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How promotional merchandise magic can make the difference in your marketing campaigns


Promotional merchandise is one of the oldest types of promotions. Even in today’s digital world, promotional products and branded merchandise really do make a big impact on marketing campaigns. 7 in 10 marketers use promotional merchandise to raise brand awareness. Merchandise that stands the test of time. Like this post?

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5X the Spend, 2X the Engagement: Why AI Retail Merchandising Is Essential for the Holidays

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become the poster child for the old adage, “Work smarter, not harder” — especially when it comes to AI retail merchandising. With Commerce Cloud ’s newest product recommendation tools, Complete the Set , merchandisers for all brands — big or small — can reap the rewards of AI.


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6 Visual Merchandising Examples That Drive Sales


And for this very reason, we decided to highlight the visual merchandising examples that tell the some of the most captivating stories in retail. What is visual merchandising? 6 Examples of Retail Merchandising that Drive Sales. It’s often used in stores, but it can also be used online. School of Fashion - Seneca College.

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Improving E-Commerce Conversion Rates: How to Automatically Merchandise Your Content

Martech Advisor

Balance between customer delight and business objectives must be struck, and this requires merchandising products that meet the needs and desires of the shopper, and contribute to the bottom line. Many merchandising teams still undergo this entire process by hand. Delight is fleeting, but profit will ensure that it is enduring.

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Learn Today, Sell Tomorrow: Increasing ROI & Conversions Through Search Metrics

Search metrics can drive buyer conversion by helping website owners learn from their online visitors, allowing eCommerce merchandisers and digital marketers to create, adapt, and execute an effective marketing strategy with help from the data collected by an onsite search bar.

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Sustainable Swag: Aligning Our Values with Our Merchandise


For the past few years, we’ve been on a journey to make sure our Buffer swag – the branded merchandise that goes out to teammates, customers and the world – reflects our Buffer values.

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Thought Leadership Merchandising: Rising Above the Noise

Marketing Craftmanship

Merchandising Strategy Precedes Content Development. Proper application of Thought Leadership-based content begins with development of a content merchandising strategy, involving two basic questions: What measurable outcomes do we want our Thought Leadership to achieve (other than having people think we’re smart)?

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How to Match Online Customers with the Products They Are Searching For

A properly functioning site search solution is one of the most critical yet underutilized tools available to eCommerce merchandisers. Working to match site visitors with the relevant content they need improves and personalizes the user experience. It helps the website owner gain insight to understand their audience better.