On-Line Events on Twitter: Long-Live the Tweetchat

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One thing that caught my attention recently was a discussion of the “ Tweetchat ” Event – using Twitter to conduct a conversation between participants with virtually no cost and not requiring an events platform. The “secret sauce” is a specific Twitter event hashtag.

120 Top People in Minnesota Tech on Twitter


Following on the recent roundup here of the top 130 Minnesota tech companies on Twitter , here’s a look at some top individuals in Minnesota’s tech scene. The people on this list use Twitter in a variety of ways, which is totally fine.


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Fun Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook background photos for email geeks


They sit behind your profile picture on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook and serve as prime real estate for you to show personality. Learn how to update yours here: How to change your Twitter header or banner photo. Tag us on Twitter , LinkedIn , Instagram , or Facebook.

Understanding Twitter verification in 2020

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If you’re active on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed a blue checkmark associated with various accounts. Being verified on Twitter is somewhat of a status symbol as it indicates that a profile is authentic. The significance of Twitter verification. Your Twitter handle.

How to Make and Optimize a Twitter Landing Page


Do you want to set up a dedicated page for visitors who come from Twitter? By sending your Twitter crowd to a generic homepage, they’re less likely to be engaged. But first, let’s take a closer look at the value of adding a Twitter landing page to your sales funnel.

Twitter for Business: Is It Time?

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Twitter is in trouble. The company recently missed earnings estimates for the second time in four quarters, and had to strike a deal with activist investor firm Elliott Management which had “been trying to push (Jack) Dorsey out as part of an overhaul to Twitter’s business.”

What is Twitter Spaces? [+Why Marketers Should Care]


Throughout the last few months, Twitter's been experimenting with a new feature called Twitter Spaces. Why Marketers Are Watching Twitter Spaces. As marketers gain access to Twitter Spaces, we're learning that it could offer brand opportunities that Clubhouse hasn't enabled yet.

Twitter Ends Fleets 9 Months After Launch via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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Twitter is giving up on Fleets nine months after rolling it out to everyone, saying the feature didn’t accomplish what the company hoped it would. The post Twitter Ends Fleets 9 Months After Launch appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

Twitter Tests Voting On Tweets via @sejournal, @RebekahDunne

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Twitter carries out an experiment that gives users the option to 'down vote’ or up vote’ a reply within a Twitter conversation. The post Twitter Tests Voting On Tweets appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

The 2018 Branded Twitter Awards


Ah, Twitter. This year, Netflix posted an hour-long video of Cole Sprouse eating a hamburger on IGTV, Amazon spammed teens on Snapchat with ads for Prime, and Taco Bell corrected White Castle’s grammar on Twitter. MLB has an excellent Twitter account, full of video clips, stats, and news from games and trades baseball fans might have missed. — Twitter (@Twitter) September 19, 2018. The post The 2018 Branded Twitter Awards appeared first on Contently.

What is a Twitter audit?


They set up their Twitter account, begin posting, but never really take stock in whether or not their efforts are getting them the results they want. From time to time it is important to perform a wellness check of sorts for your Twitter account. to analyze twitter followers.

The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Guide


Why Twitter? Twitter is social media on fast forward. Owing to Twitter’s quick pace and the short attention span that people have, Twitter is a great place to find high-engaged audiences. On Twitter you could. Content Curation Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Resources Social Media Tips social media tips Twitter MarketingFor your content to travel and make impact on social media you require an audience that is active and engaged.

How B2B brands approach Twitter


Analysing the number of Twitter followers reported in this study reveals five types of corporate account based on success: Most (43 per cent) are Dabblers (<250 followers). Analysing the Twitter activity of the top two hundred B2B Super Brands reveals some useful quality related benchmarks for us mere mortals. Gain a Klout score above 44 and you’re out-performing half of these Twitter accounts. Just over one half of these B2B Super Brands have multiple Twitter accounts.

4 Benefits of Twitter for business

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Twitter is one of the top platforms to keep up with the latest trends and conversations. You may already be using Twitter on a daily basis to follow your favorite brands and take part in trending conversations. But what about using Twitter for your business?

Twitter Verification Open For Public Applications via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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Twitter is once again accepting public applications from users seeking verification, and rolling out new guidelines to follow in order to keep the verified badge. The post Twitter Verification Open For Public Applications appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

4 Brands Still Successfully Marketing on Twitter

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Twitter is losing ground in the engagement game. Twitter also developed a bad rep when it became overshadowed by Snapchat, motivating concerns […]. The post 4 Brands Still Successfully Marketing on Twitter appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Recently, it was revealed to be the worst social media channel for engaging consumers.

How to Build Your B2B Twitter Following (for Free)


Twitter is powerful when you've got a big B2B Twitter following composed of the right people. Social Media Marketing followers social media social media for business social media marketing Twitter Twitter marketingWe know, we've landed significant customers via the platform. Learn how to build an engaged following for free with these 7 actionable tips.

What the Twitter IPO Means for Marketers


Congratulations to the entire Twitter team; past, present and early-stage investors! Whether you participated in Twitter’s historic initial public offering or not, chances are you’ve been vested in the microblogging service for quite some time as a modern marketer. Full disclosure, Twitter is an Oracle Eloqua customer and 2013 Markie award recipient so we’re just a little obsessed with this iconic brand.

Make your tweets beautiful with the help of the Twitter Cards Validator Tool


I cross-posted the article onto LinkedIn and the lovely Beth Farris chimed in with some Twitter Cards Validator Tool school : So, yes, there is a Twitter validator , the Twitter Cards Validator Tool. In order to render correctly on Twitter Cards, you actually need to implement Cards on your site by adding the correct meta tags to the page. Yes, that’s on me, but it should actually be on Twitter, too.

Using Twitter Can Benefit Your Business


As one of the most universally used social media platforms , Twitter has been changing online discourse since 2006. Known for having shorter character limits and high post volume by users, you may wonder if using Twitter can benefit your business. Small Business Twitter Community.

How to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily

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There may come a time in your social media career where you look at your brand and wonder, “Is it time to create another Twitter account?” Having multiple Twitter accounts can be quite beneficial for many reasons. When to use multiple Twitter accounts. Social Strategy Twitter

Do Celebrities “Get” Twitter?


Then he started talking about Twitter. Crystal had just joined Twitter and joked about trying to come up with material to tweet. It seems like every week another star takes to Twitter with a mixture of bafflement and wonderment. All of this begs the question: Do celebrities really get Twitter? Ricky Gervais jumped off Twitter only after about a month because he failed to see the point. Twitter is more of a one-way street than many of like to think.

3 Highlights From the ‘Conversion’ Twitter Chat


by Eloqua | Tweet this Our third #Eloquestions Twitter chat saw Arpine Babloyan, Sr. For our fourth #Eloquestions Twitter chat, Arpine handed the baton to fellow Topliner big-gun Dave Liloia , Director Sales Operations and Marketing Automation at Vertafore. dann-montgomery asked Arpine for tips on promoting content on Twitter without sounding spammy. Nearly all our Twitter chatters asked questions about conversion on social media.

The 10 Don’ts of Twitter for B2B Marketing

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Twitter has transformed the way that B2B marketers communicate with their target audiences by providing another place to engage, address questions, and emphasize what they stand for. In fact, Twitter is now the top social platform for B2B brand mentions , with 73% of them happening on the site. Despite this, many B2B marketers struggle to progress on Twitter and demonstrate any significant results on the platform. Why is it so important to avoid Twitter bad practices?

Twitter Tests Improvements to Tweets With Photos & Video via @MattGSouthern

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Twitter confirms it’s testing long requested updates to publishing tweets with photos, and working on YouTube integration for a better video experience. The post Twitter Tests Improvements to Tweets With Photos & Video via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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Twitter is adding a ‘Subscribe’ button to peoples’ profiles that will allow users to quickly sign up for newsletters. The post Twitter Adding ‘Subscribe’ Button to Profiles For Newsletter Signups appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

#ChatZoomInfo: 2019 ZoomInfo Twitter Chat Schedule


In 2019, ZoomInfo is taking to Twitter to host a series of 12 Q&A-type discussions. The ultimate goal of #ChatZoomInfo is to engage with the diverse group of professionals, customers, and partners who follow ZoomInfo on Twitter. These one hour sessions will consist of five questions— tweeted by the ZoomInfo Twitter account (@zoominfo). Listed below are all dates, topics, and details regarding all upcoming Twitter chats.

Twitter Lets Users Monetize Tweets With ‘Super Follow’ via @MattGSouthern

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Twitter presents a first look at a new feature called Super Follow which lets users pay a monthly fee in exchange for premium content. The post Twitter Lets Users Monetize Tweets With ‘Super Follow’ via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

Twitter Data Reveals Consumers’ Priorities For Summer 2021 via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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Twitter reports consumers feel positive heading into summer 2021, and data from a study on tweet volume reveals what their priorities are for the season. The post Twitter Data Reveals Consumers’ Priorities For Summer 2021 appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

SocialOomph offers essential Twitter tools


Twitter Keyword and Hashtag Auto-Follow. I have done it on auto-pilot before, but that just ended up being madness, resulting in being lured into following SPAM Twitter profiles because they’re getting better and better at dropping high-value keywords and hashtags into their tweets. Finally, I can report the worst ones as SPAM to Twitter, which blocks, bans, and reports them. Twitter is funny. Twitter for Business: The Ultimate Guide (mikeadavitt.wordpress.com).

Twitter Vine in Small Business Marketing


With the growing popularity of Twitter Vine, small businesses should take advantage of this great marketing app. Twitter Vine is an application that allows Twitter users to create and post six-second looping videos. Setting up Twitter Vine. Though Vine works in conjunction with Twitter, it is a dedicated app – meaning it does not run through your actual Twitter account and is its own entity. How do I use Twitter Vine?

How to Get The Most Out of Paid Twitter Ads


But success I’ve seen through Twitter changed my mind. Here are four such tips for your Twitter ads project. Twitter has done an excellent job in modifying the paid ad capabilities on continuous basis. Over the past couple of months, Twitter has made updates in its ad offerings that suggest it “gets” marketing. Twitter has proactively reached out to introduce these updates and solicit advice. Twitter changed this.

Most Engaging Twitterers in Minnesota


We’ve connected with Twitterers interested in b2b marketing, PR, web presence optimization and digital marketing topics everywhere from the U.K., Here are a couple of dozen of the most engaging Minnesotans we’ve met on, through, or because of Twitter over the past five years. Most Engaging Minnesota Twitterers. One of the greatest attributes of social media is its ability to connect people with similar interests across the globe.

4 Ways to Find Marketing Qualified Leads on Twitter

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You already know that social media platforms like Twitter have the potential to build your client base – and your bottom line. Let’s take a look at using Twitter for B2B marketing leads: 1. While Twitter has 313 million active users each month, not all of them are engaged. Searching Twitter bios for job titles, interests and other factors can help you identify a core target audience.

Twitter Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet via @sejournal, @MattGSouthern

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New details discovered about Twitter's upcoming subscription service reveal one of the features may include the ability to under sent tweets. The post Twitter Premium Features May Include Undo Sent Tweet appeared first on Search Engine Journal. News Twitter

B2B Marketing: Top 100 Twitter Influencers

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We match the proportional usage of nouns in your content against an aggregate of what an influencer has posted on Twitter over the past 12 months to return the most relevant influencers. Top 100 B2B Marketing Twitter Influencers. B2BMarketing: Top 100 Twitter Accounts To Follow Click To Tweet. Twitter Handle. The post B2B Marketing: Top 100 Twitter Influencers appeared first on onalytica. 70% of B2B marketers are creating more content than they did one year ago.

15 Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter to Drive Business Results

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The wonderful world of Twitter has unlocked business opportunities for almost every type of user – from emerging artists, celebrities, big brands, news sources, and (most importantly for you) B2B marketers. Twitter offers B2B marketers the chance to attract prospects, interact and engage with clients, increase brand awareness, better understand their audience and much more. Twitter offers B2B marketers another avenue to participate in conversations with prospects.