[2008] 4 Manual Tasks your Sales Reps Shouldn’t Waste Time Doing in 2018
    It’s critical to understand everything you can about your prospects, but opening up 20 tabs in Chrome is so 2008. How many opportunities are your reps managing at any given time? If you’re like most modern sales organizations, the answer is a lot. It takes time to cultivate those opportunities and build relationships with prospects, which means every second of your reps’ day is sacred.
    [2008] Should Your B2B Company Be On Instagram?
    According to Statista , B2B media companies were reporting that the biggest share of their revenue from 2008 to 2016 came from tradeshows. When most B2B marketers think of Instagram, they may think of teenagers or millennials who are using it to post photos about their lives and what they are into.
    [2008] 30+ Best Marketing And Tech Blogs To Follow In 2017 – Part 3
    Founded in 2008, Grammar Chic, Inc. The universe of tech blogs is vast! One of the reasons for it is an inescapable fact: people interested in technology spend hours and hours time with computers, so there’s no surprise why a Web-based medium is so wildly popular. Just notice how many more tech blogs there are than, say, blogs about home remodeling or sailing! And, surprise, surprise there are even more tech blogs than blogs dedicated to cute kittens.
    [2008] How Your Local Service Business Can Soar with Google’s Algorithm Updates
    Techwood Consulting was founded in 2008 and is an elite digital consultancy that has core competencies in organic and paid search. Guest post by Chad Crowe. The ubiquity of smartphones means that most consumers now begin their searches for local service providers online. They conduct research, look for the most convenient location, and read reviews from other customers before making a decision on which provider to use.
    [2008] How the new tax bill exacerbates millennials’ frustration with “brand capitalism”
    Millennials don’t think so, especially after the 2008 recession. The 2008 recession exacerbated this view. Capitalism is really the brand of our free market economic system which has been the driving force for American commercial success since its founding. But is it working as a fair and just system for all today? And now the new tax bill may become a tipping point for the millennials’ frustration.
    [2008] Let’s move on from social media and “back” to connected lives
    We’ve gone from a room full of laptops with TweetDeck on them in 2008 to protection and self-preservation eight years later. By Robert Pease , Pipeline Performance Practice Lead for Heinz Marketing.
    [2008] The Top B2B Marketing Trends for 2018 – A Meta-Analysis
    Social media marketing itself began emerging as a hot trend at the end of 2008. Yet another post about 2018 B2B marketing trends? Yes, but wait—this one is different. Promise. Most “top trends” posts either tell what the blogger thinks (good), or curate the opinions of multiple experts (better). This piece compiles and analyzes the predictions of more than 100 B2B marketing professionals as published in 10 highly-ranked posts over the past month (best!).
    [2008] Bop Design Recognized as a Top Web Designer & Digital Agency in Clutch’s Global Leader Press Release
    We have been in the business since 2008, and we have helped many B2B companies who are serious about growing, achieve their goals. Bop Design, a San Diego based B2B Agency for Web Design, Content Marketing, & Branding, was awarded a spot as a Clutch Global Leader, a list of the 475+ most highly reviewed companies around the world.
    [2008] Big Data: 70 Amazing Free Data Sources You Should Know for 2018
    Google Books Ngram Viewer : It is an online search engine that charts frequencies of any set of comma-delimited search strings using a yearly count of n-grams found in sources printed between 1500 and 2008 in Google’s text corpora. Every great data visualization starts with good and clean data. Most of people believe that collecting big data would be a rough thing, but it’s simply not true.
    [2008] Education as a Marketing Strategy: 8 Brands Doing Online Classes and More
    Zappos Insights began in 2008 when CEO Tony Hsieh offered headquarter tours, and public interest grew so rapidly Zappos needed a streamlined way to manage it. Few would argue about the power and value of educational content – whether a blog, an e-newsletter, a white paper, or a how-to video. However, some brands have taken this concept further by developing full-fledged classes and curricula for their audiences.
    [2008] 11 Insightful Content Marketing Books From 2017 for Newcomers and Seasoned Pros
    The story of how he used content marketing to rescue his failing swimming pool installation business in 2008 has been told in countless blog posts, keynote speeches, and articles. Here’s how Marcus breaks down the book into four parts: A Very Different Way of Looking at Business, Marketing, and Trust – The 24 chapters in Part 1 describe the sink-or-swim crisis in 2008 that led to the reinventing of the firm’s marketing and sales.
    [2008] How to Create a Professional Promo Video on a Shoestring Budget
    Even in an old 2008 study from Nielsen Norman Group, we were seeing the beginning of this trend. There are millions upon millions of blog posts published every single day. That’s been true for a few years now. And these numbers continue to grow exponentially with the increase in new online sites all competing for the same precious site visits especially when the benefits of organic traffic has become more and more of common knowledge for online marketing.
    [2008] Interview with Andrea Learned
    It was tuning into Twitter in 2008, and living in a place where many socially responsible businesses launched (Burlington, VT) that moved my focus into sustainability – first looking at “green consumers” but then applying what I knew about how women lead into more broad sustainability leadership. Andrea Learned – Independent Communications Strategist, specializing in influencer relations for climate action/impact nonprofits.
    [2008] What NOT To Do When Creating Your Newsletter
    The only good newsletter that I ever received was in 2008. I’m not kidding. At the bottom of the newsletter was an offer that simply said: For the first 20 people to respond to this email, you will receive a pair of tickets to our suite at the next New England Patriots game. I won, and the rest is history. I remained a “fan” of that newsletter for about two years…mainly in hopes that I would see another offer hidden inside.
    [2008] Flytxt Offers Broad and Deep Customer Management
    Founded in India in 2008, its original clients were South Asian and African companies whose primary product was text messaging. Some of the most impressive marketing systems I’ve seen have been developed for mobile phone marketing, especially for companies that sell prepaid phones.
    [2008] All that glitters – B2B marketing’s obsession with the latest tools
    But ever since the global economic crisis of 2008, we have come under increasing pressure to justify our marketing efforts. It’s autumn! That must mean we’ll soon be starting to see a trickle of what becomes a new year’s flood of marketing ‘top trends’ and ‘predictions’ for 2018, with the focus typically on an assortment of new tools, tactics and/or technology that every B2B marketer simply must have for the coming year.
    [2008] How a fearless content marketing strategy paid off Under Armour, IBM, and GE
    It all started in 2008, with the launch of GE Reports. There are some truly inspirational brands out there in the world of content marketing. These companies are leading the pack when it comes to innovation, creativity, quality and, crucially, results. There are many examples of. fearless content marketing spanning both B2B and B2C organisations.
    [2008] How to Write Well: 10 Timeless Rules From Legendary Ad Exec David Ogilvy
    How to simplify a concept: The Big Short , an Oscar-winning film about the 2008 housing collapse, was almost never made because the subject matter was too technical for a lay audience. Writing is easy. Most people can do it. If you’re reading this, you can write. But can you write well ? Does your writing connect with people? Does it engage readers, compelling them down the page? Does your writing inspire action, selling things or services or ideas?
    [2008] It’s not what Dove meant, it’s what people see
    For example, back in 2008, Matthew Creamer and I teamed up to write (and Matt actually wrote) Pepsi Opens a Vein of Controversy With New Suicide-Themed Ads with the follow up that I wrote , Pepsi Apologized to Me for Its Suicide Ads. 2008 PepsiMax Suicide Ad. Dove ad screen capture via @NaytheMua. Dove has historically actively pursued women’s diversity in race, color, size, shape.
    [2008] 11 Marketing Books Every CMO Should Read
    They Ask You Answer by Marcus Sheridan After the housing crisis in 2008, Marcus Sheridan’s pool company struggled to bring in customers. It’s safe to say that marketing isn’t the same industry it was even five years ago. If you’re a CMO, you know how crucial it is to stay ahead of industry trends — and how challenging that can be when the industry is constantly evolving.
    [2008] 3 Lessons on How to Use Video to Drive Business Value
    My co-founder and I launched the agency in 2008 to help clients solve their business challenges through creative thinking, storytelling, and video. Video is quickly becoming one of the most effective marketing tactics. However, many organizations waste loads of time and money creating videos that fail to deliver results. Here’s our secret formula for producing videos that drive business ROI.
    [2008] The Definitive Guide to Machine Learning for Marketers in 2017
    Rocket Fuel is an AI-powered marketing business founded by ex-Yahoo employees in California in 2008. Machine learning is the future of marketing, but what can you do today to apply it and get an edge over your competitors? There is a lot of buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence. It seems everyday writers and experts are publishing articles and talking on the radio about how artificial intelligence and machine learning are going to change the world.
    [2008] What the Story of Bitcoin Can Teach Financial Marketers
    On October 31, 2008, on a forum board dominated by cryptography enthusiasts, programmers, and privacy anarchists, a nine-page white paper appeared from a user going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Imagine for a moment a world in which programmers plot to overthrow the world economy. In this world, your tech-savvy and curious neighbor becomes a millionaire overnight, only to lose it all again months later.
    [2008] Google Acquired a Team From HTC and It Surprised No One
    It hit the market with flashy TV commercials and a "fresh face" in 2008, but since then has faced numerous operating losses resulting in budget cuts that caused a blow to its research and development. Late last night -- at least, here on the East Coast -- a formal announcement was made that, if you're as obsessed with the business of mobile as we are, didn't exactly come as a surprise. The word: Google had acquired a team from mobile electronics company HTC in a $1.1 billion deal.
    [2008] How purposeful branding is driving millennials and social entrepreneurship
    The world has changed dramatically in the past 10 years or since the 2008 recession. This segment has recognized that the same jobs lost in the 2008 recession will never come back. Economic and job growth is coming less from traditional industries or big corporations, but more from entrepreneurial startups. Historically, this involved business entrepreneurs, but today, it is the social entrepreneur that has taken center stage.
    [2008] Backfill your corporate history onto your blog for Google
    Let’s say your company was incorporated in 1974, you got your first domain name and brochureware website in 1997, had a proprietary CMS-based website built for you at great expense in 2008, transitioned to WordPress in 2012, and finally implemented blogging and a newsroom in 2016.
    [2008] Did Millennials “Kill” Brand Loyalty? Not Really
    Second, many millennials graduated college and entered the workforce around the 2008 financial crisis. Millennials stand accused of “killing” many things: avocados, alcohol sales, and—my personal favorite—napkins. We are also often accused of not having brand loyalty, making marketing to millennials a daunting task.
    [2008] Digital Marketing in the 2000s: What Was It Like?
    Just four years after their initial introduction (2008), 19% of Internet users in the US were already listening to podcasts--and that number has continued to grow since then. . If you work in the digital marketing world today, you probably know the ins and outs of what can be a very complex strategy with lots of moving parts. . But back in the 2000s, this wasn’t the case.
    [2008] Influencer Marketing: What is it and Why Should You be Doing it?
    Since the economic crisis of 2008 there is a new found cynicism associated with politicians, newspapers and large brands and this lack of trust makes it hard for brands to get their marketing messages to consumers. Last week we published our white paper called The Definitive Practical Guide to Influencer Relationship Management. First thing’s first- what does the white paper cover? This guide is both definitive and practical (yes you guessed it- hence the name).
    [2008] The NFL’s Brand Crisis: How It Plans to Market Itself Differently
    According to Sporting News , 2017 TV ad revenues for the league project to be the lowest they’ve been since 2008. For years, the NFL brand has seemed bulletproof. With its 2017 revenue projected to hit $14 billion , the league is far and away the most profitable of any American sport. Its TV viewership dominates ratings every fall.
    [2008] How customer-hero stories help you connect better
    A study by Sales Benchmark Index of 1,100 of B2B sales forces came back in 2008 and they found in their case study base that 13% of the salespeople brought in 87% of that revenue. Do you focus on capturing product stories or customer-hero stories? The answer can make a huge difference in your sales and marketing results. Let me explain.
  • 6SENSE  |  MONDAY, JULY 17, 2017
    [2008] My Journey from What If to What’s Next
    It was 2008 when small home-sharing start-up Airbnb came on the scene. The whole world is going digital – and companies everywhere must adapt to compete. No industry is immune. And this digital transformation is happening fast. Look at it this way: Retail stores seem to be closing faster than the news can cover them – giving in to a meteoric rise in online shopping. In just nine years, it has become the billion-dollar behemoth turning the hospitality industry on its head.
  • HG DATA  |  THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 2017
    [2008] The Best “Business Books” for Your Summer Vacation
    In 2008, Nicholas G. Two weeks ago, I was asked at breakfast to quiz my 13-year-old daughter for her spelling bee coming up later that day at school. I was half asleep going through the routine, multitasking checking the opening of the stock market and overnight emails from long lost relatives from Kenya, when I asked her to spell the word encyclopedia. Without hesitation, she crushed it and then gave the definition of the word as “it’s like Google but in small books.”
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2017
    [2008] 9 Reasons Your Marketing Agency's Retainers Aren't Bigger
    It's why I started HubSpot's agency partner program in 2008, and why I've launched an agency partner program at my new company, Databox. I've seen the inside of hundreds of marketing agencies over more than a decade, including my own. Most marketing agencies struggle to generate recurring revenue. Many suffer through the ups and downs of the cash-flow roller-coaster because they never make the switch to recurring-revenue engagements.
  • SNAPAPP  |  FRIDAY, MAY 19, 2017
    [2008] An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling
    As recently as November 2008, there were virtually no Google queries for the word combination: . . 15 Tools, Techniques and Examples to Help Cut Through the Noise. The world’s biggest brands and ideologies were built on stories. That’s no exaggeration: every major idea, from Star Wars to Apple to Western Democracy to Christianity and Islam, wouldn’t be where it is without the power of storytelling. . And in the modern world, stories are an ubiquitous marketing tool as well. .
  • HG DATA  |  WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2017
    [2008] Katie Bullard Talks Data Quality, ABM, & Triathlons
    In 2008, I worked for one of the legacy market leaders in sales intelligence. DiscoverOrg has been a pioneer in the sales and marketing intelligence software industry since 2007. The DiscoverOrg platform improves the performance of all prospecting efforts by providing the company, contact, and buying context needed to sell and market more effectively.
  • HG DATA  |  MONDAY, MAY 8, 2017
    [2008] HG Data Invites UCSB Data Science Club to Test Their Skills at Fun Hackathon Event
    Below is a brief summary of the teams, the projects, and some key learnings: The first team, named “DeltaPsi” used data from the GDELT project (see [link] ) to try and identify data fluctuations before, during, and after the 2008 financial crisis. Students from the UCSB Data Science Club were recently invited to HG Data headquarters to participate in an eight-hour hackathon designed to help them use their skills to tackle real world problems.
  • ACT-ON  |  FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2017
    [2008] Inside Act-On: Defining Our Convictions for Growth and Success
    Since our inception in 2008, Act-On has been on a path of extreme growth, and has scaled to be a global company with seven offices and over 350 employees. In the process, we had developed many micro-cultures across our locations. That’s common in many global companies, but with our rapid growth we didn’t have the time to stop and reflect on the intentional culture we wanted to create.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, MAY 2, 2017
    [2008] Need to Convert Traffic Into More Leads? Experts Bust Common CRO Myths [Live Hangout]
    Michael began his career in CRO in 2008 as a freelance consultant, learning and applying these tactics in a variety of industries and companies. Many marketers have to find out the hard way that more website traffic doesn't always translate to more leads. Unless your site is optimized to drive visitors to take action and engage, you can attract thousands of visitors and never see one of them convert into a lead. That's where conversion rate optimization comes in.
    [2008] Live from Marketing Nation Summit: The Engagement Economy, Buyer Empowerment, and Authenticity
    Neisser authored The CMO’s Periodic Table, which originated from a content marketing and social media strategy he created to boost his company during a tough time in 2008. Author: Ellen Gomes As 6500+ marketers descended on Moscone in San Francisco, it could only mean one thing. Marketing Nation Summit has arrived. We kicked off the 2017 Marketing Nation Summit on Sunday with an amazing Fun Run, Marketo University training, and our annual customer and partner awards gala, The Revvies.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  MONDAY, APRIL 24, 2017
    [2008] 30 fascinating facts about organic vs paid social media
    338 is the average number of friends that users have on Facebook, a big big increase compared to 130 back in 2008. Organic vs paid social media. Social media is the most genuine form of marketing. Organic social media posts come from you and go directly to your page or your company’s page. Paid social media also come from you but give your post the ability to get in front of people who don’t already follow your social channels but share desired demographics, interests, and values.
    [2008] How Finance Brands Like Goldman Sachs Use Content to Build Trust and Win Customers
    It’s no secret that trust in the financial sector took a hit after the 2008 financial crisis. This is particularly true among millennials, who, in 2016, overtook baby boomers as the largest generation. More than any previous generation, millennials have shown reluctance to engage with the finance industry: Just 1 in 3 millennials have money in the stock market, only 33 percent own a credit card, and homeownership among millennials is historically low.
    [2008] Monetate Adds Machine-Learning Based Real Time Ecommerce Personalization
    Monetate is one of the oldest and largest Web testing and personalization vendors, founded in 2008 and now serving more than 350 brands. Its core clients have been mid-to-large ecommerce companies, originally in the U.S. and now also in Europe. I’ve been meaning to write about them for some time but when we finally connected late last year they had a major launch coming this April, so it made sense to hold off a little longer. That day has come.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, APRIL 13, 2017
    [2008] How to Start a B2B Podcast in 2017 | Rethink Podcast Ep. 14
    Edison Research, in their Podcast Consumer 2016 report , shows podcast awareness, overall listening, and monthly listening have all increased year over year since 2008. Podcasts are a great way to reach your target audience on a deeper, more engaging level, but you may be wondering how you can start your own B2B podcast in 2017. Not only are podcasts convenient for listeners, they’re a relatively simple, cost-effective content opportunity for marketers.
  • HUBSPOT  |  TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 2017
    [2008] 6 Websites Every Growth Hacker Should Bookmark
    Its founder and CEO, Sean Ellis, was pretty much a “growth hacker” before that label was really a thing -- since 2008, he’s served in interim growth roles at companies like Eventbrite and Dropbox, helping them scale in their early stages. I’ll start by saying this: I am officially obsessed with growth hacking these days. I never thought of myself as a growth marketer, let alone a growth hacker.
    [2008] The Eight Best Social CRM Tools
    Social customer relationship management (CRM) was being written about as a distinct product category as far back as 2008, but market interest really began to take off the following year. According to Google Trends , the average number of monthly web searches for the phrase “social CRM” quadrupled from June 2009 to June 2011. Market interest has remained fairly strong since then. How does social CRM differ from traditional CRM?
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, APRIL 3, 2017
    [2008] 7 Creative Stunts People Used to Land Their Marketing Dream Jobs
    was jobless and discouraged post-graduation due to the 2008 market crash," Biedrzycki said. "My If you want a creative job in a competitive industry, sometimes the traditional resume and cover letter combo just doesn't cut it.
  • HUBSPOT  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 2017
    [2008] How Twitter Is Fighting Harassment & Cyberbullying
    Blogger Ariel Waldman was one of the first users to chronicle just how difficult -- and sometimes, impossible -- it was to get Twitter to intervene in cases of repeated, pervasive harassment back in 2008. I’ll say it: I love Twitter. I use Twitter to follow breaking news stories, to promote my work and the work of colleagues and peers I admire, and to consume and laugh at jokes and memes. I like spending time on the platform to stay informed and connect with people.
    [2008] Why Financial Brands Are Investing More in Educational Content
    But less overall wealth means a weaker economy, less reliable customers, and the potential for predatory practices that lead to recessions like the 2008 financial crisis. Americans suck at personal finance. Only two in five adults have a budget and track their finances closely, according to a national study by the Harris Poll.
    [2008] Have We Really Improved Marketing Productivity?
    The following table shows the conversion rates reported by SiriusDecisions for 2008 and 2014: What is most striking about this data is that it indicates there was essentially no improvement in conversion rates - particularly the overall lead-to-revenue conversion rate - between 2008 and 2014. The 2008 conversion rates largely reflect marketing productivity before many of the marketing innovations mentioned above had become widely adopted.
  • EXO B2B  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2017
    [2008] Influence in Marketing: our top 30
    Name: Bryan Eisenberg – Twitter account: @TheGrok – Website / blog: [link] Entrepreneur, Founder and CMO of IdealSpot.com, speaker, co-author of Call to Action (2005), Waiting for Your Cat to Bark (2006), Always Be Testing (2008) and Buyer Legends : The Executive Storyteller’s Guide “(2014). For more than ten years, I’ve been working closely (and sometimes from afar), with many of the main Web marketing players in Quebec, but also from elsewhere.
    [2008] Demystifying Creative Success: How to Build a Creative Career from Scratch
    In 2008, there was a radical acceleration in digital. If you start your career at a corporate bank, the path to success is usually presented as a clear progression of incremental promotions, straightforward skill requirements, and predictable time lines. For those of us hell-bent on pursuing a creative career, there is no luxury of a well-trodden path.
    [2008] The 14 Best Personal Productivity Tools
    Of course, there’s always been pressure to do more with less—the definition of productivity improvement—but the mantra seems to have taken on almost religious status as the anemic, drawn-out recovery from the 2008 financial crisis drags on. Despite the proliferation of “labor saving” devices and process automation software, marketers (along with their colleagues in pretty much every other business function) are busier than ever.
    [2008] Interactive Storytelling: How to Make Your Content Strategy Soar in 2017 (with Examples and Stats)
    Through the use of interactive maps, compelling data projections, and striking photography, The Texas Tribune shows us what it would have been like if Hurricane Ike's potential storm surge had hit the Houston ship channel in 2008. One of the keys to content marketing success is differentiation. How can you provide unique value nobody else is offering? For a long time, “content marketing” was seen as a daily 500 word blog post. That's it.
    [2008] The Stories Behind 5 Social Networks That Never Caught On
    Touted as “ Myspace for boomers ,” it set age restrictions that prevented anyone under the age of 50 from joining-- however, the age restriction was lowered to 40 in 2008. What was the first social network you ever joined? While many people will recall it being Facebook or Twitter, others might remember some of the earlier, less popular social networks. You know, like Friendster, Open Diary, and Orkut?
    [2008] KEO Marketing’s Sheila Kloefkorn Re-Appointed President of Business Marketing Association’s Phoenix Chapter
    Founded in 2008, the Phoenix BMA chapter is the only professional organization in the Valley devoted exclusively to B2B marketing,” said Kloefkorn. Local Marketing Expert to Help Guide Phoenix’s Only Association Devoted Exclusively to B2B Marketing Professionals. PHOENIX, Ariz.,
    [2008] How to Attract Talent With a Company Hashtag: 10 Inspiring Examples
    Zappos employee advocacy program is one of the oldest, going all the way back to 2008. It's getting harder and harder for companies to attract and retain the right people. According to the Talent Shortage Survey , 40% of global employers are unable to find the right talent for jobs that need to be done. For this reason, many employers are looking internally to their existing team for support.
    [2008] Why You Should Question Most Video Marketing Stats You See
    ” I’ve been told that the statement originates from a 2008 Forrester report titled “ How Video Will Take Over The World ,” but the full text is behind a paywall. We all know the value of a good stat. It can add weight to an argument or back up the proposed benefits of a business. But the internet has made it too easy to quote numbers that don’t add up.
    [2008] Quaero AdVantage CDP Bridges Identified and Anonymous Data
    It was purchased in 2008 by CSG International , a telecom customer communications specialist, and repurchased by the original management in 2014. It’s a common pattern: several vendors proudly roll out new products they developed in secret, only to find they’re all very similar. The amazing coincidence isn’t really so amazing: everyone sees the same problems and has the same technologies available to solve them. So they come up with similar solutions. Simultaneous rollout.
    [2008] Blast From the Past: 7 Websites That Were One Thing, But Now They're Another
    Founded: 2008. Once upon a time, back in 2005, there lived on the internet a website called YouTube. It's a name that, today, many people recognize as a video-sharing website -- and much more -- that's owned by Google. But over a decade ago, YouTube wasn't what it is today. In 2005, YouTube was a dating site. Yes, you read that correctly. YouTube began as a dating site. It's something that the co-founders have discussed in interviews , but the rest of us rarely do.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JANUARY 30, 2017
    [2008] A Brief History of Productivity: How Getting Stuff Done Became an Industry
    2008 - Present. Google had already implemented voice search technology in 2008 , but it didn’t garner quite as much public attention -- most likely because it required a separate app download. Anyone who’s ever been a teenager is likely familiar with the question, "Why aren’t you doing something productive?” If only I knew, as an angsty 15-year-old, what I know after conducting the research for this article.
    [2008] Weekend Reading: “They Ask You Answer” by Marcus Sheridan
    ” Marcus Sheridan’s pool company struggled after the housing collapse in 2008; today, it’s one of the largest pool installers in the U.S. For the 106th episode of The Marketing Book Podcast, I interviewed Marcus Sheridan author of “They Ask You Answer: A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer.”
    [2008] 2 Zero Risk Predictions for 2017
    There’s an article I recalled from 2008 in Psychology Today which asserts, if our behavior (as humans) is completely predictable, then it makes it easier for other people to take advantage of us. Author: Steve Lucas Well hello everyone—it’s time for my annual predictions blog where I get to prognosticate a little about where I see technology going in the new year!
    [2008] Don’t admit that you are old in digital marketing
    And I left that job in 2008, so I am even older now. With a new year dawning and 2016 in the rear view mirror, I am recalling a recent article that explained that “ no one in tech will admit they are old.” ” Well, I constantly joke that I am old, which this article seemingly marks as idiotic behavior. I’m 58 years old, which maybe doesn’t rate as old these days, but it certainly rates as old in the technology world—and the digital marketing world.
    [2008] Fonts & Feelings: Does Typography Connote Emotions?
    Similarly, a 2008 study , in which participants were presented exercise instructions in hard-to-read fonts, revealed that the challenging font choice made the task seem to require more time to achieve. Think about your favorite book for a moment. How did it make you feel when you read it? Is that part of what made it such a compelling story?
    [2008] Why account-based marketing is a game changer for Japan
    This all changed with what we call the Lehmann Shock in 2008. I caught up recently with Ichiro Niwayama , founder of Symphony Marketing , the leading B2B-demand generation agency in Japan. His new book, Ultimate B2B Marketing: ABM , was published only last week, and has already leaped to #1 on the Amazon Japan business book list.
    [2008] Leveraging Big Brand Without a Big Budget in Higher Education and Beyond
    Think back to the 2008 financial crisis when most organizations started to cut marketing spend, and imagine living in a world where that is very much still the reality. Author: Jessica Menden and Tim Wolfe Like many of you out there working on big initiatives with a small budget, marketers in the higher education industry are facing challenges right up your alley.
    [2008] 8 Interesting Things You Probably Didn't Know About Google's Algorithm
    In splitting it up into two sections -- the eight years before and after 2008, respectively -- we noticed something interesting. And while there currently aren’t precise formulas to plan or rank for those kinds of searches, we imagine that Google will start changing its algorithm for them -- after all, it’s seen a 3400% increase in voice queries since 2008. It’s not often that you see the word “fun” and “algorithm” in the same sentence. Okay, fine.
    [2008] The Contently Interview: Scott Brinker on the Pitfalls and Promise of Martech
    Brinker—the founding editor of Chief Martec, program chair of the MarTech Conference, and co-founder of his own martech company, ion interactive—has been a leading voice in the space since 2008. As much as marketing has changed in the past 10 years, it’s no exaggeration to say it may change even more in the next five. The marketing technology industry has exploded, which has disrupted traditional notions about the role of the marketer at an exponential rate.
    [2008] The ugly side of digital transformation
    Domino’s Pizza became a hub of digital innovation in its market only after its shares sank to $3 per share in 2008 and its brand was becoming a social media laughing stock. Back in the early 1990s, the corporate world was seized by a concept called “business process re-engineering (BPR),” the goal of which was to rethink business from the ground up, questioning every assumption, and redesigning processes from scratch to achieve massive gains in efficiency and competitiveness.
    [2008] Video Tech Company Leverages SEM to Drive Enterprise Leads
    Started in 2008 as the world’s first open source video player, JW Player pioneered video on the Web and today has customers in 193 countries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual bloggers. The company’s flagship product, JW Player, is live on more than 2 million sites with more than 1.3 billion unique monthly views.
    [2008] 5 Lessons in Brand Story from the 2016 Presidential Election
    President Obama’s consistent message of “change” in the 2008 election helped him gain voters and convert them on voting day. 597 days. That’s how old the 2016 Presidential Election will be on Election Day. For perspective: President Obama had almost a year and a half left of his term when we first started talking about the next president. A baby born at the beginning of election season could likely say the winner’s name when s/he is elected.
    [2008] Kimberly-Clark uses a social media quiz to woo young talent
    I first worked with Kimberly-Clark back in 2008 to help reduce the spread of healthcare associated infections and, after eight more years, we get to work together again. Are you an original thinker? You can quickly find out by taking the Welcome Original Thinkers Quiz (WOTQuiz) —I’m an Adaptor : “You enjoy exploring every side of an issue and like a wicked great maestro you tease out the positive in each approach.
    [2008] Analytics CEO makes a passionate case against marketing attribution
    Cross-channel attribution (or “multi-touch attribution”) became a popular concept at the time when web analytics had just completed its journey from IT to the marketing department (circa 2008). The following is a guest post by Sergio Maldonado , the founder and CEO of Sweetspot Intelligence. The above cartoon by Tom Fishburne was not part of the original article. I have seen the Emperor walking naked for too long, and I wish I could be that naive kid in the crowd.
    [2008] How Curated Content Brings the Electoral Experience to Europe
    If the election of Barack Obama in 2008 brought sweeping change to the geopolitical landscape, this election has greater ramifications for the world. How much content have you seen published about the 2016 US election campaign? The electoral battle between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for the presidency has dominated media headlines in the US and abroad.
    [2008] A Shortish History of Online Video
    The partnership only fuelled YouTube’s growth, adding advertising features to generate revenue, and bringing so much attention to the platform that in 2008 some experts feared YouTube would collapse the entire internet infrastructure by simply being too big for it to handle. In the years following World War II, a strange and exciting new technology emerged. Moving pictures … in your living room.
    [2008] KEO Marketing Sponsors B2B Marketing Growth Event for BMA Phoenix
    Founded in 2008, the Phoenix Chapter of the Business Marketing Association provides professional development and peer networking opportunities for B2B marketing and communications professionals across the Valley. “B2B Marketing Drives Business Growth: Learn from the Experts” Features Three Informative Sessions Lead by Globally Accomplished B2B Marketing Professionals. PHOENIX, Ariz.,
    [2008] Marketing Minds: Christine Feeley – CMO @ Amptopia
    Following my education at the University of Iowa, I can break my career into 3 distinct stages: Consumer Package Goods/Advertising Agency – I was on the Tostitos and Salsa Launch team; Telecom & technology – working my way up to CMO of a publicly traded enterprise, and; Entrepreneur – launching amptopia.com in 2008. Amptopia was opened in 2008, and trademarked in 2016.
    [2008] How to Win the War Against Marketing Silos
    General McChrystal commanded the US Joint Special Operations Task Force from September 2003 until August 2008. One of the biggest challenges facing B2B marketers is the growing complexity of the marketing landscape. The increased complexity has been driven primarily by the proliferation of communication channels, the need to develop and manage an increasing volume and variety of marketing content, and the expanding scope of marketing's responsibilities.
    [2008] Voice Search Strategy: What Marketers Need to Know Now
    Google Voice Search queries have seen a 3400% increase since 2008. When you wear white, do you inevitably spill something all over yourself? So when I had sushi at work last week, it wasn't long before I was frantically yell ing , "Siri, h ow can I get soy sauce out of white pants?”. Thank goodness for voice search, am I right? Although, here's the thing about voice search: A ccording to the 2016 State of Inbound report , a huge number of marketers are making SEO their #1 priority.
    [2008] Why Failing to Fact-Check Could Ruin Your Content Marketing
    When I worked at Vanity Fair for six weeks, I shared fact-checking duties for Andrew Ross Sorkin’s November 2009 story about the 2008 financial collapse. My name is Cara, and I’m a recovering fact-checker. After more than a decade as a freelance researcher at publications like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Bon Appétit, I process information through a skeptic’s eye.
    [2008] Skyword’s Top Takeaways from Content Marketing World 2016
    Could people trust a large institution in 2008 and 2009? Co-written by Linsey Morse. Cleveland: These days known as Championship City…or, at least content capital of the world for one week every September. With over 3,500 conference attendees from all over the globe this year, representing top B2B, B2C, and nonprofit brands, Content Marketing World continues to grow in size.
    [2008] The 11 Weirdest Branded Video Games
    Skittles: Darkened Skye (2008). A couple weeks ago, Warby Parker, the trendy glasses startup, announced its first video game: Worbs. Made in collaboration with gaming magazine Kill Screen, Worbs is a simple in-browser matching game good for helping you kill five minutes. It doesn’t make much much sense—what does matching circles have to do with glasses? Still, it was a relatively innocuous way to promote the Kill Screen-branded glasses Warby Parker had created.
    [2008] How This Agency Built a Viral YouTube Channel From Rejected Ideas
    Founded in 2008, Denizen had seen its share of success with high-profile campaigns for Pepsi , HTC , and Disney (Johnny Depp even joined in on that last one). At some agencies, rejected ideas get scrapped and disappear for good. At Denizen , they’re used to make viral videos. But content creators were still frustrated when ambitious pitches were turned down for being too risky. They realized they needed a place to produce these ideas without third-party interference.
    [2008] Why Empathy Is the Key to Being More Creative
    Back in 2008, Hummers were one of the most popular cars on the road. Not all creative insights are useful. For instance, if you decided to design a four-story car with one wheel , no one w ould deny that the invention is creative, but it's not likely to be hailed as the next big thing in transportation. Creativity needs to be informed by real perspectives and grounded in a real-world context.
    [2008] A Back To School Lesson For CMOs
    From 2008 to 2015 the amount of face-to-face conversations between consumer and brands has only decreased by 5 percentage points. Last week I told CMOs what they need to know about back-to-school shoppers. This week, it's a lesson that transcends all CMOs, be they B2C or B2B. Let's get started. You in the back, sit up straight. I see you back there.
    [2008] Going for Gold: Lessons from Olympic Advertising
    Olympic ads run the full gamut from this 2008 Visa ad featuring Morgan Freeman as narrator to the Canadian Institute for Diversity and Inclusion’s 2014 spot that protested Russia’s anti-gay law. More tweets were sent on the first day than during all two weeks of the 2008 Olympics. What made this ad even more remarkable, however, is that the young gymnast, Nastia Liukin, went on to win the all-around gold medal at the 2008 Olympics.
    [2008] Martech and marketing technologists go mainstream — 3 key stats
    2008) and Rise of the marketing technologist (2010). The good folks at DataXu , in collaboration with market research firm MORAR and Withpr , have produced a fantastic quantative research study on the current state of marketing technology management: Modernizing the Mix: Transforming Marketing Through Technology and Analytics. You absolutely have to download this report — it’s a gold mine of insight into the current state of martech and adtech.
    [2008] Does Your B2B Marketer Plagiarize like Melania Trump?
    The news stories about Melania Trump’s 2016 Republican Convention speech plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic Convention speech brought up one of my pet peeves – plagiarizing marketing content. I did not recognize the words that were lifted from Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech ), I could not resist writing this post.
  • SNAPAPP  |  WEDNESDAY, JULY 20, 2016
    [2008] We All Want Awesome Content, Here’s How to Start Making It
    Melania Trump made a speech at the end of the night that seemed decent enough – until, yaknow, the world found out that she basically lifted two paragraphs wholesale from a Michelle Obama speech in 2008. We spend all our time creating content – whether written, spoken, or drawn – with the goal that people will notice it and appreciate it.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JULY 18, 2016
    [2008] 7 Steps to Creating an Operating System for Your Agency
    When the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, she shifted the focus, and the agency became primarily a WordPress web design agency. In 1955, a middle-aged milkshake machine salesmen came upon something odd. At a time when his industry was taking a dive, one restaurant ordered enough machines to make 40 milkshakes at once. He was so curious that he bought a plane ticket and flew from Illinois to California to see what kind of restaurant would make such a purchase.
    [2008] Building a Team of Teams
    General McChrystal commanded the US Joint Special Operations Task Force (the "Task Force") from September 2003 until August 2008. Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the States, and it's appropriate that the topic of this post is a book by General Stanley McChrystal (with co-authors Tantum Collins, David Silverman, and Chris Fussell). During this period, one of the primary missions of the Task Force was to engage and defeat Al Qaeda in Iraq ("AQI").
    [2008] 5 Things Marketers Need to Know About Gen Z
    ” These digital natives—generally classified as consumers born between 1998 and 2008—now represent 22 percent of the U.S. “How do I talk to Gen Z?” ” An executive at a major pharmaceutical company recently asked this question of Amanda Gutterman, VP of growth at digital media company Dose, which operates Dose.com and OMG Facts.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 28, 2016
    [2008] Marketing Automation Software Ytd
    Oct 20, 2014 … Market Value 2014 YTD Since 2008. ($ in billions). Opentopic blog >> lexiconmarketing.tk 362. (4%) 4%) …. Marin Software …. Select Marketing Automation M&A; in 2014YTD. Sep 15, 2015 … Software is delivering consistent revenues with high margins and strong … FY15 YTD revenue declined 6.2% as reported …. Revenue mix does not include Marketing. Marketing ROI Cmo marketing roi
  • VIEWPOINT  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016
    [2008] Q&A With Dave Stein and Steve Andersen
    It’s been clear throughout the relationship that we have many perspectives in common, namely that sales must evolve to accommodate the changes that have been broadly adopted by B2B customers (especially in the wake of the 2008 recession) and that the customer—not the features and benefits of the supplier’s products and services—should take center stage in the hearts and minds of salespeople and those who lead them.
    [2008] Renew, Refresh, Rebrand: The Content-Centric ScribbleLive
    ScribbleLive has been innovating since the company was founded in 2008. ScribbleLive was originally known as a live blogging platform but has evolved into one of the industry’s leading content marketing platforms. This evolution was natural. Marketing and technology rapidly change as a result of innovation. We enhanced our visual identity and branding to reflect our position in the marketplace as trailblazers that provide innovative marketing solutions.
    [2008] What the Avengers Can Teach Us About Divisible Content
    Marvel introduced the characters of Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America between 2008 and 2011, with standalone films that explore the superheroes’ origin stories. When you think of crafting a content strategy, you may break out a whiteboard and start brainstorming topics that appeal to your audience. Or you could watch The Avengers. That’s not just an excuse to avoid the daunting task of building a strategy from scratch.
  • OPENTOPIC  |  TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2016
    [2008] 4 Content Marketing Insights for Mobile
    Mary Meeker’s 2008 pronouncement that mobile would “overtake fixed Internet access by 2014” came true; we crossed that threshold at full steam to navigate our way through “Mobilegeddon” and beyond. Opentopic blog >> business2community.com Content marketers have been warned for years to get ready for mobile marketing.
  • BIZNOLOGY  |  FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016
    [2008] Why the airlines must improve their brand image
    The airlines introduced this extra baggage fee of $25 in 2008 when oil prices skyrocketed and their profits declined. The negative perceptions of the major U.S. airline brands (e.g. American, United, Delta, US Airways) reached a new high recently with publicity on the interminable security lines at most airports. While these excessive wait times have many causes, such as not enough checkers and increased air traffic, the airline industry is partly to blame as well.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, JUNE 13, 2016
    [2008] 6 of the Best Professional Bio Examples We've Ever Seen
    In her 2008 presidential campaign, despite some raw displays of emotion, she often came across as overly programmed.". A short, professional bio is one of those things most people don't think about until, all of a sudden, we've been asked to "shoot one over via email" and have approximately one afternoon to come up with it. That's when we scramble.
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