BlueVenn Bundles Omnichannel Journey Management, Personalization, and Single Customer View

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BlueVenn has only been active in the U.S. market only since March 2016, although many U.S. marketers will recall its previous incarnation as SmartFocus.*

Forecast: Self-Assembling Application Bundles Will Manage Customer Experience

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Services will be bundled into mega-services, simplifying user choice. Open APIs and interoperability will make it easy to add new services to the bundles. Business relationships need to be worked out between the individual services and the mega-bundles.

LeadLife Bundles Services with Marketing Automation

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Probably more important, LeadLife has also bundled marketing services with its software. Bundled services are LeadLife’s solution to the skill gap that keeps so many companies from adopting marketing automation or using it fully.

How to Avoid the Risks of Bundling


Retailers, etailers, service providers, and pretty much anyone who sells anything ever use bundling techniques to improve sales and make customers happy. The problem is that bundling comes with a unique set of problems that could hurt your sales in the long run.

How to Utilize the Power of Gmail’s New Promotions Tab


Using machine learning, Gmail identifies the most valuable messages for each user and groups them into bundles organized by topic or themes like Top Deals or Top Picks. Heads-up, email geeks! The Gmail Promotions tab has gotten a major update that you shouldn’t miss.

Get Buyers to Do What You Want: Using Temptation Bundling


Temptation bundling. What Is Temptation Bundling? If your company focuses on any of these things we procrastinate, you can put temptation bundling to work. Putting Temptation Bundling to Work.

Hubspot Offers Small Business Marketers a Big Bundle of Features

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Summary: Hubspot offers a bundle of Web traffic generation and lead management features in one low-cost package. Small businesses willing to invest some effort should be pleased with the results. Yesterday’s post described one strategy to sell marketing automation to small businesses: provide a specific, turnkey service that requires virtually no skill or effort from the user.

No Stones for Wells Fargo – Sales Professionals Heal Thyself

HG Data

But not only did they sell something unwanted, employees bundled products in a fashion that hid what they were doing. That said, let me be the first to confess my sins: Bundled Features: I’ve bundled features in ways that probably were not too far from what Wells Fargo has done. I’ve had optional features that I bundled into a group price and not allowed the customer to opt out for the a la carte menu.

Taking Account-based Marketing to the Next Level with Predictive Marketing


That’s why we are bundling smart ideas and tactics from We know how hard it is being a marketer today.

Pitch Perfect: Selling to Legal Operations


Get the Pitch Perfect bundle and skip to the head of the line: Selling to Legal Operations. Download the bundle: Pitch Perfect: Selling to Legal Ops includes a full-length video interview with the buyer you’re after, and a cheat sheet with pain points and selling tips.

Want to build a great brand for your company?

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Instead of investing a bundle financing a snazzy new logo, or spending too much of your marketing budget on brand advertising, invest in making sure that all the touch points your company has with its prospects and customers are enhancing the brand… rather than hurting it.

Native iPhone QR Code Reader…Coming Fall 2017


Among many major announcements, a few influential tech industry press websites discovered that Apple is bundling a QR Code reader in the native camera app of the iOS 11 operating system. By Boingnet. A built-in iPhone QR Code reader has long been on the wishlist for direct mail marketers, agencies and printers. With great fanfare, Apple unveiled a new version of the iPhone operating system at the WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) in June.

Want to build a great brand for your company?

Sales Lead Insights

B2B Marketers: Instead of investing a bundle financing a snazzy new logo, or spending too much of your marketing budget on brand advertising, invest in making sure that all the touch points your company has with its prospects and customers are enhancing the brand.rather than hurting it.

How to Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Business or Brand


If you're willing to shell out the cash, you might consider buying one of Creative Market's Instagram Template bundles. Alternatively, you can purchase a bundle with Instagram Story content, like this Animated Stories bundle.

8 Budget Templates to Manage Your Marketing Spend [Free Download]


We’ve got something almost as good as a sentient robot that can help you plan your marketing budget: this bundle of 8 Microsoft Excel templates. The bundle includes budget templates for the following areas: Events.

Google Unveils 'Inbox,' a New App to Change How You Manage Email


It contains all of the following features, which we’ll describe in more detail below: Bundles. Bundles. Bundles are basically "accordion folders” for certain categories in your inbox. Types of Labels Within Bundles. Remember when Gmail unveiled the new inbox tabs layout ?

Hubspot Inbound Conference Recap 9 of 9


Three long days of sessions and presentations bundled up in short descriptions. Here it is, the last post about my INBOUND 2015 experience. Hope you learned something from my series of posts. The Unified Business Model (The Future of Sales & Marketing) by Oliver Lopez from Structsales.

5 Tips for Increasing Your Average Order Value


First-Time Shopper Discounts Consider giving your first-time buyers a special discount on bundles. Bundling Deals or “Mix and Match” When you spot a “5 for $5” bin in a store, can you pass it up? With a special page dedicated to bundled deals, you can really amp up your sales.

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The Role of Sales in Vertical Marketing

Crimson Marketing

It may even make sense to bundle your product(s) into bigger solutions. Before you do anything, you must first determine what are the greatest needs of the end users in your vertical and how will your company meet those needs.

Tech Review: A Look at the New Google Inbox

EMagine B2B Blog

Bundling emails. Gmail has already introduced us to this feature as “Tabs” in the original Gmail, but now Google Inbox has taking this to the next level by bundling emails in your inbox into promos, social, travel, purchases, finance, and forums.

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B2B Marketing Has a Perception Problem

Digital B2B Marketing

Even traditional “branding” venues are filled with lead generation offers and publishers are bundling traditional media programs with lead generation. Do you care if potential prospects see your services as high value or a complete rip-off? Of course you do.

8 Changes Your Website Needs to Be GDPR Compliant

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Many sites used to bundle user consent into a single multitasking checkbox. Before, it was common practice to bundle your third party consent in one checkbox, now each named party needs to be listed and users have to have the right to consent to each separately.

B2B Lead Generation vs B2B Advertising: What You Need to Know

Digital B2B Marketing

However, a number of publishers are now promoting content syndication programs with bundled advertising elements and positioning them as if the advertising promotions are driving leads.

3 Questions to Help Your Brand Overcome Channel Conflict


Another way to offer a value-added product, if applicable to your brand, is bundling. This also uses the same methodology to ‘baked’ pricing, however you could throw in a free bag to carry all of the bundled products in.

What the New Gmail Inbox Means For Marketers

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Inbox is looking to bundle messages of the same type together. The bundles are also mixed in with individual messages from friends and family. The world of email marketing deliverability was given a surprise jolt last week, with the introduction of a new product from Google. Inbox by Gmail was rolled out in Beta last week, and is available by invite only. You can request an invitation by sending an email to

How to Get More Value From Your B2B Data Purchase


Discounts come in many forms: volume (or long-term contract), pre-payment, new customer, bundled offers, reduced rates on net new records after your first purchase, etc.

Interesting Infographics: How To Make Profitable Conversations


According to the infographic “Valuable Content and Social Selling” by Robert Caruso, founder and CEO of Bundle Post , your social media content is indispensable when it comes to your ROI. How much of an influence does your content have on your bottom line?

3 Steps to Succeed in a Post-GDPR Email World


For example, ensure your team doesn’t bundle consent with information requests or a download of an upcoming ebook, and make sure that every new landing page that includes an opt-in box has the box unchecked by default.

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A Marketer’s Guide to the New GDPR Regulations


Personal data will have to be collected and used for a specific purpose and consent must be given for each purpose and not bundled together. In early December, the EU agreed upon new regulations for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


AdSquare Audiences in Motion

A lot of the media businesses that bundle in data with their offering struggle somewhat to gain consent for the data they are using. When data and media are bundled together that can sometimes be opaque and there is a demand, client-side, for more transparency and the ability to A/B test.

Why Empathy Is Necessary for a Customer-Centric Strategy

Modern Marketing

They’ll be wowed and buy the entire bundle.

How to Structure your Market Development Funds for Digital Marketing

Computer Market Research

One of the biggest trends in market development funds has to do with bundling, where several vendors work together with the partner to accomplish a common goal. Why is bundling a trending component of market development funds?

How to Structure your Market Development Funds for Digital Marketing

Computer Market Research

One of the biggest trends in MDF has to do with bundling, where several vendors work together with the partner to accomplish a common goal. Why is bundling a trending component of MDF? Bundling means more money will be available for your partner.

There’s horse meat in my survey

The B2B Research Blog

Sub-prime mortgages hidden within bundles of triple-A rated loans. What you see isn’t always what you get. Horse meat in our Findus Crispy Pancakes. Dodgy surveys parading as fact. This deception – whether intentional or accidental – has far-reaching repercussions. In the case of faulty research it can lead to sub-optimal decisions and missed opportunities. And it’s an easy mistake to make.

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In 2018, Publishers Take Back Control with Subscription Success


They also announced a content bundle partnership with Scribd, which could be an interesting trend to follow as subscriptions become more popular. Much like cable networks began to bundle channels into packages, digital subscriptions could follow suit. The Rise of the Mature User.

From My Tribe To Yours: A Holiday Gift Guide For Working Moms

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Source: Amazon, Expert Black Bundle. Source: Goop, The Goop Bundle. >> Finding the perfect gift can be tough, especially for the working mom who doesn’t need another candle, kitchen towel, or tube of lavender hand lotion.

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4 products Microsoft should build with LinkedIn

Ignite Tech

Bundling to increase sales wallet share. What this means is that Microsoft immediately attains almost 50% wallet share by owning LinkedIn and Office and could start chipping away at Salesforce dollars if it bundles and discounts Dynamics.

How GoPro’s Content Marketing Puts Experience Before E-Commerce

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For example, rather than filling the Gifts for Your Loved Ones board with product images, it is filled with action shots with descriptions such as, “For your adrenaline junkie who prefers life at 12,000 ft, go for the GoPro Skydiving Bundle.”.

6 Tips for Optimizing Marketing Automation for B2B Marketing Success


One of the most beneficial things about a marketing automation solution is the variety of essential marketing features bundled into one piece of technology.

TV Is Going Away (Or Not)

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The trend to focus on is not cord cutting but on potential growth in “skinny bundles” – Sling, Hulu TV, DirecTV Now, PlayStation Vue, and YouTube TV. Thirty-seven percent of these skinny bundle subscribers also have a cord, possibly because they are shopping the services. What’s even more interesting is that the growth in skinny bundles has occurred in just the last couple of years. Telling people you work in TV advertising can be exasperating.

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Mapping Your Content to the Buyer’s Journey in 15 minutes


Karrie bundles her tips under Educate, Create, and Activate. Periodically, today’s content marketer needs to take a step back and see the forest (or whatever is your preferred “big picture” cliché). These pauses are an excellent time to evaluate whether your offered content matches your targeted audience’s persona(s) and where they are in their buying journeys.

Data Science + Machine Learning = Powerful e-Commerce and SEM Performance Lift


The company’s products include its popular software bundles and CD-ROM products, which it sells directly online and also distributes through numerous comparison shopping engines (CSEs) as well as through major brick-and-mortar retail outlets.

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Cryptocurrency Mining Explained: A 2-Minute Rundown


To update a blockchain with new transactions, a new block, which is a bundle of these transactions, needs to be created and added to it. Since cryptocurrency isn’t a physical commodity like gold or oil, it might be hard to understand how people mine it.