How to pitch your GTM messaging to a full range of personas

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The stages of a typical GTM plan may look a little like this: Markets: What industries and sectors are optimal for your product? Some industries are naturally ‘techier’ than others. An industry may be more mature in certain regions and countries.

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Report: CX Marketers Getting Audience Data from Wide Range of Resources

KoMarketing Associates

As customer experience-oriented marketers look for new ways to resonate with their target audience, research suggests that they are harvesting data and analytics from a wide range of resources. Customer Experience Industry News content marketing customer experience data and analyticsNetbase recently conducted the “2018 Consumer Experience Analytics Report” to gauge exactly how CX professionals are honing in on their target audiences.

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The Lost Art of the Mid-Range Blog Post


The most inefficient play in basketball is a mid-range jump shot because it’s hard to make yet still only counts for two points. It makes sense that people would validate the best longform content on search and social even as they typically stick with the mid-range blog posts. If you write about transparent hiring practices in the tech industry , your audience probably needs you to write more. The post The Lost Art of the Mid-Range Blog Post appeared first on Contently.

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The Lost Art of the Mid-Range Blog Post


The most inefficient play in basketball is a mid-range jump shot because it’s hard to make yet still only counts for two points. It makes sense that people would validate the best longform content on search and social even as they typically stick with the mid-range blog posts. If you write a blog post about transparent hiring practices in the tech industry , your audience probably needs you to write more.

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Is Content Marketing Right for My Industry?

Marketing Insider Group

Every year, I have tons of prospects who ask me, “Is content marketing right for my industry?”. Their industries range from local firms, established brands, small businesses, and highly technical companies who make stuff many of us would have trouble understanding.

What's Next for the CDP Industry?

Customer Experience Matrix

It’s been quite fascinating to watch the Customer Data Platform industry develop over the past few years. So far, we’ve seen two main trends emerge: extension of CDP product scope beyond the core of building the customer database itself and expansion into new industries. New Industries Most early CDPs were deployed at retail and publishing companies. While industry history is interesting, the question everyone really cares about is, What happens next?

The Disruptive Forces Reshaping the Marketing Industry


At a recent panel discussion - formed part of the recent Modern Marketing Tour Melbourne, Australia conducted by Oracle Marketing Cloud featured three leading Australian marketers who shared their views on the forces shaping their industry. Across the industry, she sees things shifting from the 'mad men' era to the 'math men' era as organisations take advantage of new technologies to forge closer relationships with their audiences.

Industrial Marketing Company Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Industrial Marketing Today

April 2012 marks a milestone for my industrial marketing company Tiecas, Inc. Given my engineering background, I naturally approached manufacturers and industrial companies in Houston, primarily in the Oil & Gas industry. That marked the beginning of Tiecas moving into the world of digital marketing for industrial clients. I launched this blog in 2008 and have written more than 160 posts about industrial and manufacturing marketing.

How AI is Changing the Restaurant Industry


Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly breaking into almost all sectors of society, and the restaurant industry is no exception. Here are six ways AI is reshaping how the restaurant industry functions. There are so many fluctuations to contend with, ranging from the number of restaurant reservations to the amount of foot traffic arriving. This list shows there’s no shortage of ways AI impacts the restaurant industry.

New exponential publishing drives business growth and revenues


In a growing range of businesses, exponential growth disruption wins. When an exponential competitor succeeds, they rapidly scale their business and transform an industry. Then they disrupt the industry’s business growth by changing the game. Today’s business: exponential disruptors capture industries. Exponential business growth is replacing incremental growth in ever more industries. Lesson for leaders.

How Will Advances In Artificial Intelligence Change The B2B Data Industry?


The expansive, if not vague, potential use cases here range across a wide spectrum. Here’s a little secret from an expert in the industry: it’s impossible to curate perfect B2B data.

Families of devices multiply publisher’s powers to control the world


These new ranges of digital realities may make the world more interesting, entertaining, or meaningful than ever before. The industries that are being killed have smart managers and resources to kick-start their leadership. If threatened industries start using people-first exponential growth, and cloud-services to spread rapidly, they could obsolete the giant platforms. Lesson for leaders. Today’s devices limit their users to what the designers and their apps enable.

Should businesses use LinkedIn groups or Slack for prospecting? Part 2


LinkedIn groups geared towards more mainstream or laggard industries may still continue to thrive in the next couple years, as these members are slower to adopt new technologies. I think the potential for Slack to overtake this space is huge, especially if the target age range is millennials and Generation Z. In my previous article, I introduced the up and coming Slack tool and how it serves as an alternative for LinkedIn , which is closing its groups.

How an Industrial Distributor Uses Content Marketing Effectively

Industrial Marketing Today

Websites of most industrial distributors follow the same basic format – the focus is on their product line card. In my experience that does not happen often enough and the end result is usually the industrial distributor blaming his Website for not producing enough leads and sales. or better known as just Grainger, is one industrial distributor that has embraced content marketing in a very big way. Industrial distributors Industrial Marketing W.W.

Benchmarking Series: Entertainment Industry


The fifth in our performance benchmark series covers the Entertainment industry. This analysis includes nine key industry sectors we classify in the Entertainment category: Gambling; Movies and Videos; Music; Online Entertainment Guides and List; Performing Arts; Sports and Teams; Stadiums, Venues and Theaters; Theme Parks and Attractions; and Ticket Agents and Brokers. Ranked quartiles are far better than averages alone in showing the range of performance across the group.

Industrial Content Reengineering for Improving WIFM Relevance

Industrial Marketing Today

Tweet The challenge for many industrial marketers is making their content relevant to their prospects and customers. Industrial sales cycles are usually several months long and involve numerous people in different roles. question for each of the stakeholders involved in the industrial buying cycle. Why is industrial content reengineering important? It can help to reduce the length of the industrial sales cycle and provide you a competitive advantage.

Producers Needed | All Industries


Special consideration will be given to those who specialize in the following industries: software, technology, healthcare, finance, business, education, and insurance. . Compensation is provided on an assignment basis and can range between $0.05 – $0.15+ per word based on experience.

COVID-19 Email Marketing Impact for the SaaS Industry

SmartBug Media

Today, we are uncovering insights from a range of SmartBug Media® clients in the SaaS industry that use HubSpot, as well as insights from our own team, on what email strategies we have employed during the pandemic—and how to move forward. Email Marketing in the SaaS Industry.

COVID-19 Email Marketing Impact on the Finance Industry

SmartBug Media

Today, we are uncovering insights from a range of SmartBug Media® clients in the finance industry that use HubSpot, as well as insights from our own team, on which email strategies they employed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Email Marketing Impact on the Finance Industry.

Industry Pulse Survey: The role of email in identity post third-party cookies


An original two-week lock down turned into four, then six, and so on, driving entire industries to a halt; advertising and publishing were not without exception. Although the industry may be undecided on a preferred solution, and the efficacy of those solutions may still be in question, 47.6

B2B Marketing Automation Industry Size and Segments

Customer Experience Matrix

This provides an interesting overview of the industry. There’s a strong case to be made that micro-businesses in particular have such different needs that their vendors are not really part of the same industry as the rest of B2B marketing automation. But if you do want to consider all these vendors as one industry, the minimum adjustment to make is to account for differences in price. So I’d estimate total industry revenue at $300 million for 2011.

Key insights: ClickZ benchmark survey, state of industry M&As, and more


More observations from the industry’s biggest acquisitions in the first quarter. We recently started tracking six core marketing trends to understand what’s brewing in the marketing technology industry and what exactly are marketing leaders thinking. .

How CMO Trends Drive the Industry

Martech Advisor

Of course, this will require a broader range of knowledge. As an industry, marketing has become much more than leaflets and emails. Defining the role of CMO today requires looking not only at the marketing arena but also across multiple business functions, from cultural to financial, creative to analytical, shares, Ian Lowe, Vice President of Marketing, Crownpeak.

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Design by computers: How AI is changing the graphic design industry


There is also a wide range of graphic design software that leverage AI for creating complex designs. These examples show that AI has not just forayed into digital design space but rather become an indispensable component to give a new direction to the industry.

How Much Should Your Marketing Team Budget for 2021? [By Industry]


Here, we'll explore typical marketing budgets, as well as marketing budgets by industry, so you can determine how your budget matches up against competitors. B2B Product industries allocate, on average, roughly 10% of revenue to marketing , which is similar to B2C Services (10.1%).

Competitive Advantage in a Commoditized Industry


The state of our industry. However, the industry is becoming increasingly commoditized, and it provides challenges and lessons that can change the landscape for our industry and many others. How fast or slow is the industry currently growing?

Lincoln Electric Changes Perception Of Industry With Brand Storytelling

Marketing Insider Group

But getting buy-in for an approach to building an audience that’s unconventional isn’t easy for B2B marketers – especially if you work for an industrial company. But stepping outside the norms of what people expect is exactly how Lincoln Electric, an icon in industrial welding, has made the entire welding profession sit up and take notice – not just customers and prospects. Coffey : The industry is losing welders at an astonishing rate.

Travel Industry Consumer Trends 2019

V12 Data

Travel Industry Consumer Trends 2019. The travel industry has recently seen unprecedented growth driven by a stronger economy and higher consumer purchasing power. In the midst of this growth, digital transformation has also impacted the travel industry, both in digital tech and digital channels on which consumers can research and book travel plans. The customer experience is clearly important to consumers, both in the travel industry and across verticals.

6 More Search Marketing Tactics for Manufacturing and Industrial Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

In this follow up post, we’ll outline six more search engine marketing recommendations for B2B professionals working in the industrial and manufacturing industries. For industrial marketers managing e-commerce solutions, it is important to evaluate search engine results for primary and secondary keyword targets, to understand whether product listings ads (PLA’s) appear. References to organizations, memberships, and industry affiliations.

Informatica Buys AllSight and What It Means for the CDP Industry

Customer Experience Matrix

The most surprising thing about the CDP industry so far has been that this hasn’t happened very often. This is arguably the most important trend in today’s CDP industry. But those configuration range from products that only build a unified, sharable customer database to products that build the database, analyze its contents, and use it to create personalized marketing messages.

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How are marketing leaders in the industry making the most of virtual events?


If you want to hear from experts in your industry, introduce yourself to potential clients or get your own thought leadership out into the universe, going digital is a must. The post How are marketing leaders in the industry making the most of virtual events?

?Tis the Season for Website Redesigns: 7 Lessons Learned from Redesigning Industrial Websites

Industrial Marketing Today

A website redesign is a common marketing kick off in Q1 for many manufacturers, industrial and engineering companies. This post is a summary of lessons learned from my 10+ years of experience in redesigning many industrial websites. Job 1 for industrial websites is generating high-quality leads and driving sales. See 5 Rules of Website Redesign for Engaging Engineers and Industrial Buyers. See Is Your Industrial Website Still Just a Business Card?

True Influence® Identifies B2B Industry Intent Trends During COVID-19 – MarTechCube


Identifying the industries and buying groups that are in market is crucial to helping companies get back to business by keeping campaigns targeted and running smoothly during a crisis .

The State of Sales Enablement in the Healthcare Industry


The healthcare industry is experiencing rapid growth and noticeable changes. Within the medical device industry alone, KPMG predicts annual global sales to reach about $800 billion by 2030. Curious what sales and marketing trends are most prominent in the healthcare industry? Respondents were at all levels ranging from managers to executive leadership. The trends from the survey reveal successes and challenges that exist for the industry.

Giving the Manufacturing Industry an Image Makeover


To the average person not working in the field of manufacturing, the industry can seem dark, dirty and not “cool” at all. But after spending a number of years writing for the manufacturing industry, I know that this isn’t true at all. In fact, there are a lot of really cool things happening in the industry that people just don’t know about. And this is why I think the manufacturing industry needs an image makeover.

How Big Is the B2B Marketing Automation Industry?

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Here are my estimates for the size of the B2B marketing automation industry, broken down by customer segments. One of the things this has forced me to do is come up with an estimate of industry size that I'm willing to defend in print. Bear in mind that the industry nearly doubled last year, so the current run rate is much higher. The industry can be divided into three segments serving different types of clients: • Small business (under $20 million revenue).

Zigs & Zags of the Tech Industry


So you’re a top technology company who wants to be seen as modern and ever-evolving — much like the rest of the industry! One way to begin the process of redesigning your logo is by identifying some “zigs” and “zags” in your industry. Tech Industry Zigs. Tech Industry Zags.