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7 tips for effective press releases


Press releases can be very effective for helping to create a buzz and getting the word out about something new with your business. However, since many other businesses also know this, there are often too many press releases floating around. This is also the case for press releases.

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How To Hack Your Way Into The Press

B2B Marketing Insider

Press coverage is an invaluable growth tool and, in most cases, a pretty cost-effective one too. The post How To Hack Your Way Into The Press appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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Should B2B Marketers Kill the Press Release?

MLT Creative

The CEO of a company I once worked for decided that the way to get more business was to distribute two press releases every week. I thought he was kidding. He wasn''t. I asked him, "What if there isn''t any news, then what?" His response? Just gin something up."

Is All Press Good Press? How PR Wins & Fails Impact SEO [Flipbook]


Armed with a handful of tools, they dug into the data to determine exactly how media coverage affects press mentions, organic traffic, and backlinks. So is it true that all press is good press? In business, getting ahead often hinges on our ability to get noticed.

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When Press Releases Do (and Don't) Help Your Marketing


When a marketer sets out to create a public relations strategy, the first move is often to get started publishing press releases. That would have been the most effective way to get out your message and get some press. The Benefits of Using a Press Release.

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3 Reasons To Press Record at Your Next Event


Live streaming your event content is an absolute must if you’re looking to increase the eyes on your keynotes and product presentations, but don’t forget to press record on that live steam. The post 3 Reasons To Press Record at Your Next Event appeared first on Vidyard.

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Hello News Releases; Good Bye Press Releases


In today’s post, I explore the notion that press releases are becoming a bit obsolete (cue: sounds of shock and horror from journalists and publicists around the world). Also, be sure to use spell checker and the Press Release Grader from HubSpot. Free Press Releases.

Introducing the Modern Press Release

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Megan Ziman Messaging and company stories circulate through a surplus of multichannel communication tools, so what’s the use of a press release? I keep hearing terms and phrases like “back to the basics”, “old school”, or “traditional PR” associated with a press release.

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Eight Ways to Get More Out of Your Press Release

KEO Marketing

Press releases are an important part of a business’s communication process. If you invest in creating a great press release , you want to get the most of it. Here are eight tips for creating an online press release that will get media attention.

How to Earn Free Press for Your Business When You Have No Connections


So how do you build press for a startup when you have no connections? How To Get Free Press For Your Startup When You Have No Connections. You can leverage remarkability to receive press by doing something remarkable. 5) Prepare necessary press assets in advance.

How to Get a Bigger Bang from Your Press Releases

Marketing Action

Once upon a time, press releases were events unto themselves, for the attention they commanded and masses they reached. Press releases drew eyes. Given all the online channels now available to consumers, people who want attention often skip the press and go straight to the consumer.

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How to Be More Creative When You’re Pressed for Time

B2B Marketing Insider

The post How to Be More Creative When You’re Pressed for Time appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. “I’m inspired to make my project better, but that’ll take so much time! How can I change and get it there?” I get this email a lot after people listen to Unthinkable.

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Attack of the Customers Press Release

Paul Gillin

I’ve read thousands of press releases over the years but don’t believe I ever wrote one until now. It was more difficult than I expected! Links and tweets are appreciated, but Amazon reviews will get you undying devotion.

10 Amazing Ideas for B2B Press Releases


Many marketing and business executives believe that the press release has become an outdated promotion tool. Press releases (or better, news releases) are still used in B2B and can produce meaningful results if produced and distributed properly. A press release is a good way to do it.

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How to Write a Press Release in 4 Easy Steps [+Examples]


Wondering how to write a press release? Great press releases are not that hard to write. These basic guidelines will help you to write and distribute effective press releases that will get your readers’ attention and – best of all – get them to share the news on social media.

How to Optimize Press Releases for Search Engines

EMagine B2B Blog

While your pages give a great deal of relevance to Search Engines, people often forget about assets such as images, videos, podcasts, PDFs, and press releases. An optimized press release gives you the upper hand in the search [.]. Part of your website optimization lies not only in the page’s content, but rather, in your assets.

Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, Says Google


Do those search engine optimized press releases you''re sending actually boost your search rankings? And this, my friends, is where press releases factor in. Google Says Optimized Anchor Text Links in Press Releases Qualify as ''Unnatural Links''.

How To Get More B2B Press Coverage Without Being a Jackass

The Forward Observer

Artillery B2B Marketing Blog > The Forward Observer The most effective way to get more news coverage for your company is changing. Here’s what to keep in mind to be successful.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Press Releases: 4 Ways to Make Your Press Releases Work Stronger

EMagine B2B Blog

The press release has been around since before most of the technology we use to promote our business. And yet, many companies fail to utlize the power of press releases, both from a branding and from a traffic and lead standpoint. Lee Odden from says “Online PR and social promotion (not just guest blog [.]. Online Marketing Social Media

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Is It Finally Time to Bid Adieu to the Press Release?


When I was a reporter at Newsweek, I received literally thousands of press releases via email -- and I deleted almost every single one of them without even opening them. The simple press release should have died years ago. Startups, whenever possible, should not put out a press release.

Death by Content: How Press Release Abuse Killed Public Relations

Marketing Craftmanship

Self-serving Press Release Content Has Killed PR. The origins of the press release are unclear, but in the not too distant past, this communication tool was called a “News Release.” Flacks began using the press release as a marketing and propaganda tool, and this was a bad thing.

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Are We Scrubbing the LIfe Out of Press Releases?

What Works - What Doesn't

When drafting a press release for a client recently, I highlighted a lot of the themes that would have made it a great newspaper feature. But remember this is a press release, designed to get the attention of editors and readers who like drama and conflict.

Have an Outdated Press Page on Your Website? Here's How to Fix It


The original purpose of a press page made sense -- it housed general company information and timely news in a central location for consumers, clients, potential clients, the media, and other interested parties. The traditional press page starts to collect dusty pixels.

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Press Releases: Creative, “New School” Ideas for Driving Results


Last week, Fathom’s own Stephanie Pflaum took part in a PR Newswire webinar that reviewed the evolution of the press release. It also revealed “new school” creative uses for press releases, and discussed ways press releases have driven business results that matter.

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Press Release: SnapApp’s Spring 2016 Release Enables Interactive Content Marketing Campaigns in Four Easy Steps


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. Boston, MA – May 2, 2016 — SnapApp, provider of the leading SaaS platform used by B2B marketers to create, publish, manage, and measure interactive content , has delivered its Spring 2016 release. The Spring 2016 release features a new library of professionally designed content templates and advanced personalization, along with customization capabilities, which enable marketers to directly create content-enabled campaigns in minutes versus days, weeks or even months.

Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, And Other Inbound Stories of the Week


Optimized Links in Press Releases & Guest Posts Can Harm Your SEO, Says Google, via HubSpot. which basically means that search engine optimized press releases and guest posts could end up hurting your marketing, not helping it.

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B2B Lead Generation Blog: RSS Your Press Room for better search engine visibility

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Lee states, "Offering RSS feeds for groups of press releases creates some interesting opportunities for the distribution of optimized press releases and SEO." B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book.

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5 B2B Marketing Tips for Using Press Releases

Modern B2B Marketing

But the good news is there are a lot of opportunities in the marketplace and with a little creativity; a well written and distributed press release can turn into a successful marketing campaign. Consider these 5 B2B marketing tips for press release success: 1.

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If You MUST Write A Press Release, Do It Better

What Works - What Doesn't

Plenty of people use “blogs,” “Twitter,” “Facebook,” or “LinkedIn” but “press release” barely registered. Her employer, a B2B electronics manufacturer, regularly uses press releases that have been optimized for search engines.

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Survey: AI May Help Marketers Solve Pressing SEO Challenges

KoMarketing Associates

To gauge how marketers value SEO, SearchDex recently surveyed 100 industry professionals. Its research found that managing SEO is still difficult for many marketers, and key challenges range from a lack of resources to poor in-house knowledge. Approximately 91 percent of marketers said that managing SEO is difficult. About 55 percent said that it is hard for them to build a good, knowledgeable SEO team, and 45 percent said the same about working with IT for SEO purposes.

Google Says Links in Press Releases Should Be Nofollow

Vertical Response

Google recently and quietly announced, (by updating their link schemes ), that links contained within a press release for your business should be “nofollow” links. Google’s reasoning: A press release is similar to an advertisement or advertorial for your company.

Press Coverage Done Right: A Story Of Social Media, PR And Stalking

B2B Marketing Insider

But for marketers, there is nothing better than good press coverage in a respected trade publication. I’m sure these writers are inundated with mundane press releases and nonsense chatter to get their attention. Don’t send every press release to everyone.

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Writing Press Releases: 8 Dos and Don’ts

Vertical Response

I came across a cringe-worthy press release the other day. After picking my jaw off the floor, I wondered if the writer had mistakenly distributed the beginning of a romance novella, not a press release announcing a “hilarious new company.”. Drafting a well-written press release doesn’t require a Public Relations degree, but you do need something worth touting. A press release without concrete news is just as bad as a poorly written one.

Done right, press releases are still a great marketing weapon

EMagine B2B Blog

With the variety of channels for getting business information directly to (prospective) customers, it’s understandable that more than a few marketers have questioned why anyone uses press releases anymore. We still generate them here at eMagine, so clearly we believe they’re still useful. But we thought it might help to consult a higher authority; and [.]. B2B Web Strategy Lead generation

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Psst! 3 Low-Cost Tools to Track What the Media is Saying About You

Vertical Response

If you’ve ever worked with a PR agency or consultant, a standard offering is media monitoring – tracking your press placements on a regular basis. Typically you’d get a “clip report,” which is a compilation of all your press mentions during a given time period.

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How and Where to Release a Press Release


If you’re new to the world of press releases, getting started can be tricky. Use this brief guide to learn how and where to release a press release. 5 Steps to Publishing Press Releases First, write the release.

The ugly side of digital transformation


A Google search on that phrase turns up 7 million results, and the term has become a staple of press releases and corporate collateral.