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The 6 best RSS feed plugins for WordPress in 2020

Rock Content

Do you know why to use the best RSS feed plugins? Although WordPress comes with a built-in RSS resource, the widget does not allow the user to customize appearance and information, such as social buttons and thumbnails. Similarly, you can encourage visitors to subscribe to the RSS feed and receive your updates through notifications.

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RSS Feeds


Loading… The post RSS Feeds appeared first on Valasys Media.

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Another Nail in the RSS Coffin

B2B Memes

But since I’m holding out for gen 2 of the iPad, the death of my RSS habit was strictly theoretical. Yes, I know that the underlying technology of RSS is alive and well; I’m just talking about my use of an RSS reader.). By drawing its content from a Twitter feed, applies a personally meaningful filter to my reading.

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New RSS FEED for Smashmouth - Update it NOW

Smashmouth Marketing

Tons of great features and inbound marketing goodness, but unfortunately, the one thing we can't do is redirect our old RSS feed. So please, please, please, update your RSS Feeds and Bookmarks. Thanks for following, Mike.

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Accelerate your Content Curation with RSS Feeds


Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone always focuses on the creation of content. Then, they focus on the marketing of content. But what about the curation of content? It sounds fancy, like something gallerists do, but businesses and brands don’t often use it because they’re not sure where to start,

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Paul’s Short Post #2- Follow Tweets on RSS Reader

NuSpark Consulting

If you use Google Reader (or other readers) as much as I do, here are 3 things you can do to combine Twitter with RSS feeds: a. Follow Categories: Do a search for a category of interest with a hashtag, i.e. #b2b, Then at the bottom right of your Twitter home page is the RSS icon.

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A Lesson in Content Repurposing, Infographic Style


From leveraging AI to help you summarize your content into snackable social posts, to leveraging RSS to auto-email new posts to blog subscribers, we have a thorough checklist infographic for you to consider. Are there ways to automate the process? Let's get promoting!

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