategy & Marketing at TTEC

In this session, Jeff Marcoux, VP of Product Marketing and Product Strategy at TTECH, will share how to: Start with the minimum viable ABM tech stack and scale up. Whether you've never implemented ABM, or tried before but felt unsuccessful, you can get started in the right direction.

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How to Increase Your Research Efficiency and Move You From Insights to Action, Faster

Speaker: Michele Ronsen, UX Expert and Founder of Curiosity Tank

Often, the most useful tool product managers and researchers can employ is a carefully thought-out approach. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours! Attendance of this webinar will earn one PDH toward your NPDP certification for the Product Development and Management Association.

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Put Your Data to Work: The Complete Playbook

They rely on data to power products, business insights, and marketing strategy. From search engines to navigation systems, data is used to fuel products, manage risk, inform business strategy, create competitive analysis reports, provide direct marketing services, and much more.

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7 Winning Lead Generation Strategies to Drive Growth

Identify the stakeholders who are in-market for your products/services. In this whitepaper, you’ll see real-world examples from leading B2B businesses and learn new ways of using data to: Improve lead quality. Target and reach your highest-value prospects. Create content and messaging that compels decision-makers to act.