Can content written for print position well in Google?


The powers-that-be believed that the content should position just fine. The content only positioned for branded key phrases and nothing else. But the content that typically positions in Google (and gets links and social shares) is well-written, semantically-rich, and authoritative.

How Trump’s brand positioned itself for victory


Positioning the Trump brand for this sweet spot – Notwithstanding all the outrageous character flaws and irrational policies of Trump, he constantly reinforced his brand perception as the ultimate outsider or anti-establishment candidate.

Finding the brand positioning sweet spot

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Delivery: Although the brand positioning may be clear, those on the front-line with day-to-day customer contact don’t always live the brand values. In this post I’d like to focus on the last challenge – finding the right brand positioning. Choosing a B2B brand positioning.

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Mobile Positioning: A Business Must


Guest post by University Alliance. Mobile access to the web has surpassed browser usage. Consumers are growing fonder of their smartphones and tablets, using them to access content and make online purchases in staggering numbers. In fact, by 2015 more U.S.

3 Questions to Help You Audit Your Positioning Statement

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Summertime is the best time to audit your positioning statement for effectiveness, and it’s easy to do. A positioning statement conveys a benefit that your target audience cares about, and it serves as the central theme for everything you do in marketing.

How to Get Positive Reviews for Your Business

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Most companies (if not all) have one very similar quest: get positive reviews. There are a few things you can do to increase your positive reviews. If you follow these tips, it won’t be long before you start reaping the benefits of positive reviews.

Positioning is Key Factor for Social Media (and All Marketing) Success

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It’s strategic positioning. Strong and consistent positioning is the key to marketing success. Positioning is one of the basic marketing principles that leads to success. Without a strong position, your marketing will not stand out among the competition.

Positioning, for What? Why Creating a Solid Positioning Strategy is Critical in B2B Marketing.


There are so many reasons for B2B companies, especially small to mid-sized professional services firms, to understand their unique position within their marketplace. In the first case, a clear positioning strategy would make the Web copy easier to write and a heck of a lot more powerful.

Brand Positioning Strategy for the Modern Marketer: How Brands Use Consumer Psychology Today

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Marketers in those days couldn’t have imagined how the Internet, social media, streaming video, and virtual reality would create new opportunities and challenges for their industry, much less how these channels would affect their brand positioning strategy.

5 Key Ingredients of a Positive & Profitable Partner Experience

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Few actually know where to start or how to follow through on creating and sustaining a partner experience that is both positive and profitable for both sides of the channel. It’s never been more important to examine and improve partner relationships.

The Power of Positive Marketing: Why Your Brand Story Needs More Inspiration

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From inspirational videos to long-form stories, brands are crafting powerful, positive marketing content to help chase away the negativity and build an emotional connection with their target audience. And it’s not just big brands aboard the positivity train.

Delivering the B2B Positioning TKO (Technical Knock Out)!


Last week, I went a few “rounds” during a discussion about the optimal positioning of a mid-sized professional services firm. Round One: Should Positioning be Free of Passion? Positioning is not a “mission statement.”

How To Get A Positive Return On Your Marketing Investment

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But even if you haven’t nailed down a formula for ROMI, your investment decisions should still hinge on their ability to yield positive results. Here are six key strategies that can help you turn efforts into results and ensure a positive return: 1.

What is Brand Positioning and Why Does it Matter?

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At Hinge, we’ve helped a lot of professional services firms position – and even reposition – themselves in the marketplace. And being well positioned will make it much easier for you to develop new business. So how do you develop an effective market position?

How to Be an Amazing Mentor: 12 Ways to Make a Positive Impact on Others


Last, but certainly not least, be a positive role model. Take a minute to think about the best mentor you've ever had. This doesn't have to be someone at work, although it certainly could be.

Positioning, for What? Why Creating a Solid Positioning Strategy is.


SEO Indicators of Positive Customer Experiences


SEO metrics indicate positive customer experiences that motivate the customer through the buyer journey

How to Obtain Positive Marketing ROI with Revenue Analytics


Below, learn how to shine a spotlight on revenue to improve the ROI of marketing spend and create a positive impact at your organization. Revenue analytics is the process of discovering where your revenue came from.

Building a Marketing Team? Here Are 5 Essential Positions You Should Fill


However, in my experience, I have found that there are five absolute must-have positions that the majority of best-in-class B2B companies employ. Think all-around athlete with this position: Specific experience matters less than passion, energy, and brainpower.

7 Ways to Position Your Marketing Agency for Growth


Your company is doing work that is in high demand, and you are in a position to grow very quickly. The post 7 Ways to Position Your Marketing Agency for Growth appeared first on Opentopic. If you’re running a digital marketing agency and you’re doing your job well, you’re in a good place. Still, there are plenty of challenges in your way. Growth does not happen accidentally — it comes as a result of hard.

How to Retain More Customers: A Handy Guide to Creating a Positive Customer Experience [Ebook]


We're willing to assume that customer growth is important to your business, but creating an effortless customer experience that inspires retention is kind of complicated.

Ego Bidding: Why Paying for #1 Position on Google Costs You More Than You Think

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In the business of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) , this strategy is sometimes referred to as “ego bidding” – that is, securing the top position (or one of the top 3 positions) for a particular search term, regardless of cost or efficiency.

Are Your Competitors Flying Under the Radar? Use Competitive Analysis to Adjust Your Firm’s Position

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In particular, a big part of our Branding Program involves a competitive analysis to establish market positioning for our clients. In a recent post , we established that having true, relevant, and provable differentiators will help your firm take the lead in the marketplace.

An Open Letter to Millennials Seeking Creative Positions


Not only am I looking for someone to fulfill the skills and experience needed of the position, but I want our agency to be the right fit for our next hire. Be respectful, positive, smart, and genuine. This post originally appeared on The Agency Post.

Positioning Strategy: 5 Common-Sense Approaches that Never Work

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Today, I’d like to talk about five approaches to positioning strategy that are bound to fail. But there are other more fundamental reasons they make poor positioning platforms. Let’s find out why they are so beguiling and so utterly worthless as market positions.

Marketers See Positive Results from Segmenting Email Marketing Campaigns

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As marketers turn to email to reach their target audiences, new data suggests that email segmenting can yield more positive results. MailChimp recently published statistics on how email marketing campaigns perform when marketers use list segmentation tools. These resources allow marketers to target campaigns toward specific audiences based on what they know about their preferences. The research showed that the open rate was 14.31

Fathom SEO Pulse #39: Concentrating Beyond Position #1, Increasing Mobile Conversions & More


Search’s Position 1 is Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be”. Ranking in the first position has always been the “holy grail” for organic marketing. It’s time to start thinking past ranking in position one.

Are You Positioned as one of Few Credible Substitutes in Your Market?

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But smart marketers are positioning themselves to do just that. Most companies fall into the trap of positioning the company as broadly as possible, trying to be relevant to the broadest number of potential purchasers. In today’s economy, no one wants to turn away business.

Your Lead Generation Should Focus On Only One Thing…A Positive Outcome


A positive outcome, however, goes beyond that. Your Buyers Desire Only One Thing…And So Must You—A Positive Outcome Click to tweet this! The post Your Lead Generation Should Focus On Only One Thing…A Positive Outcome appeared first on LEADership.

Positively Influencing Email Open Rates

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You likely only have one shot to make a positive impression. As an email marketer, I’m constantly looking for ways to achieve an increase in open rate of the emails I’m sending on behalf of myself and clients. Even a 1% increase equates to 1,000+ individuals for some blasts. By influencing those extra people and engaging them to simply open the email, the chance that they take some sort of action goes up significantly. Without action there is no ROI to measure.

Interview with Simon Sinek – Start With Why

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Content Marketing Strategy Tips: Build Your Competitive Positioning


As you’re building out your content marketing program’s competitive positioning, you’ll realize that there are more questions than answers. Every content marketer will tell you distribution is essential for building out your competitive positioning in your market.

Steer Clear of Price-Only Positioning

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The 26 Best All-in-One SEO Tool Suites


19) Positionly. Monitor mentions of your brand and competitors across social networks, blogs, reviews, and forums; identify influencer sites and guest blogging targets; and find opportunities to improve brand position in search engines. SEO has a lot of moving parts.

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The Face of Your Company: How to Hire for Client-Facing Positions


For most client-facing positions, experience isn’t everything. Companies globally recognize the importance of outward-facing positions, but struggle to hire for positions like sales representatives, account managers, and customer service.

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Ten Ways the C-Level can Positively Impact Marketing and Sales (Part One of Two)


A recent report published by MarketingSherpa asked B2B marketers what the top barrier was for overcoming their marketing challenges. 17% cited difficulty in getting buy-in or support from the C-Suite. Quite frankly I am surprised that the percentage is not higher. Part of the reason that executives are so hesitant to buy into marketing is that they’ve not been provided a solid business case for making the necessary marketing investments that will improve their business.

Read this article before you start a social media program


Thought leadership – using methods made possible by various social networks to further position yourself as an expert. Are you a B2B business exec whose instincts are saying you should be doing something with social media, but you’re not sure what? You’re not alone.

Real examples of how account-based marketing & selling is driving higher revenues on LinkedIn


Positioning and Messaging Firm Attracts New Clients Using an Account-Based Marketing Approach. A positioning and messaging firm client of ours that serves B2B software and technology companies loves to create challenger content as he knows that challengers outperform all other seller profiles.

The 1%: What A/E/C Executives Can Do to Position their Firms for Success

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Most leadership teams in A/E/C firms are fastidious about tracking their hit rate – the number of proposals submitted minus the number of proposals won. In fact, the average hit rate in A/E firms was 37.1%, according to Zweig White’s 2013 Annual Marketing Survey.

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7 Ways to Position Your Marketing Agency for Growth


Your company is doing work that is in high demand, and you are in a position to grow very quickly. The post 7 Ways to Position Your Marketing Agency for Growth appeared first on Opentopic. If you’re running a digital marketing agency and you’re doing your job well, you’re in a good place. Still, there are plenty of challenges in your way. Growth does not happen accidentally — it comes as a result of hard.