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Class Shaping [WEBINAR]


Attract the Right Students with Class Shaping. Join Fathom and Google’s Geoffrey King on October 7 at 1:30 ET for a discussion of how to use what we call ‘class shaping’ to attract the right students. You will learn: What class shaping is and why it’s important.

Class 27

Earned-media micro-influencer marketing master class


To guest lecture at Professor Shashi Bellamkonda ‘s Social, Mobile and Search Marketing class at Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies , XCPD-732. Shashi’s class is as amazing and as popular as he is.

Class 58

Promoting World-Class Research


Promoting world-class research for content marketing purposes has the rare ability to attract both demographics with the same content. Our job as marketers is making sure as many people as possible witness this world-class research. Leveraging Research for Content Marketing.

Class 29

Florida State University class using Klout to determine student grades

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Therefore, I decided to create a class project in which the final grade earned is solely determined by a student’s Klout score. This class project familiarizes students with Klout by having them engage with others via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs.

Class 112

Infer Grows Partner Ecosystem to Help Marketers Build Best-In-Class Programs


The ABM Cloud for Salesforce partner program is helping marketers understand the MarTech software product landscape and select best-in-class tools across functional categories to implement account-based marketing programs at scale.

Class 69

Best-in-Class CMOs: Modern Marketing for Love and Money

Modern Marketing

So now it’s time to find out how top performing CMOs are able to achieve best-in-class status by using journey management, cross-channel marketing, and analytics as key ingredients of their activities. ” Best-in-Class Marketers Know Their Customers Better. “(Best-in-Class) CMOs understand the importance of delighting customers … by their focus on incorporating customer feedback and behavioral data.”

Class 61

The Buyer’s Journey: How Can Marketers Deliver a First Class Trip?

Modern Marketing

For more tips on how to maximize the buyer journey for your audience, check out our joint white paper “ The Marketer’s Guide to Delivering a First Class Trip.”

Class 98

I've Discovered a New Class of System: the Customer Data Platform. Causata Is An Example.

Customer Experience Matrix

All this is a very long-winded introduction to Causata , yet another member of this new class. It has taken me a while to connect the dots, but I’m now pretty sure I see a new type of software emerging.

Class 87

7 Steps to Becoming a World-Class Real-Time Marketer


Lately, real-time marketing is the buzzword du jour. While the notion of real-time marketing has been around since the mid-nineties, the practice gained steam after Oreo's "Dunk in the Dark" ad was created immediately following the power outage during this year's Super Bowl.

Class 53

Why Every First Class Marketing Team Needs a Marketing Technology Specialist


The post Why Every First Class Marketing Team Needs a Marketing Technology Specialist appeared first on Salesfusion. What does today’s marketing team need to look like? And where should you start in building yours out?

Class 44

Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media. Thats why many of todays colleges and universities are now offering "social media" classes as an option for their students. In the PowerPoint shown during the class, Whitney also took on the big task of defining Web 2.0:

Class 77

How 3 U.K. Companies Became High-Class Publishers


Companies Became High-Class Publishers appeared first on The Content Strategist. While U.K. and U.S.

A 3-Step Framework for Leading a World-Class Marketing Team


When it comes to building a world-class team, they need to get creative. The marketing landscape has undergone a powerful transformation -- one that puts consumers in charge of the messaging and content that they’re receiving.

Class 30

How to Create & Use Beautiful Infographics in Your Marketing [Live Master Class]


That's why HubSpot and Venngage are joining forces to bring you a live master class on September 27th where Venngage Co-Founder & Chief Data Viz, Eugene Woo, will discuss everything you need to know about creating and using infographics in your marketing.

Class 21

Kapost 50: Meet 2016’s Best-in-Class B2B Marketing Teams


Let’s Celebrate World-Class Marketers. Just as we’ve done for the past four years, we’ve pulled together this year’s Kapost 50 , a list of best-in-class B2B marketing teams. The post Kapost 50: Meet 2016’s Best-in-Class B2B Marketing Teams appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog. I think we can all agree—2016 has been an interesting year.

Class 15

So Excited About My Class Action Settlement

Paul Gillin

search class action Hanson v. My settlement check in the CLRB Hanson v. Google case arrived today. The lawyers got $5.25 million and I got this. Any suggestions on how to spend it? Google legal settlement

Solving For the Future of Social Media: How to Keep Your Strategy Ahead of the Curve [Free Master Class]


Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook Messenger? What's next? I was just getting started on Twitter and Facebook! That's how most of us feel when we're rethinking our social media strategy.

Class 27

Computer science class fails to notice their TA was actually an AI chatbot


Opentopic blog >> With all this talk about chatbots from Facebook and Microsoft, teaching artificial intelligence to be smarter has become a central topic of the tech world. But what about what AI can teach us? Ashok Goel, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech, put that question to the test when he added “Jill Watson” – and chatbot. Cognitive Technology undefined

Class 16

[eBook] 5 Vital Classes of Content


In this eBook, you'll learn the 5 vital classes of content, with real examples of each, as well as: Content MarketingDoes your content resonate with your buyers?

Delivering Buyers a World-Class Education


In it, the founder of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, talked about his vision of delivering a “world-class education.” The old expectations (better, free information) have long since passed, and sellers who dwell there need to catch up and recognize that the buyers of today and tomorrow are going to be demanding “world-class” learning. resourcefulness) needs to be world-class. How much of your content today is world-class?

Learn from 2016’s Best-in-Class B2B Marketing Teams [On-Demand Webinar]


Last week, we sat down with three marketing rockstars from our Kapost 50 awards—Rafi Kretchmer from Panaya, James Furbush from AthenaHealth, and Dylan Press from Kroll—and took a deep dive into how they implemented world-class B2B marketing campaigns on their teams. ” The post Learn from 2016’s Best-in-Class B2B Marketing Teams [On-Demand Webinar] appeared first on Kapost Content Marketing Blog.

The Most Fun Class Ever

Paul Gillin

This is the most fun class I’ve ever taught, not just because of who these guys are but because of how they learn. Other players in the class: Darryl Ingram (TE – Vikings, Browns, Packers) has a business that connects student athletes to college scholarships.

Mobile marketing must-haves in 2017


There are a number of great coding classes , software tools, and technologies for cross browser and app testing. It goes without saying that mobile marketing has seen some huge boons over the past 2-3 years. At the start of 2017, 70% of U.S.

Riding the Social Media Struggle Bus? You’re Not Alone


Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing b2b social media marketing best in class b2b social media Billy Mitchell content HubSpot listen MarketingProfs research social media measurement social media RO Twit Cleaner

World Class Processes, the War of Ideas and Other Content Strategy Wins


The Case for Associations Adopting World Class Content Processes. The media was buzzing about the power of content marketing this week.

Class 10

A New Class is in Session: 7 Lessons Professors are not Teaching about B2B Marketing

Modern B2B Marketing

But how do you learn what class didn’t teach? That’s the end of my list, but class isn’t out just yet. What is a lesson you wish your college professors covered in your marketing classes?

SnapApp And The Lessons I Learned In Spin Class


Or, in my own personal case, joining a spin class. So how does my spin class relate to SnapApp? However, if I go to class 4-5 times a week, I can expect to see better results, faster. In that same light, the type of class I attend will impact the results I see as well.

Why I told a client to quit blogging: finding your “One Thing”


Teaching small classes? Here’s a question: what’s the ONE content marketing tactic that drives the majority of your revenue? Is it blogging? Webinars? Or is your answer, “Hmm, I’m not quite sure, but does it really matter?

Why every marketer should teach


For the past few years, I have been co-teaching a graduate-level class on social media marketing at Fairleigh Dickinson University with my friend and Biznology Master, Mike Moran. In the past, I have also taught classes at Pace University and Fordham University (my alma maters!)

Infer Grows Partner Ecosystem to Help Marketers Build Best-In-Class Programs


The ABM Cloud for Salesforce partner program is helping marketers understand the MarTech software product landscape and select best-in-class tools across functional categories to implement account-based marketing programs at scale.

The 60 Best Marketing Speakers To Rock Your Event

B2B Marketing Insider

When it comes to developing our skills as marketers, content providers and world-class communicators, it helps to learn from the best marketing speakers the world has to offer.

Class 124

Are you too high-class for marketing?


Image via Wikipedia. “What we do isn’t really marketing.” ” I hear that a lot when I work with non-profits and higher education. Charitable organizations do “outreach.” ” Some organizations do “patient awareness.”

Truth #6—Best-in-class Prospect Development


How to Handle an Unsubscribe with Style, Class & a Little Sass

Vertical Response

The post How to Handle an Unsubscribe with Style, Class & a Little Sass appeared first on VR Marketing Blog. I work for an email marketing provider, so it’s a given that I get a lot of email.

How to Generate More Leads With Content Marketing [Free Online Course]


HubSpot recently teamed up with online learning platform Dot Native to create a master class in lead generation. By signing up for this master class you'll also receive unlimited access to all Dot Native courses and master classes completely free for seven days.

The Battery Guy, A Brand Ambassador I’ve Never Forgotten (Except His Name)

Proteus B2B Marketing Blog

The Whitecaps are the Class A farm team for the Detroit Tigers that play ball in my hometown, Grand Rapids. Some time ago, I took two of my young grandsons to a West Michigan Whitecaps baseball game.

Class 46

Teaching is the New Marketing

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Taking your content and packaging it into a class is quickly becoming a part of how small business owners are earning income through education. Think Groupon meets a MOOC- massive open online class). Think Groupon meets a MOOC- massive open online class). Counter Culture Coffee.

Class 108