Top 10 Essential Features Every Small Business Website Must Have

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10 of LinkedIn’s welcome new features


In the past few months, LinkedIn has added quite a few new features that add more functionality and better usability both on desktop and the mobile application. Some of the features have been around and others have rolled out recently or will be rolling out very soon.

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Which B2B Marketing Automation Features Actually Get Used? Here's Some Data.

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I’ve been writing a paper on the stages that marketers go through when deploying their marketing automation systems, the basic point being it’s important not to stop with just one feature. Where they differ is how frequently they report the different features are used.

VEST Report: Competition in B2B Marketing Automation Isn't About Features

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The VEST entries showed very little change in the features reported by the various vendors since the last report. This isn't bad: it's simply that the standard features are now widely understood and vendors have had time to add them.

Kaon’s Augmented VR Solution Partnership with ASUS Featured in IOT Evolution World


Kaon Interactive and ASUS ZenFone Launch Augmented VR Solution. By Chrissie Cluney , September 14, 2017 | Originally published by IOT Evolution World.

3 Features Content Marketing Technology Needs to Provide

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Here are 3 key features a content marketing technology tool needs to provide: 1. A key feature of a content marketing system that is often undervalued is an integrated editorial calendar. By now you probably have heard the phrase "it's not big data, it's the right data."

New Automatic Follow-Up Emails + More New Features

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Our most recent release is all about top customer-requested features and enhancements. We added a feature last year that allows you to create a list of nonresponders from a sent email campaign. Whew, that’s a lot of new features! Product Updates Email editor New features

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Blueshift CDP Adds Advanced Features

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Since then they’ve added many new features and grown to about 50 customers. This is another relatively rare feature. I reviewed Blueshift in June 2015 , when the product had been in-market for just a few months and had a handful of large clients.

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How to Optimize Your Content for Google's Featured Snippet Box


In particular, Google has been increasing the number of Featured Snippets that it displays for queries. What's a Featured Snippet? What is a Featured Snippet? Why Should You Care About Featured Snippets? How Do You Rank in the Featured Snippet Section?

6 Important Features Every Content Marketing Site Should Have

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The post 6 Important Features Every Content Marketing Site Should Have appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. For some reason, website design always seems to be the forgotten red-headed stepchild of content marketing.

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7 New Twitter Features You May Have Missed


We know how tough it can be to keep up with these types of updates, which is why we put together a handful of the more notable features and changes below. 7 New Twitter Features You May Have Missed. Next to Compose image descriptions , turn that feature on.

B2B market research – 10 unique features

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Both can keep you warm, but there are some blindingly obvious differences such the physical features and the level of danger (although some of those skinny jeans can be quite hazardous if one lunges unexpectedly). Is B2B market research really that different from B2C?

How CMOs Can Monetize With Real-Time Integrated Data (featuring Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, CMO of SOASTA)

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The post How CMOs Can Monetize With Real-Time Integrated Data (featuring Ann Sung Ruckstuhl, CMO of SOASTA) appeared first on.

Oracle Marketing Cloud Announces New Features for Digital Marketers

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The Oracle Marketing Cloud is announcing innovations in cross-channel testing and optimization, expanded audience segmentation capabilities, and enhanced business intelligence tools that help data-driven marketers achieve incredible results at scale.

5 Overlooked Features of Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

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These five overlooked features will breathe life into your 2017 Facebook marketing. This feature has a bit of a caveat in terms of classifying it as an overlooked feature. Featured Pages and Likes.

15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know About


To help beginners and advanced Instagram users alike familiarize themselves with the platform, we've put together a list of 15 of the lesser-known tips and features Instagram has to offer. 15 Hidden Instagram Hacks & Features.

5 Underutilized LinkedIn Features B2B Marketers May Be Missing Out On

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The publisher is pretty open when it comes to what can be published, including a featured cover photo for each post, and the ability to link, insert photos, and format the text, just like you would in a normal CMS or blog WYSIWYG editor.

12 Secret Facebook Features Every Marketer Should Be Using [Infographic]


But the social media platform is constantly being updated with new features and tools that make using the platform as a marketing and business tool easier and more effective. This post originally appeared on HubSpot's Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post.

Features, Functions, and Benefits Are for Closers

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But features, functions, and benefits are only for closers. Only at the middle and bottom of the funnel (when you’ve qualified and are in negotiations with a prospect) will it be okay to inform them about the features, functions, and benefits of your solution.

5 Overlooked Features of Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

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Here are five of the most overlooked features of your LinkedIn marketing strategy—plus a few tricks to jump-start your efforts. The post 5 Overlooked Features of Your LinkedIn Marketing Strategy appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.

12 Excel Formulas, Features & Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know


Excel's Auto Fill feature is designed to minimize the work required on your end by making it easy to repeat values you've already input. Ever find yourself elbows deep in an Excel worksheet with seemingly no end in sight?

11 Lesser-Known LinkedIn Features You Should Be Using


I tapped into the knowledge of LinkedIn expert Wayne Breitbarth , who shared a few tips on the following features that you should be utilizing. Consider using these features to your advantage by giving your profile a professional makeover.

How to Work Faster in Excel: 6 Helpful Tips & Features


If you’re a frequent user of Excel, there are probably a few features you’ve found yourself using over and over again in your work. But what most Excel users don’t know is that these features only represent a fraction of the program’s capabilities.

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Facebook Tests Pinterest-Style Feature Called 'Collections'


In case you were a little bit off the grid because of the Columbus Day holiday, on Monday the social network began testing a new feature called 'Collections,' which allows marketers to add “Want” or “Collect” buttons to news feed posts about products. Watch out, Pinterest.

15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 1, featuring tips 1-5)

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Because there’s so much to share, I’m splitting this post into three parts of five tips each with today’s post featuring the first five. . Tweet It’s a new year, and you’re likely kicking off marketing and lead generation programs to drive more new leads for 2015. Most new leads go nowhere.

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Is Your Twitter Marketing Strategy Stuck in 2015? Here Are 5 Features You Might Be Missing

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The platform is designed to be straightforward and easy for the average user, but it’s littered with wrinkles and hidden tricks—including new features rolling out on the regular—that are advantageous for savvy social media marketers.

How to Market Smart When You’re Not an IT Expert (featuring Nate Skinner, Chief Customer Officer at Campaign Monitor)

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The post How to Market Smart When You’re Not an IT Expert (featuring Nate Skinner, Chief Customer Officer at Campaign Monitor) appeared first on. Email marketing, proclaimed a dying tool by some, actually delivers the greatest ROI of any digital marketing solution, including social.

13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website


13 Essential Features for Taking Payments on Your Website. There are a lot of things I used to buy in person that I now buy online.

17 Hidden YouTube Hacks, Tips & Features You'll Want to Know About


To help you make the most out of the still very popular platform, we've put together a list of 17 of the lesser-known hacks, tips, and features YouTube has to offer. 17 Hidden YouTube Features, Tips & Hacks You'll Want to Know About. Which YouTube features can you add to the list?

VEST Report: Analytics Tops List of Upgraded Marketing Automation Features

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I might have expected more development of features for social, mobile, and content marketing, which are top-of-mind for many marketers today. I finished the latest release of the B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) yesterday, which is always a great relief.

15 Hidden Snapchat Hacks & Features You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner


Many of its best features are so buried within the app that a lot of people don't even know they exist. In March 2016, Snapchat added even more features in their release of a new version , and some of these features have totally reshaped how people use the app in the first place.

15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 3, featuring tips 11-15)

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Without further ado, here is the final Part 3 of this three-part series, featuring tips 11-15: 11. Tweet To kick off the new year I’m sharing 15 ideas on improving your lead management.

Google Unleashes New Unsubscribe Feature for Gmail

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The post Google Unleashes New Unsubscribe Feature for Gmail appeared first on VR Marketing Blog. Google has significantly simplified the unsubscribe process for Gmail users.

Four Unique Features Found In Baidu Paid Search Management

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Today, I will share four unique features of Baidu paid search advertising management to help better target the China market: keywords, ad groups, ad creative, and sitelinks. To solve this issue, Baidu introduced a new feature at the ad group level in 2015 – bid adjustment based on match types. By turning on this feature, the bid of keywords within one ad group can be adjusted based on the match types, and the ads will be triggered by search terms with various match types.

6 Features That Make Premium Web Hosting Worth the Money


Even better, some offer a “click to backup” feature that you can use to save things just before making updates or changes to the site; and a “click to restore” function if you need to revert to the saved backup. One morning, I opened the website of a company I worked for, and it was gone.

The 5 Most Overlooked Features of Your Snapchat Marketing Strategy

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Now that we’ve covered the tried and true features of Snapchat, it’s time to explore the five most overlooked parts of your Snapchat strategy. Last week, Snapchat released on-demand geofilters, allowing anyone to create their own customizations of the popular feature.

How to Feature Your Customers on Social Media

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One way to boost that engagement is to feature your customers via social media, but doing so the right way requires a little discretion and a dose of creativity. Serra offers these creative ways to feature your customers on social media sites: Facebook cover art.

15 Google Doc Features You Didn't Know Existed (But Totally Should)


Sure, you may have been using Google Docs for years and years, but it's likely that there are useful features that you're yet to uncover. There are a lot of sweet features Google Docs has to offer that aren't on many people's radar. Let's uncover some of those features.

15 Tips to Generate More Leads in 2015 (Part 2, featuring tips 6-10)

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There is so much to share, I’m splitting this post into three parts (you can read Part 1 with tips 1-5 here ), and today is Part 2, featuring tips 6-10. So, without further ado, here is Part 2 of the three part series, featuring tips 6-10: 6.

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Accelerating the Buyers Journey: Less Features and More Value

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CMI) 74% of buyers indicate solution provider content is still too focused on features vs. value, so you have to shift your content to better communicate and quantify your unique value if you want to stand out and engage (Gartner).