Report: 86% of Customers Want Transparency from Brands on Social Media

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Marketers are turning to social media to reach out to their target audiences, and new research shows that it can pay off in the end to be transparent. About 40 percent of people who say brand transparency is more important than ever before directly attribute it to social media.

Report: Transparency, Communication Critical to B2B Marketers’ Customer Relationships

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New research suggests that transparency and communication are critical components to developing successful relationships between B2B businesses and their customers. This is followed by a lack of transparency (53 percent). Once a relationship has been established with a customer, 69 percent of respondents stated that transparency and honesty are just as critical when a problem arises.

Customers Looking for Transparency and Human-Like Interactions from AI

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Capgemini recently published “The Secret to Winning Customers’ Hearts With Artificial Intelligence” infographic, which showed that 73 percent of customers are already aware that they are having interactions enabled by AI.

The Age of Transparency


Transparency wasn’t technically the theme of this year’s Marketo Marketing Nation Summit , but it was a topic that I heard repeated over and over again. Companies need to be transparent about what their goals are, and how those are shared with teams.

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

Are they transparent in. Many lead generation companies are not transparent in their process. Watch out for these type of companies who offer zero transparency and who don’t show you their methods.

4 Ways to Build Transparency as a Leader


Trust and transparency are fundamental to business success. A host of factors improve trust in the workplace -- from diversity and inclusion to individual leaders being more open and transparent with their teams. Build transparency into culture.

No US companies among the 30 most transparent


My recent blog on “ Why Transparency is Essential For Building Corporate Brand Trust ” generated lots of interest, but also begged a key question – what are the most transparent multinationals in the world, and where do US companies stand in these rankings?

Creating Transparency With an Inbox Protection Rate


The post Creating Transparency With an Inbox Protection Rate appeared first on SendGrid. Learn more about SendGrid’s Inbox Protection Rate and how it's a measure of the legitimate email that travels through SendGrid’s servers.

B2B Reads: Grit, Transparency, and Adaptive Selling

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Transparency Creates Trust. Being transparent makes your advice informed and more realistic. The post B2B Reads: Grit, Transparency, and Adaptive Selling appeared first on Heinz Marketing. B2B Reads Sales art of silence buyer's journey grit Introverts networking Sales enablement selling start-up transparency TrustIn addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales & marketing posts from around the Web each week.

Why transparency is essential for building corporate brand trust


The growing demand for greater corporate transparency, especially among Millennials, should not be news to anyone. only 50% of Americans trust financial service companies), and insufficient transparency has been one of the key reasons.

Why Top Brands Win with Transparency

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Although often overlooked, companies with top-notch marketing emphasize privacy and transparency. Transparency as a Strategy. “ Companies have an obligation to their users to be transparent in how they operate and use personal data.

Could Blockchain Make Influencer Marketing More Transparent?

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And then there’s the problem of getting what you paid for: Even if you’re able to find a solution that aids in every step of the campaign and tracks every data point you’re seeking, a lack of transparency makes it easy to call that data into question.

How Social Transparency Tools Help You Overcome Consumer Skepticism


Transparency more important than ever. Recent research from Sprout Social shows that 86% of consumers believe transparency is more important than ever. 86% of consumers believe #transparency is more important than ever #contentmarketing Click To Tweet.

New Year predictions: data security, trust and transparency dominate


Unless publishers and tech platforms can ensure data privacy, transparency, ethics and trust, 2019 could be the year that politics intervenes. Publishers that concentrate on improving transparency in how user data is collected, used, and stored, will enhance customer relationships built on a foundation of trust and choice.”. Brand safety, trust and transparency will continue to be the focus in 2019. It’s that time of year. Predictions.

B2B Marketers Must Be Transparent to Build Trust

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Doing business today requires transparency, which builds trust with your customers and partners. I think the one most important to marketers today is number 6 – Trust is required for doing business today, and consumers and business people demand transparency.

Report: Marketers Seek More Transparency in Programmatic Ads

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The Transparency Opportunity: Quantifying the Benefits of Trust” report from MetaMarkets recently determined that marketers are putting 16 percent of their budgets toward programmatic advertising. However, nearly one-third (32 percent) claim that a lack of transparency is inhibiting the future growth and scale of programmatic media buying. In terms of achieving more transparency, 92 percent of marketers said that performance reporting was their top obstacle.

The Road to Hedge Fund Transparency: Marketing Essentials and Potential Pitfalls

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To survive and prosper in a marketplace where transparency and trust are now valued by investors and promoted by regulators, hedge funds will be increasingly required to build a rational and risk-averse approach to external communication.

Attribution and Linking Are Essential to Transparency

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In the new-media era of journalism, the arguably most important ethical principle is transparency. Related posts: Ethics: Is Transparency All We Need? Ethics Journalism Writing attribution Folio: Magazine journalism leads links new media Steve Buttry transparencyMUD day 4: If you’re a B2B journalist or a journalistically inclined content marketer, you should be faithfully following Steve Buttry’s blog.

Transparent vs. Opaque: Six New-Media Principles, No. 5

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Because one of its foundational ideas is openness, as I described in yesterday’s post , new media encourages and rewards transparency. One of the ways new media encourages transparency is ethical, as represented by the popular expression, “transparency is the new objectivity.” Another mode of transparency is operational. Transparency doesn’t stop with individuals. To work, transparency must be a committed, conscious choice.

Ethics: Transparency Is Not All

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In content marketing, that bias tends to be more transparent. In this view, transparency is not in itself a guarantee of ethical content. What interests me in this comment is the way transparency, volitional or not, is viewed as the starting point of ethical content, not the end point. Not much has been written yet on ethics in content marketing, but what has focuses largely on transparency. But this much is clear: Transparency is not all.

Ethics 116

Is It Time for Us to Be Transparent About the Marketing in Content Marketing?

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An August 2018 study by Sprout Social found that “86% of Americans say transparency from businesses is more important than ever before.” Social Media Leading the Demand for Transparency. The post Is It Time for Us to Be Transparent About the Marketing in Content Marketing?

Video Marketing How-To: Creating Transparent Overlays for Videos


Today I want to quickly show you how to create transparent overlays for your videos, like name keys, company logos, or any other static imagery you want to include in your video. I export this as a transparent PNG. Hello, and welcome to another episode of Video Marketing How-To!

Will Internet Transparency Devalue Craftsmanship?

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Increasingly, online search and social media transparency will enable us to understand, manipulate, second-guess and validate the counsel of every professional discipline. With this level of virtual transparency, what’s the motivation for any knowledge worker to excel in their profession? My guess is that true craftsmen in any profession will leverage online transparency to enhance their skills, rather than to use it as an excuse to join the status quo.

How Webinars Can Help Build Transparency and Create a Sense of Authenticity

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Strive instead for transparency and authenticity by doing the following: If you are throwing out facts or statistics, show the research to back it up. Stick with honesty, transparency, and authenticity in your webinar. Well-done webinars are like well-taught classes. They have a teacher who knows their stuff, engages the students, teaches them something mind-blowing, and leaves them wanting to come back.

The Push for Transparency in Social Media Marketing Will Be a Boon for Content Marketers

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The coming year promises to be a big one for transparency and updates in the social space, hopefully stemming the flow of future political incursion and audience misdirection. For brands, however, this full transparency is going to require consideration. 2017 has been quite a year.

Talking Privacy and Transparency: Three Takeaways from DPS Europe


The post Talking Privacy and Transparency: Three Takeaways from DPS Europe appeared first on 33Across. Last week, Digiday held their second European Publisher summit of the year in Barcelona to discuss the latest trends and hot topics and anoint this year's top buzzwords. A number of influential changes are on the horizon. Blog Events Featured Digiday

Why Agencies Need to Take Transparency More Seriously


The lack of transparency that often occurs between advertisers and their marketing partners has reached a tipping point. They will no longer work with agencies, networks, technology platforms, or marketing "partners" who aren't completely transparent about their practices.

B2B Blogger – Are You Being Tricky or Transparent?

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How about a little transparency? If you ask me, visitors who land on a blog post have the right to know when it was written. So, why do B2B marketers hide their blog post dates? I guess they want to fool us. “Hey!

Transparency Remains Top of Mind (and Other Key Takeaways from Cologne)


The post Transparency Remains Top of Mind (and Other Key Takeaways from Cologne) appeared first on 33Across. Now that some of the dust has settled from a frenzied two days in Cologne, we caught up with Yuri Burka, our Managing Director of Europe, for a download of the biggest trends and customer talking points from the 2018 DMEXCO conference. Blog Events Featured

Philamplify Launches to Inspire Greater Foundation Transparency


Organizations vying for grants from foundations are looking for increased transparency from those grant-makers. The Foundation Center has also increased their efforts to help foundations be more transparent. How has your foundation promoted transparency?

How Facebook’s New Explore Feed and Ad Transparency Will Affect Marketers

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Transparency in Advertising. Facebook has also announced ad transparency and authenticity features. Aimed at political transparency during election cycles, this feature is in line with a similar action Twitter has taken with their Transparency Center.

Transparency is the Best Policy for B2B Marketing

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Is your B2B marketing transparent? Tweet. Let’s face it. Most buyers can smell a rat these days. If you’re not being honest and open about the products and services you are selling or how you manufacture or provide them, people aren’t going to buy.

Transparency is the Best Policy for B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing Traction

Is your B2B marketing transparent? Tweet. Let’s face it. Most buyers can smell a rat these days. If you’re not being honest and open about the products and services you are selling or how you manufacture or provide them, people aren’t going to buy.

Last Week Today: Artificial Intelligence, More Transparency in Ad Tech, and Guaranteed Programmatic Deals


What publishers and advertisers think of artificial intelligence, providing more transparency in programmatic, and how GDPR is increasing the demand for guaranteed programmatic deals. The post Last Week Today: Artificial Intelligence, More Transparency in Ad Tech, and Guaranteed Programmatic Deals appeared first on 33Across. What was the buzz around the office last week?

Amazon Leads the Charge Toward Transparent Feedback


By now, you may have heard that Amazon plans to sue over a thousand authors of false reviews within the Amazon Marketplace. The news itself is rather stunning, as consumers have known for years that fake reviews exist, and most know how to spot them. So, what happens now? The Story in a Nutshell.

Your Guide To Personality, Transparency and Keeping It Real In B2B Marketing

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Am I being transparent enough? Or too transparent?". "Do "Is my marketing keeping it real? Or i s it too real?". "Am Do I need more personality in my marketing or less?".

Transparency and Transformation: 3 Takeaways from Digiday Agency Summit


The post Transparency and Transformation: 3 Takeaways from Digiday Agency Summit appeared first on 33Across. Transformation of the traditional agency model is happening. Last week in Nashville, top agency executives gathered to discuss where the industry is heading as well as acknowledging challenges within agency culture. Blog Events Digiday

IAB 2017: The call for Quality and Transparency


The post IAB 2017: The call for Quality and Transparency appeared first on 33Across. Earlier this week during Interactive Advertising Bureau's (IAB) annual conference, attendees including myself were called on to provide a better experience across the entire ad tech ecosystem. Blog Industry Insights

The Foundation Center Wants to Help You Be More Transparent


While there isn’t a standard playbook for all foundations to be transparent, GrantCraft, an extension of The Foundation Center , is using this guide to advise foundations on that very topic. Defining Foundation Transparency. ” Benefits of Transparency.

Foundation Center Website Shows Importance of Nonprofit Transparency


The idea of transparency has been a growing trend in the for-profit and nonprofit worlds, and now, foundations are the targets. The organization has since developed a website, , which is devoted to promoting foundation transparency.