For prospecting success, leave your data order till later


But when they place an order for prospecting data—whether it’s email, telephone, or postal addresses—marketers often end up with data that isn’t exactly what they had in mind. They have to order again, wasting time and money.

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How the Marketing Funnel brings order to your marketing plan

Direct Response Coach

The post How the Marketing Funnel brings order to your marketing plan appeared first on McCarthy and King Marketing. Are you familiar with the marketing funnel? You may know it as the sales funnel or the lead funnel. Whatever the name, I think it’s very useful graphic.

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Giving Order To Chaos: How to Organize Your Content Marketing

B2B Marketing Insider

The post Giving Order To Chaos: How to Organize Your Content Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. A huge pain felt by many content marketers is a blog feeling like a kitchen sink catch-all.

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How to Choose a Content Marketing Provider (Hint: You Can’t Just Order Off a Menu)

Content Standard

The post How to Choose a Content Marketing Provider (Hint: You Can’t Just Order Off a Menu) appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword.

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8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust

5 Tips for Increasing Your Average Order Value


There are other things you can do on a daily basis that just might convince buyers to order more products. You won’t even need to increase any of your prices to increase the order value. You can, however, offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount.

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You need to prune in order to grow your social followers


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Clients, colleagues, and my friends all want to increase their follower count. In a world where Lady Gaga has 25,555,017 souls following her @ladygaga Twitter profile, we’re all in it for the numbers. Not everyone wants lots and lots, some want the right followers.

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Top tools to keep your contacts in order. in theory


Their plan is to check everyone’s email address by literally emailing everyone in order to check to make sure that everyone has everyone else’s email. The post Top tools to keep your contacts in order. I’m always struggling with my contacts.

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Gathering Competitive Intelligence In Order To Develop Business Strategies Strategy


The majority of businesses limit their data gathering and subsequent marketing strategies based solely on their own organization’s movements. But, to paraphrase Sun Tzu, if you know your enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.

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Twitter Emoji Pizza Order: Hot or Half-Baked?


By now, you’ve probably seen the commercials filled with celebrities ordering Domino’s Pizza through various channels. There’s the smart watch order, the Twitter emoji order, the smart TV order, the text emoji order, and of course, the simple website order.

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11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation


Features include: free two-day shipping on orders of $49 or more, exclusive price discounts, hundreds of millions of products, purchasing system integration, tax-exempt purchasing for qualified customers, shared payment methods, order approval workflows, and enhanced order reporting among others.

4 tips to successful digital writing


Is it presented in the right order? I think about the most elegant solution in terms of the order of its components. As most of you know, I am a prolific writer.

Ten tips for customer reactivation


For example, if purchase frequency slows, or order size shrinks, inactivity is likely to follow. Are you looking for the best ways to reactivate dormant customers and reduce churn? Here’s a roundup of the ten most effective practices today, in both business and consumer markets.

10 most inspiring digital marketing stories of 2016


DOMINO’S : Really wants to make it easy to order pizza. The tweet-based order system earned Domino’s media coverage from the likes of USA Today , Forbes , and Good Morning America , not to mention a Titanium Grand Prix award at Cannes.

How to Change a Saved Twitter Stream to Chronological Order

Paul Gillin

If you’ve ever tried to transcribe a Twitter chat or conversation thread around a particular keyword or hash tag, you know that converting the chain to chronological order can be a real hassle. Using Word, the only way to change the order to chronological is by methodically cutting and pasting posts into a new document. This sorts the lines by number in descending order.

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Keeping Sales & Marketing Data in Order: What startups must learn from the enterprise.

Orb Intelligence

Nowadays it’s hard to find a startup CEO or CTO who’s not thinking about how their company can maximize the value of its data. Yet, most of the startups I speak with are shocked to learn how much money they’re leaving on the table as a result of poorly-managed customer data. Discipline around data management […

10 of LinkedIn’s welcome new features


Choose which education information you want to appear first or the order of currently-held positions too. In the past few months, LinkedIn has added quite a few new features that add more functionality and better usability both on desktop and the mobile application.

The is the message


I write to share my ideas and to build brand recognition, I don’t write for SEO or SEM. What I want and need are eyeballs on my work — as many as possible, especially amongst the influencer class.

50 amazing facts about to inspire your company


CEO Jeff Bezos chose as the company name for two reasons: back then, website listing were often in alphabetical order. During Amazon’s first month in business, it received orders from customers in 50 US states and 45 countries across the world. (

Social networking services should be facilitated not controlled


Well, after a couple years, the community evolved itself into a community that was really fetishing the existence of alien life, of a global conspiracy, of the reptilian aliens, and of the Bilderberg’s control of all commerce and all choices, the New World Order.

Finalizing your holiday digital marketing plan


Streamline your ordering process: Anything you can do to make shopping easier for your customers will not only help improve upon conversion rates, but will bring customers back for more.

4 Reasons You Need a Mobile Website

Puzzle Marketer

Ordering is Close to Impossible If the site relies on online orders for revenue, the need for a mobile accompaniment increases ten-fold. Filling out an order form on a desktop site with no mobile component is practically impossible. For many, ordering from a desktop is not even an option. Mobile Marketing Online Advertising mobile mobile website online orderingThe recent popularity of smartphones and tablet computers has led to an influx of mobile web traffic.

More LinkedIn leads can destroy your revenue performance: an interview with Ian Addison from


Almost every sales organization I speak with says they are coordinating with either their internal marketing team or exploring outsourced marketing groups in order to drive more leads. What happens if I get them out of order, and now the sales team has to chew through 45 to find 1?

Using your website to get to know your customers


They don’t sell directly, and yet, you can order right from their website. Many of us are in business where we don’t interact directly with our end customers. We operate through distributors or value-added retailers or some other channel.

Beyond: The Poems. Order now


To order your free limited edition of 'Beyond: The Poems' just email us at You can't write a poem about B2B marketing'. Not just one, anyway. More like seven. It all started just over a year ago with an invitation: our original pink poem in B2B Marketing magazine.

Pre-Order Today: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide

The ROI Guy

Excited to announce that our new book is available for pre-order: The Frugalnomics Survival Guide How To Use Your Unique Value to Market Better, Stand Out and Sell More Preorder your copy today: Hardcover - [link] Kindle Edition - [link].


Fighting Online Brand Sabotage 101

Marketing Craftmanship

Brand Sabotage May Warrant Ninja Tactics.

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Honda Gets its Elements in Order With Fun Game

Anything Goes Marketing

Here's an award winning integrated campaign by Honda to promote it's sporty Element. It combined, TV spots, search marketing and even YouTube videos !! The agency that designed the campaign ended up winning an award which isn't too surprising. Why is this campaign so good? It's a great product.

Outbound Marketing Agency Orders #IMU Shutdown


I am sorry to announce that HubSpot has temporarily closed Inbound Marketing University after receiving a cease and desist letter earlier today. At this time, we are legally unable to say much about what is going on, but we will do our best keep the community informed. Please help us save IMU.

In Order to Beat Facebook Content Bubbles, Brands Must First Accept Them [Study]

Content Standard

The post In Order to Beat Facebook Content Bubbles, Brands Must First Accept Them [Study] appeared first on The Content Standard by Skyword. According to a new report by Facebook’s Data Science team , many users ignore content that does not align with their personal views.

Google AdWords Keyword Diagnosis Feature: Just What the Doctor Ordered


Well, AdWords has a nifty … Continue reading → The post Google AdWords Keyword Diagnosis Feature: Just What the Doctor Ordered appeared first on Fathom. Ever wonder if your keywords in your PPC accounts are actually triggering your ads? What about whether or not a negative keyword was added and is actually excluding your keyword from triggering an ad? Guilty.)


Does Alinean recommend registration up-front in order to access ROI / TCO calculators / sales tools?

The ROI Guy

For on-line self-service ROI / TCO Calculator Tools, it is recommended that you let the user quickly answer the questions and see a high level summary of results first without registration, but make registration a requirement in order to get the full analysis report and advice.

The 10 Commandments of Successful B2B Customer Retention


In a sense, someone’s customer journey has only just begun once they place an order. So, if someone hasn’t ordered in a while, or someone hasn’t logged in a while, send out a little nudge to engage them and try to get them back. It’s the age of the customer.

Inbound Marketing or Outbound? Which is the Winner?


In order for it to work, both sides must contribute. The marketing industry has been buzzing about the rise of inbound marketing and the decline of outbound marketing over the last several years.

How much effort will my team have to expend in order to help develop the Alinean-powered Diagnostic Assessment Tool?

The ROI Guy

A Diagnostic Assessment Tool development will require your team to collaborate with us, providing reviews on the survey questions, benchmark comparisons, recommended improvements, roadmap, next steps, visualizations / graphs and reports.

5 Ways to Increase Efficiency in Content Production

B2B Marketing Insider

In order … Continue reading "5 Ways to Increase Efficiency in Content Production". As we advance further into the into the age of constant connectedness, producing branded content is no longer a just nice touch. It is an absolute requirement for businesses to spread their messaging. A recent study by PQ Media noted that content marketing is forecasted to be a $300 billion industry by 2019.

Segmentation: 5 Steps to Help You Send Emails That Your Prospects Actually Want to Read


However, in order to get the most from your efforts, focus on data points that highlight the differences in the survey responses. We suggest creating a worksheet in order to granularly understand each individual persona.

Marketing Hacks: 10 New Ways to Use Your Marketing Automation Platform


Take the next steps in order to make sure your new customers are having the best experience possible. Measure product consumption and trigger communication based on feature/non-feature use in order to make sure your customers are getting the most out of their purchase.

How Adopting SEO Best Practices Will Increase Your Brand Awareness and Drive Sales


If you understand what organic search is all about and the best practices for making SEO successful, you’ll know what you need to, in order to reap the benefits. Each year, there is talk among the search engine marketing community whether or not SEO is still valuable to a business.

Does a traditional white paper already need to be developed in order to implement an interactive white paper?

The ROI Guy

You don’t need to have a white paper already developed in order to create an Interactive White Paper. For the case where the white paper content does not yet exist, we can: Work with your team or third-party content developers to help define the pivot points / customization needed and help guide the authoring, Leverage our Alinean team to author the white paper and make it interactive – a turn-key Interactive White Paper solution.