B2B Data-Driven Marketing: What You Need to Know Today


If you’re selling to business buyers, data about your customers and prospects is essential to success. Even with the data on hand, many marketers are unsure of what to do with it. You need to get a grip on customer data, and figure out how to put it to work for your business. A lively case study of how a tech company used data to fuel its business growth. Crain’s B2B Magazine named Ruth as one of the 100 most influential people in B2B marketing.

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Study: B-to-B Marketers Lagging With Social Media

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ENews Sign-Up. --> Magazine. Digital Magazines. -->. Study: B-to-B Marketers Lagging With Social Media. Data shows about 40 percent of b-to-b brands aren’t using social marketing. Business-to-business marketers are underutilizing social media and its potential, according to new data from Eloqua , a marketing automation company. 56 percent use social media to get visitors to share messages socially, broadening reach.


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New directions for B2B data-driven marketing


It’s a platform for communications, for selling, for just about every element of the marketing arsenal, and it’s is forcing marketers to think more carefully about customer and prospect data. That is changing fast, as new tools and measurable communications techniques enable marketing not only to demonstrate financial results, but to take on revenue responsibility. Most marketing technologies claim to make marketer’s lives simpler.

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Six great blogs for B2B Marketers


In our fast-changing marketing world, a smart B2B practitioner keeps up to date by learning from thought leaders. While this used to mean reading business books and magazines, today it means blogs. So I would like to share my favorites, the blogs where I find inspiration, new ideas, and provocative stories to keep the gray matter humming. My recent favorite article is the amusingly titled “Sorry, But ‘How Many Touches Does it Take to Make a Sale?’

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B2B prospecting data just keeps getting better


The most reliable and scalable approach to finding new B2B customers is outbound communications–whether one is using mail, phone, or email, or using rented or purchased lists. But new research indicates that B2B prospecting data is much more detailed these days and that it includes a plethora of variables to choose from: refining your targeting, for building predictive models, or picking your targets even more effectively. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B Marketing in 2015


With a tip of the hat to Barbara Walters , I’d like to introduce ten fascinating people who have brought new ideas and admirable energy to the B2B marketing world this year. It’s an eclectic list, culled from contacts I happened to make in 2015. We are lucky to have them. Recently, SLMA launched its own list of “most inspiring” marketers , which just goes to prove my point that B2B marketing is booming with talent and visionaries. Happy 2016 to all.

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

Paul Gillin

This is a draft of chapter 10 of Social Marketing to the Business Customer by Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman. This chapter focuses on how to calculate ROI of social media and Internet marketing programs in general. I’m particularly interested in your feedback on this chapter because it presents some new ideas I’ve been playing with about how to calculate the ROI of almost anything. ROI analysis enforces rigor that leads to better decisions.

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BtoB 2010 Lead Generation Guide

B2B Lead Generation

BtoB Magazine just published their 2010 Lead Generation Guide. The guide contains information about trends, expert columns, market statistics and vendor lists. I recommend you check it out.

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Top Trends in B2B Marketing


[Note: The webinar starts about the :37 mark due to some technical difficulties.]. Business buying behavior continues to evolve–and fast. So marketing behavior has to keep up! Stevens about the key B to B marketing trends you need to pay attention to right now. Ruth gave tips on what to do about recent changes in B2B buying behavior. and abroad, and is a blogger at Biznology and Target Marketing Magazine.

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B2B marketers: Please don’t believe everything you read.

Sales Lead Insights

One of my favorite marketing magazines, BtoB , featured an article in its November 8, 2010 edition which posed some questions to Brian Halligan, CEO of marketing software company HubSpot. What he is suggesting as a strategy is what B-to-B marketers used to use in the last century. In other words, shifting some of your marketing investments from lead generation to lead nurturing generates a higher ROI for B-to-B marketers every time.

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The top 10 tricks for sales lead generation


Yesterday’s webinar with Ruth Stevens and me was about making sure the leads you send to your sales team are qualified and the process of how to qualify them. This fast-paced session introduces the top techniques for B2B lead generation today, from calculating the right number of leads required and setting qualification criteria, to managing lead tracking and reporting. How to quadruple your campaign productivity with lead nurturing.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Inquiry management and search marketing strategy

B2B Lead Generation

FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading! Call for speakers: MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit 5 dials to tune in your lead generation process Recent Comments Copyright This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. If your competition takes 24 hours to respond and it takes you days to respond, you’re in big trouble.

Who Do You Trust? Industry Analysts Reign Supreme

The ROI Guy

A SiriusDecisions survey recently examined which b-to-b sources are trusted most by buyers during the buying lifecycle, and the results indicate not surprisingly that Industry Analysts and Peers are the most influential and trusted sources of information. of buyers who cited them as a trusted source in 2006 to 8.1% In the early stage of the buying lifecycle, the most influential sources of information for b-to-b buyers are internal events or triggers (cited by 31.1%

Target Your B2B Lead Generation Efforts by Vertical and Job Title

B2B Lead Generation

I thought this post by Carolyn Goodman for Target Marketing Magazine was a good reminder of how we can improve our lead-gen results by simply being more targeted with our messaging. This article prompted me to make sure that my team and I are doing this consistently because talking or writing about it isn't enough. Read Target Your B-to-B Lead-Gen Efforts by Vertical and Job Title.

Digital Developments in Event Marketing


Event marketing has long been a staple in B-to-B, where the face-to-face conversation enabled by a trade show or corporate event plays a valuable role in launching or deepening a business relationship. Both Pathable and CrowdVine offer tools to help show organizers create a private social network, where event attendees can post their photos and profiles, search for connections and make appointments with people they’d like to meet at the event.

New Response Databases - Valuable Resource for B2B Marketers?


Today we're honored to have guest blogger Ruth Stevens share her thoughts on database marketing. Business marketers are always suspicious of the data they are getting from list and data companies, whether its prospecting lists or data elements purchased for “append,” to fill in gaps. And within those law firms, do I have the names of all the partners I should be marketing to?". So that’s the background…now on to the conclusions from our new study.

Social media ROI sucks! (Or, you can prove anything if you send out a survey)


Companies try to dutifully engage with customers and prospects on all the main social channels, plus as many of the secondary ones as possible. And even with concerns over social metrics, the rise of content marketing has rushed in to boost social’s street cred. But things can get murky when marketers are asked to rate social media in terms of contributing to business goals. 1 in providing the greatest business value to companies. It’s hard to believe.

8 Great LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

According to a recent report released by Regalix, 91 percent of respondents said that LinkedIn was the most effective channel in terms of helping them reach their target audience. And according to the “LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report Q3 2015” published by Marketing Mojo, 79 percent of B2B marketers said that LinkedIn was “effective” at generating leads. It is no secret that LinkedIn is a valuable social media platform for B2B marketers.

Content Marketing Questions — How To Do Marketing With No Budget?

Marketing Insider Group

And since I believe one of the best content marketing hacks is to turn your most frequently asked questions into helpful pieces of information for your audience, I am going to try and demonstrate that approach in this next series of posts. Here are my best answers to 16 content marketing questions I received from a partner. Click to Tweet]. But even for direct response businesses, I would think you would want to educate your consumers early in the buying journey.

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Two B2B Social Marketing Initiatives Worth Checking

Paul Gillin

A couple of notable B2B efforts have caught my eye recently that I wanted to share. I wrote in B-to-B magazine early this year about a Make magazine-like video series they started last fall that appeals to engineers’ passion for tinkering as well as for fun. RoadTests – Allowing members to actually try out the latest new products for free and share their reviews with other engineers.

A Bait Shop Lesson in B2B CRM: “Crickets Self-Serve”

MLT Creative

One day, when my friend Jeff stopped at this old icehouse that also ran one of our favorite bait and tackle shops, he noticed the sign had been changed to "The Happy Store." The familiar, friendly face behind the counter was gone, he said, and the new one didn't give him the warm welcome he was used to. But Jeff wasn't about to leave empty handed, so over to the cricket box he went. We do this ourselves to keep an open ear for those "Ah-ha!"

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A B2B Marketing Idea Takes Flight On Twitter

MLT Creative

I like to see a good idea keep getting better, and The B2B Twitterer of the Year Awards are a great example. The B2BTOTY Awards Program, now in its third year, is the brainchild of Joe Zuccaro , who says, “It’s not just about how many followers someone has, or how often a person tweets in a given time; it’s about creating a community, and the value a B2B entity brings to it.” This year, it is easier to nominate and vote for your favorites.

Best Web and Landing Page Design Tips of 2009


Find out how to make landing pages work harder and increase conversion rates. Learn which attributes to double-check before launching a new site, mortal web design sins to avoid, and how to create a custom 404 error page. Rae Hoffman provides step-by-step instructions for creating a custom 404 error page in the WordPress Thesis template, and includes a link to 100 awesome and creative 404 error pages for inspiration. 10 Great B-to-B Sites by BtoB Magazine.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Online Lead Generation and Management Strategies that Get Results

B2B Lead Generation

FREE E-Book 8 Critical success factors for lead generation Just tell us where to send your FREE updates Subscribe in a reader Podcast Feed Subscribe via iTunes Recognition Thanks for Reading! Call for speakers: MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit 5 dials to tune in your lead generation process Recent Comments Copyright This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Some of the leads are “hot” and ready to buy while others are long-term and need nurturing.

B2B Blogging Excellence

Paul Gillin

I was privileged to moderate the BtoB magazine Social Media Awards Breakfast in New York this week. There I got a chance to meet some remarkable people who took chances on social marketing before it was fashionable and won. I first noticed Jim Cahill’s blog four years ago, so it was a particular pleasure to meet him and hear his story. It was 2005, and blogs were widely perceived to be the domain of teenage diarists and scandal-mongers.

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Paul Slack: B2B Digital Marketing Has Never Been Easier

B2B Digital Marketer

However, compared to that time, access to the internet and digital resources is much easier now and provides companies more opportunities to get into digital marketing. 24:32 – Risks for being unable to build the authority pillar. Click to access unedited transcript.

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Social Marketing Hangover

Paul Gillin

I was recently quoted on Internetnews.com making the following prediction: “Look for marketing’s love affair with social media to give way in 2011 to the sobering reality that a Facebook fan page and Twitter account don’t solve problems of poor products or positioning. On the contrary, I think the hangover stage is necessary and healthy if social media is to achieve its realistic potential for change. Disillusionment is starting to set in.

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Online Marketing News in 2009: The Year’s Hottest Events


Take a moment to reflect on the year’s most interesting, exciting and sometimes surprising online marketing news. Facebook Pushes People to Go Public. FTC Urged To Clamp Down On Data Collection Online. 40% of Marketers plan to increase their budgets in 2010. Bing announces Tweets to appear in search results. Technorati release their state of the blogosphere - shows that most bloggers are just hobbiest and number one use of Twitter is to promote blogs.

Would Your B2B Brand By Any Other Name Be Better Off?

MLT Creative

There are many factors to consider and I was asked by the CMO to share any immediate ideas I had on the subject. I was happy to comply and thought I’d share my thoughts with you too. Some of these ideas apply as much to a new product name or business unit branding as they do to a company name. When does it make sense to change names? If the answer to any of these three questions is no, a name change may be a good idea. Magazine.

Is the Distinction Between Consumer and B2B Media Still Meaningful?

B2B Memes

Writing this week in Folio: , Matt Kinsman asks “Why Do Consumer Stars So Often Fail to Shine in B-to-B?” Their effort to use their consumer publication experience to add luster to business-to-business books like Adweek and The Hollywood Reporter failed, he writes, because “useful trumps sexy.”. The contrast used to matter a lot, at least to those of us affixed to one side or other of the divide.

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B2B Business Blogging: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff with Matthew Schwartz


For the next post in our series of B2B marketing thought leader interviews , we interviewed Matthew Schwartz, an independent journalist with more than 20 years’ experience working in the media, who is currently a contributing a writer at Crain’s BtoB and BtoB’s Media Business magazines. Schwartz helped to create ZoomInfo’s new blog, Follow the Lead , which provides the latest news and analysis for sales and marketing execs. Can you share some of the secrets to its success?

Content is King in B2B Marketing, but Customers are the Power Behind the Throne

MLT Creative

CRM tools like Salesforce , Sugar , SAP CRM and others have made it easier to integrate marketing automation with sales opportunities among a company’s current customers, in addition to nurturing leads from non-customers. All of this automation creates the opportunity to lower the silos between marketing and sales, but your plans will be built on a weak foundation if you don’t have a company-wide culture centered on your customers.

Standing Out in LinkedIn with Simple Strategies

B2B Digital Marketer

They’ve heard of LinkedIn as a great platform to stand out but don’t necessarily know the LinkedIn best practices , strategies, tactics, engaging multimedia content and more to leverage it for their business. 08:04 – How to avoid being banned in LinkedIn.

Show Me the Numbers: Hard Data on Internet Use and Media Spend

Customer Experience Matrix

Summary: Here are links to about twenty studies with statistics on online media consumption and advertising spend. Many are contradictory, but it's clear that marketers need to invest in social media, which might eventually replace search as the primary way that customers find them. Naturally I have plenty of opinions on the topic, but just for fun I decided to scare up a few facts to reinforce them. to 18.5% in 2009 to 8% in 2014.

How to Improve the ROI of Your Content Marketing Strategy

B2B Digital Marketer

Everyone is afraid to be sold. Or is it just sitting there hoping to be discovered by someone and get shared by millions of people? According to Dr. Pelè, you cannot leave it to hope. There are plenty of great tools to help you with your content marketing.

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Subscription Marketing: An Interview with Anne Janzer

Marketing Advisory Network

Although I’m not a designer I have used Adobe products for years to make minor modifications to PDFs and for developing template based collateral. Last year I decided to explore some additional products for manipulating photographs. Long story short I ended up buying a 12-month subscription license to the full creative suite of products Adobe offers. However, when it came time to renew my subscription I didn’t even give it a second thought and cancelled.

How To Create A Know-It-All Company - CIO.com - Business Technology Leadership

Buzz Marketing for Technology

How-To. B-to-B. The Leader in Face-to-Face Education for Senior Executives. buy a link » SUBSCRIBE TO CIO. Apply today for a FREE subscription to CIO Magazine! How To Create A Know-It-All Company. Even in the best of times, its a battle to convince employees to participate in knowledge management programs. But in tough times, the tendency is for employees to horde what they know. How To Do Nearly Anything.