Stop doing short-term digital campaigns


But there is one simple thing you can do right away to get more relevant content in front of your target audience: Stop doing short-term digital marketing campaigns. If this is your situation, the culprit is short-term campaigns.

The Ultimate Dictionary of Marketing Terms You Should Know


We've covered social media terms , content marketing terms , smarketing terms , email marketing terms , website optimization terms. 99 Marketing Terms to Improve Your Marketing Vocabulary. For example: Head term: unicorn.

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How to use customer data to develop marketing insights


As long as you inform your customers what you’re doing with terms and conditions and a privacy policy, and have them click or sign their agreement before making a purchase or joining your mailing list, collecting customer data is very legal.

Getting to ABM: notes from the field


In terms of background, Enli is a Portland-based company with a population health management platform for health systems. In population health initiatives, the healthcare provider’s goal is to manage an ambulatory patient’s chronic conditions while avoiding hospitalization.

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The 45 Inbound Marketing Terms You Should Know [Glossary]


So instead of throwing hundreds of terms at you from all those other glossaries, I narrowed this one down to the top 45 terms that are imperative to anyone learning inbound marketing. Yes, there will be debate on the imperative-ness of these terms.

Marketing Technology of the Future: Beyond the Customer Data Platform

Customer Experience Matrix

But it somehow got into my head that the last section should look at how CDPs will fit into the long-term future of marketing technology. I’d love to call this “contextual marketing” but that term is taken.

Five reasons to be freaked out by the Facebook experiment

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However the rational decision was to pay a university to get the same results under controlled and honest conditions. However the rational decision was to pay a university to get the same results under controlled and honest conditions.

What Are the Two Types of Seasonal Marketing?

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This blog post will define the two types of seasonal marketing—long-term and short-term—and provide examples of each method’s pros and cons. Short-term seasonal marketing is best for one-off and/or fast-ending events that happen during a season. Fourth & Long-Term.

7 Best Practices for Optimizing Sales Enablement


Sellers tend to think in terms of features and benefits, but buyers think in terms of capabilities — the unique set of problems they can solve by purchasing your product,” says Candyce Edelen, CEO of PropelGrowth. Using marketing tools to help your reps be more effective communicators is vital to winning business under these conditions. Marketing and sales have traditionally had a bit of a contentious relationship in many companies.

Why Customer Experience is the Hot New Thing in Marketing


And even recently we’ve seen several new-ish terms that describe what a great customer experience aims to achieve. Companies aren’t embracing customer experience because it’s just a cute new marketing term. The air conditioning the marketer’s train car was turned on.

Why 30 may be the most important number of your career

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Life was run in the short-term. It was not unusual to compromise long-term benefits for short-term realities. By Mark Schaefer. I come from a world that celebrates impatience.

Happy #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay


Think Long Term. They’ve expanded this “One for One” model to eye wear (supporting vision care) and tote bags (supporting cleaner, safer birthing conditions), backpacks (anti-bullying initiates) and coffee (safe water). Keeping your customers makes good business sense.

How A CMO Uses Storytelling To Engage Audiences

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At Peaksware he is responsible for marketing eight different product lines across three primary markets: strength & conditioning, endurance sports and music education. This TrainHeroic email to strength and conditioning coaches. Jeremy Duerksen is CMO at Peaksware.

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Use Marketing Automation The Right Way


In addition to speaking to their buyers, it seems even fewer understand the industry conditions in which their buyers live and operate on a daily basis. Several days ago, Mitch Joel, who is the President of Mirum, wrote a compelling piece on the misuse of marketing automation.

Stop creating Random Acts of Content

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I’m not sure if they realize exactly what this is costing them in terms of both wasted resources and perhaps diminished brand value. If you’re random, you’re not conditioning them to expect consistent, great things from you. By Mark Schaefer.

Is content swiping smart marketing or brand desperation?

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By Mark Schaefer. The race to publish meaningful and relevant content is furious. But a new development I uncovered pushes some new boundaries. Is this development creative genius or pathetic stealing?

5 Common Marketing Challenges Agencies (and Companies) Face


Here’s the thing: many marketing campaigns are long-term plays. You won’t have overnight success with public relations, but the long-term effects will be instrumental in transforming your brand and increasing your valuation. Marketing is hard.

Taking Another Look at Confirmed Opt-in Email

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That’s a 600% increase in likelihood of deliverability issues for those using only pre-checked boxes, or simply relying on Terms & Conditions fine print. Now there should be less worry about list growth and a few hit-or-miss conversions in the short-term.

3 Little-Known Ways to Use Content Marketing for Client Education

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The more pages of keyword rich and helpful content you have on your website, the more search terms you can rank for. We like to take this chance to underscore certain finer points (like terms and conditions from their already signed agreement) and add in education that hits those FAQs.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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Other advantages include Google Adword integration; tagging leads by search term and Facebook ad; integration with Webex and GoToWebinar for event management; and a partnership with ZoomInfo to add contact names from companies that visit the client’s Web site.

Self-Driving Marketing Campaigns: Possible But Not Easy

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Anyone who's dug a bit deeper knows two more things: self-adjustment only works in circumstances similar to the initial training conditions. But that system will be prone to frequent failures as one or another component finds itself facing conditions it wasn’t trained to handle.

Sponsored content and the economics of trust

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Short term money. Long term brand. What is the long-term versus short-term strategy? As Ana demonstrated, her view of the long-term allowed her to build an engaged audience based on trust. That became more valuable than the short-term sponsored content revenue.

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How To Evaluate Software Integrations: 3 Important Considerations


The term “integration” itself is actually meaningless without context about the effort involved in setup, the use cases that the integration enables, and the workflows that the integration supports. We’ve all been there.

How To Evaluate Software Integrations: 3 Important Considerations


The term “integration” itself is actually meaningless without context about the effort involved in setup, the use cases that the integration enables, and the workflows that the integration supports. We’ve all been there.

Digital Health Landscape 2015: Top 100 Influencers & Brands

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All these support tools will make the healthcare delivery process more efficient, plus with digital health monitoring, tracking, and coaching solutions, consumers are becoming more empowered to prevent chronic disease and mange existing conditions.

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10 soul-grabbing brands that prove you don’t need SEO to succeed

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He didn’t use the term “ content shock ” but Seth described how the flood of great content on the web is making businesses resort to advertising, promotion, social media and other measures to claim one of those precious first-page search results.

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The Perils & Pleasures of Rebranding: The Puppet Story


It was months of planning … Having the runway is incredibly important in terms of getting employees to wrap their hands around it and support what is a drastic change. There might be huge shifts in the business in terms of the strategy or the product.

Dear CMO, Part 1: Why Your Content Misses the Mark


What is measured (in terms of impact). For example, in many large professional service firms, creating content is a pre-condition for advancement and establishing recognized domain expertise.

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Introducing Vidyard for SalesLoft: Skyrocket Sales Team Impact with Personalized Video Emails


But in the era of marketing automation, buyers are overwhelmed with generic and templated messages, and are conditioned to think that everything coming from you is automated. They want to engage on their terms and on their time, not yours.

Mind-Blowing Statistics on Digital Marketing for Hospitals


Fathom has developed long-term strategic partnerships with several health systems and hospitals throughout the US. 37% searched conditions and disease related terms*. 19% searched branded terms*. 49% of patients started searching about conditions/diseases*.

Why Your Memory Sucks: The Science of Remembering in the Internet Age


The massive amounts of information we expose ourselves to forces us to be more efficient about what we convert to long-term memories. Every time you learn a fact or have an experience, this information enters your working memory, also known as your short-term memory.

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How marketing technology could transform healthcare


And an urgent care hospitalization will represent an abject failure of the health management process, where the condition should have been predicted, prevented and managed higher up in the funnel.

The Account-Based Marketing Reporting Framework For Marketers Who Care About ROI


Certain soil is more fertile, and located in areas with optimal climate conditions, thus more likely to sustain a healthy crop yield. A farmer can see his crop yield and know whether the soil and climate conditions were ideal.

Why So Many Email Marketers Are Worried About Spamhaus

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My Terms of Service has all of my permission rules. We are all conditioned to do it. The talk this week in Deliverability has centered around a rash of Spamhaus listings.

Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Employing this technique helps ensure that the websites and content you’re responsible for are easy to find on search engines because you’re using relevant keywords and terms.

How to Run an Instagram Contest: A 10-Step Guide


If you have an international audience, make sure you’re careful about using slang words or region-specific terms that might confuse people. 7) Create terms & conditions. Creating a terms & conditions page is a must.

CrossEngage Orchestrates Customer Journeys Using Events

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Orchestration was already a hot term when I started, so I take neither credit nor blame for its continued popularity. Alternatively, messages can be created in CrossEngage’s own templates, which can include conditional scripts for dynamic content generation.

Does a Demo Ever Make Sense as a Demand Generation Offer?

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Worse yet, I fear the condition (let’s call it “demo-itis”) may be contagious. Demos short cut the demand generation process and gives sales what they want, namely someone with a short-term interest in the product they’re selling.

IoT 2016: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is the term used to describe the networking of physical objects, such as consumer electronic devices, vehicles, buildings, air conditioners, heating systems and other items.

Spamhaus Risk and the Future of Email Acquisition

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There are technical and business conditions that may make certain measures difficult to implement, at least in the short-term. Email address acquisition is the life blood of any growing email marketing program.