LiveIntent Featured in eMarketer’s Email Marketing 2019 Report


When the good folks at eMarketer asked if LiveIntent would like to participate in their Email Marketing 2019 report, they didn’t need to twist our collective arm. eMarketer estimates nearly 91% of US internet users will send at least one email each month in 2019.

Book Review: eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale


The brilliant Ardath Albee provides the missing piece, a reliable recipe marketing automation, demand generation and content marketing success in her new book, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale.

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Optimizing the eMarketing Leads-to-Sales Process


The challenge to any business is to optimize every little piece of the eMarketing flow from website visitor to sale. Below is a diagram showing how the eMarketing flow works. There are three phases of eMarketing strategy: Generate Traffic, Turn Into Prospects: Turn Into Sales.

Optimizing the eMarketing Leads-to-Sales Process


The challenge to any business is to optimize every little piece of the eMarketing flow from website visitor to sale. By carefully tweaking the micro elements of the flow, the macro components work better; you’ll generate more leads, more conversions, more sales, increase market share, and be primed for the future. Below is a diagram [.].

A Hodgepodge of eMarketing enhancement tips


I thought it would be a good idea to summarize a few tips and tricks that can help optimize eMarketing performance or enhance tactics. I preach optimizing the “micro&# elements of an entire eMarketing strategy. These are just little items, but nevertheless can be helpful in your strategy. So here we go: Pay-Per-Click.

A Hodgepodge of eMarketing enhancement tips


I thought it would be a good idea to summarize a few tips and tricks that can help optimize eMarketing performance or enhance tactics. I preach optimizing the “micro&# elements of an entire eMarketing strategy. These are just little items, but nevertheless can be helpful in your strategy. So here we go: Pay-Per-Click.

The importance of optimizing eMarketing; An Interview with a COO


The utmost importance of optimizing the entire “visitor-to-lead-to-sale&# cycle as an eMarketing strategy cannot be questioned. If you don’t pay attention to a specific micro element of an eMarketing plan, the entire strategy won’t work as well; you’ll lose leads and sales.

eMarketing Expert Ardath Albee on the Limitations of a Lead Gen Mindset


I recently had the opportunity to interview Ardath Albee about the importance of lead nurturing and I think you’ll be interested to read some of the valuable feedback she provided. PC: Ardath, you’ve written a lot about the importance of using lead nurturing to engage leads across the entirety of the buying process. Yet B2B marketers seem to be more focused on lead generation than the rest of the process. Is that a problem? AA: Yes.

eMarketer: How Marketers Use Social to Promote Events

The Freeman Company

eMarketer shares FreemanXP research on how social media usage varies throughout events

ClickLaunch: Ardath Albee's eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

Ambal's Amusings

Ambal Balakrishnan: What prompted you to embark on creating your book ‘eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale’? Ambal Balakrishnan: Who is ‘eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale’ addressed towards? Ambal Balakrishnan: Tell us about what Marketing Interactions does?

Nine Social Media Marketing Stats You Can Use


eMarketer ). Marketing Research Social Media Marketing eMarketer Google Trends HubSpot MarketingSherpa MediaPost social media marketing budgets social media marketing facts social media marketing in 2018 social media marketing statistics

Since Consumers Still Hate Digital Ads, Brands Should Invest in Better Content


billion by the end of 2019 , per eMarketer. Another recent study published by eMarketer looked at what type of digital ads annoy consumers the most. Trending ad spend Adblockers data eMarketerMy favorite YouTube video shows a baby panda sneezing.

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B2B Online Marketers Focus on Lead Gen - eMarketer

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4 Simple Reasons for Why this Webinar Invitation Works

The Point

Take the invitation below from the folks at eMarketer. B2B Marketing Content marketing Event Marketing Event Promotion Graphic Design Webinar Invitations Webinars emarketer Webinar best practices webinar campaigns webinar invitation webinar invitation tips webinar response Webinar success

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B2B Data-Driven Marketing: What You Need to Know Today


Stevens is one of our authors at Biznology, and President of eMarketing Strategy, a consultancy in New York City specializing in B2B marketing, particularly sales lead generation. Our latest webinar was presented by Ruth Stevens.

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21 Spectacular SEO and Search Marketing Stats and Facts


eMarketer ). Marketing Research Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 41 Stories Berrie Pelser Caroline Nicander Mohr digital marketing budgets eMarketer Google advertising revenue John A. Social may be sexy, but search still pays the bills.

Stats 284

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: 7 key criteria to decide


eMarketer ). Consider these facts: Digital ad revenue in the U.S. grew by more than 20% last year to a record $72.5 billion. ( IAB ). Google and Facebook accounted for almost 100% of all the growth in U.S. digital ad revenue last year. ( IAB ).

50 Facts about online consumer behavior not to ignore


eMarketer ). 81% of consumers research online before buying. ( GE Capitol ). If the goal of marketing is to reach the consumer at moments that most influence their buying decision, then understanding online consumer behavior is key for any business.

Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


According to eMarketer , 1.8 Lesson for leaders. Publishing’s plight is clear: continuing today’s publishing platform is a recipe for disaster. Tomorrow is not just another day. A global digital transformation is underway. Publishing’s current digital and business models will be obsolete.

How to integrate offline campaigns with your digital marketing strategy


According to an eMarketer report, American retailers spent nearly 80% of their marketing budget on offline campaigns in 2016.

The simple truth about what’s driving digital next year


In an interview with eMarketer , the co-founder and CEO of retail software provider Mappedin , Hongwei Liu, said : “People used to have time to browse in-store—it was how they discovered.

87 More Vital Social Media Marketing Facts and Stats for 2012


eMarketer ). eMarketer ). eMarketer ). eMarketer ). Though social media marketing is now used in about 90% of companies, techniques, platforms and best practices continue to evolve. Should you include Pinterest in your mix? Increase use of video marketing?

Here’s How People Avoid Watching Pre-Roll Videos


B2C Brands Media data eMarketer pre-roll video YouTubeThree things in life can instantly turn my smile into a frown: dealing with a Philadelphia Eagles loss, realizing it’s Sunday when I’m outside a Chick-fil-A, and clicking on a video that serves me a pre-roll ad.

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Less Than Half of Baby Boomers Like Seeing Diversity in Ads


We’re seeing a more diverse and open society, especially among millennials,” Quim Gil , head brand planner at ad agency Richards/Lerma, said in an interview with eMarketer. “We Media Baby boomers diversity eMarketer Gen X Gen Z Millennials

Why Your B2B Team Is Investing Too Much in Mobile


Mobile ad spending has surpassed $58 billion this year, accounting for 70 percent of all digital spend, per eMarketer. B2B Brands desktop Email eMarketer mobileJudging by the headlines, the mobile revolution is well underway.

Mobile 100

Consequences of killing time? In the future, more digital growth will be mobile.

This year, time with digital media is expected to grow 4%, according to Nicole Perrin, Senior Analyst at eMarketer. eMarketer studied time spent with mobile devices (including including smartphones, tablets, and feature phones), desktop, and laptop.

Spin A Story That Stands Above The Noise: Content Marketing Tips From ?Ardath Albee

Modern Marketing

Join Ardath Albee , author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale , and our community of modern marketers at Eloqua Experience 2013 at the Hilton Union Square in San Francisco.

Why 34 clear facts on Viewable Impressions matter


79% of mobile ads are viewable vs. 48% for desktop, so mobile does better than deskstop according to eMarketer. Digital Marketing ad age adludi bloomberg business computerworld ComScore Digital marketing emarketer Google online ads viewable impressions Wall Street Journal

Where to start your B2B video marketing project


Over the past few years multiple leading sources from Content Marketing Institute , eMarketer , Forbes , Aberdeen , Demand Metric , Wistia , Vidyard , and more, have statistically proven that online business video achieves marketing and sales objectives.

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Top Social Media and Marketing Books of 2010


The Truth About Search Engine Optimization packs a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge into a compact barely-200-page space… eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale by Ardath Albee. Stumped for that last-minute Christmas idea?

The Rise of Account-Based Marketing, in 7 Charts


As eMarketer points out , the concept of ABM has actually been around for more than a decade. ROI account-based marketing eMarketer marketing funnel marketing stack MarTech salesThere are a lot of buzzy trends in marketing that turn out to be little more than hot air.

Social media in B2B: from platforms to content… Ten years later.

Exo B2B

We were asking ourselves this question almost ten years ago in this blog post , with statistics from eMarketer dating back to 2009. Here is one of the graphs from the eMarketer study. What is the relevance of social media for B2B?

Who Will Win the War for TV Ad Dollars?


Overall, eMarketer has the percentage of “cord-cutters” and “cord-nevers” (people who have never paid for traditional TV) increasing by a steady 8 percent each year through 2017, 2018, and 2019. The cycle keeps repeating itself. A big TV event gets broadcast.

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How Do You Appeal to the Distracted Buyer?

Modern Marketing

According to recent eMarketer data , adults in the US consume an average of 11 hours of media in a day, with the largest shares going to TV, video and online. We are, according to eMarketer’s own analysis, multitasking.

Welcome to Marketing Stats Summer!


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Three Reasons Content Curation is Overrated

Digital B2B Marketing

According to a recent report on eMarketer , 85% of marketers curate content in order to establish thought leadership! Content Strategy Content Curation emarketer Thought Leadership

The Path to Value from Content Curation

Digital B2B Marketing

Three weeks ago I published Three Reasons Content Curation is Overrated , my reaction to research published on eMarketer and advice we frequently see about curating content in order to establish thought leadership.