Presentations Need More Dragons: Corporate Storytelling Techniques

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You know, deep in your heart, what presentations lack. As a content strategist for a presentation design firm, my company wages war against […]. The post Presentations Need More Dragons: Corporate Storytelling Techniques appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

How to Use Storytelling for More Effective Content Marketing


Just one aspect of content marketing – storytelling – can make your website come alive, humanize B2B marketing content, attract visitors and expose the world to the value you provide. The following tips will help you to more effectively use storytelling as a marketing tool.

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How storytelling can shape the corporate brand and culture


These excessive conditions provide the main impetus for the re-emergence of storytelling for inspiring, engaging and connecting to others. Storytelling is ageless and remains the most powerful form of persuasion. Storytelling describes a journey and is ideal for meaningful change.

6 Digital Storytelling Lessons from Pottermore


To better understand recent advancements and best practices in digital storytelling, look no further than the creative writing greats. In this post, I'll discuss six ways Pottermore pushes the digital storytelling envelope. 6 Lessons in Digital Storytelling from J.K.

Storytelling: Use it to Control Your Buyer’s Mind?

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Storytelling in sales and marketing has long been touted as effective, and we now have the science to prove why. According to a new study, when presented with a story, the storyteller and listeners brains actually synchronize – termed brain coupling.

5 B2B Brands That “Get” Storytelling

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by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Corporate storytelling is nothing new. Presentations and books on telling a great story – opposed to shilling product – are abundant. With that in mind, we wanted to point out some examples of B2B brands that truly get corporate storytelling.

The Art of Storytelling [Video]

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” This was one of the main points on “the art of storytellingpresented by Julie Roehm, Chief Storyteller at SAP at the Inbound Marketing Summit on April 3, 2013. Across the ages, brands have been using the art of storytelling to reach their audience.

Storytelling Lessons From Kevin Spacey And House Of Cards

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3 Crucial Principles Of Storytelling You Can Learn From Kevin Spacey + House of Cards. It is no secret that storytelling has become the pinnacle practice of 2015. So what advice does Francis Underwood have to dish on storytelling? Don’t Rush Your Storytelling.

The art of narrative storytelling via social media marketing


It’s About Narrative, It’s About Storytelling. It’s about the narrative, it’s about storytelling. The post The art of narrative storytelling via social media marketing appeared first on Biznology.

Creativity, Technology, And The Future Of Storytelling

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Here is the 18 minute video of my presentation:). Because he understood that marketing is about storytelling. I presented the case for why marketing still has a marketing problem : most people still think marketing is advertising, selling and somehow lacking value.

45 Engaging Examples of Interactive Storytelling in Content Marketing


HubSpot and Playbuzz joined forces to scour the web for amazing examples of interactive storytelling. Using search provides readers with a task to keep them engaged while presenting a healthy amount of information in a positive manner. How to Get Started with Interactive Storytelling.

How Brand Storytelling Redefines the Marketing Budget

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Content engines sound attractive in concept but present a paradigm shift for the large number of brands who have shifted toward them over the past 10 years. Fast forward a few years to today, though, and many content marketers are talking about the need for quality storytelling.

Interactive Storytelling 101: User Experience & Information Architecture

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Interactive storytelling, however, involves a whole new set of best practices. Interactivity opens up a lot of creative possibilities for digital storytellers, but it also creates a lot of additional complexities around user experience and information architecture.

15 Storytelling Techniques


Storytelling is a major part of any content marketing strategy. Storytelling helps to solve that problem by sharing real experiences of your brand, or even fictional pieces that help your visitors understand what you do, with your visitors.

How TED Talks Can Help You Create Better Client Presentations

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One of the challenges of client presentations is they are often given over the phone or through a web conferencing system. I spend time watching videos of other people speaking, reviewing Slideshare presentations, and of course reading books. Master the Art of Storytelling.

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25 Killer Resources to Learn Storytelling


You know what the best thing about brand storytelling is? To help you get started, here are some of my favorite resources online: For best practices, check out 15 Storytelling Techniques for Writing a Better Brand Story. Brand Storytelling Lessons from the Content 2020 Project.

Why You Need Long-form Storytelling to Become a Thought Leader


This is a preview/snippet from our piece: Without Long-form Storytelling, You Will Never be a Thought Leader. The power of storytelling can be harnessed and applied to thought leadership content by incorporating narrative devices to: Articulate new paradigms and possibilities. Present original research and data in a palatable format. How Storytelling Supercharges Content. There is a science to storytelling and its effect on readers.

At Visionary Companies, Storytelling Runs Deep

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We started this transformation by bringing a world-renowned storytelling expert, Robert McKee , to Boston, where he did a full-day seminar with our team on story craft. How would we teach our contributors and creatives to be great storytellers?

Storytelling and data: when beautiful metrics can’t beat words


Family storytelling die-hards may have heard of Bill Gordh , an award-winning, banjo-playing storyteller that has performed with the New York Philharmonic as well as at the White House Easter Egg Roll. I had the opportunity to attend one of Bill’s storytelling workshops a few weeks ago.

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Forward 2016, Day 1: Why Content Marketing ? Brand Storytelling

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At Forward 2016 , Skyword’s annual storytelling conference, brands from across the country came together yesterday to celebrate the fusion of marketing and storytelling. In this post, we recap some of the presentations from yesterday on the power of brand storytelling.

Nine Practical Guides to Public Speaking and Presentations


How can you get and keep a roomful of people engaged with your presentation? Jane Porter passes along five valuable tips from master storyteller Kevin Allison. The Science Behind Storytelling — and Why It Matters by The Official SlideShare Blog.

The Story of a Storyteller Who Became a Vidyard Customer


I quickly discovered that Stephanie and I shared a passion: storytelling. Stephanie told me she’s always considered herself a storyteller. Writing and storytelling was never just a pastime or hobby. Have you met someone recently where you thought, “Wow, you’re inspiring!

Brand storytelling lessons from the Serial podcast


It’s the storytelling technique, which Koenig has mastered in her role as producer and reporter at This American Life, the WBEZ radio show hosted by Ira Glass. Much has been made of Serial’s storytelling structure.

The Best Example You Will Find On The Value Of Storytelling

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Well I know there is more value to effective storytelling over hard selling and cold calling. I love making connections with anyone in the content game, but Michele started talking about storytelling. The Art of Effective Storytelling from Michele Miller.

An Actionable Guide to Visual Storytelling


That’s no exaggeration: every major idea, from Star Wars to Apple to Western Democracy to Christianity and Islam, wouldn’t be where it is without the power of storytelling. . We believe the answer is visual storytelling. . Examples of visual storytelling are everywhere.

20 Must-See SlideShare Presentations That'll Inform, Inspire & Entertain


If you''re regularly on our blog, you know that we love SlideShare presentations. Last year we posted an article about 20 inspiring SlideShare presentations we wanted to share with our audience. We loved this presentation so much we even wrote a blog post about it.

Think Like a Publisher: 5 Storytelling Rules for Marketers [DECK]

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As if marketers didn’t already wear many hats, “storyteller” has become another task to manage, for brand awareness, audience engagement, and providing value that builds trust. Here are 5 storytelling rules for the marketer.

20 Inspiring SlideShare Presentations Every Marketer Should See


Some SlideShare presentations are better than others. But the best SlideShare presentations represent all three. To help you kick your own SlideShare presentations up a notch, here are 20 awesome SlideShares to check out. Do you have any other favorite SlideShare presentations?

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The Four-Letter Words Of Business Storytelling

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The same can be said for business and storytelling. When prepping for that presentation, sales pitch, or marketing copy, do you study desire and the consequences of pursuing it? The post The Four-Letter Words Of Business Storytelling appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider.

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How to Win Customers’ Hearts with The Art of Storytelling


They used the art of storytelling to bypass your logical mind and put their message straight in your heart. So how do you use the art of storytelling to win your customers’ hearts? What makes good storytelling? builds a bond between you and the storyteller.

The Power of Visual Storytelling: 15 Stunning Examples to Inspire You


Visual storytelling -- or passing on a lot of information through a relatively simple visual aid -- has been a cornerstone of marketing for thousands of years. That’s where today’s visual storytellers have a chance to not only say “Hey, you can get this here!”

3 Essential Ingredients For Your Engaging Sales Presentation


Those opening seconds are critical in holding the attention of your customers; therefore, your sales presentation needs to be compelling and relevant to each unique audience. it is critical to deliver compelling presentations that tell your product story right the first time.

Data-driven Marketing: Where Has All the Storytelling Gone?


The original historical record was through storytellers, leaders who learned the oral history of their village or culture and ensured it was passed down through future generations. Today’s storytellers are often creating stories through written words, filmed video and fantastic soundtracks.

Interview: Guided Selling with Storytelling, Insights and Financial Justification

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ValueStory delivers the value storytelling in a compelling visual format, needed to emotional connect and engage each prospect. An interview with Dario Priolo, Chief Strategy Officer for Richardson, a leading training and sales effectiveness firm.

What Great Divide? How Storytelling Erases the Lines Between B2B and B2C Marketing Tactics

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Selling Is Storytelling. For B2C brands, this is primarily a problem of presentation and finding creative ways of making buying feel like part of the experience that leads up to it. For B2B marketing , the problem tends to be a lack of brand storytelling in the funnel altogether.

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Unleash the power of storytelling in your content marketing


Would you use a PowerPoint presentation with slides of bullet points? There’s an alternative: content marketing that incorporates storytelling. How can you harness the power of storytelling in your marketing? How will you unleash the power of storytelling in your organization?

Scaling Your Video Storytelling Without Selling Your Soul


It’s just too easy to fall into the trap of converting presentations into animated videos or to simply have someone read a document in front of a camera. The post Scaling Your Video Storytelling Without Selling Your Soul appeared first on Vidyard.

Serialization and Digital Storytelling: What Victorian-Era Publishing Teaches Us About Generating Leads

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Before modern-day digital storytelling, before Netflix and on-demand video, before ebooks and audiobooks, people often kept up with their favorite, ongoing stories through serial novels. But serialized content presents a different format.

The Optometrist Storyteller

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What’s Business Storyteller?” I teach business people how to take their ideas, messages and presentations and turn them into stories,” I said. He’s an optometrist storyteller. The post The Optometrist Storyteller appeared first on B2B Marketing Insider. I lost my distance eyeglasses a couple of weeks ago. Figuring that they’d show up sooner or later, I forced myself to wander through a blurry world.

7 Lessons From the World's Most Captivating Presenters [SlideShare]


It was Jobs’ unique presentation style -- which Apple fans referred to as a “Stevenote” -- that helped make this among the most awe-inspiring, memorable keynotes ever delivered. People who witness a Steve Jobs presentation for the first time describe it as an extraordinary experience.”.

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