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How Story Packages Help You Scale SME-Driven Thought Leadership Content [Rose-Colored Glasses]

Content Marketing Institute

Have you ever waited and waited for SME-driven content only to get 5,000 words explaining something that could have been handled in 500? Architected story packages help you avoid that – and get something you can turn into a whole portfolio of stories. Continue reading →

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The Art of Collaborating with SMEs: 8 Essential Tips for Content Marketers

Marketing Insider Group

Then, close the loop by sharing performance metrics with the SME to reinforce the value of their participation. If the company amplifies the content through organic or paid means, your SME may be able to reach a wider audience. An SME may assume you’ll need hours or days of meetings when you can get the job done in 30 minutes.

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The Secret to Creating the Best Thought Leadership? Know Your SME

Marketing Insider Group

Know Your SME appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Nearly half of the C-suite says they vet an organization by its thought leadership and 81% say their trust increases after engaging with thought leadership content. Our clients have had similar […]. The post The Secret to Creating the Best Thought Leadership?

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Report: The Ambitious SME


SME businesses are a passion of mine. and as a B2B specialist I regularly explore the opinions and behaviours of SMEs. But before I go on, let’s be careful with that label of ‘SME’. Even if we exclude sole traders, there are still more than one million SMEs in the UK alone. I founded one (Circle!) ambitious companies.

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Content Creation 101: Tips for Working With Reluctant Subject Matter Experts


Bandwidth constraints aren’t the only challenge you may face when working with SMEs. Sometimes the SME recognizes the value of content but doesn’t want to work with you on it. But since that’s your job, dear content person, we’ve crafted some tips to help you succeed at getting great content from SMEs.

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Top 10 Ways To Be a Good SME


As a technical copywriter, I greatly enjoy working with engineers and other subject-matter experts (SMEs). But as an SME, there are several things you can do to make everyone's job easier and create a more collaborative and productive relationship with a writer. Here are my top ten ways to be a good SME: .

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Better Knowledge Transfer Improves Competitiveness and Growth

Vision Edge Marketing

Create a mentorship program, where experienced employees or subject matter experts (SME) are paired with newer employees to provide guidance and support. Leveraging an SME can be an efficient way for existing employees to quickly tap expertise without taxing internal resources that may lack bandwidth. Mentorship.

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