Do CMOs Really Spend More on MarTech Than CIOs? A New Study Says No.

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Actually, the study estimates spending on 20 technologies and 12 corporate functional areas across 16 enterprise industries in eight regions and 53 countries, comparing the amounts funded by IT departments and by business departments. cio cmo marketing technology martech spending

Optimize Your PPC Spend


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For CMOs and Martech It's Not About Spending, It's About the Right Spending

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But be that as it may, the good news, at least on the surface is more and more marketers agree that their company is spending the right amount on martech as seen in the eMarketer chart below. Ok great, marketers are spending more on martech. It's not about data.

Internet Ad Spend is About to Surpass TV Ad Spend [New Report]


In her report, Meeker predicts that in 2017, spending on internet advertising will surpass spending on TV advertising for the first time -- and eventually exceed $200 billion. Roughly half of all internet ad spending was on mobile advertising in 2016: Internet Trends 2017 Report from.

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation

Gartner shares latest data on enterprise marketing tech spend


Looking for the latest data on enterprise marketing technology spend? Gartner recently released their CMO Spend Survey 2016-2017. In comparison, on average, the CIO only spends 3.4% They’re almost neck-and-neck in technology spend.

How B2B Marketers Will Spend Their Budgets in 2014


More than half of all survey respondents plan no changes in spending levels for direct mail, trade shows and telemarketing in the coming year, with larger shares of the remaining respondents planning budget increases rather than decreases.

How to Navigate the Social Ad Spend Solar System [Infographic]

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In fact, social advertising spend is expected to increase to $11 billion by next year, according to BIA/Kelsey, so make sure you budget accordingly. Check out our infographic, Navigating the Social Ad Spend Solar System , to learn how social advertising can benefit your marketing campaigns.

Exploit the hours employees spend on social media


The post Exploit the hours employees spend on social media appeared first on Biznology. When Dan Krueger and I send out our Gerris Corp influencer marketing emails, we time the mail-merged blast for around nine on the morning, East Coast time on a Tuesday.

Lead Generation Checklist

You spend a lot of time, energy, and money doing lead generation to capture leads but it's how you manage them that makes the difference between success and failure

Stop Blindly Spending On Digital (And Start Doing This)

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The biggest challenge we see our clients facing in the shift towards digital spend is the blind transition of dollars. The main challenge is how to shift the spend while presenting the brand in a way that resonates and engages with their digital consumer? Digital. Native. Mobile.

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?


How do you decide how much money to spend on marketing? Of course, it's very difficult to establish what competitors are spending or how efficiently budgets are being used. The accepted average marketing spend for a business in a steady state situation is between 5%-8% of turnover.

Why Are 6 in 10 CMOs Spending Time on Methods That Don't Work?

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6 in 10 CMOs Spending Time on Methods That Don't Work. If you are spending a bulk of your time on the same old, same old traditional methods of marketing how can you possibly consider yourself to be innovative? Disruptive Growth.

How Brands Are Spending Their Content Budgets [Infographic]


Unfortunately, determining how and where to spend your budget can be tricky. With tips from the content experts at Red Bull to red flags that signal you might not be spending enough, this infographic is designed to get you up to speed and feeling good about where you're putting your money.

How Much Should You Be Spending On B2B Marketing?

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How much to spend, how to allocate the budget line items. For instance, when they estimate that a potential new customer will spend $300/month on an average contract lifetime of say, five years, they know that that customer will generate $18,000 for the life of the contract.

How Successful People Spend Their Monday Mornings [Infographic]


Ugh, Mondays. That's how many of us approach our Monday mornings. With another weekend in the books, we tend to start off the workweek with a bit of a drag in our step.

Spending more time on SEO than adding value to Google?


Google needs the content of your library much more than it ever needed your library building; unfortunately, we all spend more of our time choosing the perfect platform (WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace?),

3 Ways to Justify Your Event Spend

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Author: Jennifer Hawkins Events have traditionally been one of marketing’s biggest spends, but they’re notorious for failing to generate useful information. 3 Ways to Justify Your Event Spend was posted at Marketo Marketing Blog - Best Practices and Thought Leadership. | [link].

An Eye-Opening Breakdown of Back-to-School Spending in 2014 [Infographic]

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25-34 year-olds will be the highest spending age group this year, averaging $822 per person. Shopping isn’t just for the ladies – Men will spend more than women this year, averaging $754 per guy, which is up 12 percent from last year.

Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts low IT spending growth for 2016

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Gartner recently published their latest worldwide IT spending forecasts, and with a likely economic slowdown on the horizon, are projecting an anemic 0.6% Most technology spending decisions are now driven and controlled by business groups vs. formal IT.

Oops They Did it Again! Gartner Downgrades Overly Optimistic IT Spending Forecast

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According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending was expected to reach $3.8 increase from 2013 spending levels. According to their latest predictions, Gartner estimates that spending will rise only 2.1% Examining their 2013 predictions, Gartner indicated IT spending would grow 4.2%

How to Make Your Google AdWords Ads More Impactful Without Spending More


A simple question: would you rather have a bigger AdWords ad or a smaller AdWords ad for the same cost? Of course the answer is obvious -- when it comes to advertising bigger is always better. So how can you go about making your Google AdWords ads bigger for the same (or maybe even a lower) cost?

Infographic: How Much of Your Workday Do You Spend Actually Working?


How many hours are you going to spend at work today? Later you might take a quick break to reply to some Twitter mentions, before spending 20 minutes reading articles that look really interesting in your feed. The post Infographic: How Much of Your Workday Do You Spend Actually Working?

Frugalnomics in Effect - Gartner predicts 5.5% decline in IT spending for 2015

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Gartner recently published their latest worldwide IT spending forecasts with a sharp downward revision, now projecting a 5.5% Most technology spending decisions are now driven and controlled by business groups vs. formal IT. Sources: Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending to Decline 5.5%

Gartner Raises IT Spending Forecasts – Time to Party Like its 1999?

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According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending growth has been revised upwards to 2.6% Moreover, a major "sea change" has occurred in technology spending and purchase decision-making - with significant implications for your organizations sales and marketing strategy.

Frugalnomics – Why the IT spending growth forecasts from Gartner are wrong again!

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According to Gartner, the annual release of their New Year’s spending forecast predicts global IT spending growth of 3.1% Examining their 2013 predictions, Gartner indicated IT spending would rise 4.2% When the dust settled on 2013, the IT spending growth was a mere 0.4%.

Business to business market research just 4% of spend

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In their latest report on the state of the market research industry , ESOMAR estimate that just 4% of research spend is on business to business market research. Yet despite this, business to business market research accounts for less than a twentieth of total market research spend. ESOMAR’s 4% figure relates to the percentage of market research spend , not market research projects.

How Much Of My Demand Generation Budget Should I Be Spending On Lead Nurturing?

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Specifically, the question is: How much of our total demand generation budget should we spend on generating net new leads, and how much should we spend on converting the leads we have? It’s that time of year again, and marketers’ thoughts turn to budgeting for the next 12 months.

How Should B2B’s Spend PPC Dollars?

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Just like any marketing decision, ad spend decisions should be based on business objectives. All too often we hear from B2B companies who are either unsatisfied with PPC campaigns or have decided that PPC just doesn’t work for them.

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6 Ways to Reduce Wasted AdWords Spend


Here are the top-six ways to filter out unwanted clicks and reduce your wasted spend in AdWords. You can also make better use of your spend by adjusting your bid management strategies. These low-converting keywords are a big source of wasted spend.

Building and spending social media equity


Don’t just keep on building up brand equity and good faith online ad infinitum — spend it as fast as you make it. You can’t save social media equity, you can only build it and spend it.

How to Spend Less Time on Email: 12 Tips for Keeping Your Inbox Under Control


Want to spend less time living in your inbox, and more time doing the stuff that actually matters? Tell them that, in your effort to spend less time on email and more time on your actual work, you plan to cut down word count in your emails.

Why Digital Wallets Encourage Spending


It’s easier to spend money if we never hold it in our hands. Why do digital wallets, debit cards, and credit cards encourage spending? Frictionless Spending. Digital wallets make spending easier than ever. There is a universal truth we must acknowledge.

Mid-Year Marketing Budget Check Up—Does Your Spending Match Trends?

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When it comes to budget conversations, the essential question to answer is: “Was this spending justified?” As for why spend has continued to trend upward, marketing technology is largely to blame. The post Mid-Year Marketing Budget Check Up—Does Your Spending Match Trends?

B2B Mobile Marketing: 3 ideas on where to spend your next mobile budget

B2B Lead Generation Blog

In today’s B2B Lead Roundtable Blog, I’m going to share three spend ideas to help you balance value and reduce the overall user friction in your mobile experience. Spend #1. Spend #2. Spend #3.

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Digital Marketing: Spending Up But Confusion Common

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Businesses know that digital marketing is increasingly important, and many plan to increase their spending in that area. A new survey from Forrester Research found that almost half of all marketers plan to increase their spending on digital marketing channels this year.

If It's Broke, Fix It: Why It's Worth Spending on Content Marketing

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For some, the answer to a failing marketing strategy is to throw more money at it. While this sticking-plaster approach may result in an extra sale or three, in the long term it is neither sustainable nor good business sense.

Facebook Is Seriously Cracking Down on Fake Accounts and Ad Spend


Following its April 2017 white paper investigating the potential misuse of its platform, Facebook announced yesterday that it would be instituting new efforts to detect and block content -- and accompanying ad spends -- from fake accounts.

Why the Increased IT Spending Growth Forecasts from Gartner are Wrong Again!

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According to Gartner, worldwide IT spending is on pace to reach $3.8 increase from 2013 spending levels (and a 0.1% Examining their 2013 predictions, Gartner indicated IT spending would grow 4.2% When the dust settled on 2013, the IT spending growth was a mere 0.4%.

30 Smart Ways to Spend Your Extra 2014 Marketing Budget


Here are 30 ideas for spending leftover funds in your marketing budget. You can learn a lot from reading blogs, but investing time and money in certifications or online courses to further professional development is a great way to spend extra marketing budget. Think fast!