Now Is the Time to Plan Your 2021 Demand Marketing Transformation


So what are your objectives for 2021? APPROACHING TRANSFORMATION PLANNING FOR 2021. The imperative is clear: Now is the time to plan your 2021 demand marketing transformation. And that means you won’t be positioned optimally for success in 2021.

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Artificial Intelligence Will Change How You Do Marketing in 2021


In 2021 and beyond, AI insights will make it possible for you to create and optimize the highest-converting campaigns possible. Heck, in 2021 and beyond, AI just might rock the foundations of how you build, test, and optimize your landing pages.

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Zenith: online advertising will exceed half of global ad spend in 2021


Online advertising will account for 52 per cent of global advertising expenditure in 2021, exceeding the 50 per cent mark for the first time, according to Zenith’s Advertising Expenditure Forecasts, published today. By 2021 it expects internet ad spend growth to have fallen to 9 per cent year-on-year. Internet ad spend growth is led by online video and social media, which are expected to grow at average rates of 18 per cent and 17 per cent a year, respectively, to 2021.

Why do Cloud Companies need Technographics to Enable Product Marketing Effectiveness and Innovation?


Did you already know that more than half of the world’s companies (already using Cloud) will adoptan all-in cloud strategy by 2021? Data Enrichment

Why Create Interactive Content? Examples and Benefits to Guide Your Strategy


By 2021, the content marketing industry is expected to be worth more. Today, more brands than ever are creating high-quality content, fighting to win attention in an increasingly crowded landscape. The post Why Create Interactive Content? Examples and Benefits to Guide Your Strategy appeared first on Kapost Blog. Customer Experience Digital Marketing

Trade Shows Canceled For The Year? How To Replace Those Leads In Just A Few Weeks

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I’ve talked to many clients and prospects over the past 30 days who are looking at shows being canceled for the remainder of 2020, and some have already seen shows canceled in 2021 as well.

Trade Shows Won’t Be Coming Back This Year Or Next; Innovative Event Marketing Ideas Revealed

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If there’s a virus flare-up or a second wave in the fall, you could be saying goodbye to air travel and trade shows in 2021, too. I’m not surprised that Facebook, AWS, Google and Microsoft are aggressively looking at virtual events in 2021 and 2022.

The Recession Is Coming! How To Get Your Company Out In Front Of It.

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As The Washington Post reports , “Most economists believe the United States will tip into recession by 2021, a new survey shows, despite White House insistence that the economy is sound. And Minimize Its Impact On Your Business.

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How Brands Can Boost Engagement with Video


By 2021, it’s predicted that 80% of all internet traffic will be video. In this always-on world, people expect more visual content on websites and social media channels.

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e-Spirit and Salesforce Work Together to Enable Experience-Driven Commerce


dollars by 2021 According to Statista, in 2017, global retail e-commerce sales worldwide added up to 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars and are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion U.S.

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6 High-Quality Content Marketing Ideas From 2019 Campaigns

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It’s estimated that by 2021, 27% of internet users in the U.S. With So Much Content Marketing Being Used, What Makes For Great Content Marketing? will be using ad blockers, which means that about one quarter of all ads won’t reach their target.

2019 Marketing Trends You Need to Capitalize On


By 2021, digital advertising spend in the United States is expected to exceed $300 billion.

2019 Marketing Trends You Need to Capitalize On


By 2021, digital advertising spend in the United States is expected to exceed $300 billion.

Pandemic UPDATE: Must-Attend B2B Marketing Conferences for the 2020 New Normal


Will run again in 2021. The conference and event business has been turned upside down, so my annual post covering the must-attend events of 2020 is due for a refresh.

How to Ace Video for Personal Branding

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It is predicted that by 2021, consumers will spend an average of 100 minutes per day watching online videos ! Looking for that next thing to give your personal brand a leg up? How about video?

Creativity in the Digital World: Top Takeaways from B2BMX


22-24, 2021. . The B2B Marketing Exchange wrapped its biggest event to date mere weeks ago. I’m feeling fortunate that we managed to squeeze in our favorite marketing conference of the year before we found ourselves grounded for the foreseeable future.

Connecting the Dots

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According to recent predictions from Bain and Company, the Internet of Things is on track to double in value by 2021, reaching a whopping $520 billion. Everybody’s networked.

4 Unique AdWords Audiences and How to Effectively Market to Them

KoMarketing Associates

Cisco predicts mobile traffic to increase seven-fold between 2016 and 2021. With the social media user based expected to grow to 3 billion in 2021 , it has become more and more important to have an advertising presence there. At the start of online advertising, there was a “one-size-fits-all” approach to generating clicks. A user could type in a keyword, or browse the internet and see an ad that may or may not be of interest.

When will B2B trade shows and in-person events return?


Marketing expert and professional speaker Mark Schaefer recently published interesting data showing many people are much more optimistic than me, expecting small events to resume late this year and large events in the first half of 2021.

Private exchange of data is becoming de facto method for doing business

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The second Global Interconnection Index (GXI) forecasts that global installed Interconnection Bandwidth capacity will grow to 8,200+ Terabits per second (Tbps) by 2021. By 2021, the global cost of cybersecurity breaches is projected to reach US$6 trillion.

When Will In-Person B2B Events Come Back?

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The remaining 44% of respondents indicated that in-person events will not resume until sometime in 2021. On the other hand, several large enterprises - including Microsoft and Facebook - have already announced they are cancelling all large in-person events until the middle of 2021.

Conversational AI: Simplifying Customer Experience in the Digital Age


By 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI , an increase of 400% from 2017. Guest post by Kavya Hemachander. “Ok Google, find coffee shops near me.” ” Getting answers has become simpler and faster.

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How to engage your audience with Q&A videos


Amidst this movement, expectations are that this market will earn about US$70 billion by 2021. Live streaming is one of the most important current trends in Digital Marketing.

8 Video Marketing Statistics You Should Know for 2020


will likely watch 100 minutes of online video content daily by 2021. Once 2021 arrives, the United States won’t be the only projected country where people see at least 100 minutes of online video daily.

Research Documents the Impact of COVID-19 on Sales and Profits

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Future Expectations - Sales and Profits The CMO Survey also asked participants to estimate how sales revenues and profits will look 12 months after the survey (May 2021). The COVID-19 pandemic has been wreaking havoc on U.S.

Leading CRM and Email Marketing SaaS Providers, Hatchbuck, Benchmark, Merge


Hatchbuck and Benchmark will continue to operate as two separate brands and platforms and merge the combined best-in-class functionality into one innovative platform by 2021. . The combined company, Benchmark, will enable businesses to flourish with powerfully simple sales and marketing tools.

Executive Insights: A Marketing Technology (MarTech) Conversation with Scott Brinker

Marketing Insider Group

So, I think we will see more consolidation through 2021 from the larger companies, but I suspect we will see as many applications as we have today that are these specialized MarTech solutions revolving in orbit around these “centers of gravity” and ecosystems.

Most Viewed Video Ads: Father’s Day


As part of its “Love the Change” campaign, Pampers is proud to announce they’re providing 5,000 changing tables for public restrooms across the US and Canada by 2021 so more dads and babies can #LoveTheChange together when they’re out-and-about.

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Using AI-powered visual search to enhance CX


According to a report from Gartner , by 2021, it’s the businesses that enhance their ecommerce sites with visual search that will ultimately increase their digital commerce revenue upwards of 30%. 30-second summary: Up to now, Visual Search has been clumsy at best.

How to Create a Marketing Plan in an Uncertain Future

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Below are general considerations for planning your marketing for the rest of 2020 and into 2021. As you begin to look to 2021, you should be able to adjust your marketing focus back to “normal.”

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Content Marketing in a Mobile World

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billion users by 2021. As a content creator in my organization, my goals are like those of other B2B companies: Create engaging content. Understand what content is effective (and less so). Increase our volume of visual content. Identify ways to repurpose content. Optimize all our content.

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Mobile data traffic from smartphones soars as smartphone market growth slows


According to the Ericsson Mobility Report 2016, between 2015 and 2021 there will be a 12X growth in smartphone data traffic alone, with mobile data from smartphones accounting for around 90 percent (!) If you think there is a lot of mobile data generated by smartphones, hold on for much more.

How to Identify the Best Keynote Speakers in Your Industry (And Bring Them to Your Event)

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For example, let’s say that you’re planning a conference for auto dealers, and your theme is “2021: Power and Speed.” Has your company tasked you with finding the keynote speaker for an upcoming industry conference?

4 Tips for Your B2B Social Media Strategy in 2020

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This report also predicts that social spending will only continue to rise over the next year and into 2021. As we move into 2020, B2B digital marketers are beginning to execute their social media strategies for the new year.

Forecast Shows Mobile Ad Spend in China Growing Significantly

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The analysis predicts by 2021 nearly 82 percent of digital ad spending will be dedicated to mobile. New forecast numbers from eMarketer show mobile ad spend in China will increase significantly over the next five years. According to the data, investment in mobile marketing in China is largely divided across three main players: Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. Combined, these three companies accounted for almost 72 percent of all mobile ad spend in China this year.

What We Learned by Analyzing Over 4 Million First-Party Content Downloads


This won’t be changing in 2021, either, given the massive changes happening within the workforce thanks to COVID-19. Content marketing is a very competitive and crowded space.

The 6 Most Important Social Media Trends of 2017


By 2021, eMarketer predicts that mobile will rise from 24 percent of total media ad spending to 37 percent. Social media—once a competitive, dynamic space—has gotten predictable. Facebook added a hundred million users in a quarter? What else is new ?