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Enhancing Email Campaigns with Graphic Design


Getting attention in that crowded inbox is no easy feat - that's why a captivating email graphic design is so important. Let's talk about how to make your campaigns pop with visual appeal that yields success.

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How BODs Can Architect Better Strategic Customer-Centric Designs | What’s Your Edge

Vision Edge Marketing

4 BOD Roles in Architecting and Designing Customer-Centricity What does this mean for a board of directors? Like an architect designing a building, the leadership team should outline a comprehensive plan that will integrate customer-centricity into every facet of the organization’s structure and operations.

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UX Design Strategy: Designing for the 'Unhappy Path'


Discover how a robust UX design strategy can transform the "unhappy path" into a smooth user journey, ensuring success beyond the "happy path." " Continue reading.

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Effective Pest Control Website Design Solutions

Go Beyond SEO

Welcome to our article on effective Pest Control Website Design solutions! It is essential to invest in a well-designed website that not only showcases your services but also drives growth and generates leads. A well-designed website can attract more customers and generate leads for your business.

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Product Managers & UX Research: How Bridging the Experience Gap Can Propel Teams Forward

Speaker: Shakima Jackson-Martinez, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Kristin Zibell, Director of Research Products and Services

Careful considerations for designing and developing a product using Experience Gap research. Advice for navigating stakeholder resistance and building a successful business case for this research. March 16th, 2022 at 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT, 5:00 pm GMT. Use Product Management Today’s webinars to earn professional development hours!

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Website Design Trends for 2021


Beautiful website design, regardless of the industry or current trends, will always adhere to certain golden rules of design relating to ease of use, inclusion of all information relevant to the user journey, and high-quality (original, if possible) imagery. Guest post by Matthew Reeves. Trend #1: Extreme Minimalism And Maximalism.

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Seven Key Considerations for Great Website Design [Infographic]


Great web design requires combining traditional marketing wisdom with the latest technology and design trends. The infographic below from LA Website Design does a nice job of showing how these considerations fit together in effective modern website design. Timeless Website Design Considerations.

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Building a Research Flywheel: A Helpful Guide for Product Managers & Their Teams

Speaker: Jessica Hall, Product Strategy & Design Leader and Co-Author of The Product Mindset

Join Jessica Hall, Product Strategy & Design Leader and Co-Author of The Product Mindset, for this illuminating discussion on the Flywheel Effect, and discover how it can help you supercharge your product process. This, ultimately, will lead to more value, more growth, and a greater understanding of what your customer’s need.

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The Art and Science of Explaining Your Product Strategy

Speaker: Jason Tanner, CEO of Applied Frameworks

Ideation, discovery, research, and analysis all inform the development of a product strategy that evolves iteratively as the product team learns more about customers, their problems, and potential solutions. However, effective communication of product strategy often presents challenges for product leaders.

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How to Increase Your Research Efficiency and Move You From Insights to Action, Faster

Speaker: Michele Ronsen, UX Expert and Founder of Curiosity Tank

Conducting UX Research can often be a daunting task. First, we have to ask the right questions, to the right people, in the right way. Then, take notes with strategic frameworks, in specific formats, to right-size the information collected and expedite analysis and synthesis. Moving from findings and insights (they are different!)

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How Product Managers Can Define a Product Vision to Guide Their Team

Speaker: Christian Bonilla, VP of Product Management at UserTesting

Every product team wants to build things users love. The goal may sound simple, but it’s hard to do. It’s why breakthrough products rarely happen by accident. Rather, they start with a strong product vision. Getting that vision right is one of the most important responsibilities of the product team.

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Everyday Behavioral Science and Web Design for Marketers

Speaker: Brian Massey, Founder of Conversion Sciences LLC

This is because the design process is getting smarter. Brian Massey will show you how data gathering during design will ensure your campaigns have high conversion rates and fast ROI on your spend. How to make design and copy decisions with data. The way data changes the way we design online. Scoring" leads with dollars.

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Redefining the CDP: 8 Data-Driven Designs for Successful Customer Journeys

In this guide, discover 8 use cases for how a customer data platform can tackle common challenges faced by marketing, commerce, service, and sales teams.

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How Product Managers Can Shape Inclusive Futures with UX

Speaker: Bronwen Rees, Author and Lead Product Designer at Xero

But in a world where profits often matter more than people, how can we personally build a nuanced understanding of inclusive design and get our teams to commit to it? Join Bronwen Rees, Author and Lead Product Designer at Xero, for a conversation that digs deeper than the recycled buzzwords. Ways to practice inclusivity within design.

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Sales Effectiveness: The B2B Sales Leader's Guide

This guide is designed to help today’s B2B sales leaders ramp up their effectiveness in any economic environment. You’ll get a deep dive on: Proven methods for warming up cold calls Coaching points for responding to price pressure early and often Front-line examples of how to win the battle for customer retention