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How Storytelling + Data = The Most Compelling Content


Storytelling is a powerful tool for building a long-term connection with your audience. studio on Pexels However, few marketers can truly master the art of storytelling, because they fail to add data points to support the tale they are weaving. What is data storytelling? Guest post by Mehdi Hussen. Image credit:

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Where Do Case Studies Fit into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Insider Group

Case studies help you build a story around your customers, products, and services. You can prove – through brand storytelling – that what you offer consumers works. Case studies are one of the most powerful forms of content to have in your marketing repertoire. What are Case Studies in Content Marketing?


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7 Steps to Effective Brand Storytelling

Marketing Insider Group

Storytelling is a human pastime, something we’ve been doing for thousands of years. With brand storytelling, you can create an emotional connection with your audience. So, how do you effectively implement and scale brand storytelling into your content strategy ? What Is Brand Storytelling? Everybody loves a great story.

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The power of storytelling: How to write case studies for B2B content marketing

The Lead Agency

As prospects seek information about your product or service to determine whether it’s what they’re looking for and whether to enquire to find out more, case studies paint a clear picture of how it looks in action and establish greater credibility. Tell the whole story When writing a case study, avoid only focusing on the outcome.

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5 Tech Brand Case Studies That Will Inspire You


Here is an inside look at five influential tech success stories from our flipbook of 47 Content Marketing Case Studies That’ll Inspire You to encourage your brand to make meaningful changes in the new year. . The post 5 Tech Brand Case Studies That Will Inspire You appeared first on Contently.

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Storytelling in Sales: The SQL Conversion Guide 

Only B2B

In the fast-paced world of sales, where technology meets human connection, storytelling has emerged as a potent tool. This blog unravels the intricate relationship between storytelling and SQL conversion, unveiling techniques, strategies, and the pervasive influence of storytelling throughout the sales journey.

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Beginner’s Guide to Advertising Agency Case Studies

Single Grain

Advertising case studies are an excellent way to demonstrate your best work to prospective clients to generate more consultation requests. Case studies not only demonstrate your expertise as an agency, but also provide potential clients with helpful details about what they can expect from working with your company.