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Create WOM and Drive Sales Using Tactile Marketing Automation


The post Create WOM and Drive Sales Using Tactile Marketing Automation appeared first on PFL. One way to kick-start a conversation is to send physical items that tell your brand story in inventive, playful ways.

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How to Build Trust With Your Customer Marketing Strategy

Marketing Insider Group

Advocates are highly valuable because they advertise your company using one of the most trusted, effective tactics: word-of-mouth (WOM). Recent statistics show that WOM is directly responsible for 90% of all purchases , meaning now is the time to start turning your customers into advocates if you haven’t already considered it.


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Word of Mouth Has Gone Digital

Go Beyond SEO

Word of mouth (WoM) has gone digital. Online reviews are the closest thing we have to WoM in the digital realm, and they absolutely matter for your business. Google trusts the power of WoM marketing. In fact, reviews pretty much work as crowd-sourced WoM recommendations. 3 Ways Google Reviews Affect Your Business.

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Why The Leader in Conversation Intelligence Invested in Employee Advocacy w/ Sandy Pell at Invoca


But it’s not just about buying – how WOM affects hiring is also impressive. As you may have heard, WOM-hiring has, by a huge margin, the highest applicant-to-hire conversion rate: almost half of all hires are via WOM, but those hires constitute only 7% of all applicants; crazy!

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Why Your B2B Business Needs a Customer Loyalty Program

The Lead Agency

If a customer becomes part of something positive, memorable and walks away satisfied, they are 14 times more likely to return for another purchase, spread WOM, share their data, or re-engage with the brands in other ways. B2B companies are definitely not exempt from this rule. Transaction-based value propositions.

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Igniting Word of Mouth: How WOM Reduced Teen Smoking in South Carolina

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

Igniting Word of Mouth: How WOM Reduced Teen Smoking in South Carolina was posted at Modern B2B Marketing - Marketo Best Practices Blog. | [link]. You have to pick your champions careful – passion far more important than popularity. And you have to let your champions lead. “We We sparked and shaped the movement.

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Word of Mouth Marketing: The Original Employee Advocacy


Below are brief explanations of how employee advocacy enables various aspects of your business that already depend upon WOM interaction. But I’d wager most of our careers began, and are perpetuated through none other than WOM-magic (I guess we can add the second-M back in again). Hiring with Employee Advocacy & Word-of-Mouth.