17 Stellar Stats and Facts for Facebook Fans


Facebook is, for marketers of all types, the social network that can’t be ignored. From the business side, long gone are the days when Facebook was looked at as only suitable for brands, bands, and bars. Even defense contractor Lockheed Martin has a Facebook page.

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Improve Your Facebook Sales With These 10 Tips


Facebook is an excellent sales platform, as it offers a huge potential audience you can reach with relative ease. Here’s how you can improve your sales and get ahead on Facebook. Share All Your Content On Facebook. ” Take Advantage Of Facebook Sales Tools.

What is a Facebook Pixel? [Easy Guide]


Two months ago, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook status that struck fear in marketers all over the world. The social network’s algorithm update will move tectonic plates in the Facebook marketing world. What is a Facebook Pixel? What Actions Can a Facebook Pixel Track?

The Facebook Sharing Debugger is an essential content marketing tool


Facebook is pretty good at making everything you share look pretty good all on its own — until it doesn’t. And once you become a Facebook Developer for one app or website, you can use the Facebook “linter” to debug any URL and any link that you like.

The Nine Best Facebook Marketing Tools


Along with Google, Facebook is one of the giants of the Internet. According to recent research , 71% of all Internet users have a Facebook profile. 96% of B2C and and 88% of B2B companies use Facebook for marketing. 8) Facebook Page Barometer.

How to Add a Facebook Admin

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While there are several different roles within a Facebook business page, the Admin role has the most access and authority of all the roles. The post How to Add a Facebook Admin appeared first on GoBeyond SEO.

Facebook Will Limit Data Available to Advertisers


Facebook announced yesterday that it will be shuttering Partner Categories: the product that allows third-party data providers to supplement advertisers with targeting information directly through Facebook. Source: Facebook. Where Facebook Advertisers Get Their Data.

Facebook Has Ended Its Explore Feed Experiment


Back in October, Facebook introduced a new initiative to put Page content in a separate feed from content within a user's personal network. Featured image credit: Facebook. Facebook Updates

Five Facebook Advertising Features You Haven’t Tried Yet


Since Facebook unveiled its advertising options for businesses, the ads have grown substantially. Looking for the next big thing in Facebook advertising ? Here are five Facebook advertising features you haven’t tried yet. The About pages on Facebook are usually static.

Salesforce Simplifying B2B Facebook Marketing?

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Perhaps unjustly, Facebook has never been known as a hub for B2B lead generation. This is not for lack of potential – plenty of companies use Facebook for surfacing contact info. No longer – Salesforce Lead Analytics for Facebook brings the sales funnel together.

Facebook Cover Photo Do's and Don'ts [+Cover Photo Templates]


Facebook Cover Photo Size. If your uploaded image is smaller than these dimensions, Facebook will stretch it to fit -- making it look blurry. When people arrive at your Facebook Page, where do you think they first look? That's right -- it's your Facebook cover photo.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: 7 key criteria to decide


Google and Facebook accounted for almost 100% of all the growth in U.S. Google and Facebook are predicted to make $106 billion from advertising this year—almost half the world’s digital ad spend. For Facebook, 28 billion people log on daily , an 18% increase year over year.

70% of Marketers Are Sharing Video Content on Facebook

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Facebook continues to be a popular platform among marketers, but how big is its return on investment? The majority of respondents (96 percent) claimed that their business is actively using Facebook. However, 31 percent said they strongly agreed with the statement, “My Facebook organic reach has declined over the past 12 months.”. Facebook and Paid Social Marketing. Industry News Social Media Marketing Facebook marketing social media

This Facebook Ad Experiment Generated $1.1 Million


We write quite a bit about the most effective ways to use Facebook. And in March, when Facebook launched its mobile-only Collection ads feature, marketers responsible for ad spend took note. Daily Facebook Advertising

I Downloaded My Facebook Data and It Got Weird Fast


When I found out I could download my entire Facebook data file, the first thing I felt was fear. The idea popped into my head among mounting headlines around the alleged misuse of personal Facebook user data by analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. Facebook Updates

Facebook Ads Misconceptions You Should Correct Now


Due to its low cost and advanced targeting, many businesses try Facebook advertising to achieve their branding and sales goals. Some even discontinue using Facebook ads thinking that it does not work for them. Facebook Advertising

5 Ways B2B Marketers Can Learn to Love Facebook


Are you holding back on Facebook marketing just because you’re in B2B? It was reinforced by what felt like a bait and switch when Facebook killed organic reach. And because most everyone in B2B seemed focused on LinkedIn, I figured I could maybe just ignore Facebook.

Marketing Technology Needs to be Facebook-ized


And Be Like Mark: Take the Facebook Approach. Think about Facebook for a moment. Marketing technology has come a long way since the fictional Harry Crane got a mainframe installed at Sterling Cooper.

75 Creative Facebook and Instagram Video Tips


It CAN be fun - and we'll show you how with this guide on 75 Facebook and Instagram Video Tips in partnership with Wistia and Venngage. Why Facebook and Instagram? Facebook alone boasts 8 billion daily video views. Facebook Daily

The 4 Challenges and 4 Benefits of Facebook

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Why do people like Facebook? . For many, Facebook is an obsession and a major part of their lives. Facebook has built its business around our relationships, and now we have relied on it to create and maintain connections with others. However, recently, there were some major data breaches with Facebook, which influenced the social movement around the hashtag #deleteFacebook. Have you deleted your Facebook? So, what are the benefits of Facebook for B2B marketers?

Why does Facebook want to build a phone?


Recently, CNET reported that Facebook might be working on a phone of its own. Facebook is the only one of the big players that doesn’t have a phone or a tablet—Apple and Google obviously have both. What would be in a Facebook phone?

Facebook Me


The post Facebook Me appeared first on Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email Marketing | Salesfusion. [one_half valign="middle"]. Partner Portal. Why Partner With SalesFUSION. [/one_half]. one_half]. one_half_last valign="middle"]. frame style="none"] [/frame]. [/one_half_last].

4 Killer Facebook Hacks You Should Be Using

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If you’re like most people, you probably use Facebook at least a little more than you should. And it’s embarrassingly true that many people spend a lot of idle time at work and at home cruising Facebook… often to the tune of hours a day.

Rumor Has It: Facebook Is Testing Disappearing Content (and More)


Messaging blog WABetaInfo released new information today indicating that Facebook has plans for major changes to Messenger. Facebook's Big Plans for Messenger. Snapchat has become the Facebook R&D lab," Cirillo says. Facebook Updates

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You Can Apply for Jobs on Facebook Now


Today Facebook announced a new feature that will allow Facebook business Pages to post jobs and manage applications on its platform. Facebook has positioned the Jobs feature as a benefit to both employers and job seekers. Featured Image Credit: Facebook. Facebook Updates

3 Steps To Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ads With Predictive


Enter Facebook + Radius. Building A Highly Targeted B2B Facebook Ad Campaign. Since we were looking to target a broader audience, we decided to leverage the massive social presence of Facebook and their larger audience base. Making dynamic updates to Facebook ads.

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How Does Facebook Stories Stack Up to Snapchat?


This is a lesson Facebook has perfected over the last year as it continues to launch products to compete with Snapchat, the app it tried and failed to purchase back in 2013. But is this Facebook Stories update competing with or even being used in the same way as its competitors?

Facebook Continues to Emphasize Personal Content With New Feature


By now, it's clear: Facebook is trying to convince everyone that it's putting the "social" back in "social media.". And the latest installment of that saga comes in the form of Lists: a new feature that Facebook started rolling out today that invites users to make, as the name suggests, lists.

Here's What Facebook Says It's Doing to Protect Election Security


Earlier today, members of Facebook's staff held a small press event with a status update on efforts to prevent its platform from being weaponized to influence major national events like elections. Here's a look at the work Facebook says it's doing in each area. Facebook Updates

Facebook’s Algorithm Change Is An Apocalyptic Move for Brands, Publishers, Users, and Facebook Itself


Whenever Facebook tweaks its algorithm and decreases the reach of news stories, publishers usually treat it like a lover’s quarrel. To be clear, this change isn’t just going to hurt publishers and marketers trying to reach audiences on Facebook.

Video ads: Facebook or YouTube?


For the last decade, the social option has lived almost exclusively in the land of YouTube, but since last year, Facebook has officially become a player in the video field. November 2015 marked the first month where more videos were uploaded to Facebook than posts containing links to YouTube.

How to Generate Leads Using Facebook (Without Ads)

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In order to be of substantial use to businesses, Facebook has been making it easier for marketers and business owners to generate leads. With more than 50 million business pages, Facebook understands it is important to provide value for business users as well as for the over 1.4 The post How to Generate Leads Using Facebook (Without Ads) appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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Four Days of Facebook: Learn How to Grow Your Facebook Audience Fast


Now more than ever before, having a coherent, actionable Facebook strategy to grow your business is absolutely essential. Register for Four Days of Facebook and learn how to grow your audience faster than ever before. Daily Facebook Marketing

No, You're Not Getting a Facebook Dislike Button (Yet)


If you use Facebook, you're likely no stranger to the widespread clamor for a "dislike" button. It's not like Facebook has ignored the cry for such a reaction option. Featured Facebook Engagement

9 Proven Tactics of a Successful Local Facebook Marketing Strategy


billion active users, it might seem like turning followers into paying customers on Facebook would be easy. Unfortunately, targeting a local market on Facebook is a little more challenging than that. 9 Tactics for Your Local Facebook Marketing Strategy. Daily Facebook Marketing

Facebook Won't Unveil a Smart Speaker This Spring


Facebook has reportedly suspended its plans to debut a new smart speaker at its annual F8 developer conference in May. Those plans also included the smart home speaker in question, which would be equipped with Facebook's own version of a voice assistant. Source: Facebook.

Facebook + Automation = Success

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With over 1 billion active Facebook users, it’s considered the ‘go to’ platform for social media marketers. What is Facebook Pixel? One great tool comes from Facebook itself, which is the Facebook Pixel. How to Combine Facebook Advertising with Automation.

Facebook MythBusters

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Would you ever have imagined that your relationship status determines whether or not you're likely to use a Facebook app? And, the common belief is that the more wall activity a person has on Facebook, the more likely they are to send virtual gifts. Tags: Facebook

Why Facebook Isn’t Worried About Ello

Paul Gillin

I haven’t yet tried Ello , the newest social network to aspire to the role of “Facebook killer” (though my request for access is pending), but I know already that it is doomed to fail in that role. Ello has no better chance of challenging Facebook than MySpace or Friendster.

Facebook Is Updating Its Privacy Tools. Here's a Look at What to Expect.


Facebook announced this morning that it will roll out changes to its privacy tools to make them clearer and easier to find. Those events, of course, refer to the fallout Facebook has experienced from the alleged spread and misuse of personal user data from analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.