Content Marketing 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

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Having a solid content marketing strategy in 2015 is essential, it’s like having a mobile friendly website or a social media presence. Fast forward to 2015 where every brand is a publisher and the market is crowded like never before. What’s next for content marketing?

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4 Key Takeaways from the 2015 SiriusDecisions Summit

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Amongst the usual parade of waterfalls, models, and frameworks (all SiriusDecisions’ stock in trade) were some consistent themes highlighting the direction that B2B demand generation – or demand creation, as our hosts would have it – is evolving in 2015: 1.

The 24 Best Interactive Websites of 2015


Important because: This interactive website profiles NASA astronaut Scott Kelly’s trip to the International Space Station and his time in space throughout 2015. Population Reference Bureau: 2015 World Population Data Sheet.

Top 10 Email Marketing Trends for 2015


The post Top 10 Email Marketing Trends for 2015 appeared first on Salesfusion. Marketing Automation

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Enterprise B2B Marketers – How Did We Do In 2015?


In order to contrast and benchmark 2015 against 2014, we are launching our study once again and asking B2B Enterprise Companies to share their insights and thoughts on how they approach Demand Generation. Last year, ANNUITAS launched a new kind of Demand Generation Survey.

Digital Health Landscape 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

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As of Feb 2015, there were already 14 prestigious hospitals doing pilot programs of HealthKit , with many more to follow. Be sure to hit one of the blue buttons to download the full 2015 Digital Health landscape, including a detailed network map to better understand the debate.

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B2B Sales and Marketing Trends for 2015

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We feel strongly that 2015 can be a great year for B2B companies and trust that you will achieve your share of revenues and profits. At the beginning of each year, my team and I publish a report on significant trends in B2B sales and marketing.

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New 2015 Marketing Budget Benchmarks

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The Econsultancy Marketing Budgets Report 2015 , created in association with Oracle Marketing Cloud, delves into marketers’ expected spend for the coming year. Is understanding how to target your customer effectively keeping you awake at night?

Announcing The 2015 B2B Web Usability Report

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The full report can be downloaded, without form submission, through the following landing page: The 2015 B2B Web Usability Report.

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Infographic: What’s Trending In Marketing for 2015?

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The post Infographic: What’s Trending In Marketing for 2015? It’s old news now that your buyers are educated on your products and services before ever speaking to a sales rep. Popular content research sources for B2B buyers are: whitepapers – 78%. case studies – 73%.

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The State of Digital Marketing 2015

Buzz Marketing for Technology

With mid-year coming up and summertime upon us, many marketers are taking stock of the first half of the year and re-checking their Digital Marketing plans to finish out 2015 strong.

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The 9 Best Data Visualization Examples from 2015


But whoever they are (and however much they get paid), the folks behind 2015’s best data visualizations have done the following things well: Used design and/or data science to make insights from a data set easily understood. Here are a few of our favorites from 2015.

Buyersphere 2015 has arrived!


The Buyersphere Report has become established as one of the most eagerly awaited annual research projects in the B2B space. The reason is simple. It doesn’t tell you what marketers think: it tells you what buyers do. And the latest Report is out now

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The State of Video Marketing 2015


Download the 2015 Video Content Marketing Benchmark Report. The post The State of Video Marketing 2015 appeared first on Vidyard. You’re hungry for more. That’s why you’re reading this blog post.

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5 2015 Predictions Only a B2B Marketer Would Care About

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Instead, here are my five B2B marketing predictions for 2015. In 2015, that will change. Oracle, Adobe, Salesforce) to acquire one of today’s predictive marketing companies in 2015. It is that time of year again.

The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015

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Without any further ado, here is: The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015. Three of the biggest marketing trends for 2015. The post The Best Marketing Conferences Of 2015 appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2015: The Un-Death of B2B Sales


So when Jennifer and Marisa unveiled the results of the 2015 B-to-B Buying Study of the behavior of 1,000 executives it’s easy to understand how the marketers in the room were taken aback.

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2015 SEO Checklist [Infographic]


The infographic below illustrates SEO best practices —the key “do’s” and “don’ts”–for 2015. ” Without further ado, here is the SEO tactics checklist for 2015.

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4 Ways The B2B Buying Process Has Changed in 2015

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The post 4 Ways The B2B Buying Process Has Changed in 2015 appeared first on. Improving and creating effective marketing strategy means marketers need to thoroughly understand the B2B buying process and how it is evolving. Let’s explore the four key ways B2B buying is changing: 1.

The Best of the Best: 2015 Video Marketing Awards


In the first two quarters of 2015, the video influenced almost $1 million in sales. The post The Best of the Best: 2015 Video Marketing Awards appeared first on Vidyard.

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5 Things I Learned About Digital Marketing in 2015

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In fact, according to an October study from our friends at Stone Temple, Google rich answers accounted for almost 31% of search queries in July 2015 vs. 23% in December 2014.

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2015: The Modern Marketing Year in Review

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You can take your pick of the latest marketing buzzwords or trends when trying to sum up the past year of modern marketing, so we reached out to marketing experts from around the world to get their take on 2015. Does this reflect your 2015?

The 15 Best Content Marketing Videos Of 2015

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Here are some of the best content marketing videos from 2015. The talk took place during the 2015 NewsCred # ThinkContent Summit , and highlighted how GE and Intel prove the reach of their content. We’ve got news for you, content marketers: video isn’t going anywhere.

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Infographic: What Does Social Selling Look Like in 2015?

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2015 will be the culmination of all this: using B2B marketing technology platforms, focusing on education and creating dream sales teams is what everyone is working on. The post Infographic: What Does Social Selling Look Like in 2015?

What Were The Most Effective B2B Marketing Tactics of 2015?

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In an effort to shed light on how marketers tackled challenges and made strides in 2015, we spoke to a group of industry leaders across the B2B marketing space. The tactics I saw most often in 2015 aligned and tied most directly to sales pipeline contribution and conversion from marketing were buyer personas, sales automation, advocate management, influencer engagement and account-based marketing.” – Matt Heinz , President of Heinz Marketing. That was the highlight of 2015 for us.

48 Phenomenal SEO Guides, Tips & Tactics


15 Step SEO Checklist for 2015 by Social Media Today. Jason Parks serves up solid advice “to ensure that you are well prepared for 2015″ in SEO terms. ” 18 Online Marketing Priorities for 2015: Advice and Predictions for the Year Ahead by RKG Blog.

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Celebrate the 2015 Markie Award Finalists!

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Winners will be revealed at the Markie Awards ceremony at during Modern Marketing Experience , April 1, 2015 in Las Vegas. Check out the 2015 Markie Award Finalists: Best Audience Creation?: It’s that time again! Finalists for the Markie Awards have been announced! The Markies honor strategic, collaborative, and tactical marketing and sales innovation. Cetera Financial Group | Dell Inc. Sage | Thomson Reuters – Tax & Accounting. Best Cross-Channel Marketing Program?:

Top 10 Modern Marketing Posts of 2015

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Today we will review the top 10 posts that were published in 2015. Later this week we will look at the top 10 posts that were published prior to 2015. 2015 was the year when marketers wanted to create more content, and that number grows even bigger in 2016.

How We Overcame 2015’s Top Content Marketing Challenges

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It’s hard to believe 2015 is coming to a close. More about this challenge: According to the Content Marketing Institute , 54 percent of B2B marketers in 2015 were challenged by “producing engaging content.”

Best Infographics of 2015


As we wrap up 2015, here are a few of our favorite infographics. Check out this list of the best infographics of 2015 to get ideas for next year’s content. Content Blog Blog Post Infographics Homepage Resources

The Ultimate Countdown: 10 Best B2B Video Marketing Examples of 2015


This video won a 2015 Video Marketing Award! The results say it all, though: in the first two quarters of 2015, the video influenced almost $1 million in sales. This video won a 2015 Video Marketing Award! This video won a 2015 Video Marketing Award! The post The Ultimate Countdown: 10 Best B2B Video Marketing Examples of 2015 appeared first on Vidyard.

Looking for Surprises in the 2015 B2B Lead Generation Trend Report


This year’s B2B Lead Generation Report from Holger Schulze of the B2B Technology Marketing Group on LinkedIn was recently published, detailing key trends, best practices, and challenges for B2B marketing professionals.

The Best Infographics of 2015 (So Far)


10 of the Best Infographics From Brands in 2015. 3) Design Trends 2015 , by Coastal Creative. What other top-notch infographics have you come across from 2015? Infographics that really stand out are far more than just a smattering of pictures and charts.

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Key B2B Demand Generation Strategies for 2015

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What is the first B2B marketing strategy that marketers must consider for 2015? (HS) 2015 is no exception.

25 Video Marketing Statistics for 2015 [Infographic]


It's no secret video is becoming a bigger and bigger part of companies' inbound marketing strategies. This year alone, we've seen Twitter launch video autoplay in our feeds, Facebook give advertisers the option to buy video ads, and the rise of live streaming video via Periscope and Meerkat.

Will Content Finally Become A Marketing Department? (And 16 More 2015 Predictions)

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We asked our favorite marketing thought-leaders to tell us what they see in store for 2015. What are your digital marketing predictions for 2015? According to Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics , community is going to be a big focus of marketing in 2015.

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How to Measure Email Success in 2015: A Call to ROI

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Since email continues to be a dominant channel for most B2B marketers, let me suggest that a good candidate for #1 on your “to do” list for 2015 is to improve the way you measure email campaigns. No matter what your marketing resolutions this year – more content, better creative, etc. –

Time to Stop Making Sales & Marketing Excuses in 2015


“If only I had a qualified lead!”. “I I get too many leads!”. “I I don’t get enough leads!”. Salespeople never close out the leads!”. “No No one likes the CRM system, so no one uses it!”.

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4 SEO Tactics to Embrace in 2015


Welcome to 2015, where the world of search is a completely different game. In fact, in 2015 you need to check site pages to be certain keywords aren’t overused in key elements. Remember when the meta keyword tag was popular?

4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015: #1 Believe it Works!


Earlier this year I sat in on the 2015 Virtual Sales Kickoff hosted by my friend S. Mike''s presentation, “4 Tips to Power Up Prospecting in 2015,” blew me away. Anthony Iannarino (along with Jeb Blount).