Building content experiences — Letter to the reader of Rock Content Magazine #5


In this edition of Rock Content Magazine, we’ll address this topic to help you, reader, create Marketing that goes beyond. The post Building content experiences — Letter to the reader of Rock Content Magazine #5 appeared first on Blog.

LeadsRx Earns Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces for 2021 Designation


magazine’s list of Best Workplaces for 2021 , a designation that AJ Brown, CEO and co-founder of LeadsRx, is proud of, yet not surprised by. Magazine Best Workplaces for 2021 Designation appeared first on Multi Touch Attribution Software. We are happy to be included in Inc.


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Announcing Fast CMO Magazine Edition 5


That's why we started Fast CMO magazine. Fast CMO magazine is the source for insightful, actionable information for business leaders in B2B who enjoy learning from their peers across a variety of industries. To get a digital version of the magazine, head over to One of the best ways to learn is by talking to experts. We recently launched the fifth edition and if you manage a B2B marketing org, we're confident you'll like what's inside.

CMO 109

The Death of Magazine Advertising [FLIPBOOK]

Tomorrow People

There was a time when you'd go to the newsagent, buy a magazine and then search page after page of ads in the hope of some content. Magazine advertising is now in the final throes of a drawn out demise and with the magazine racks looking increasingly threadbare, speculation is rife that the print-based business model will die out within the next 20 years. The consumer is no longer tied to the 80 or so pages a magazine offers, nor stuck for somewhere to store them.

Introducing: Fast CMO Magazine Issue #3


Fast CMO magazine is a leadership and management magazine for B2B CMOs. How to Get the Magazine. To download the digital magazine, visit us at If you've been following our blog, you know we're excited to bring back print. Our third issue is launched and you're probably wondering what's inside. In our latest issue we had the privilege of learning from six successful business leaders across a variety of industries.

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Introducing Fast CMO Magazine Issue #2


That’s why we launched Fast CMO magazine, it’s a way for us to add value for the senior marketing leaders we serve. How to Get the Magazine. To download the digital magazine, visit us at There’s no better way to advance our careers than by learning from our peers. At Bizible our motto is, “Customer first, always,” and this means supporting our customers in the best ways we can.

CMO 100

My Love for Magazines Lies Bleeding

B2B Memes

MUD day 17: There are days, perhaps when my inner curmudgeon breaks through my usual resistance, when I’m convinced that magazines, as a useful format, are truly dead. But what has me worried is my oddly sour reaction to this Folio article on magazine design. It’s not just the paper version of magazines I’m pessimistic about, but the very concept. There are some who feel that tablets will be the salvation of magazines.

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{Top Sales Magazine} Lead in Virtual Selling With RICH™ Content


Find the entire article on pages 18-19 of the Top Sales Magazine September Issue and dive into the elements of RICH content. The post {Top Sales Magazine} Lead in Virtual Selling With RICH™ Content appeared first on Mereo.

We Launched Fast CMO Magazine, Here's What's Inside


In September 2017 we launched Fast CMO magazine, a B2B marketing management publication that lets readers meet marketing executives and learn how they run marketing. That’s why we published Fast CMO magazine. We’ll be publishing the interviews here on our blog to share content and give you a preview of what you can find in the print magazine. The following is our interview story with Ray Wizbowski, in Q and A style, created for Fast CMO magazine.

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{Top Sales Magazine} How Value Calculators Cement the Deal


Read the 2021 May Issue of Top Sales Magazine for Mereo principal Andy Carlson’s value calculator best practices. For the winning formula, download the full issue of Top Sales Magazine. . The post {Top Sales Magazine} How Value Calculators Cement the Deal appeared first on Mereo.

How an Email Newsletter Helped Money Magazine Reinvent Itself


In the 1970s, Money Magazine appeared on the coffee tables and nightstands of America’s wealthiest high rollers, investors, and executives. ” But when the digital revolution started to change the magazine business, Money found itself in a bit of a bind. Money Magazine expanded its email program under Ayers’ leadership, now offering three newsletters: a daily content update, biweekly retirement advice, and a weekly personal finance project called Dollar Scholar.

How the Internet Made Magazine Covers Great Again


But if you do find one, you’ll see magazine covers that are popping with images and type and cover designs going for broke. In many cases, the magazine covers feature subjects in shapes, colors , and sizes that have long been overlooked, shot by photographers too young to have developed a formula. And that free billboard would still matter, if only people still bought magazines. So, is there a creative renaissance happening on the magazine cover, and if so, why now?

A Year Full of ‘No Way!?’ Moments for CCO Magazine

Content Marketing Institute

2017 will go down as the year contributors to the magazine repeatedly blew my mind. Some people have been amazing resources to the magazine over the years – people who keep coming back with great ideas, stories, and people. Moments for CCO Magazine appeared first on Content Marketing Institute. Chief Content Officer Magazine CMI Roundups Industry News and TrendsMost editors like to think they have at least a modest (if not better) grasp of the industry they cover.

Bidding Fond Farewell to BtoB Magazine

Paul Gillin

I was sad to learn this week that BtoB magazine , which has existed under various brands for nearly 100 years, will be swallowed by Advertising Age at the end of the year. Despite all my blogging, books and contributions to other websites, the BtoB magazine association is the one people still mention most often when I meet them. BtoB Magazine to Become Part of Advertising Age.

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Letter to the reader: the launch of Rock Content Magazine


To help you with this new world of data marketing, we chose this subject to be the central theme of Rock Content Magazine, fourth issue. The post Letter to the reader: the launch of Rock Content Magazine appeared first on Blog

{Top Sales Magazine} Elevate Your Value Proposition to Elevate Your Buyer Access


Read the March Issue of Top Sales Magazine for tips on selling to C-suite executives. The post {Top Sales Magazine} Elevate Your Value Proposition to Elevate Your Buyer Access appeared first on Mereo. Article Top Sales Magazine

Is your company magazine a one-hit wonder?

Integrated B2B

Company magazines continue to consume a significant proportion of many B2B marketing budgets. Understandably so, as magazines can be a great way to profile the company’s achievements, internally and externally. No wonder it’s easy to question the business case for a magazine. Is it worth applying so much time and budget to a magazine if its long-term reach and impact is limited? Take a look at magazines you have created in the past.

LeadsRx Ranks Among Highest-Scoring Businesses on Inc. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2021


magazine’s Best Workplaces for 2021. magazine editor-in-chief Scott Omelianuk. Magazine’s Annual List of Best Workplaces for 2021 appeared first on Multi Touch Attribution Software. Portland, Ore.,


{Top Sales Magazine} Overcome Selling’s Status Quo for Buyer/Seller Harmony


Find the entire article on pages 18-19 of the Top Sales Magazine November Issue. The post {Top Sales Magazine} Overcome Selling’s Status Quo for Buyer/Seller Harmony appeared first on Mereo. Article Buyer/Seller Harmony Magazine Article Top Sales MagazineWe often focus solely on buyer challenges — but sellers face challenges too.

Read About JotForm in Entrepreneur Magazine


We’d like to thank our wonderful users for submitting fantastic testimonials for a piece in Entrepreneur Magazine. You can now read about JotForm in the printed June issue, and online! The article, “Forms that function”, discusses how a JotForm user found a great solution for doing away with time. Product

Special Events Magazine: FreemanXP a Top 50 Event Company

The Freeman Company

FreemanXP is recognized by Special Events magazine as a leader in the events industry

5 Classic Magazine Content Formats to Borrow for Your Blog


Borrow some story formats from magazines and newspapers. Here are five classic magazine content formats that will liven up your blog and draw in readers. This is a beloved format that gets great traction everywhere from home DIY to family publications to men’s magazines. This is typically the format that magazines (print and digital) use for celebrity pieces where they didn’t get enough one-on-one time to do a full feature, but they got enough to fill a page.

Should Journalism Schools Rethink Magazines? (Or Even Journalism Itself?)

B2B Memes

Last week, Susan Currie Sivek wrote about how magazine programs within journalism schools are increasingly giving up on traditional magazines—or as she less cynically puts it, how they are teaching beyond the magazine. Though I love magazines, I’m not sure any journalism school should have a magazine program. The problem with magazine programs isn’t so much that magazine publishing is an increasingly bad business (though it is).

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Speaking Directly About B2B Direct Marketing With BtoB Magazine

MLT Creative

As much as I rely on blogs and social media for information about B2B marketing, I still look forward to each new issue of BtoB Magazine landing on my desk. Whatever your industry, I’m sure you. MLT Creative B2B Ideas @ Work Blog. Our ideas, musings, thoughts, reviews on b2b marketing topics

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5 Reasons You’re Wasting Money with Newspaper and Magazine Ads

Leading Results Rambings

If you’re still spending part of your marketing budget on print ads in newspapers, magazines, or yellow page listings, you’re wasting your time and money – there are much more effective ways to market your business. Here are 5 reasons you’re wasting your money by placing ads in newspapers or magazines

If I get you on the cover of Forbes Magazine…

Marketing Craftmanship

…what will you do with that exposure? I often pose this question to prospective B2B clients when they ask me if I can generate exposure for their company in Forbes , Fortune , the Wall Street Journal , CNBC or some other influential media source. They typically respond, “Isn’t just being there in Forbes (or wherever) the goal?”.

HCSS’s SnapApp Bracket Challenge Featured in Fortune Magazine


On April 30th Fortune Magazine published a feature article on Heavy Construction Systems Specialist ’s (HCSS) brilliant bracket marketing campaign that was created with SnapApp. Read “ Here Are the Best Construction Projects in America ” at Fortune Magazine! Exciting news! The Most Interesting Project Bracket Challenge is a key part of HCSS's I Build America campaign that highlights amazing construction projects all throughout America.

Pure Incubation Makes Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List for the Third Straight Year


Magazine as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S. Magazine’s annual Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List for the Third Straight Year appeared first on PureB2B. Pure Incubation recognized by Inc. Topsfield, MA. For the third consecutive year, Mass.-based based Pure Incubation has been included in Inc. 5000 list, an elite ranking of the country’s fastest-growing private companies. Pure Incubation is number 1,985 this year with a revenue of $9.5 million.

List 71

9 Key Points & Action Items from BtoB Magazine’s Social Media Report

KoMarketing Associates

BtoB Magazine ‘s latest report on B2B social media marketing provides further support and insight into the strategies, applications, and challenges marketers face. For those struggling with organization and/or execution, BtoB Magazine’s report may come at the right time, as it is easy to question the validity of a social media engagement when results are in question (or not well defined).

BtoB 172

KEO Marketing Featured in Most Recent Issue of TechConnect Magazine

KEO Marketing

KEO Marketing is excited to have contributed a story in the current issue of a newly reformatted digital magazine serving the region’s tech community. Sheila Kloefkorn, CEO of KEO Marketing, wrote an article for TechConnect called Tools for Talent: Repurpose marketing tactics to attract top tech pros.

Content Marketing Showcase Series # 6 Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine

Ambal's Amusings

Name: ZN : Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine. Name: ZN : Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine. Zappos’ digital lifestyle magazine iPad app , ZN shares the latest fashion trends. Normal. 2012-06-21T07:01:00Z. 2012-06-21T07:02:00Z. personal. 10.2625. Clean. MicrosoftInternetExplorer4. is an online shoe and apparel shop. Zappos has grown to become the largest online shoe store.

Event Magazine: FreemanXP launches engagement technology

The Freeman Company

Event Magazine provides insights into FXP | touch second screen technology


Forbes Magazine Expert Columnist Features Content Marketing

Content Marketing Today

The post Forbes Magazine Expert Columnist Features Content Marketing appeared first on Content Marketing Today. Lisa Arthur, CMO of Teradata Applications Interviews Newt Barrett on Keeping Content Marketing Real. Lisa wanted to know how you can be sure that your content marketing strategy is authentic. I believe it’s not difficult if you stick to several core principals and think of content marketing just as journalists have thought of news and features for 100s of years.

Website Magazine’s Top 50 Search Engine Optimization Agencies


This is not the case, however, with a recent Website Magazine list of ”Top 50 SEO Agencies,” the … Continue reading → The post Website Magazine’s Top 50 Search Engine Optimization Agencies appeared first on Fathom. Company News company awards fathom Top 50 SEO Agencies Website MagazineLists can be a dime a dozen. Many of them are purely subjective, created for nothing other than getting attention and sparking debate.

Content Anticipation: Inc. Magazine vs. Inc.'s Website


As a result, I have a favorite business magazine that I love and that I have a strange relationship with. magazine arrives in the mail. magazine, but only in the printed form. magazine. You see, I made the assumption that since the magazine was so incredible that the Web site would follow suit. had an SEO Guide and I thought, "That's a smart thing to do considering the types of businesses and business people who read the magazine. magazine is current.

SnapApp Of The Week: Boston Magazine's 'Battle Of The Burgers'


Boston Magazine used a SnapApp survey to challenge the residents of Boston to determine their city’s absolute best burger. This lead data can then be used for Boston Magazine's future marketing campaigns. . Learn More About Boston Magazine's Battle Of The Burger 2014! . --. Are you using interactive content marketing apps to engage your users like Boston Magazine?

Brilliant Marketers at BtoB Magazine's NetMarketing Breakfast

MLT Creative

For the tenth year, BtoB Magazine hosted the NetMarketing Breakfast, this time, at Atlanta’s Four Seasons hotel. BtoB Magazine’s NetMarketing Breakfast in Atlanta. The annual major market tour, which presents panels of B2B marketing executives from regional corporations, never disappoints with digital marketing case studies. Moderated by the affable bureau chief, Christopher Hosford, the panel included four senior marketing executives from enterprise organizations.

BtoB 55