Cutting, pasting, and going to court. Know your copyright rights

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But the legal department keeps killing your mojo with their copyright concerns. Know your copyright rights. Those people are wrong (and they’re committing copyright infringement). There are trolls out there who optimize their own copyrighted images for Google search just so they can threaten to sue people who use the images. With or without credit, this is copyright infringement, not to mention rude. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

Do you need copyright permission every time you quote someone’s work?

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Copyright and fair use reside in the grayest of gray legal areas. Which copyrighted works you can legally use (and how much you can legally use) present confusing questions, which I’ve covered previously for this blog. The extremes of copyright permission.

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Someone’s making money off your copyrighted content (But it isn’t you)

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That makes it all the more aggravating when we find examples of companies unfairly making money off your copyrighted content. Copyright in a world of curation. Seems simple enough, and yet people infringe copyright all the time, intentionally or unintentionally.

Copyright expert Nicholas Wells on the newest Google Bowling


So, we have a technologist/marketer turned IP attorney that I was pleased be able to interview on the newest form of negative SEO or Google Bowling–illegal using copyright law against your competitors. Me: Can you describe the purpose of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?

Is This Copyright Infringement? What Images You Can & Can't Share [Infographic]


And when one of the rights to that image is used without the creator's consent, that's called copyright infringement -- and it's a big deal. Sharing is caring, right? Well, yes. but when it comes to sharing other people's images, there are a few restrictions.

Social Sharing Might Get You Sued: Social Media And Copyright Law

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Most of us learned about copyright law with the illegal music downloading issues brought on by Metallica and the Recording Industry Association against Napster. Most original productions and trademarks are copyrighted and protected by U.S. Copyright Law As A Business.

“Curation” versus Fair Use: How to keep your content safe

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But when does “curation” turn into copyright infringement? I find that difficult to believe, but let’s assume that some people genuinely don’t understand curation, copyright, or fair use. Fair use is a defense to a claim of copyright infringement.

Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s: Don’t Let Copyright Law Be Used Against Your Content Marketing

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then filed a DMCA takedown notice with Automattic requesting that the post be taken down on the grounds of copyright infringement. The hosting service can’t be sued directly for copyright infringement if it complies with the DMCA takedown procedure.


The 12 Best Special-Purpose Business Software Tools


Copyright Protection. A plagiarism checking and copyright protection that helps assure any content submitted to yuor site is original, and proactively scan the web to identify any instances of other sites making unauthorized use of your content.

Are You a Content Thief and Don’t Know It?

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” To further avoid unauthorized use of our own work, we added copyright information to the bottom of every blog post we publish.

Copyright to prevent copy wrongs in B2B content marketing

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A solution: Copyright your content. After registering all of his site's content with the US Copyright Office, Houston Neal of Software Advice wrote a blog detailing the a process. You've worked hard researching, writing and editing your content for your B2B website.

An undigital revolution of sorts


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Shakespeare Was an Aggregating Social-Media Pirate

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Not only would our age treat a contemporary version of Shakespeare as a plagiarist, it would also spurn him as an copyright pirate. The Renaissance, McNulty notes, was “an age unconstrained by modern copyright laws.” Aargh?

Embrace Social Media Marketing, While Keeping an Eye on Protecting Your Business


Tips for Keeping Your Company Safe: From Infringement: Be sure that you have permission to use any images, music or text that could be copyrighted. Respect Copyright, Fair Use, Trademark Laws : Be sure to get permission (for copyright materials), cite references and link to original sources.

The When, Where & How of Using GIFs in Content Marketing


In this post, you’ll learn where GIFs fit within a content marketing strategy, where to make your own and how to avoid copyright issues. GIFs and Copyright Laws. Repurposing someone’s content for a GIF takes away the copyright owner’s ability to govern derivatives of their work, how it gets shared and any potential proceeds generated as a result of its use. GIFs have evolved our visual language and the way we communicate with each other in a very short amount of time.

The Cooks Source Copyright Outrage: Not the Norm

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One of the hottest Internet memes last week was the story of how blogger Monica Gaudio complained to a print magazine, Cooks Source , that it had used her work without permission and got told that, really, she should be grateful to have it stolen. The incident was covered well by TechDirt , Wired , and many others.).

The “Instagram Act” and How to Protect Your Photos Online

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permits the use of “orphan works” — copyrighted works for which the owner cannot be identified. Copyright Office or the PLUS Registry in the U.K. Copyright Office could try registering works as a compilation, provided they published them all within the same year. (

Digital Marketing Puzzle – #8889

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Please, feel free to use or re-post this image wherever you’d like, as long as the 2012 copyright watermark remains intact. For a fun Friday brain teaser, brings you a puzzle using terms out of our digital marketing glossary.

Friday Marketing Picture Puzzle – #7913

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Please, feel free to use or re-post this image wherever you’d like, as long as the 2012 copyright watermark remains intact. For a fun Friday brain teaser, brings you a puzzle using terms out of our digital marketing glossary.

Can You Solve this Digital Marketing Puzzle? – #3776

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Please, feel free to use or re-post this image wherever you’d like, as long as the 2012 copyright watermark remains intact. For a fun Friday brain teaser, brings you a puzzle using terms out of our digital marketing glossary.

Can You Solve this Digital Marketing Puzzle? – #1950

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Please, feel free to use or re-post this image wherever you’d like, as long as the 2012 copyright watermark remains intact. For a fun Friday brain teaser, brings you a puzzle using terms out of our digital marketing glossary.

5 Powerful Techniques To Boost Your Content Marketing


If you own an image – you took the photo or created the graphic, or paid someone to do it – that’s great, you own the copyright and there will be no issues. The biggest rule: Don’t use an image without knowing who owns it, or you may be committing a copyright violation.

4 Non-Marketing Skills You Need to Become a Better Marketer

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Legal: Respect others’ copyrights. Respect other people’s copyrights: don’t copy/paste other people’s content onto your company’s blog or use images you found on Google search to dress up the company website. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist.

STOP: Don’t Use Influencer Marketing Without Reading This Post

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Copyright ownership. Unless the photos, videos, blog posts, and other content you’re asking for are “works for hire,” the individual influencers will retain full copyright ownership. By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist. Influencer marketing is more popular than ever.

Know the Legal Risks of Blab for Brand Marketing

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I’d suggest these: Preview your video stream and check whether you have any copyrighted material visible or audible (movies playing on the television, music from your speakers, etc.). Either reposition yourself or remove the copyrighted material from the streaming area.

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10 Ways to Use Images for Memorable Marketing Results


Also be sure to use a file name that includes your company name, and don’t forget copyright information, a date, and the sources of the information you used in the infographic. There’s no shortage of content on the Internet. Every day, more than 2 million blog posts are published.

Have you ever stolen other people’s content?


The moment another blogger publishes their content, it becomes covered by the Copyright Law. Fair use” is a vague term though, a so-called gray area of the copyright laws. Visual content is protected by copyright laws, just like any other type of content.

Sued in Six Seconds: Avoiding the Entanglements of Twitter’s Vine

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Showing other people’s copyrighted works (even for six seconds or less) could result in a lawsuit, although a takedown notice is more likely. Are you picking up snippets of highly personal conversations, or copyrighted music? By Kerry Gorgone, Contributing {grow} Columnist.

Legal Rights in Your Video Soundtrack — 5 Questions to Ask Yourself


This is the artist, record label, and publisher that own the copyright to the intellectual property for the song you want. Usually, the publishing company will administer the rights to gain access to the copyright of the composition/lyrics to a song and the record label will hold the rights to the master recording of that song. The copyright and master recording have been pre-cleared by the rights holders. What Will Happen If I Use Copyrighted Music Without Permission?

On the web, there are no neutral corners

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Copyright 2014 Schaefer Marketing Solutions. Copyright 2014 Schaefer Marketing Solutions. Sometimes I feel disheartened by the back-stabbing, toxicity, and rumor-mongering I see among fellow bloggers. Of course this is not a “blogger problem.” ” It is a human problem.

Whose Likeness is it Anyway? Event Photos and You

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Typically, the person who takes a photo retains copyright. This means if another attendee snaps a picture of you and tweets it, you can’t issue a takedown notice based on copyright. (It’s Typically, the person who takes a photo retains copyright.

New Buyer Insights Needed To Unlock Growth In An Era Of B2B Digital Transformation

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Intangible assets, such as copyrights, patents, training, procedures, data, digital innovations, and intellectual property, now comprise 84% of the market value of the S&P 500. Illustration entitled Insight by Yu Luck.

B2B Marketers – Has Your Online Content Been Copied?

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During a discussion about copyrighted material on websites, one of my clients – an attorney – told me about a program called Copyright Office. Dealing with Online Copyrights Infringement in Accordance with DMCA by Marketing Dock. Tweet.


How I Find Royalty-Free Images for My Blog Posts

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I log in to, and enter my search term in the upper right corner – in this example, I searched for “copyright.”. I hope this helps you find great images for your blog posts and also helps prevent you from inadvertently using copyrighted materials for your online content!

10+ Free (Yes, Even for Commercial Use) Stock Photo Websites

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Well look no further than the following free and no copyright CC0 stock photography websites. Sometimes web designers, entrepreneurs, and digital marketers just need some basic stock photography to elevate their website or landing page.

20 B2B Marketers Losing their Brand on Pinterest

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Cisco Ciena AT&T BMC Dell Canon Google Sprint FedEx UPS DHL Monster Oracle Xerox MetLife Intel SAP The current legal discussion of Pinterest and copyright should give some marketers pause, but for marketers focused on sharing their own material, the risk appears to be minimal. Pinterest is the marketing flavor du jour. Media and press are tauting the ability of Pinterest to drive traffic and the time spent on Pinterest. Many B2B marketers do not have any presence on Pinterest.

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How to Choose the Best Music for Your Video Marketing Projects


In most countries that are signatories to the Berne Convention (an international agreement governing copyright of literary and artistic works), copyright term is based on the life of the author, and extends to 50 or 70 years beyond their death.

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22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Plans

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Life of Pix is one of my favorite sources of free, high-resolution photos donated to the public domain by the Leeroy ad agency with no copyright restrictions. Images are free of Copyright restrictions.

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Understanding Landing Pages and How to Create Effective Headlines

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In the olden days of traditional copyrighting, the headline was the almighty first step in grabbing the readers attention. And while some practices are not necessarily applicable to the online world, the one constant is the importance of that headline, especially on your landing pages. When we speak about landing pages, just what is it [.] The post Understanding Landing Pages and How to Create Effective Headlines appeared first on B2B Web Strategy.

10 Sites for Free, Non-Cheesy Stock Photos


They fall back on the excuse that they simply don''t have the time to spend on figuring out copyrights and attribition rules, but fail to recognize the influence it has on a prospect''s perception of them. We''ve all heard the mantra, "don''t settle for anything less than you deserve.".

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