Consultants Collective Profile: Geri Berdak


The post Consultants Collective Profile: Geri Berdak appeared first on Biznology. Consultants Collective Corner accomplishments characteristics Consultants Collective Geri Berdak personality profileWhat is your favorite hero in fiction? Rocky Balboa.

Consultants Collective Conversations presents: How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Social Media Governance


This webinar features Consultants Collective member consultant Casey Hall in conversation with Noah Cole , Global Communications Leader at Siemens Digital Industries Software, Sue Serna, founder and CEO of Serna Social and our CEO, Jen McClure.


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Featured Consultants Collective Member Profile Betsy Burroughs, Senior Consultant


Consultants Collective Profiles introduces you to our member consultants, advisors, executive coaches, clients and other extraordinary people. The post Featured Consultants Collective Member Profile Betsy Burroughs, Senior Consultant appeared first on Biznology

Consultants Collective Profiles: Douglas Spencer


Consultants Collective Profiles introduce you to our member consultants, advisors, executive coaches, clients and other extraordinary people. The post Consultants Collective Profiles: Douglas Spencer appeared first on Biznology. Consultants Collective CornerThese profiles go beyond the professional bio to provide a more personal glimpse and offer an opportunity for us to get to know each other better as people as we strive to create connections and build community.

Forrester Research Report: How Sales and Marketing Intelligence Drive Improved Business Outcomes

In 2019, DiscoverOrg commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate sales and marketing intelligence practices in the B2B space. The primary takeaway? Forrester found only 1.2% of companies achieved a score indicating maturity in data management practices. However, organizations are fighting back - and winning.

Consultants Collective Webinar: Employee Activism, Social Media & Brand Protection


On October 9th, we hosted an online discussion on this complex issue between two of our Consultants Collective member consultants, Douglas Spencer and Casey Hall. Consultants Collective Corner Webinars

Success Story | Consulting Company


How MarketJoy is helping a Consulting Company that specializes in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), litigation support, personnel testing software development, and Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) outsourcing. The post Success Story | Consulting Company appeared first on MarketJoy.

Highlights from the 2021 High Growth Study: Consulting Edition

Hinge Marketing

Over the last year, consulting firms have fought to stay afloat in the turbulence created by a global pandemic, an election cycle and waves of social change. Consulting firms of all stripes are re-examining their businesses in an effort to adapt to today’s unexpected challenges. .

6 Skills for Consulting Success

Tom Spencer

Having a successful career in consulting requires sustained motivation. A sensible first step towards a consulting-career would be to understand whether you have what it takes to excel in consulting. Here is a list of six skills that will make a difference in your consulting career and ensure your long-term success. Companies come to consultants seeking advice. This is where the consultants’ value lies.

Success Story For A Consulting Company


How MarketJoy is helping a Consulting Company that specializes in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), litigation support, personnel testing software development, and Affirmative Action Plan (AAP) outsourcing. The post Success Story For A Consulting Company appeared first on MarketJoy.

The 7 Keys to Creating Successful B2B Marketing Copy

Speaker: Robert Bly, Independent Copywriter and Consultant

Marketers may use the same copy for their B2B and B2C clientele, but these customers should never be treated the same. In this webinar, you will get a clear overview of the 7 key differences between B2B and B2C, so your marketing is more relevant and engaging to business buyers. Join Robert Bly, independent copywriter and consultant, who will walk you through key details of your marketing copy strategy that will make a real difference to your buyers.

New Research: Consulting Buyer Criteria and Priorities are Changing? How? Why?

Hinge Marketing

The Hinge Research Institute has released a special consulting industry version of its breakthrough study of professional services buyers and the firms that they hire. It’s called Inside the Buyer’s Brain: Consulting Firm Edition. Focused on Consulting Firms.

What leading consultants say about the usage of automation in marketing


Various leading consultants like Deloitte, McKinsey, PwC, Accenture, Bain and Company, EY, and Boston Consulting Group are working towards identifying the role of artificial intelligence and automation in marketing.

7 reasons why you need a social media marketing consultant


You may need a social media marketing consultant to help you, but there are some workarounds. The post 7 reasons why you need a social media marketing consultant appeared first on Biznology. It’s launch day for your business. You are ready to start implementing all those techniques you discovered from those social media gurus. They make it sound so easy. They also assume you have a few hours a day to devote solely to marketing your business.

How To Leverage Consultants to Help Your Business Grow in 2020


By hiring freelance consultants , you can take advantage of a rich array of affordable resources that will position you to let your business flourish. More people than ever are turning to work as a freelancer, which means that more talent than ever before is available for hire as consultants. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular consultants for businesses to hire! Ways Consultants Can Help Your Business Grow. How to Hire a Consultant for Your Business.

5 B2B Marketing Trends that You Can't Ignore in 2020

Speaker: Pam Didner, Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker

Pam Didner, B2B tech marketing consultant, speaker, and author of Effective Sales Enablement and Global Content Marketing, will present the essential marketing trends you need to know in 2020. She'll discuss digital challenges that marketers commonly face and share actionable solutions and templates you can apply to your job in real-time.

The Case for Hiring Outside Consultants

Altitude Branding

In the world of business management, few words draw as much debate and discussion as “consultant.” For some, hiring an outside consultant is a chance to take an honest look inward, one that serves to benefit the company.

What your social media marketing consultant will never tell you


I hate to break it to you, but no consultant will ever care as much about your brand as you do—even those of us who get paid a pretty handsome penny for our services. One of my goals as a social media marketing consultant is to help as many companies as possible train their own teams to take the reins on social media, even though I can make more money doing it myself. Sure, social media consultants may have the best of intentions, but most of them are juggling multiple clients.

Are you consulting your database of intentions?


One that you don’t need Google’s permission to consult? The post Are you consulting your database of intentions? Internet luminary John Battelle is famous for describing Google as a “ database of intentions.” ” Back in 2003, it was a critical insight, that Google searches were actually a way of understanding what people wanted, what they were interested in, what they wanted to do. But did you know that you probably have your own database of intentions?

5 Skills Your Marketing Consultant Must Have

B2B Marketing Traction

Marketing is changing fast, and the changes require new skills on the part of marketing consultants and other providers. I’ve heard about and observed many marketing “fails” in my years as a marketing professional in the software industry and as a marketing consultant at New Incite. One that I observed in my early years as a marketing consultant was when a brand new marketing consultant proposed an expensive brochure to a small business.

Classic Advertising and Consulting Models Are Shifting — To Clients’ Benefit

Marketing Insider Group

The post Classic Advertising and Consulting Models Are Shifting — To Clients’ Benefit appeared first on Marketing Insider Group With the possible exception of consumer apps, no market has exploded in the new millennium quite like marketing technology. When started reporting on the space in 2011, it counted around 150 solutions. Today, it reports around 7,000.

Marketo Engage consultation, measurable impact at CFA Institute


background: Marketo Engage consultation for a global leader in investment management. ” Brent Levi, Senior Consultant, Fathom. The post Marketo Engage consultation, measurable impact at CFA Institute appeared first on Fathom.

The Advantages of Adding Marketing Consultants to Your Team


Assuming you realize the importance and value of marketing, if you can’t do it personally, you’re left with one of two fundamental options: Outsourcing to a marketing consultant or agency, or. Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consultant. This leaves you with the other option: outsourcing your marketing to a consultant (or consultancy/agency). Hiring a consultant enables you to spend your time managing your business instead of trying to figure out which programs to use.

7 Things Your Email Deliverability Consultant Wish You Knew


As an email marketer, you know email marketing success depends on sustainable inbox placement, but there is a lot of conflicting information out there. What do you really need to know about deliverability? Here are 7 key takeaways to help you think about deliverability in a new light this year. How much is too much? Sit in your customer's chair. When considering how much email is too much, think: "If I were receiving this email, how would I as a subscriber react to it?"

Customer Spotlight: TRC Consultants


The post Customer Spotlight: TRC Consultants appeared first on Salesfusion. Marketing Automation B2B Marketing

Consulting Firm Research Released

Hinge Marketing

In this video blog, Liz Harr shares insights from the 2017 research on marketing and growth strategies for the consulting industry – a special edition research report from the annual High Growth Study. Well, today I’m pleased to announce the release of a new report from Hinge’s 2017 Research: Marketing & Growth Insights on the Management Consulting industry. So check out this report to see where you stack up against your Management Consulting peers.

3 Key Factors to Choosing the Right B2B Marketing Consultant

B2B Marketing Traction

The list of superlatives used by B2B marketing consultants goes on and on ( and on ) today. How do you choose a B2B marketing consultant that can get you the results you want and more ? Today experience, marketing expertise, great speaking and writing abilities, a strategic approach and a broad understanding of marketing tactics are what you should expect in a quality marketing consultant. Great marketing consultants focus on client results. Expert marketer.

How Content Syndication Works - Digitalzone Business Consulting


What makes people like a piece of content a little more than the other ones? Yes, the answer is Content Syndication. So, let me tell you how it works

Consultants Collective Corner: 2020 Can Be the Year You Conquer Work and Your Career


The following has been curated by Consultants Collective member, Kevin Jordan. ” The post Consultants Collective Corner: 2020 Can Be the Year You Conquer Work and Your Career appeared first on Biznology. Consultants Collective CornerThis edition is an eclectic mix of articles, two excellent and thought-provoking TED Talks and cultural insights and musings.

B2B Customers Consult About Five Information Sources During Buying Journey

KoMarketing Associates

As marketers strive to deliver content that best suits their customers’ needs, new research indicates that B2B customers still prefer to consult a wide array of assets during the buying process. According to the “2018 B2B Buying Disconnect” report from TrustRadius, B2B buyers consult 4.9 Less than 50 percent stated that they consult vendors’ product websites.

Marketing Automation Consultation


The post Marketing Automation Consultation appeared first on Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email Marketing | Salesfusion. Best Practices Customer Interaction Email Marketing Social Media

Is the Free Consultation Dead?

Go Beyond SEO

We’ve all seen it online or heard it in an ad…”call today for a free consultation” Everyone from the solo-attorneys to the huge law firm practices have been offering ‘free consultations’ for years. In the marketing world a ‘free consultation’ is called a call-to-action (CTA). Right now you may be asking yourself, why should I keep reading if my free consultation is working? The post Is the Free Consultation Dead?

Business Development Ideas for Management Consultants

Hinge Marketing

If you were tuned into the Hinge webinar a couple of weeks ago about How Buyer’s Buy Management Consulting Services, you heard me cover the process and evaluation criteria that buyers use before they purchase. You see a clear trend among management consulting firms where visibility and reputation – the pillars of a brand – don’t match. There’s lots of untapped potential there for management consultants to set themselves up for more business. Management Consulting Strategy

Does Your Marketing Consultant Have Bench Strength?

B2B Marketing Traction

Does your marketing consultant have the connections and network to make your projects happen cost-effectively, the right way, with “the right people on the bus”? ” A resourceful marketing consultant can bring the right solutions to your table at a cost-effective price, whether they are part of a big firm or a solo practitioner. How can you assess your marketing consultant’s resourcefulness or “bench strength”?

4 Tips for Launching Your Own Consulting Business


Once established, a consulting business can give you a lot of creative and professional freedom. . Starting a consulting business, in theory, is quite easy. If you’ve got marketable skills in IT, marketing, design, career counseling, or just about any expertise that you can see demand for, you could start a consulting firm. In the meantime, let’s talk about a few helpful tips for launching your dream consulting business. What type of consultant do you want to be?

Should Your Consulting Firm Be Specialized?

Hinge Marketing

In the past, specializing could be risky for consulting firms. Consider the limits a pre-Internet consultant would be placing on their potential clients. Because specialization helps your consulting firm match specific needs, it also makes it easier to target your marketing efforts. When your target demographic searches for solutions, they will be much more likely to find you – and general consulting firms will appear less equipped to solve their problems.

Are B2B Strategic Marketing Consultants Relics?


B2B Digital Marketing Strategy B2B Marketing Plans B2B Marketing Strategies B2B Strategy Strategic Marketing Consulting"He’s such a relic!”. That’s what me and my never-catty (wink) girlfriends would say about jocks when they’d come back for homecoming and hit the party circuit with their “Natty Bohs,” acting just like they did when they ruled the school. You could tell they were clinging to the past, but their time had passed. So, what do washed-up jocks have in common with marketing?