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What Can Content Aggregator Services Do for Your Brand?

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RSS Feeds RSS Feeds are digital channels for distributing and subscribing to content from various websites and blogs. Publishers can create RSS feeds that contain summaries or full-text versions of articles and content from across their website. Users subscribe to these feeds to get automatic updates.

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RSS Feeds


Loading… The post RSS Feeds appeared first on Valasys Media.

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Feedburner to Feedblitz – Why We Migrated Our RSS Feed

Convince & Convert

Did you know that you don’t need a third-party feed service to deliver an RSS feed? Without a feed delivery service, there’s no way for you to see who has subscribed to your RSS feed and where they came. Click to read more »

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Never Miss a Feature with our Product RSS News Feed


Now we have an easy way to keep your whole team in the loop about our latest releases — our RSS News Feed for Slack (or your tool of choice). Do you live and breathe in Outreach and want to be the first to know about exciting new features and major product releases we’re developing for you? How to Subscribe to the News Feed.

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100+ Blog Directories and RSS Sites for Promoting Your Blog


But two great sources are blog directories and RSS syndication sites. Not only do they provide valuable links, they can also supply direct traffic and help build your RSS subscriber list. 100+ Blog Directories and RSS Submission Sites. Blogbunch blog+rss. Blog-collector blog+rss. Bloggapedia blog+rss.

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Another Nail in the RSS Coffin

B2B Memes

But since I’m holding out for gen 2 of the iPad, the death of my RSS habit was strictly theoretical. Yes, I know that the underlying technology of RSS is alive and well; I’m just talking about my use of an RSS reader.). By drawing its content from a Twitter feed, applies a personally meaningful filter to my reading.

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RSS Reading Habits

Buzz Marketing for Technology

I use a RSS reader and read feeds because it is part of my writing process. Lately, my RSS reading habits have changed. My RSS reading is mostly information gathering or browsing. Photo by Lynetter. I haven't given up on it completely, but my process has changed. Finding ???Looking Information gathering ???Less

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