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Internet Trends From The Web 2.0 Summit

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Five Lessons From the Web 2.0 Summit

Paul Gillin

I had a chance to attend the recent Web 2.0 Everything on the Web. Johnson proposed an idea he called “Web redundancy:” Every digital content asset should have a corresponding linkable version. This year’s Web 2.0 Everything on the Web. </strong><a

Web 2.0, Secondary Orality, and the Gutenberg Parenthesis

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Home > Web 2.0, Web 2.0, Web 2.0 Only now with Web 2.0 Cite this Site Trent Batson , "Web 2.0, Sophos Upgrades Web Security Appliance. Most Malware Found on Trusted Web Pages, Report Says. Web 2.0.

Getting Visual with Your B2B Marketing: Pinterest or Instagram?

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Social Media/Web 2.0 A client recently asked me which visual social media platform should they choose – Instagram or Pinterest. I didn’t have a quick answer, because, well, it depends.

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5 Creative Ways B2B Marketers Can Use Twitter’s Vine

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Social Media/Web 2.0 I don’t know much about Vine, and I like it already. Here’s why – have you ever NOT watched a video because all you want is the few seconds that show you how to do the thing, and the video is 4 minutes long?

4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Benefit from Pinterest

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Like many of you I’m enamored with Pinterest , but I can’t help but ask, “Can Pinterest benefit B2B Marketers?” ” Pinterest is a social media site that allows members to create boards for images that they like.

The 6 Most Common B2B Questions about Twitter

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Learning to use Twitter can be perplexing, because it has it’s own language and coding. In this blog post I provide answers and how-to’s for the six most common questions B2B companies have about getting started on Twitter.

How to Integrate Social Media into Your B2B Marketing

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Social media is not the be-all and end-all, but it is a marketing activity you should add to your marketing program. The key is to be strategic about it, and understand how it can work for your business before you get started.

A Practical Social Media Strategy for B2B Marketers

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Social media is still a relatively new tactic in town for B2B marketers. The key to success in the B2B world is having a practical and measured approach to implementation. Here are some tips for approaching social media practically.

Enterprise Social Networking Platforms: Think Amazon, Not Facebook


I kid you not: even though Amazon predated the whole Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing Amazon Business Enterprise Social Network Facebook Social networking service Web 2.0 (Photo credit: soumit).

Less Email, More Web 2.0

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USA Today is Web 2.0. OK

Anything Goes Marketing

If you're looking for an example of a website that employs some of the latest and greatest of web 2.0. USA Today has reported a 380% surge in web traffic since it re-built its website last month with over 40,000 more user generated comments. Here are some of the web 2.0

Survey says. Marketers are tired of Web 2.0!!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

One of the more interesting highlights for me was when MENG executives were asked what industry buzz words, if any, they were most tired of hearing Web 2.0 In addition, many terms related to Web 2.0 Does this mean the luster of Web 2.0, Web 2.0

Has B2B Social Media Marketing Crossed the Chasm?

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Crossing The Chasm Social Media/Web 2.0 I think social media has crossed the chasm for B2B marketers as a way to create brand awareness. Pragmatists unite – it may be time to think about getting on board.

Is Your Social Media Marketing Plan SMART?

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Social Media/Web 2.0 To succeed in social media marketing, your goals must be SMART. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. Today most businesses have gotten beyond the question of whether or not to have a presence in social media.

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Informal learning & web 2.0: the mash-up

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Informal learning & web 2.0: In January, Donald Clark, Nigel Paine, and I led discussions on informal learning and web 2.0 Informal Learning Blog. ← Flipped to YouTube. the mash-up. June 30th, 2008 | informl2.

The Pyramid of Influence on Social Media

WindMill Networking

Social Media Influence Blog blogs content Facebook Google LinkedIn marketing networking objectives professional Publishing recommendations Social Networking Spam start strategy the social Twitter Web 2.0 Re-start at the bottom of the pyramid of influence on social media There are many challenges that confront professionals and organizations that cause them to completely rethink their approach to social media in order to meet the expectations of their customers.

Party Like It's 1999: Web 2.0 Exuberance?

PR Meets Marketing

Here are the Top 7 Signs of the Web 2.0 is Web 2.0, social networking or video, then you might be part of the Web 2.0 If you're not doing Web 2.0 Technorati Tags: dot com boom and bust Social media social networking Web 2.0. Lately I've been feeling a case of deja vu. Industry Standard is being resurrected.

Technology Marketers Adopt Web 2.0 Earlier

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Why a Square Logo is Better for Online Marketing

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Facebook LinkedIn Marketing Implementation Social Media/Web 2.0 If your logo is not square, it should be! Because more and more online and electronic logos display best in a square format.

Social Networking – Organic? Strategic? or Gaming a System?

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Now that social media is used by more businesses, it’s become clear that there is a right (and wrong) way to use it.

Does LinkedIn Make Your Phone Ring?

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In 2008 he launched the Social Network Roadmap and the Executive’s Guide to Web 2.0 to foster aggressive adoption of Web 2.0 Inbound Marketing LinkedIn Social Media/Web 2.0 Tweet. …Or your inbox fill with inquiries? It does for me.

How Businesses Can Market Like Beyoncé

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Photo on Flickr by AlexJohnson, Some rights reserved. This month Beyoncé bypassed usual methods for releasing a new album and instead used social media to surprise her fans.

How to Optimize LinkedIn Profile Website Links

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” Remember that visitors to your profile or web site listen to radio station WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? Inbound Marketing Internet Marketing LinkedIn Search Engine Optimization Social Media/Web 2.0 Tweet.

Most Industrial and Manufacturing Websites are Still Stuck in Web 1.0

Industrial Marketing Today

It is a matter of adjusting your mindset to bring your industrial and manufacturing Website out of the dark ages and into a Web 2.0 B2B Lead Generation Industrial Marketing & Web 2.0 Lead generation from their Websites is the number one objective of most manufacturers and industrial companies that I talk to. Yet, their existing Websites have little to no lead generating capabilities.

What Does Social Media Have to Do with Crossing the Chasm?

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Social Media/Web 2.0 I have a “strong suggestion” for you entrepreneurs, start-ups, spin-offs, R&D folks, developers, CTOs, CEOs, COOs, CMOs, PR and crisis communications peeps – well, everyone involved in getting the word out about some “new thing.”

Will the Real LinkedIn Search Results Please Stand Up?

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LinkedIn Social Media/Web 2.0 Tweet. In working with my clients on their presence on LinkedIn, I have found there is some confusion when evaluating how they perform in the LinkedIn search results.

The Cambrian Explosion and our obsession with “the next big thing”


Others will include “the Internet of Things” , or will reduce it to SoLoMo (Social, Local, Mobile), or call it “Smarter Planet” And if you look closely, even Tim O’Reilly’s “What Is Web 2.0?” Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Why Product Launch Plans Need to Include Social Networking

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Tweet. I recently provided some marketing consulting and services for a technology start-up about to launch a new product. They contacted me with little time to spare before their intended product launch at an industry event.

Web 2.0 and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) " Learning Matters!

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Web 2.0 Onto the good stuff… I was fortunate enough to be asked to contribute at the e-Learning Guild in two different forums this week: Tony Karrer , hoodwinked Brent Schelenker , Steven Downes and yours truly to talk about Web 2.0 (and Web 2.0 Web 2.0

Social Media & SEO: Are You There Yet?

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Social Media/Web 2.0 When will you see results from social media and SEO? When is your tweet, blog post, and video content enough? It takes time. Up to a month for Google to crawl your new site or new blog. Up to three months for social media messaging traction.

6 Ways to Get Strategic for Twitter Chat Success

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Social Media/Web 2.0 Hosting a Twitter chat can offer a great marketing benefits or turn into a total failure. Here are some of the things to consider when designing your new Twitter chat. My niece is a music therapist and the founder of Maine Music & Health.

B2B Marketers to Increase Online Content, but What Kind?

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Marketing Planning Marketing Strategy Social Media/Web 2.0 Now more than ever, online content is the key to attracting and engaging qualified prospects online.

Have No Fear: Why Sales Teams SHOULD Be On Social Media

Sales Intelligence View

Social media has become a defacto marketing tool for any organization, but it’s incredible how scared sales managers and teams still are of letting their sales reps join the sales 2.0 Prospecting Sales 2.0 Sales Intelligence Social CRM Social Media Tips Social Selling B2B b2b sales crm 2.0 customer 2.0

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LinkedIn – Customize What Displays on Your Home Page

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LinkedIn Social Media/Web 2.0 Tweet. The detailed changes your LinkedIn connections make to their profiles that show on your LinkedIn Home page can be annoying. You can customize what updates you see on your LinkedIn Home page from the Settings page.

What Do You Do If Your Boss Doesn’t Get Social Media?

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Marketing Soapbox Social Media/Web 2.0 Just do it. The proof is in the pudding, so you have to prove how social media gets results with Comments on your Blog , Impressions on a LinkedIn Company Page , Likes on a Facebook Company Page , and/or Followers and Conversations on Twitter.

6 Basic Social Media Results You Need to Track

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Social Media/Web 2.0When you implement social media marketing, you should track the results you get. Start with the basics as described below. You can use a spreadsheet, with the following metrics in columns and a row for each week of the year.

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